Chapter 620: Blazing Profound Bomb!

Chapter 620: Blazing Profound Bomb!

Mo Hai and the others wisely departed, leaving Qin Lie and Tang Siqi alone.

After everyone else left, the mood became awkward. Both of them exchanged looks and subconsciously avoided each other’s gaze.

After a while, Qin Lie was the first to calm down. He smiled faintly and started to look at Tang Siqi.

Tang Siqi wore a long fiery red dress that accentuated her beautiful figure. Her hair cascaded across her shoulders like a waterfall, and her eyes seemed to hold burning flames deep within them. All of this together made people regard her as a stunning, fiery beauty.

Back at Armament Sect, Tang Siqi’s talent in artifact forging had been unrivalled and well-known. She had been the dream of countless youths.

Thinking about the past, Qin Lie couldn’t help but sigh. He still remembered how Tang Siqi made things difficult for him when he first joined Armament Sect. He also remembered how she took care of him later on, as well as how she fought by his side against the five Black Iron forces.

Then Armament Sect had been destroyed in a flash, Blood Spear entered the ultimate blood ground, and Tang Siqi, Lian Rou, Yi Yuan, and his other friends left the Scarlet Tide Continent.

“While I waited at Heavenly Sword Mountain, I made a few little things,” Tang Siqi suddenly said. “Take a look.”

She lightly placed three scarlet metallic balls on a rock table in front of them. Exquisite, complex patterns of flame and lightning covered the surface of these metallic balls. They contained fluctuations of flame and lightning.

Qin Lie casually picked one up. He used his mind consciousness to examine them, and his eyes suddenly lit up.

The inner structure of the metal ball was similar to the Terminator Profound Bomb. It was primarily based on the Spirit Storage, Spirit Gathering, Amplification, and Strengthening ancient spirit diagrams. Two spirit diagrams, Facilitation and Flame Splitting, had been added and layered over the others.

The compound spirit diagram inside of the metallic balls could create flames, thunder, and lightning, and discharge all of it at the same time.

“The Terminator Profound Bomb is unique to Terminator Sect. If we use Terminator Profound Bombs frequently, we won’t be able to avoid attracting the attention of Terminator Sect. I call this the ‘Blazings Profound Bomb.’ It is actually derived from the Terminator Profound Bomb. It may not be as powerful as an actual Terminator Profound Bomb, but it is much more powerful than the ones we forged together in the past.”

The moment she began discussing artifact forging, Tang Siqi relaxed. She held one of the metallic ball in her hand as she talked, her movements filled with charismatic confidence.

“The Blazing Profound Bomb has the explosive thunder and lightning of the Terminator Profound Bombs, but they can also release the power of the flames within the resulting the explosion which will spread outward along with the thunder and lightning. If the Blazing Profound Bomb were triggered in some sects or a forest, it would be able to create great flames capable of burning everything they touch to dust.

Qin Lie held a Blazing Profound Bomb in a daze. A moment later, he said, “Let’s find a place to test it!”

“Alright.” Tang Siqi smiled, her eyes bright and full of confidence.

The two of them quickly found a wooded area devoid of people. With Tang Siqi’s introductions, Qin Lie threw a Blazing Profound Bomb out with a flick of his finger.

“Boom boom boom!”

Thunder and lightning savagely erupted from the center of the explosion, and streams of flame that resembled meteors shot outward as well, instantly setting the forest ablaze.

Amidst the flash of lightning and roar of thunder, fire started to burn. Thick waves of heat capable of making people feel faint radiated from the fire. Dense smoke rose into the air, making it impossible for anyone to see anything.

Qin Lie channeled the Frost Art and his body began giving off cold energy. Only then could he step onto the area after the explosion. An huge charred pit greeted him, flames burning deep inside it. The waves of fire surged toward him, and he couldn’t get any closer.

“How is it? How is it?” Tang Siqi’s eyes were bright, her face flushed and filled with anticipation.

She cultivated a fire spirit art and was comfortable amidst the flames. She waved a hand in a carefree manner, and multiple wisps of flame went out. She excitedly waited for Qin Lie’s praise.

“Senior Sister Tang, the power of your Blazing Profound Bomb is much stronger than that of the Terminator Profound Bomb that I forged before!” Qin Lie did not disguise his admiration. “Merging explosive fire spirit materials inside of the Terminator Profound Bomb, ones capable of triggering the fire energy in an instant... using the eruption of thunder and lightning to send the flames shooting in every direction...! Great! Wonderful!”

The noise that the Blazing Profound Bomb caused quickly drew Xing Yuyuan, Xiang Xi and others over to them. Blood Fiend Sect’s Mo Jun also hurried over, an odd expression on his face.

All of them thought that enemies had invaded.

“What happened?” Xiang Xi shouted from afar.

“Nothing! We’re just testing the power of a spirit artifact,” Qin Lie explained with a laugh, clearly in a good mood.

The people that came over looked at the still burning woods and the huge pit that the explosion of a Blazing Profound Bomb caused with both shock and joy.

“Such terrifying power... Even Fulfillment Realm martial practitioners would not be able to easily withstand the explosion of a Blazing Profound Bomb!” Xing Yuyuan exclaimed with joy, excitement filling his face. “Miss Tang, did you forge this Blazing Profound Bomb?”

Tang Siqi ignored him and looked at Qin Lie. She smiled and said, “Junior Brother Qin, this Blazing Profound Bomb also inherited the synergistic trait of the Terminator Profound Bombs.”

The moment she said this, Qin Lie’s body shook. His eyes lit up and he asked, “Adding more will...?”

“Of course!”

Tang Siqi was excited. She pushed up her sleeves, showing off her snow white arms. In the red glow of the flames, her arms looked so bright that they dazzled.

She took out three scarlet Blazing Profound Bombs, adding to the two others she still had. Holding all five in one hand, she rubbed her it with her free hand then waved to the others.

“Back up, everyone!” she shouted. “I will let you see the true power of the Blazing Profound Bomb after five consecutive explosions!”

The martial practitioners of Gold Sun Island and Blood Fiend Sect retreated in terror. Even Mo Jun’s expression changed.

“Wait a moment, wait a moment! Wait for us to get farther away!” Xing Yuyuan screamed.

He had heard of Terminator Sect’s Terminator Profound Bomb and the way that they could be layered together to multiply its power. When he heard that this Blazing Profound Bomb had the same ability as the Terminator Profound Bomb, he felt so frightened his soul nearly left his body—

—Because he was standing where Tang Siqi wanted to throw the Blazing Profound Bombs.

“Move aside!” Tang Siqi was clearly excited.

As an artifact forging master that was obsessed with artifact forging, she would forget herself. When testing the power of a spirit artifact for the first time, she always got extremely excited.

Xing Yuyuan was in the Fragmentation Realm, so he flew into the air and appeared at Qin Lie’s side in a flash.

“I think I’m safe now.” Xing Yuyuan laughed awkwardly.

Tang Siqi’s had turned her back to Qin Lie just as she was about to throw the bombs.Qin Lie’s position was clearly the safest place to be.

Xing Yumiao, who had been on another island absorbing the energy of his ancient elite body, suddenly flew over.

“What’s going on, second brother?” he asked.

“Big brother! This is something good that you need to see!” Xing Yuyuan shouted.

“Start.” Qin Lie nodded.

Tang Siqi immediately released the bombs.

The five Blazing Profound Bombs turned into scarlet shooting stars and landed on a small mountain in a distant part of the woods.

“Explode!” Tang Siqi shouted.

“Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Five world-shaking explosions erupted. Electric serpents, roaring thunder, and fierce flames enveloped the forest in front of them.

Five Blazing Profound Bombs exploding at the same time caused tears to appear in the sky above them. Dense rays of light could be seen inside of the tears.

These were spatial rifts that the explosions had created!

Everyone looked at the center of the explosion in a daze. It looked as if the mountain hundreds of meters tall had disappeared in an instant. The forest around it seemed to have been flooded with a sea of flame. Wood crackled as it burned fiercely.

At this moment, everyone was speechless and could only stare with their eyes wide open.

The thunder and lightning died down a long time later, but the flames continued to burn.

Everyone tried to get closer. Looking from a distance, they discovered that an enormous hole that resembled a bottomless lake had appeared where the small mountain had been.

Everything that came from the enormous hole, the thick smoke, the burning smell, and the roiling flames, were so nauseating that tears began to well up in everyone’s eyes.

A long time later, Xing Yumiao gravely said, “This power is enough to heavily injure most experts below the Nirvana Realm!”

“What terrifying power... what a terrifying little… girl!” Mo Jun thought.

“Ahem!” Xing Yuyuan coughed loudly, his eyes bright as he said, “This... Miss Tang? How many Blazing Profound Bombs do you have? Can you give some to me? We are going to fight Blue Moon Valley soon and might need some of these to save lives!”

“Miss Tang, Blood Fiend Sect also desperately needs this Blazing Profound Bomb, Mo Jun said, also becoming excited. “Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families will be coming to invade us this time. If we have large amounts of Blazing Profound Bombs, we will be able to deal a great blow to them!”

“Qin Lie!” Xing Yumiao shouted. “This thing is terrifying. If we use them together, it will be a great weapon for attacking cities! I think that, if we use even more of them at once, the power of dozens of Blazing Profound Bombs exploding will be enough to shatter Blue Moon Valley’s Shield of Cold Moon!”

Everyone saw the value of the Blazing Profound Bomb.

“Senior Sister Tang, how many of these... Blazing Profound Bombs have you made?” Qin Lie asked with a chuckle.

“Since I didn’t have enough materials, I only made ten. That leaves just four of them.” Tang Siqi stuck her tongue out and then grew excited. “What? Don’t you feel it’s powerful?”

“It’s very powerful!” Qin Lie nodded firmly.

“If we have enough materials, Elder Mo Hai and I can work together and forge about twelve of them a day,” Tang Siqi said proudly.

“Miss Tang, please list the materials you need to make the Blazing Profound Bomb. Blood Fiend Sect and Gold Sun Island will do everything we can to gather them for you!” Mo Jun was the first to express his opinion.

“Miss Tang. Master Mo Hai. Please work hard and forge as many Blazing Profound Bombs as you can before Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families arrive! Please!” Xing Yumiao bowed deeply.

“Haha, since you are so sincere, I’ll show you something else!” Tang Siqi exclaimed excitedly. She put a hand to her spatial ring and took an exquisite piece of spirit armor out of it.

“Wear this!” she said to Qin Lie.

Qin Lie put the spirit armor on with a smile. He that it fit his body extremely well, almost as if it had been designed for him.

“Don’t move!” Tang Siqi warned him seriously then suddenly leaped into the air. She gathered spirit energy and assaulted him with attack after attack.

Bright spirit light shone from the spirit armor, ripples of energy flowing across its surfaces.

Qin Lie went still, and then his eyes lit up with joy.


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