Chapter 613: Great Sect Protecting Formation!

Chapter 613: Great Sect Protecting Formation!

On the road out of the valley, Qin Lie and the Xing brothers were silent with dark expressions.

When they came here, they figured that Blue Moon Valley might make things difficult for them. They thought that Blue Moon Valley would fight for a bigger share of the territories of the Pan Family, Black Cloud Palace, and Heaven Sea Pavilion.

They had even prepared to allow Blue Moon Valley to take the lion’s share of the spoils and settle for a smaller portion.

Yet Blue Moon Valley didn’t care about any friendship. They wanted all the territory of the three fractions—all of the mines, the spirit plant and medicinal herb fields—for themselves.

Before they left, Miao Wenfan even threatened Qin Lie and the Xing brothers, saying that Gold Sun Island could in no way participate. If they did, they would be responsible for the consequences that befell them.

“The Miao Family is outrageous!”

Just as they were about to leave the valley in the mountain, seeing that no one else was around, Xing Yuyuan couldn’t help but curse in a low voice.

Xing Yumiao was silent, a dark expression on his face.

Qin Lie’s brow was tightly furrowed. He didn’t say anything, but turned back occasionally to look at the valley.

He was paying attention to the vast palaces of Blue Moon Valley. They hadn’t been constructed on a whim, but in a strange formation. He could feel faint power fluctuations come from the walls of those palaces.

“The Shield of Cold Moon is capable of covering the entire valley when necessary. These palaces use their scattered formation inside of the valley to absorb the power of the moon,”

Xing Yumiao explained in a low voice, having noticed Qin Lie’s gaze. “The Shield of Cold Moon is wondrous, and no one knows where the Miao Family learned to construct it. All of the palaces in the valley absorb the power of the moon when it is visible at night. Having accumulated that power for months and years, the strength of the Shield of Cold Moon has reached a considerable level. I once heard Miao Yangxu say that anyone that hasn’t reached the Imperishable Realm would find it difficult to break through it and enter Blue Moon Valley.”

Qin Lie’s expression changed. “How long ago was Blue Moon Valley built? And how long has this valley been absorbing the moon’s power?”

“Blue Moon Valley is more than eight hundred years old.” Xing Yumiao thought for a moment and then said, “The Shield of Cold Moon seems to be about five hundred years old. Apparently, once the shield has accumulated six hundred years worth of the moon’s power, even an Imperishable Realm martial practitioner would suffer severe injuries in order to defeat it.”

“This is the wealth of Blue Moon Valley.” Xing Yuyuan sighed. “Although Gold Sun Island is a Copper rank force as well, we don’t have a protective formation like the Shield of Cold Moon. You’ve never been to Gold Sun Island. If you had, you would know how easy it is to invade it.”

“Then why do you not have a protective formation like the Shield of Cold Moon?” Qin Lie asked.

As soon as he said this, bitter expressions formed on the faces of the Xing brothers and they sighed.

“A formation like this… is hard to obtain?” Qin Lie asked in surprise.

“Formations capable of protecting a sect like the Shield of Cold Moon are hard to find. Only a true veteran force would have left an ancient formation like this one behind. Even if one did have such a formation, it would take an enormous amount of resources and time to construct it.”

Xing Yumiao’s expression was solemn as he spoke. “A thousand years ago, Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families forced the Miao Family out of the Heavenly Calamity Continent. After the Miao Family fled to the Heavenly Slaughter Continent, they spent two hundred years finding Blue Moon Valley and determining that would be a good place to build the Shield of Cold Moon. Then they spent three hundred years gathering the materials to build it. That is how they produced the Shield of Cold Moon five hundred years ago.”

“A sect-protecting formation is the core of a force. There are more than a dozen Copper rank forces under Illusory Demon Sect control, but only the top three, Heaven Flame, Demon Eye, and Blue Moon Valley, have similar sect protecting formations!”

Xing Yuyuan picked up where Xing Yumiao left off. “Sect protecting formations like this are not just used for protection. They are also capable of gathering worldly energy to change the environment. They can also make a person’s mind clear and calm, decreasing the chance of a martial practitioner going insane while cultivating. Five hundred years ago, before the Shield of Cold Moon was built, Blue Moon Valley was not as dense with spirit energy as it is now and wasn’t suited for large-scale farming of spirit plants.”

Qin Lie’s eyes lit up. “Blue Moon Valley wasn’t like this before?”

“The worldly energy of BlueMoon Valley was three times thinner in the past!” Xing Yuyuan said. “Although there were just as many mines, it was difficult to grow spirit plants on Emerald Island.”

“All of its current abundance was caused by the Shield of Cold Moon?” Qin Lie grew more and more surprised.

The Xing Brothers nodded in confirmation, their faces full of undisguised envy.

Xing Yuyuan said, “If Gold Sun Island had a similar ancient formation, Gold Sun Island would develop even faster. Our standing among the Copper rank forces under Illusory Demon Sect would greatly improve.”

“The reason the Miao Family thinks that Blue Moon Valley can become a Silver rank force within a hundred years is that, in a hundred years, the Shield of Cold Moon will be able to withstand an attack from an Imperishable Realm expert!” Xing Yumaio said seriously.

Xing Yuyuan sighed. “If Blood Fiend Sect had been smarter and was willing to set up such a sect protecting formation at Blood Cloud Mountain Range, it wouldn’t have been so easy for our enemies to destroy them.”

“Why didn’t Blood Fiend Sect have one?” Qin Lie asked in shock.

“Blood Fiend Sect of a thousand years ago was even stronger than the current Terminator Sect. The environment of Blood Cloud Mountain Range is special. Since it is the site where an ancient battle took place, its soil holds fiendish blood energy. That place isn’t suitable for the construction of sect protecting formations. The dense fiendish blood energy improves the cultivation rate of members of the sect, but it does not provide any defenses against outside forces,” Xing Yuyuan explained. “Furthermore, the first sect master of Blood Fiend Sect did not allow Blood Fiend Sect to spend time and resources on an ancient sect-protecting formation. He said that, if there ever came a day that enemies entered the Blood Cloud Mountain Range, it meant Blood Fiend Sect was destined to die.”

“That was Li Xin, the first sect master of Blood Fiend Sect, and the uncontested strongest Land of Chaos martial practitioner of the era! In the past, Blood Fiend Sect prospered endlessly in his hands. He was always invading other sects and destroying their sect-protecting formations. No one dared to go within one hundred miles of Blood Cloud Mountain Range. There wasn’t even a need to build sect-protecting formations because when Li Xin was alive, Blood Fiend Sect was never on the defensive and was always the one attacking.” Xing Yuyuan said with an expression of reverence.

“It is a pity that there was only one Li Xin,” Xing Yuyuan lamented.

Miao Meiyu had not accompanied them out of the valley, so they spoke without care of being overheard.

Soon, they once again came to the stone path that Miao Tai, Miao Kui and the others were standing. Many Miao Family youths stood there with cold expressions.

“You are Qin Lie?’ Miao Tai suddenly shouted.

At this time Qin Lie was about to leave, standing at the entrance of the valley where they had fought previously.

“Yes,” Qin Lie nodded.

“I will remember you.” Miao Tai said with a dark expression. “Blue Moon Valley is about to act against the Pan Family, Black Cloud Palace and Heaven Sea Pavlion. I hope that we will meet then.”

“We will not see him.” A member of the Miao Family laughed softly. “The five valley masters already planned not to see unrelated people when taking care of the three factions.”

“Oh? It seems there is no possibility of another fight, unless… someone isn’t afraid of dying!” Miao Tai said, the challenge clear in his tone.

Qin Lie laughed and said, “Don’t worry, I have decided to stay at Setting Sun Island. There will be chances to spar in the future.”

Finished, he turned around and casually walked out of the valley.

The members of the Miao Family saw him off with cold gazes.

When the trio finally returned to the Flowing Gold Fiery Phoenix, Guo Yanzheng and Qi Wei clearly sighed in relief.

“First Island Master, Second Island Master, how did the discussion go?” Guo Yanzheng asked in concern.

“It failed,” Xing Yuyuan said coolly.

Guo Yanzheng stilled. Then, he handed over a letter and said, “First Island Master, Miao Hui came a while ago. He said… to give this letter to you.”

“Miao Hui?” Xing Yuyuan frowned slightly.

Miao Hui was Miao Yangxu’s youngest son. However, his talent was average, with a cultivation of just early Netherpassage realm. Miao Yangxu did not favor him highly, and he was one of the Miao Family’s younger generation without much potential.

The five valley masters of the Miao Family favored Miao Meiyu, Miao Tai and any younger generation members that had outstanding talent that gradually proved themselves. They were more willing to invest in these younger members.

Even though he was Miao Yangxu’s son, as someone with no talent, he was only a tool for a marriage alliance.

Miao Hui coincidentally had an engagement with Xing Yao…

This time, Xing Yuyuan had personally come to Blue Moon Valley. Traditionally, Miao Hui should have personally greeted them and showed them around.

—It had been like this in the past.

However, they had not seen Miao Hui at all. Now, they were about to leave, and Miao Hui had sent a letter over. The Xing brothers realized that something was not right.

Xing Yumiao opened the letter. A glance later, light flashed from his hand, disintegrating the letter into powder.

Xing Yumiao’s expression was black.

“Big Brother, what did that boy say?” Xing Yuyuan shouted.

“Miao Hui hopes to be released from his engagement to Yao’er!” Xing Yumiao gritted out one word at a time.

“Him, that Miao Hui?” Xing Yuyuan almost jumped up in anger. “Just who does he think he is? His talent cannot compare to Yao’er, and he has no motivation to improve himself! In the past, he had knelt before you and begged to marry Yao’er and said he would definitely treat Yao’er well, we agreed!” Xing Yuyuan’s shoulders trembled. “How long has it been? As soon as he saw his father’s attitude towards the Xing Family become unclear, he immediately wants to break the engagement. This, this, the Miao Family cannot bully others so! The old and the young are just the same!”

“Today, I finally see the Miao Family clearly!” Xing Yumiao took in a deep breath and shouted, “Let’s go! I do not want to spend even a second longer on this Emerald Island!”

“First Island Master, what about Miao Hui and Yao’er’s marriage?” Guo Yanzheng probed.

“If he wants to break it, then break it!” Xing Yumiao smiled coldly. “I don’t believe that my daughter will not find a good family!”

“I really hadn’t expected the Miao Family to be so low and shameless!” Xing Yuyuan said.

Qin Lie wore an apathetic expression as he observed everything. After this trip to Emerald Island, he could see the Miao Family… didn’t think much of Blood Fiend Sect and had never thought of Gold Sun Island as a true ally.

In the past, they had helped Gold Sun Island because they wanted them as a subordinate power of Blue Moon Valley.

From start to finish, they hadn’t treated the Xing brothers as practitioners of similar status or accorded them respect.

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