Chapter 605: Spirits of Void and Chaos!

Chapter 605: Spirits of Void and Chaos!

“Follow me!” Hester yelled.

The Asura Race clansman quickly determined which direction to go and flew off into the distance. He resembled a black ray of light cutting through the blue sky.

“Senior uncle… what are Spirits of Void and Chaos?” Chu Li asked in confusion.

A grim look flashed across Lei Yan’s face as he pondered his question for a moment. “Let’s catch up to Hester first. We need to keep a close eye on him and prevent him from wanton action!”

He grabbed the back of Chu Li’s collar and transformed into a bolt of lightning with a low growl, setting out on the chase for Hester.

At almost the exact same time, Xing Yumiao, Xiang Xi, and every other expert scattered throughout the Setting Sun Islands felt the pressure of Hester’s aura. Their eyes widened abruptly as they understood the true power of an expert’s soul!

A soul consciousness as vast and crushing as the depths of the sea enveloped the Setting Sun Islands, as if the sky itself had collapsed down on them.

Having long since returned to their own residences on one of the Setting Sun Islands, the Xing brothers, Xiang Xi, and everyone else rushed out of their cultivation rooms and journeyed to the highest point of the island.

They soon discovered that a black ray of light and a bolt of lightning were streaking toward the island where Qin Lie’s group was currently staying.

With only the slightest hesitation, they jumped into action and bolted toward Qin Lie’s location post haste.

Atop a rocky mountain on an uninhabited island, there was a stone tower made up of roughly hewn rocks. Qin Lie sat calmly inside that stone tower, watching the tiny beings feeding on their respective spirit materials through narrowed eyes.

That idyllic moment was broken by a terrifying presence that shook Qin Lie’s soul and enveloped the Setting Sun Islands, the sheer pressure forcing the blood from his face.

Before Qin Lie even had the chance to react, a pitch black light tore through the numerous seals that protected the stone tower. It broke through the tower’s stone walls and came to an abrupt halt within his cultivation room.

The light dimmed to reveal a three meter tall insectoid creature from an alien race, standing there with a malevolent expression and a sinister light glinting off its carapace. Its pupils had a cross shape and gave off the appearance of a cold star glinting with translucent, frigid light.

“Bang bang bang!”

A wild and omnidirectional aura surged out from the alien, smashing into the stone tower. It separated the rough, course rocks that composed its walls and instantly shattered them to dust.

The stone tower collapsed in the span of a few seconds, leaving Qin Lie sitting aghast in the middle of the tiny granules of what used to be the stone tower around him.

The stone tower, which originally stood over seven stories tall and had several dozens of rooms inside of it, rained down to the ground in a shower of dust.

Qin Lie realized he was floating in midair, supported by some kind of strange gravitational force. The three tiny beings hovered beside him in a daze, tightly clutching their spirit materials.

The eyes of Hester, eyes that could force the soul of the strongest being to quiver in fear, stared straight at the three tiny beings. His expression was consumed by greed and hunger.

“Spirits of Void and Chaos!” he exclaimed. “Fledgling spirits, and three of them at that!”

A range of emotions flashed across Qin Lie’s face.

After a brief twinge of hesitation, Qin Lie summoned forth the Blood Progenitor’s body from the Soul Suppressing Orb and dove into it with his True Soul.


Qin Lie summoned the Bloodthirsty Dragon, Blood Fiend Sect’s ultimate treasure, and it unleashed a frightening roar. It changed from its armguard form around the Blood Progenitor’s wrist and grew to its original skeletal size, radiating a shocking fiendish aura.

Now in control of the Blood Progenitor’s body and standing atop the bloody bone dragon’s head, Qin Lie presented himself to the intruder.

“Who are you?” he asked in a low voice.

In mere seconds, he discovered that he was absolutely no match for the creature in front of him even while controlling the Blood Progenitor’s body with his soul. He would absolutely lose that fight.

This person was absolutely not at the level of Xiahou Chang or Zheng Zhihe, his cultivation far surpassed the level of the Fragmentation Realm.

“Hester!” Lei Yan yelled frantically. “Stop messing around!”

Ever since Lei Yan grabbed hold of him and bolted into the air, Chu Li let out a constant shriek of terror. This continued the entire time they streaked across the sky, but the roar of Lei Yan’s thunderous power overwhelmed Chu Li’s voice. His mouth was frozen in a scream as he came into view, yet no sound could be heard from it.

“Chu Li!” Qin Lie cried out in surprise. The second he saw him, however, he relaxed once he realized that this person was related to Terminator Sect.

The Asura Race expert didn’t turn to look at Lei Yan, let alone Chu Li. The three tiny beings alone consumed all his attention. Rather than fearing Hester’s intense stare, the three beings bared their teeth at him to frighten him in return. Hester’s terrifying, all-encompassing aura kept everyone that had rushed over from approaching. Xing Yumiao and the others were afraid to come closer, yet these three tiny beings weren’t scared of him at all.

One could consider this a miracle.

“Hester!” Lei Yan continued. “My senior brother invited you only because we owe a favor to your Asura Race. You’d better not cause any trouble!”

Hester turned to examine Qin Lie closely, a strange light flickering through his sinister, cross-shaped pupils. An unknown hunger danced in those eyes, eventually exuding a dangerous aura that steadily gained strength.

It seemed as if he hadn’t even registered Lei Yan’s words.

“Whoosh whoosh splash…!”

The deep sea waters off the coast of this small island swirled and twirled, eventually coalescing into eight enormous whirlpools. God corpses emerged from each one, erupting from the surface of the sea like gigantic beasts breaking free from their restraints. Potent auras radiated from them in waves as they walked toward Qin Lie in unison.

The sight of them made Lei Yan’s face twist in astonishment.

“The god corpses!” he exclaimed. “All eight of them—with their heads no less!”

This spectacle secretly affected Hester as well. As he watched the god corpses slowly surround him, then looked at Qin Lie who was possessing the body of the Blood Progenitor, he finally hesitated.

“Don’t forget what you’re here for, Hester!” Lei Yan yelled. “Remember your promise to Terminator Sect!”

The Asura Race expert fell silent.

After a long moment, he gradually withdrew his aura.

The killing intent that had enveloped all of the Setting Sun Islands ebbed like the tide of the sea.

And every Gold Sun Island martial practitioner finally let out a sigh of relief.

The Xing brothers exchanged bitter glances. Only now did they realize that a Copper rank force like Gold Sun Island truly amounted to nothing before a true expert of the Land of Chaos. If this Asura Race expert actually chose to rampage, he would be able to slaughter every living being in the Setting Sun Islands in only two hours. Even the eight god corpses wouldn’t necessarily be able to stop this alien named Hester from doing so.

Chu Li took this opportunity to speak up.

“Qin Lie, this is my senior uncle,” he said. “And this is… Lord Hester of the Asura Race.”

“I knew you wouldn’t die so easily,” Qin Lie said, keeping his eyes on Hester. “Three of the ancient elite bodies here belong to you. Pick the ones you like.”

“Ah… okay.” Chu Li nodded, a strange expression on his face. “Okay.”

Everyone fell silent and turned to look at Hester.

Before he made his intentions clear, not a single person dared to lower their guard.

A long while later, Hester finally spoke up once more.

“What do you want in exchange for those Spirits of Void and Chaos?” he asked, continuing to stare at Qin Lie intensely.

“I still don’t quite understand what you mean.” Qin Lie frowned deeply.

All of a sudden, Lei Yan shouted, “Who is the island master of Gold Sun Island?”

Xing Yumiao flew over to them and bowed, saying, “I am. My name is Xing Yumiao.”

“I don’t care what your name is,” Lei Yan said with an impatient wave of his hand. “Have every martial practitioner of Gold Sun Island aside from you vacate this island immediately.”

Xing Yumiao paused for a moment. Then, without asking Lei Yan why, he nodded to Xing Yuyuan and said, “Tell everyone to leave the area.”


At Xing Yuyuan’s command, everybody who had rushed over from other islands, such as Xiang Xi and his men, swiftly departed on the crystalline war chariots they had arrived on. Soon enough, even Xing Yuyuan obediently departed, not daring to take even one step closer to the island.

All of them instinctively felt fear in the face of Hester and Lei Yan’s auras. They understood that, even if they were to stay, none of them would be able to do a thing. Both men had the power to eliminate Gold Sun Island and all of its experts in an instant.

In the Land of Chaos, might was right!

In just three minutes, the Asura Race expert, Lei Yan, Chu Li, Xing Yumiao, and Qin Lie were the only ones that remained on that small island.

The rest of Qin Lie’s group were on another island, still in the middle of absorbing the energy from other ancient elite bodies.

Only then did Lei Yan continue the discussion. “There were Pure Soul Springs in the Graveyard of Gods, right, Chu Li? You said this kid got a hold of them?”

Chu Li nodded quietly.

“I knew it,” Lei Yan said, nodding in understanding. “For Spirits of Void and Chaos to be born, they need to be nourished with Pure Soul Springs and many other things. Even then… the possibility of them being born is still extraordinarily small.”

He paused for a moment, staring at Qin Lie intensely before saying, “How did you create these spirits, kid?”

Qin Lie frowned. “I cannot tell you anything.”

The answer stunned Lei Yan into a prolonged silence. Finally, he spoke up again, “Spirits of Void and Chaos are miraculous beings. They need the pure, untainted energy of Pure Soul Springs and a spirit of a single attribute to be…”

Lei Yan shook his head and broke out into laughter. “I don’t need to tell you this. The fact that you made three of them on your own clearly demonstrates that you already possess this knowledge.”

“What makes you think that I’m the one who created them?” Qin Lie asked in surprise.

“Ahem!” This time, Hester was the one to interrupt. “These three Spirits of Void and Chaos were clearly made from your soul energy and blood essence. That’s obvious from a glance!”

The Asura Race clansman’s explanation left Qin Lie surprised in his heart of hearts as he asked, “What in Spirit Realm… are Spirits of Void and Chaos?”

Lei Yan looked at him and hesitated for a second. Then he said, “A fledgling Spirit of Void and Chaos is capable of consuming many things, such as crystals and spirit materials. As they get larger, their appetite grows. As they grow, they evolve, transform, and become more and more frightening.”

Lei Yan pointed at the spirit with the appearance of a Thunder Crystal Beast.

“This is a Spirit of Void and Chaos of the thunder attribute. After being born, they initially consume thunder crystals and the wood of Thunderblitz Trees. Once enough time passes, it will be able to consume all of the lightning from the Forbidden Land of Thunder in the Graveyard of Gods. It would eventually be able to enter a subworld and devour all of the thunder and lightning energy inside of it, robbing it of anything that contains even a shred of the stuff. Even thunder clouds and lightning pools would be no exception.”

This information rocked Qin Lie to his very core.

Xing Yumiao and Chu Li originally had no idea what Spirits of Void and Chaos were. Now that they did, their entire bodies trembled with realization.

Lei Yan pointed at the ground beneath them. “If such a being were to reach its final form, allowed to evolve without restraint, not even a small hint of thunder and lightning energy would remain in our world.”

This was Spirit Realm! It was a main world, a vast realm of nearly infinite boundaries and the origin of uncountable and varied sub worlds!

“The three Spirits of Void and Chaos you currently have are of the thunder, fire, and wood attributes. If you allow them to evolve to their final forms…”

The agony at what would ensue was apparent on Lei Yan’s face. Although he didn’t continue speaking, everyone present understood what he was getting at.

—An icy fear settled over their hearts.

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