Chapter 599: New Direction

Chapter 599: New Direction

Qin Lie wasn’t surprised that both Xing Yumiao and Xiang Xi decided to join Blood Fiend Sect.

Once the two of them agreed on the general direction, Qin Lie left all of the logistics for them to discuss and figure out.

He believed that Xing Yumiao would treat Xiang Xi fairly.

Xiang Xi, Xu Changsheng, and Xu Jiadong represented the old guard of Gold Sun Island. Although their power wasn’t too impressive with only Xiang Xi in the Fragmentation Realm, this faction definitely couldn’t be dismissed. Without them, Gold Sun Island’s overall strength would drop tremendously.

If Xiang Xi and his men ended up leaving, Gold Sun Island could very well drop in rank from Copper to Black Iron.

—The Xing brothers definitely wanted to avoid such a result.

Xing Yumiao was determined to take revenge. He and the rest of the Xing Family wanted to fight their way into the Heavenly Calamity Continent and wipe every trace of the three great families from existence.

Gold Sun Island had far from enough strength to accomplish that, and it certainly couldn’t afford to lose any more than it currently had.

In light of this, Qin Lie believed that Xing Yumiao would mend his relationship with Xiang Xi, which would, of course, require Xiang Xi to do the same.

The island envoys under Xiang Xi’s command oversaw the Setting Sun Islands. Qin Lie requested an island for his group to have to themselves, and the island they were given had a dozen stone towers for the six of them to live in for the time being. Each of them took up residence in a tower of their own.

Since they no longer needed to hide their identities, Qin Lie could work on refining blood essences within a room of his stone tower.

After focusing on using the Blood Refinement Art for five days, Qin Le completely refined the nine essences of the metal, earth, and water spirits and fused them with his own blood.


As soon as he did, the Soul Suppressing Orb in the space between Qin Lie’s eyebrows roared to life with a powerful sucking force.

The Soul Suppressing Orb sucked the nine freshly refined blood essences and large amounts of his soul energy and blood inside of it, storing it within the restricted area that Qin Lie’s soul consciousness couldn’t enter.

Qin Lie withered as the sensation of his soul energy and blood being sucked away utterly terrified him once more.

Since she was nearby, Xue Moyan could sense the abnormal movement of his blood energy and immediately rushed over. Xie Jingxuan detected the strange activity in his life force as well and arrived with Song Tingyu in tow.

The three women hurried into Qin Lie’s tower and quickly gathered within his room. His ashen face and lethargic eyes greeted them, a clear indicator that he had lost a great deal of blood.

All three of them had fought by his side in the Graveyard of Gods, and an odd realization set in when they saw his condition.

“Is this situation similar to your previous one?” Song Tingyu asked. She seemed more surprised than shocked.

Xue Moyan and Xie Jingxuan weren’t worried either. Instead, they displayed curiosity and palpable excitement.

“The blood essences of the three spirits were absorbed,” Qin Lie said. “They mixed with my soul energy, my blood, and flowed… here.”

Qin Lie pointed at the space between his eyebrows.

“This is good.” Xie Jingxuan spoke with a calm, yet serious voice. “Three more miraculous entities will be born soon.”

“This probably isn’t bad news,” Xue Moyan said.

“Before they’re born, however, you will need to provide soul energy and blood to nurture them. Doing so will leave you weak for a while.” Song Tingyu thought to herself then silently took out the soul crystals she had in her spatial ring. “Here. These are all the soul crystals I have left.”

Everyone aside from Qin Lie had gathered large amounts of soul crystals from the bottom of the Thunder Lagoon. Yet Qin Lie’s refinement of the blood essences, as well as the drain on his soul energy and blood, forced all of them to give him soul crystals to help him recover as soon as possible.

Of the three women, Song Tingyu had naturally been the most generous with her soul crystals and provided him with the largest amount each time.

Now that Qin Lie found himself in the same situation as before, she knew that he would need an obscene amount of soul crystals. Only this would help Qin Lie bring the three new beings to life.

After taking out all of her soul crystals and piling them before Qin Lie, Song Tingyu looked at Xue Moyan and Xie Jingxuan with her alluring eyes, a soft smile playing at her lips.

A long moment passed before Xue Moyan and Xie Jingxuan took out half of the soul crystals they had in their spatial rings, letting them pour to the floor in front of Qin Lie.

“Haha, that should be enough,” Song Tingyu exclaimed, a smile blooming on her face.

Qin Lie casually stored the soul crystals into his own spatial ring without a word, leaving only two of them in each hand. As he absorbed soul energy from the two crystals, he spoke.

“We won’t be going to the destination we agreed on earlier.”

“W-what did you just say?” Xue Moyan sputtered.

“We will not be going to Blood Fiend Sect yet!” Qin Lie growled. “We will first head to Gold Sun Island and use it as a base of operations!”

The three women stared at him in shock.

“Our identities will be exposed soon, and the fact that we are with Gold Sun Island probably won’t be a secret much longer.” Qin Lie paused in contemplation, then continued, “Blood Fiend Sect’s current location is an extremely well kept secret. I believe that even Illusory Demon Sect has no clue where it is. We should only go there if we have no other option and keep it as a last resort.

“Though you should travel there soon, Senior Sister. Take the body of the Blood Progenitor so that Senior Xue Li can merge with it,” he said. “You should also tell your master about your true identity as a member of Blood Fiend Sect. Try and persuade her to…”

“There is no need for persuasion,” Xue Moyan said, casually interrupting Qin Lie. “My master is already aware of my origins.”

“She is?” Qin Lie asked in astonishment.

“You don’t need to worry about Illusory Demon Sect,” Xue Moyan declared confidently. “Gold Sun Island serving Blood Fiend Sect won’t be a problem. My master and the sect will not cause any trouble.”

Qin Lie gave her a profound look and nodded softly.

“It seems like our situation isn’t as bad as I thought.”

Xue Moyan’s attitude told Qin Lie that Illusory Demon Sect’s sect master wasn’t hostile toward Blood Fiend Sect. In fact, she actually seemed protective of it. As this occurred to him, his mind started racing. He realized that, when Blood Fiend Sect faced extermination a thousand years ago, Mo Lingye and the elders of Blood Fiend Sect fled toward the Heavenly Slaughter Continent—

—toward territories under Illusory Demon Sect’s control.

Qin Lie thought everything over carefully, a theory gradually forming in his head.

He became more and more certain that the sect master of Illusory Demon Sect had hidden ties to Blood Fiend Sect.

The moment Qin Lie thought this, Xue Moyan glanced at Song Tingyu and Xie Jingxuan.

After a bit of hesitation, she said, “My master and my mother… when they were traveling the world together, they became as close as sisters. Back then, my master wasn’t in charge of Illusory Demon Sect and Blood Fiend Sect wasn’t hated by all.

Qin Lie’s eyes lit up.

“Before Blood Fiend Sect had been surrounded and massacred, my mother received an urgent message from my master and left with elders of Blood Fiend Sect,” Xue Moyan explained in a soft voice. “With my master’s help, they escaped to the Heavenly Slaughter Continent…”

Yu Lingwei was the reason Blood Fiend Sect managed to survive. She had even arranged Blood Fiend Sect’s current clandestine existence. That seemed to explain why Illusory Demon Sect wouldn’t have a problem with Gold Sun Island becoming Blood Fiend Sect’s vassal force once again.

“Gold Sun Island, Blue Moon Valley, and other smaller forces were able to establish themselves in the Heavenly Slaughter Continent because they received protection from Illusory Demon Sect. Protection that my master provided on behalf of Blood Fiend Sect,” Xue Moyan said. “My master promised that, if they wanted to serve Blood Fiend Sect once more, she would support me.”

“You have an excellent master!” Qin Lie exclaimed, his eyes trembling with approval.

Xue Moyan smiled softly.

“That means Illusory Demon Sect will help us instead of being a threat, and we’ll have more support!” Qin Lie said, rubbing his chin. “With Luo Chen and Du Xiangyang’s haul of six bodies of ancient elites, along with Uncle Li’s presence, Heavenly Sword Mountain won’t be an enemy either. Of the six great Silver rank forces, two will be on our side.”

“Don’t you mean nine?” Xue Moyan asked reflexively.

“If you’re talking about the three great families, they do not qualify!” Qin Lie replied with a shake of his head, his lips curling into a cruel smile. “Only Terminator Sect, Black Voodoo Cult, Illusory Demon Sect, Heavenly Sword Mountain, Celestial Artifact Sect, and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain are the real overlords of the Land of Chaos. The three great families together probably wouldn’t be even be able to contend with a single one!”

Xue Moyan considered this for a while, then nodded and said, “That’s true.”

“Everything is much simpler now.” Qin Lie could feel his thoughts become more and more lively. “Chu Li wouldn’t die so easily, and as long as he’s still alive, I have three bodies of ancient elites for him! He also said he’d get me an audience with Forefather Terminator. If I meet him, I believe that I can get him to support Blood Fiend Sect! Then it is much simpler.”

Everyone’s eyes lit up with excitement the second he said this.

“Jiang Zhuzhe conspired with Celestial Artifact Sect, and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain was also involved. Neither of the two are blameless, so how would they be able to blame us?” Qin Lie asked with a snort. “In my opinion, both forces are ignoring Blood Fiend Sect like a poisonous tumor that they just had removed!”

“The way you’re putting it, it seems like only Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families will be trying to kill us.” Song Tingyu laughed softly.

“After all these years, they still haven’t given up on hunting Blood Fiend Sect down,” Xue Moyan said. “They really are the only ones we need to worry about.”

“Hehehe…” The warmth of excitement spread throughout Qin Lie’s body as the situation became clear. “It seems like we’re in a better spot than we thought.”

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