Chapter 593: Bloody Intimidation

Chapter 593: Bloody Intimidation

A moment later, Xing Shengnan regained some of her calm. She looked at the body of the Blood Progenitor hesitantly.

“L-little brother…?” she asked.

“It’s me,” Qin Lie said with a smile.

The second he said this, astonishment filled every single Xing Family clansman and the martial practitioners of Gold Sun Island aboard the ship.

Qin Lie turned around to smirk at the three Fulfillment Realm elders of Black Cloud Palace. His lips curved into a bloodthirsty and cruel smile.

“Let’s start with you!”

Qin Lie grasped at the air before him, and a bloody specter appeared in the sky above him.

It was the Blood Weeping Ghost Claw!

Seemingly formed from fresh blood that exuded a fiendish blood energy, the ghost claw stretched for hundreds of meters and gave off a vicious light.

The Blood Weeping Ghost Claw hurtled toward the three Fulfillment Realm experts like the bloody anchor of a large ship, filling the sky with a vicious presence!


The bodies of over a dozen Netherpassage Realm martial practitioners of Black Cloud Palace exploded before the ghost claw even fell. Even more of them vomited blood.

Blood sprayed onto the trio and dripped down their faces, giving them a miserable appearance.

The three elders looked at each other. They gritted their teeth and chose to put everything they had into defense, channeling all of their spirit energy into forming icy blue, dark green, and pale purple shields of light.

The spirit energy of each shield of light had a different attribute. They released blinding streams of light and radiated intense power fluctuations.

And the Blood Weeping Ghost Claw struck.


It tore the three different-colored shields of light apart like a knife slicing through paper.

The ghost claw swiped downward like the hand of a demon.


The sound of bones shattering resounded through the air, and blood shot out from between the gaps of the claw.

A gigantic gaping hole around a hundred meters in diameter opened up in the deck of the ship. Within that hole, the three Fulfillment Realm elders of Black Cloud Palace had been crushed to paste.

At that moment, the morale of every Black Cloud Palace martial practitioner collapsed.

Screams filled the air. The enemies of the Xing Family, which had arrived with the astonishing presence of sinister gods, jumped into the sea and fled.

In the span of ten breaths, all foes of the Gold Sun Island completely retreated.

“L-little brother...” Xing Shengnan called out in awe.

Qin Lie turned around, smiling faintly. “None of them will escape.”

His words shocked Xing Shengnan.

The other Xing Family clansmen looked over and saw the bloody bone dragon hovering above the water surrounded by a sea of blood. It roared and thrashed about, swiping at the air with its claws.

But it didn’t charge into the water.

It seemed to be afraid of something.

Under the water, Xiahou Cheng and numerous Black Cloud Palace martial practitioners ventured deeper into the sea, terrified of being pursued by Qin Lie and the Bloodthirsty Dragon.

They nimbly dove deeper into the sea.

Several airtight crystalline chariots that could travel underwater awaited them in a hiding place within the water’s depths.

A hundred meters below sea level, Xiahou Chang continued to sink deeper and deeper.

All of a sudden, strange enormous red lights shone clear in the darkness of the water.

“What are those lights?” Xiahou Chang thought, his curiosity overcoming his panic as he approached them for a closer look.

Upon seeing those red lights, many of the Black Cloud Palace martial practitioners behind him also became curious.

Xiahou Chang soon realized that these enormous lights were floating upward and drawing nearer.

His curiosity grew even more, and he focused his attention on the lights.

Terror suddenly filled Xiahou Chang’s face. He pumped his arms and legs in the opposite direction, frantically swimming for the surface.

He finally understood what those lights were—

—they were eyes!

The eyes of the eight god corpses that had disappeared!

The eight god corpses that had vanished from the Heavenly Fissure Continent, the ones that Heavenly Artifact Sect and Ten Thousand Beast Mountains were searching for, were hiding in the depths of water below the Setting Sun Islands!!

What terrified Xiahou Chang even more was… the eight god corpses used to be headless.

Now, however, enormous heads sat securely on their shoulders, their bodies vibrating with earth-shaking energy.

The eight god corpses that had caused such an uproar in the Land of Chaos, made the nine great Silver rank forces send out legions of men, and cost countless resources to retrieve their heads.

And now they appeared here.

How could Xiahou Chang not be terrified?

The Black Cloud Palace martial practitioners saw him swimming desperately toward the surface. Bubbles emerged from their mouths, their voices traveling through the water in a strange manner as they exclaimed, “Lord Xiahou! Why are you going upward? The Bloodthirsty Dragon is up there!”

Xiahou Chang ignored them, his mind completely set on fleeing like mad. He wanted to immediately notify Xiahou Sheng and the others fighting above.

“What’s going on?”

The martial practitioners that had followed him into the water felt confused. They had no idea what was below them until...

The first god corpse materialized out of nowhere, filling up their entire field of vision.

It opened its gaping maw and sucked more than a dozen martial practitioners inside of it, slamming its teeth together over and over in a burst of blood and bone.

The surviving martial practitioners finally realized why Xiahou Chang had been swimming to the surface so frantically.

This revelation terrified the remaining Black Cloud Palace martial practitioners underwater, and all of them swam toward the surface in a frenzy.

The other seven god corpses joined the first in sucking up huge amounts of water. The Black Cloud Palace martial practitioners swimming below the surface of the sea got caught in this sudden vacuum. The god corpses sucked them into their mouths like whales taking in krill and other small fish.

More and more Black Cloud Palace martial practitioners found themselves unable to escape the vacuum that the god corpses created. They became delicious morsels for the god corpses to swallow up, bone and all.

Blood filled the water and floated up to the surface, the stench of iron filling the air above.

The Xing Family clansmen and the martial practitioners of Gold Sun Island could see the water grow red with blood, but they never saw a corpse float to the surface.

Dread spread across their faces.

Everyone on the Wavebreaker was certain that something terrifying had just occurred under the surface, but they didn’t know exactly what that was.

The Fragmentation Realm experts that had been fighting in the air turned to glare at Qin Lie in the body of the Blood Progenitor.

“Who are you!?” they shouted.

This sudden development made their combined attacks on Xing Yumiao and Xing Yuyuan come to an abrupt halt.

Xiahou Sheng examined Qin Lie within the Blood Progenitor’s body, a grim, terrifying expression on his face. From the potent stench of blood alone, he knew that this matter was definitely related to Blood Fiend Sect.

At that moment, Xiahou Chang emerged from the water’s surface, shouting, “B-brother Sheng! Brother Sheng!”

Having prowled above the sea this entire time, the Bloodthirsty Dragon roared and flew downward to tear at Xiahou Chang.

“Save me!” Xiahou Chang screamed, suddenly flying out of the sea.

Everyone turned to look at him and immediately gasped.

Only half of Xiahou Chang’s body remained!

He had no legs! Blood dripped from short stumps below his waist!

His terrible condition made a chill run up the spine of everyone that saw him.

Qin Lie whistled in a low tone, and the Bloodthirsty Dragon, which was about to attack Xiahou Chang, came to a sudden stop.

“Woosh woosh woosh!”

Gigantic whirlpools appeared on the surface of the sea. An enormous arm shot out of one of them like a bolt of lightning, reaching toward Xiahou Chang who flew through the air and pinching him between two fingers.

Everyone watched as the god corpse that arm belonged to emerged from the water, chewing on Xiahou Chang’s legs sloppily.

“Save me, Brother Sheng! Save me!”

As Xiahou Chang desperately screamed for help, the god corpse shoved the remaining half of his body into its enormous mouth.

The hair-raising sound of bones breaking rang out as the god corpse chewed.

Blood flowed between the god corpse’s sharp teeth that resembled giant white fences and gushed from its mouth. This bloody scene frightened every onlooker.

“A g-god corpse!” Xiahou Sheng exclaimed, his voice hoarse and weak. “A god corpse… with a head!”

“Splash! Splash! Splash!”

God corpses emerged from the water one after another, returning to the world like bloody gods rushing out of imprisonment.

Potent energy surged from the god corpses, shaking the heavens and robbing light from the sun and the moon.

At this exact moment, every martial practitioner of Black Cloud Palace, Heavenly Sea Pavilion, and the rebel faction of Gold Sun Island stared at the god corpses in complete terror.

No one knew why the god corpses had appeared or who their targets were.

That is, until the Blood Progenitor’s body flew up to the head of the largest god corpse and landed on top of it.

Then everyone immediately understood.

The eight god corpses had come because of Qin Lie.

He controlled them, and they listened to him alone.

A shocking, wondrous light filled Xing Shengnan’s eyes.

“L… little brother…” she murmured.

Xing Yumiao and Xing Yuyuan hovered in the sky. Both wore complex expressions on their faces, their brows deeply furrowed.

They had been paying attention to the situation below for a while now. They knew that Qin Lie’s soul was inside of the Blood Progenitor’s body.

However, they weren’t aware of what had previously happened aboard the Wavebreaker. The two of them still considered Qin Lie an imposter that didn’t care about the Xing Family at all.

To them, Qin Lie naturally wouldn’t think much of Xing Shengnan or treat her like a big sister.

The Xing brothers sighed inwardly. They thought that Xing Shengnan still hadn’t shaken off her trauma and that her emotions were one-sided.

Yet Qin Lie then shattered all of their assumptions.

“Big sister!” Qin Lie exclaimed with a grin. “My surname is Qin, not Xing. My real name… is Qin Lie! Although I am not surnamed Xing… in my heart, you are my big sister! It doesn’t matter if the Xing Family is related to me or not. Since you’re my big sister, I will not stand by and watch the Xing Family be exterminated. I will do everything I can to help the Xing Family overcome today’s calamity... and do my best to kill all enemies!”

“Little brother…” Xing Shengnan trembled, tears of joy welling up in her small eyes. “You are my little brother…”

Xing Yumiao and Xing Yuyuan exchanged glances, their expressions complicated. They couldn’t help but grimace.

Xing Yao, who had been opposing Qin Lie this entire time and wanted to kill him as soon as possible, constantly alternated between laughing and crying.

It seemed as if she had gone insane. No one knew what was running through her mind.

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