Chapter 591: You Are My Big Sister

Chapter 591: You Are My Big Sister

“Even if I die, I’ll come back and haunt you!”

Restrained by chains of lightning, Xing Yao gritted her teeth and stared at Qin Lie with unbridled hatred.

The sight of Qin Lie actually daring to capture Xing Yao made Guo Yanzheng and Qi Jing go blind with rage.

At this moment, neither enforcer cared whether Blood Fiend Sect or Forefather Terminator stood behind Qin Lie. They were going to kill him then and there.

Zheng Yun laughed loudly. “You have a truly amazing temper, brother. I really am impressed.”

Following his earlier order to kill Guo Yanzheng and Qi Jing, the Black Cloud Palace martial practitioners behind Zheng Yun immediately rushed forward.

Two martial practitioners instantly intercepted the two enforcers, both pairs possessing similar levels of strength. The rest of the Black Cloud Palace martial practitioners attacked the other Xing Family clansmen.

Xing Yao couldn’t move an inch.

All she could do was watch the enemy overwhelm the clansmen and elders that cared for her.

It looked as if her eyes were about to spit fire.

“You never thought you’d experience a day like this, did you, Miss Xing?” Qin Lie said in a mocking tone.

The battle had progressed to the point where the Xing Yumiao and Xing Yuyuan flew through the sky, drenched with blood. Countless crystalline war chariots bombarded the martial practitioners aboard their Flowing Gold Fire Phoenix. Black Cloud Palace martial practitioners had surrounded the Wavebreaker, and Heavenly Sea Pavilion martial practitioners had surrounded the other ship that the Xing Family still controlled. Aboard those ships, every person on the Xing Family’s side died one after another.

Explosions and screams continuously echoed throughout this territory that belonged to Gold Sun Island.

Truth be told, Gold Sun Island wasn’t weaker than Black Cloud Palace or Heavenly Sea Pavilion. Xing Yumiao was just as powerful as Zheng Zhihe or Jiang Hao.

Unfortunately, Xiang Xi’s rebellion weakened Gold Sun Island considerably. Both Xing Yumiao and Xing Yuyuan were forced to face an encirclement of Fragmentation Realm experts, including Zheng Zhihe and Jiang Hao who were both at the peak of the Fragmentation Realm.

In addition to that, Xiahou Sheng hovered off to the side of that encirclement, watching the Xing brothers like a hawk. He was ready to join the fray at any moment to prevent them from escaping.

Nearly thirty other Black Cloud Palace and Heavenly Sea Pavilion martial practitioners in the Fulfillment Realm were positioned nearby. They wielded conch-shaped spirit artifacts that disturbed the spirit energy in the area each time they blew them. The chaotic spatial fluctuations they caused prevented the Xing brothers from using an escape art.

Gold Sun Island had suffered an internal schism. Black Cloud Palace and Heavenly Sea Pavilion had sent out all of their experts, and Xiahou Family martial practitioners had blended into their ranks as well.

Regardless of how anyone looked at this situation… this time, the Xing Family had no way to escape death.

Zheng Yun, having nothing else to do, couldn’t help but speak to Qin Lie.

“Brother!” he said with a smile. “About that girl… could you pass her to me once you’ve finished playing with her?”

“I’ll haunt you after I die!” Xing Yao shrieked.

“Why don’t you commit suicide then?” Qin Lie asked, an indifferent expression on his face. “I’ve restrained your body and paralyzed your meridians to keep your from gathering spirit energy, but you can still talk. This means that you can still move your mouth. You can bite off your tongue and kill yourself whenever you want.”

“B-brother!” Zheng Yun hastily exclaimed, his voice filled with anxiety. “Quickly! Paralyze her tongue! It’ll be boring if she actually kills herself!”

“How I want to toy with her is my choice. You don’t have the right to tell me what to do!” Qin Lie’s face darkened.

Zheng Yun laughed awkwardly in response. “Haha… my mistake. Me and my big mouth…”

Even though Qin Lie openly scolded him, Zheng Yun didn’t dare to lose his calm. He was wary of Qin Lie’s identity, so he simply fell silent.

“You can bite your tongue off and kill yourself!” Qin Lie continued coldly, turning his attention back to Xing Yao. “I guarantee that I won’t stop you!”

All of a sudden, the harsh look in Xing Yao’s eyes slowly faded. She seemed as if she had lost every ounce of strength within her.

In spite of how she kept yelling about haunting Qin Lie after dying, a strange expression leaped to her face.

“I… I can’t believe I don’t even have the courage to commit suicide…” she mumbled.

It was only then that she realized how terrified of death she was.

She didn’t want to die. She didn’t have the courage.

The moment she realized this, she even lost the courage to taunt her enemies.

A dazed expression came over her as she muttered to herself.

“I’m afraid,” she said. “I’m so afraid of losing everything…””

“You’re just a pretty flower that’s always been under your father’s protection.” Qin Lie shook his head disdainfully as he coldly ridiculed her. “You’ve never experienced true hardship. Of course you wouldn’t have the resolve to face death.”

Xing Yao didn’t say anything in response. She knew he was right. She didn’t have the courage to do anything.


In that exact moment, a figure as large as a bear burst out of the sea and flew into the sky.

It instantly crashed onto the deck.

Hope shone in Xing Yao’s eyes once more when she realized who it was.

“Aunt!” she screamed at the top of her lungs. “Help me! Kill this imposter! This spy! Kill him!”

The gaze of everyone on the ship fell upon Xing Shengnan.

The eyes of the three Fulfillment Realm elders standing behind Zheng Yun widened, and they immediately took out their spirit artifacts.

“Hehe… don’t worry.” Zheng Yun smiled calmly. “She can’t do anything.”

The three elders examined Xing Shengnan closely. They soon relaxed and chuckled as well.

Xing Shengnan held two giant axes, one in each hand. Blood streamed from the wounds covering her arms and flowed down to her axes.

Bleeding wounds also marred the rest of her large body.

The vigor in her small eyes had already faded. Her eyes now looked dim and lifeless.


Another figure emerged from the sea and arrived on the deck of the ship as well.

This person wore clothing unique to the Xiahou Family. He appeared to be about fifty years old and wore a savage expression on his face. He held a cold, glittering sword that was drenched with blood.

—All of that blood belonged to Xing Shengnan.

This person was Xiahou Chang, Xiahou Sheng’s younger brother and a martial practitioner in the early stage of the Fragmentation Realm like Xing Shengnan.

After Xiahou Sheng injured Xing Shengnan and forced her into the sea, Xiahou Chang ambushed her and succeeded in wounding her too.

Xing Shengnan first emerged from the sea because this man had relentlessly pursued her underwater. She had no choice but to return to the surface.

However, when she did, she encountered the combined assault of Black Cloud Palace and Heavenly Sea Pavilion, forcing her to dive back into the sea.

After being forced back underwater, she suffered yet another grievous blow from Xiahou Chang. This blow worsened her condition even further.

Only now did she find an opportunity to rush out of the sea and back onto the deck of the Wavebreaker. She was covered in blood, having spent most of her spirit energy as well.

Yet Xiahou Chang had caught up to her once more. His cold, dark gaze had never left Xing Shengnan. He had been searching for the perfect opportunity to kill her all this time.

Xing Shengnan was bleeding all over, and the giant axes that she normally thought of as light now seemed as heavy as mountains. Her large body trembled continuously.

Anyone could see that she was in extremely terrible condition. Since she could hardly survive Xiahou Chang’s relentless pursuit, helping Xing Yao overcome her current situation and killing every enemy here was obviously impossible.

Every enemy present simply found Xing Yao’s hope-filled eyes and shouts amusing.

“Big sister…” Qin Lie suddenly exclaimed softly.

A hint of bewilderment flashed through Xing Shengnan’s eyes. She immediately shook out of her stupor and locked eyes with Qin Lie.

“I am not your big sister!” she shouted, her voice filled with pain and sorrow.

“Aunt!” Xing Yao cried, beginning to sob. She lost her composure once more when she realized how much Xing Shengnan had been hurt.

“It’s true that I am not a member of the Xing Family. It is also true that I came to Gold Sun Island with ulterior motives,” Qin Lie said with utmost sincerity. “However, I really do consider you my big sister!”

A short distance away, Guo Yanzheng was about to be forced into a corner, but he still couldn’t help but look at Qin Lie in confusion.

Qin Lie’s declaration also puzzled Black Cloud Palace’s Zheng Yun, who frowned and watched him closely.

“I’m not unlucky enough to have a little brother like you!” Xing Shengnan exclaimed.

“How dare you pretend to be kind at this moment!” Xing Yao screamed. “There’s no way someone like you will die a good death!”

“Brother Zheng Yun, I have something I need to tell you privately.” Qin Lie smiled and gestured for Zheng Yun to move closer to him.

After a moment of hesitation, Zheng Yun walked toward Qin Lie.

“What is it?” he asked.

At this point in time, Black Cloud Palace had rounded up every Xing Family clansman and martial practitioner loyal to the Xing Family on the ship and forced them into retreat.

The only person still standing nearby was Xing Shengnan.

Xiahou Chang watched her closely. If she made any strange movements, he’d immediately unleash a storm of attacks at her.

Zheng Yun calmly approached Qin Lie until he was two meters away from him. He wasn’t afraid of anything happening to him because he was at the peak of the Netherpassage Realm. After a moment of hesitation, he came to a halt and chuckled. “So, what do you want to say to me, brother?”

“Take Xing Yao with you,” Qin Lie said with a smile. “I’ve lost interest in her.”

His words startled Zheng Yun.

A twinkle suddenly appeared in his eyes, but after staring at Qin Lie for a few seconds, he shook his head and laughed dryly. He laughed as he began backing away from him.

“Forget it,” he said. “A gentleman doesn’t take what isn’t theirs. I told you I would give her to you, and I won’t break that promise.”

Zheng Yun couldn’t help but feel that something was off. He didn’t dare to accept Qin Lie’s offer and risk upsetting him.

He believed that Qin Lie was a direct disciple of Forefather Terminator. After all, he had Terminator Profound Bombs.

In addition to that, even under these circumstances, Qin Lie actually claimed that Xing Shengnan was his big sister. This worried Zheng Yun, and he instinctively avoided taking any risks.

He was well aware of how exceedingly arrogant Terminator Sect martial practitioners were. He knew that they wouldn’t give something up without good reason.

Since he was just the young palace master of a Copper rank force, he was especially aware of this. He knew that he didn’t merit such modesty from someone of Qin Lie’s status.

“I see that Brother Zheng is quite a cautious man.” Qin Lie broke out into involuntary laughter. Then he shook his head and said, “Unfortunately for you... you’re still standing too close to me.”

The moment Qin Lie said this, Zheng Yun’s face twisted in alarm. He instantly began to openly retreat.

Yet three metallic lightning balls spun through the air, brimming with thunder and lightning energy as the moved even faster. They instantly appeared five meters in front of Zheng Yun.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Multiple thunderous violent explosions erupted at the same time. Electricity sparked through the air and mingled with the pungent stench of sulfur.

Zheng Yun had been dozens of meters away from Qin Lie. The power of thunder enveloped him like a tidal wave and sent him flying backward.

Roaring thunder overwhelmed the sound his Zheng Yun’s cracking bones. Only he could hear them shatter. He felt an uncontrollable stream of blood gush from his mouth like a long bloody snake. It continued to grow longer and longer as he flew backward, making the entire spectacle seem strange.

“Young palace master!” “Young palace master!”

The three Fulfillment Realm elders of Black Cloud Palace went ghastly pale as they rushed to catch Zheng Yun.

This turn of events absolutely confounded Xiahou Chang, but he didn’t take his eyes off of Xing Shengnan or do anything to help Zheng Yun.

He assumed that Qin Lie held a grudge against Zheng Yun.

Xiahou Sheng had told Xiahou Chang that Forefather Terminator was Qin Lie’s backer.

Zheng Yun, on the other hand, was just the young palace master of a small Copper rank force.

After comparing the two, Xiahou Chang chose to ignore Zheng Yun.


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