Chapter 589: Leave None Alive!

Chapter 589: Leave None Alive!

Black Cloud Palace’s palace master Zheng Zhihe and Heavenly Sea Pavilion’s pavilion master Jiang Hao emerged from the depths of the ocean and shot into the air.

At the same time, with the loss of support from his spirit energy, Bo Boze’s corpse plunged into the sea with a small splash.

“Zheng Zhihe! Jiang Hao!” Xing Yuyuan exclaimed coldly, a grim expression on his face. “How dare you conspire with Black Cloud Palace and Heavenly Sea Pavilion, Xiang Xi! Have you ever considered what Illusory Demon Sect would do with you once they found out about this?”

Xing Yumiao had fallen silent when Zheng Zhihe and Jiang Hao emerged from the sea. He currently wore a solemn expression.

He understood that Xiang Xi had made up his mind.

“We agreed that we would only kill the Xing siblings… that I’d be the one to deal with the rest!” Xiang Xi glared at the two men.

“And we’re fine with that, of course…” Zheng Zhihe said, calm and indifferent. “Our problem with the Xing brothers is entirely based on conflicting interests. We neither hate them nor intend to slaughter all of their clansmen. However…”

His voice trailed off as he and Jiang Hao looked at the sea below.

“Whether or not the others will show such generosity is a completely different question.”

Xiang Xi frowned and looked at the sea as well.

A thin man with gray and white hair that seemed to be around fifty or sixty years old suddenly appeared on a Sword Leaf Boat.

That man looked up at Xiang Xi, his voice rough and faint as he said, “Every direct descendant of the Xing Family must be slaughtered. Branch family members may live, but they must have their realms crippled so that they will never again be able to cultivate!”

The instant this man appeared, Xing Yumiao’s and Xing Yuyuan’s eyes went crimson with anger and madness.

“Xiahou Sheng!” they roared.

Aboard the ship, Xing Shengnan looked at this person. Her entire body trembled, and her eyes shone with bone-deep hatred.

“When we last met, not killing you three along with your youngest brother was my biggest mistake,” Xiahou Sheng said, his face icy cold. “Today, I have come to rectify that!”

Xiahou Sheng was the one responsible for hunting down Xing Family descendants forty years ago, but he had only managed to kill the youngest of the Xing siblings. He had allowed Xing Yumiao, Xing Yuyuan, and Xing Shengnan to escape.

Forty years ago, the Xing siblings had only been in the early and middle stages of the Netherpassage Realm. Time passed in the blink of an eye, and now the three were in the Fragmentation Realm.

Xing Yumiao had even reached the peak of the Fragmentation Realm and was just one step away from the Nirvana Realm. He was basically as strong as Xiahou Sheng.

Xiahou Sheng felt deeply threatened by this.

If Xing Yumiao continued to improve and managed to enter the Nirvana Realm, not even Xiahou Sheng would be a match for him. He posed a serious threat to the Xiahou Family.

“Kill him, big brother!” Xing Shengnan wailed from the ship, her voice filled with pain. “Kill him now!”

Since the Xing brothers had instantly become enraged the moment Xiahou Sheng showed up, they didn’t hesitate. They immediately tore through the air, fiercely stabbing toward Xiahou Sheng like two sharp swords.

They hated Xiahou Sheng to the very core of their beings!

In that instant, Xiahou Sheng looked at Xiang Xi, Zheng Zhihe, and Jiang Hao, snorting coldly.

“What are you waiting for?” he asked.

The three of them trembled, immediately brandishing their spirit artifacts and howling to summon their subordinates.

Three martial practitioners, all of whom were in the Fragmentation Realm, rose to join Xiang Xi, Zheng Zhihe, and Jiang Hao in the air. This reinforced group then charged toward the Xing brothers.

Although Xing Shengnan was supposed to stay on the Wavebreaker, she shot into the sky without hesitation.

Xiahou Sheng slowly floated in the air, his dark, icy eyes surveying the surroundings.

“All Xing Family clansmen that belong to branch families and people loosely related to the Xing Family!” he yelled. “You will be allowed to live if you stand by, watch, and destroy your own realms! If not, all of you will be killed without exception!” “

He then pointed at Guo Yanzheng and Qi Jing.

“Your ancestors had close ties to Blood Fiend Sect, so you two must die as well!”

Burning flames and shimmering ice immediately filled the skies above the Setting Sun Islands. Beams of spirit energy surged into the air as potent clashes of power created terrifying explosions of sound.

Xing Yumiao brought swathes of golden flame surging into existence, swinging his golden spear and transforming the flames into a brilliant sea of fire.

His golden spirit armor made him look powerful and fearless.

Xing Yuyuan took out a fan made of refined steel and channeled his spirit energy into it, using it to conjure lifelike spirit birds. The birds flapped their wings and released long shrieks, forming tiny tornadoes in front of their wings and shooting them into the enemy’s ranks.

Hurtling through the sky, Xiang Xi, Zheng Zhihe, Jiang Hao, and three other Fragmentation Realm martial practitioners collectively attacked the Xing brothers.

The giant dark blue pythons engraved into Xiang Xi’s enormous bronze cauldron hissed, spitting out wisps of green smoke. This smoke held potent energy that had the power to erode flesh and blood.

Zheng Zhihe, palace master of Black Cloud Palace, laughed loudly as he used pitch black flags brimming with dark, cold evil energy to lock down the area with clusters of black clouds.

Jiang Hao, pavilion master of Heavenly Sea Pavilion, assumed a sitting position in midair, the spirit energy around him condensing into a tidal wave that flooded toward the Xing brothers.

The other three Fragmentation Realm experts with them fired countless shards of ice that transformed into a freezing storm. They used it to assault the Xing brothers, surrounding them with its stinging energy.

Surprisingly, Xiahou Sheng didn’t do anything but rise into the air in a slow, calm manner.

“Xiahou Sheng!” Xing Shengnan bellowed from below. “Your despicable life is mine!”

She resembled a tiger whose eyes gushed with the fire of hatred, gripping her axes and savagely swinging them at Xiahou Sheng.

A dazzling river of spirit energy formed as the axes swung downwards. It contained a shocking amount of power and seemed terrifyingly sharp, as if it could split the heavens and the earth.

Xiahou Sheng frowned as he slowly floated up into the sky, then thrust a hand toward Xing Shengnan.

His hand swelled to an unbelievable size, and a wave of heat rushed from his palm.


A scarlet Kui ox charged out of Xiahou Sheng’s enormous hand with a tremendous roar, heading directly for Xing Shengnan. As it did, the ox fearlessly spat a sanguine tongue of flame at Xing Shengnan’s double axe attack.

Xing Shengnan’s river of spirit energy split the scarlet Kui ox and its sanguine flame in half. However, they still managed to strike both of her arms.

This brought her roaring charge to a sudden halt. Both halves of the Kui ox shrouded her arms and burned like sanguine flames.

Xing Shengnan seemed to lose every bit of her strength. Her bulky body plummeted into the sea with a heavy splash.

Xiahou Sheng looked down at where she fell and snorted coldly. He then nodded at a man standing on the water’s surface.

That man’s realm was incredible, and he wore clothing that identified him as a member of Black Cloud Palace. He acknowledged Xiahou Sheng with a smile then instructed the people around him in a soft voice.

“Move out,” he said. “Kill all of them.”

“What about branch family members and others related to the Xing Family?” a Black Cloud Palace martial practitioner asked in astonishment.

“Leave none alive!” the man exclaimed softly.


Crystalline war chariots and nimble Sword Leaf Boats immediately moved out. They headed for the Flowing Gold Fire Phoenix, the Wavebreaker, and the other ship that the Xing Family controlled.

From their wooden building on the fire phoenix’s wing, Qin Lie stared at the part of the sea where Xing Shengnan had fallen, a somber expression on his face.

“She isn’t going to die that easily,” Xie Jingxuan said. She knew what Qin Lie was worried about, so she spoke up accordingly. “She may look fat, but she possesses incredibly powerful life energy.”

Not long after Xie Jingxuan spoke, Xing Shengnan’s bulky figure emerged from the sea as expected.

Traces of despair and sadness flashed through her small eyes as she looked up into the sky.

“Aunt! Are you okay?” Xing Yao cried out to Xing Shengnan who floated in the water beside the Wavebreaker.

“Watch out, third island master!” Guo Yanzheng shouted.

At that moment, multiple Sword Leaf Boats crowded with Black Cloud Palace and Heavenly Sea Pavilion martial practitioners approached her. Those martial practitioners took out their spirit artifacts and attacked her mercilessly.

Prismatic rays of light, bolts of lightning, and blazing flames merged washed over Xing Shengnan like a sea of light.

The moment she resurfaced, Xing Shengnan immediately realized she had become the target of every enemy nearby.

Panic filled her face as she faced attacks from every direction. She had no choice but to sink back into the sea to avoid them.

“Ignore her,” the man ordered in a relaxed tone and waved a hand. “Kill the Xing Family clansmen first.”

All of the Black Cloud Palace and Heavenly Sea Pavilion martial practitioners thus spread out, and began slaughtering the Xing Family clansmen on the three vehicles that the Xing Family still controlled.

They rushed aboard the fire phoenix, the Wavebreaker, and the other ship, explosions continuously erupting from the vehicles as they slaughtered everyone aboard.

Xing Yumiao and Xing Yuyuan had seen their younger sister fall into the sea, blood nearly dripping from their eyes. Now they watched their clansmen and trusted subordinates die one after another.

Yet they couldn’t do anything to stop the carnage.

—They were too busy keeping themselves alive.

Under the combined assault of six Fragmentation Realm experts, the fact that they’d managed to hold on without being severely injured or killed was already proof of their strength.

They had no energy to spare on helping their clansmen.

The two brothers could smell death approaching. A feeling of despair welled in their chests, one that was even worse than the despair they felt when the three great families hunted them long ago.

Back then, their seniors had been killed one after another while they escaped. Only the three of them survived in the end.

Today, they couldn’t escape because they were the seniors. Their daughters, relatives, and trusted subordinates were by their side.

All they could do was fight to the death!

“What should we do? What should we do!?” Xing Yao screamed from the deck of the ship. She had succumbed to the pressure of the most desperate situation in her entire life.

“All you can do is escape, First Miss! You need to do your best to survive!” Guo Yanzheng yelled and gritted his teeth. “Just like how your father, uncle, and aunt managed to escape from the three great families before, you must be strong today! You must do your best to survive just as they did!”

“B-but…” Xing Yao stammered, tears streaming down her face. “All of the seniors that protected them back then… they died!”

“You need to be strong and face reality, First Miss!” Guo Yanzheng roared. “Today… there is no way the island masters will survive!”

“We’ll open a path for you,” Qi Jing said hurriedly. “You must do your best to survive and return to Gold Sun Island!”

“I… I’m not leaving,” Xing Yao said. “Even if I die, I want to die with aunt… with uncle… with my father.”

In spite of their urging, Xing Yao gave up.

She had lost her will to live.

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