Chapter 586: Falling Out

Chapter 586: Falling Out

Qin Lie had come to the Wavebreaker alone.

At this moment, his crystalline war chariot hovered around five meters above the deck of the ship, far from what anyone would consider a safe distance.

The anger of the Xing Family clansmen had been completely set ablaze.

Xing Wu was the first to act, gathering wisps of silvery-white spirit energy around him to form a ferocious snow-white tiger. It was around eight meters long, looked incredibly lifelike, and its figure superimposed onto him.

Sacred beasts like Qilins were signs of good fortune. In much the same way, the Green Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird, and Black Tortoise were also sacred beasts, all of which possessed high levels of intelligence.

The White Tiger that Xing Wu formed was his own cultivated interpretation of the White Tiger. He borrowed its killing aura to enhance his heart, soul, and combat strength.


Xing Wu and the White Tiger erupted into a roar at the exact same time, their superimposed figure pouncing into the air and flying toward the crystalline war chariot. A shockingly potent killing aura rolled off of Xing Wu in waves, and the White Tiger ferociously swiped at Qin Lie with its savagely sharp claws.

After Xing Yao confirmed that Qin Lie wasn’t a member of the Xing Family, Xing Wu no longer had any qualms about killing him.

He respected Xing Shengnan from the bottom of his heart and wouldn’t allow anyone to borrow the name of the Xing Family and hurt her!

“I am not an enemy of the Xing Family.”

Qin Lie wore a strange expression as he unleashed a killing aura of his own, pushing his palm toward the White Tiger’s giant ethereal head.

“Zzzt zzzt zzzt!”

Dense bolts of crisscrossing lightning poured from his hand like a dazzling waterfall of electricity.

They washed over the White Tiger’s head like curtains of beads.


The White Tiger made out of Xing Wu’s spirit energy collapsed under the rampaging lightning and swiftly dissipated.

In the blink of an eye, the roaring White Tiger completely vanished.

The destruction of the White Tiger made Xing Wu’s breath grow ragged. Hatred gushing from his eyes, he moved to do something else, but stopped when Enforcer Qi Jing spoke up.

“You aren’t a match for him.” Qi Jing snorted coldly, a frown on his face. “Your realm is lower than his and your spirit energy is much weaker as well.”

However, just as Qi Jing was about to try and capture Qin Lie himself, Guo Yanzheng moved to him and put a hand on his shoulder. He coughed slightly, shook his head, and said, “Don’t.”

Astonishment covered Qi Jing’s face.

“Why?” he exclaimed in a low voice.

Guo Yanzheng smiled bitterly, then secretly transmitted his voice to Qi Jing so that only he could hear what he said.

“He is a member of Blood Fiend Sect and cultivates the orthodox Blood Spirit Art…” Guo Yanzheng’s voice echoed softly in Qi Jing’s ears. “Both first and second island master know about this.”

Qi Jing’s expression changed subtly.

Like Guo Yanzheng, Qi Jing hailed from the Heavenly Calamity Continent, and the Xing brothers had invited him to join Gold Sun Island in much the same way.

More importantly, both his and Guo Yanzheng’s families had been vassal forces of Blood Fiend Sect in the past. Both men had received benefits and care from Blood Fiend Sect in the past, so it held a special place in their hearts.

Furthermore, both respected and feared Blood Fiend Sect even now. This kept them from carelessly attacking any member of Blood Fiend Sect.

“The island masters know about this?” Qi Jing asked in a heavy voice.

Guo Yanzheng nodded.

Qi Jing pondered for a moment, then looked up to Qin Lie and asked, “What in Spirit Realm are you trying to do?”

Qi Jing had kept his voice low while speaking to Guo Yanzheng. Guo Yanzheng had even turned his voice into a thread of sound, transmitting it to Qi Jing to secretly reveal Qin Lie’s identity.

As a result, none of the Xing Family clansmen had any idea what was going on.

In their eyes, it looked as if Qi Jing had suddenly changed his mind just as he was about to attack Qin Lie. This confused them to no end.

They became even more astonished when they heard Qi Jing ask about Qin Lie’s plans. To them, it seemed as if he were giving in to Qin Lie.

“Enforcers! What in Spirit Realm are you doing?” Xing Yao yelled. She knew that she probably wasn’t a match for Qin Lie. In fact, she had hoped that Guo Yanzheng and Qi Jing would kill him, but for whatever reason, they stopped short of carrying out the deed. This left her extremely frustrated. “You already know that person isn’t a member of the Xing Family! What are you waiting for? Kill him!”

Multiple Xing Family clansmen echoed the sentiment at the same time, yelling, “Kill him!”

Weak and dazed, Xing Shengnan continued to lay on the deck in a fetal position. She seemed to be in unfathomable pain, incapable of crawling out of the abyss made from her memories.

She was the only one here with the authority to give orders, and right now, Xing Yao could only be considered a leader in name.

Unfortunately for her, since Guo Yanzheng had told him that Qin Lie was a member of Blood Fiend Sect and couldn’t be harmed, Qi Jing didn’t dare to act.

This only infuriated Xing Yao even more.

Qin Lie didn’t look at anyone but Xing Shengnan.

After pondering for a moment, he said, “I will give you a proper explanation today, big sister.”

Choosing to no longer hang around the Xing Family, he directed the war chariot back to the Flowing Gold Fire Phoenix on which he currently resided.

Qin Lie left behind the deck full of Xing Family clansmen who were cursing him and hollering about making sure he died.

Just like that, he quickly returned to the fire phoenix.

Xiang Xi, the other three enforcers, and the rest of their men stood in crystalline war chariots of their own, hovering around the Flowing Gold Fire Phoenix.

The moment he saw Qin Lie, Xiang Xi laughed loudly. A wide grin spread across his face, making it seem as if he were about to devour someone.

“Did you go to harrass the Xing Family once again, my friend?” Xiang Xi asked.

Everyone could see that Xiang Xi was a bit excited today.

“Mn. I went down there and toyed with them for a little,” Qin Lie answered nonchalantly.

“Heheh! There’ll be a good show today.” Xiang Xi winked at him. “All you need to do is watch!”

Qin Lie shrugged.

“Then I shall wait and see,” he said, an indifferent smile on his face.

“Haha, you definitely won’t be disappointed!” Xiang Xi slapped Qin Lie’s shoulder without reservation. He then spoke in a grandiose tone. “When the day is done, I shall have the prettiest girl in all of Gold Sun Island entertain you. Once we arrive at Gold Sun Island, you may enjoy any woman you want, haha!”

Qin Lie smiled and kept silent.

All of a sudden, an idea flashed through Xiang Xi’s mind and he smiled strangely.

“Ah!” he exclaimed. “Xing Yao… how about that bitch, Xing Yao? That bitch’s gaze has recently made me quite uncomfortable! Heh, I noticed that she was quite unfriendly to you as well, but she won’t be able to act so arrogantly much longer. Starting today, I’ll have her kneel before you and service you to your heart’s content!”

“Oh?” Qin Lie raised an eyebrow, looking at Xiang Xi skeptically.

“Just watch.” Xiang Xi laughed loudly.

Then he suddenly released a shrill howl and drove his crystalline war chariot toward the ships below, stopping to hover above the Wavebreaker.

Bo Boze, Xu Changsheng, and Xu Jiadong also howled and drove their chariots toward the ships below.

Soon after they began howling, numerous crystalline war chariots shot from the countless Setting Sun Islands, swarming like locusts.

When Qin Lie focused on the swarm, he realized that there were probably close to a hundred chariots of all kinds of colors and sizes.

Every war chariot carried somewhere from three, to five, to even a dozen people. As far as he could tell, a total of around five hundred martial practitioners, all of whom were in the Fulfillment, Netherpassage, and Manifestation Realms, rode those chariots.

All of the crystalline chariots approached the five ships from every direction, surrounding them and the Flowing Gold Fire Phoenix of the Xing brothers.

With the four enforcers in the lead, the swarm of war chariots flew through the air like four torrential streams.

Xiang Xi suddenly laughed boisterously and shouted, “Xing Yumiao!”

At that moment, realization spread across the face of every Xing Family clansman.

Even a dimwit would understand what Xiang Xi’s actions meant.

In fact, Xiang Xi’s men controlled three of the five ships. The Xing Family actually controlled just one of the Flowing Gold Fire Phoenixes, the Wavebreaker, and one other ship.

Terror and worry filled Xing Yao, Xing Wu, Guo Yanzheng, Qi Jing, and every singly Xing Family clansmen.

Even Xing Shengnan, who had experienced a mental breakdown earlier, forced herself to calm down when she saw the commotion occurring around her.

She suddenly trembled, pulling herself out of her painful memories through sheer force of will.

“What is Xiang Xi planning?” she murmured, struggling to stand and glaring at the sky.

Nearly a hundred chariots filled the sky, flying above the two boats and the fire phoenix in four groups that resembled streams.

The insane, earsplitting laughter of Xiang Xi and Bo Boze constantly rang throughout the air. Their combined laughter was so loud that it made all of the Setting Sun Islands rumble.

“Xing Yumiao! Xing Yuyuan! Today, I will take revenge for my son! I will slaughter your family to the last man! I will use your blood to wash away the humiliation you put him through!” Bo Boze shrieked.

Standing atop the Flowing Gold Fire Phoenix, Xing Yumiao and Xing Yuyuan wore grim expressions.

“Do you understand now, big brother?” Xing Yuyuan sighed.

Xing Yumiao wasn’t as flustered as he could’ve been. He simply nodded and said, “I didn’t think their hatred for me would run so deep.”

Just like with the three great families, not all grudges can be resolved peacefully,” Xing Yuyuan said, a bitter smile on his face.

“Only through the bloodshed and destruction of one side can such a grudge be dealt with!”

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