Chapter 578: Rebellious

Chapter 578: Rebellious

After choosing rooms for Qin Lie’s group and exchanging a few typical words of greeting with Xiang Xi, Xing Yuyuan departed from the Flowing Gold Fire Phoenix with a smile on his face.

The two enforcers, Xiang Xi and Bo Boze, swept their gazes over Qin Lie’s group, snorted, then took off toward Xiang Xi’s residence.

His residence was a six-story wooden building shaped like a pagoda. Low-hanging tassels decorated that pagoda’s eaves, giving it an extravagant appearance.

Qin Lie’s group of seven stood before the entrances to two other wooden buildings that were three stories tall, the Flowing Gold Fire Phoenix dazzling under the light of the evening sun. The beauty of it all left them somewhat stunned.

As a large-scale flying spirit artifact, the main component of the Flowing Gold Fire Phoenix was flowing gold. Although it was a kind of metal, it was both incredibly tough and astonishingly light, making it very suitable for the building of flying spirit artifacts.

Several small wooden buildings sat atop the flying spirit artifact shaped like a fire phoenix. Since wood was an even lighter material, these buildings didn’t add much more weight to the flying spirit artifact. This design prioritized its flying speed.

Standing atop this large flying spirit artifact, Qin Lie felt as though he were standing on a huge, flaming carpet hovering in midair. It felt both steady and comfortable.

“The three of you will share a residence.” Qin Lie smiled and directed Du Xiangyang to the three-story wooden building off to one side. “As for us…”

“Got it!” Du Xiangyang returned his smile with one of his own, showing that he clearly understood what Qin Lie was saying.

“No, not like this!” Xue Moyan said, hastily shaking her head. “You should go with them!”

For the past few days, Qin Lie and Song Tingyu often slipped into the cultivation room back on the ship and indulged themselves in worldly pleasures day and night. It greatly affected how Xie Jingxuan and Xue Moyan thought of their peace and quiet.

She no longer wished to stay in the same accommodations as Qin Lie and subject herself to the sounds that he and Song Tingyu made. This was why she stopped him.

Qin Lie glanced at the six-story building that was Xiang Xi’s residence, then turned back to her and blinked.

“But… you’re my wife,” he said. He was worried that Xiang Xi and Bo Boze could be secretly watching them.

“We’ll be heading over first,” Luo Chen said, taking the initiative to start walking to the three-story wooden building.

Gao Yu turned around and followed him.

“Hehe.” Du Xiangyang smiled strangely, then ignored Xue Moyan and moved toward the wooden building next door as well.

The three of them had recently been forced to live in the bottom level of the Wavebreaker and endure its foul conditions. Now that they had their own dwelling, they naturally wished to thoroughly clean up and enjoy a good rest.

“I’ll head in first.” Song Tingyu chuckled as she entered their wooden building. She inspected its interior, making her way to the third floor, then called out to Xue Moyan and Xie Jingxuan.

“The conditions here are much better than on the ship,” she said. “Every floor has its own set of rooms, each consisting of a living room, a washroom, a bedroom, and a cultivation room. We can have one floor for each of us.”

Only then did Xue Moyan stop opposing the living arrangements. She threw a disapproving glance at Qin Lie then entered the building.

Soon enough, she and Xie Jingxuan came to an agreement and each claimed a floor.

After Qin Lie walked in, both of them pointed up to the third floor of the building and pushed him, as if sending him to Song Tingyu’s side.

Qin Lie rubbed his nose. He tactfully decided to stay silent and went straight to the third floor.

Just as Song Tingyu had said, the layouts of all three floors were exactly the same. They had two separate bedrooms, a washroom, an insulated cultivation room, and a small living room. Every room has already been fully furnished.

The environment and amount of space they had here was on a completely different level compared to the set of rooms in the ship.

Qin Lie and Song Tingyu immediately stepped into the cultivation room. After inspecting their surroundings carefully and forming an additional barrier around them, they finally began to talk to each other.

“The Xing brothers and these enforcers aren’t on good terms,” Song Tingyu concluded.

“I noticed that as well. The Xing Family probably thinks that I’m a proper member of Blood Fiend Sect. They probably figured that Blood Fiend Sect dispatched me here and that it’d be inconvenient for them to attack me directly. They probably planned to let their enemies do their dirty work,” Qin Lie said. He wasn’t stupid, and after investigating and observing on his own, he gradually realized the truth. “Xiang Xi and Bo Boze are their instruments of murder!”

“It’s a pity that the god corpses are still under the sea,” Song Tingyu said worriedly.

“No, there’s nothing to worry about.” Qin Lie smiled.

“If we were on the same Flowing Gold Fire Phoenix as the Xing brothers, I’d definitely be so worried that I’d stay vigilant even while cultivating,” he explained to Song Tingyu, meeting her puzzled gaze. “This arrangement, however, is actually a relief…”

“You’re saying that...” Song Tingyu’s voice trailed off as realization struck her.

“Xiang Xi and Bo Boze are not the Xing brothers. They’re only in the early stage of the Fragmentation Realm. They want to kill us immediately? They don’t have the strength to!” Qin Lie snorted. “I just need to take out the Blood Progenitor’s body and dive into it with my True Soul. Once I do that, I won’t have to fear them!”

Qin Lie might not be a match for the Xing brothers after possessing the Blood Progenitor’s body with his True Soul, but he was confident in his chances against these two enforcers.

“Are you truly confident?” Song Tingyu’s beautiful eyes sparkled.

“Absolutely.” Qin Lie laughed loudly.

“Then all is well.” Song Tingyu bit her plump lips softly, a seductive look surfacing on her face. “Why don’t we…”

A passionate look immediately appeared in Qin Lie’s eyes.


Over in his residence, Xiang Xi snorted coldly within a hidden room.

“The Xing brothers have taken action against us!” he exclaimed treacherously. “They sent some spies over here to watch our every move!”

“Xing Yuyuan noticed our movements a long time ago.” Bo Boze nodded. “The only thing that surprised me is that it took him this long to act.”

“How goes our communications?” Xiang Xi asked.

“The elites of Heavenly Sea Pavilion and Black Cloud Palace have arrived at the Setting Sun Islands and hidden themselves around them,” Bo Boze reported, his eyes ice-cold. “All of the island envoys in charge of them are our men. No Xing Family clansman shall return to Gold Sun Island!”

“With the presence of Heavenly Sea Pavilion and Black Cloud Palace, as well as us working from the inside, taking over Gold Sun Island in one fell swoop shall be all too easy!” Xiang Xi declared, growing excited.

“We’re simply taking back what’s ours!” Bo Boze yelled.

“That’s right!” Xiang Xi nodded deeply. “We are the ones who formed Gold Sun Island in the first place. I’m supposed to be the island master, and you’re supposed to be the second island master!”

“I don’t care about being second island master, I just want to slaughter the Xing Family to the last man!” Bo Boze gritted his teeth. “I want that bitch Xing Yao to suffer before she dies!”

Bo Boze’s only son, Bo Hailiang, had been obsessed with Xing Yao. Three years ago, when his son hindered her, Xing Yao struck his groin.

From that point onward, Bo Hailiang could no longer engage in sexual intercourse.

He was Bo Boze’s only son. His inability to have sex basically meant that the Bo Family line had been completely cut off.

Although the Xing brothers had severely admonished Xing Yao and locked her up for half a year after that, Bo Boze had never been satisfied with that result.

However, he knew that he wasn’t a match for the Xing brothers. All he could do was hide his grudge against them deep within his heart. He had been looking for a way to take revenge this entire time.

Xiang Xi had always wanted to take his position as island master back, so although he appeared to submit, he had long since been plotting to rebel.

Xiang Xi and Bo Boze became steadfast partners the moment they got to know each other. For a very long time, both secretly plotted to overthrow the Xing Family. During the recent massive deep sea search, they finally managed to contact Heavenly Sea Pavilion and Black Cloud Palace. They were ready to show the Xing brothers their own killing tools.

As long as the Xing Family clansmen were slaughtered at the Setting Sun Islands, after Xiang Xi returned to Gold Sun Island with his level of influence, nothing would stop him from ascending to his rightful place as island master.

“Five days. There are only five days left!” Xiang Xi smiled wickedly. “In just five days, the Setting Sun Islands will be the Xing Family’s watery grave!”


A round of pleasure later, her cheeks rosy and her breasts partially visible, Song Tingyu spoke up.

“Give me the cultivation room for a few days,” she said. “You can cultivate in the other rooms.”

“What’s wrong?” Qin Lie asked in surprise.

“I’ll be ascending to a new realm any time now,” she replied, joy appearing in her beautiful eyes.

“Congratulations!” Qin Lie exclaimed with a nod, relaxing. “You cultivate in peace. I’ll be inside. There’s nothing to worry about.”

“Mn.” Song Tingyu smiled sweetly.

On that same day, Qin Lie stopped refining the nine drops of essences from the metal, earth, and water spirits.

The Blood Refinement Art was one of Blood Fiend Sect’s spirit arts. Refining blood would cause the clear stench of iron to emanate from his body.

The cultivation room blocked sound and most other energies from getting in or out. Inside there, he didn’t have to worry about being exposed.

Using the Blood Refinement Art outside of the cultivation room could draw the attention of Xiang Xi and Bo Boze, who were nearby.

It could expose his identity.

As a result, Qin Lie cultivated Heavenly Thunder Eradication instead.

The next day, enforcers Xu Changsheng and Xu Jiadong brought their island envoys to the Flowing Gold Fire Phoenix, arriving at the scheduled time. They entered Xiang Xi’s six-story pagoda-shaped wooden building to discuss an important matter.

Qin Lie quietly cultivated Heavenly Thunder Eradication.

In order to achieve the most results, he even took out the eight slabs of Thunderblitz wood and set them up on the rooftop of their three-story building.

Each slab of Thunderblitz wood was around a dozen meters tall, even taller than the three-story building they sat stop.

Once he erected the slabs of wood in an octogonal formation on the rooftop of their wooden building, it made for an extremely suspicious sight.

Qin Lie focused on his cultivation.

Electricity coursed through his body the moment he channeled his spirit art. A potent power of thunder and lightning emanated from the eight slabs of Thunderblitz wood as they seemed to spring to life.

The dull rumbling of thunder immediately began to resound throughout the sky, gradually growing louder and more violent.


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