Chapter 577: A Clever Plan!

Chapter 577: A Clever Plan!

In the days following his confrontation with Xing Yumiao, Qin Lie stayed in his rooms and focused on refining the nine drops of liquid essence from the metal, earth, and water spirits.

The three tiny beings within the Soul Suppressing Orb would occasionally fly out to play with him. They would also eat Heavenly Flame Crystals, the materials needed to make Terminator Profound Bombs, and the tree branches filled with wood energy that Xie Jingxuan had given him.

After filling themselves up, the three tiny beings would return to the Soul Suppressing Orb to continue sleeping.

After a few days of this, Qin Lie noticed that their bodies began to glow and become more distinct, the power within them growing even more astonishing.

Their intelligence seemed to develop as well. They soon became able to understand his thoughts.

Song Tingyu would frequently visit the cultivation room as well, and they would enjoy themselves.

In this small set of rooms, Qin Lie forgot about Gold Sun Island and the rest of his responsibilities. He remained unusually calm, and his realm gradually stabilized.

People would occasionally leave aboard the three Flowing Gold Fire Phoenixes and explore nearby waters for traces of the remains of ancient elites.

After failing to make any discoveries, they would return to hovering above the five ships, exchange information with Xing Shengnan, then enter the ships to interact with siblings, parents, and children.

Xing Yumiao would never imagine that the remains of the ancient elites he constantly searched for would be in the depths of the sea right below them being pulled along by the eight god corpses.

As expected, the most dangerous place to hide was also the safest. Only now did Qin Lie get a first-hand understanding of how true that was.

The eight god corpses floated deep under the sea. They were so far down that, unless one were at the peak of the Fragmentation Realm, their soul consciousness wouldn’t be able to reach that depth, let alone sense the god corpses.

The only person of Gold Sun Island at the peak of the Fragmentation Realm was Xing Yumiao. He did enter the water while they explored, but he always looked in the wrong areas and naturally didn’t discover anything.

Xing Shengnan commanded the five large ships. Whenever they came across an island, she’d order a search and enter the water herself.

Unfortunately for them, Qin Lie secretly stayed vigilant and controlled the god corpses, making sure they were deep under the sea.

As a result, Gold Sun Island never found anything.

Qin Lie settled in the midst of Gold Sun Island with ease and thought about whether or not he should tell Xing Yumiao everything before they reached Gold Sun Island or just leave silently.

He still hadn’t made a decision.

In these past few days, after searching regions of the sea nearby, the three Flowing Gold Fire Phoenixes rendezvoused with the fleet of ships once again.

Xing Yumiao descended onto the largest ship, the Wavebreaker, and spoke to Xing Shengnan, learning that Qin Lie and his companions were still present.

He returned to the Flowing Gold Fire Phoenix he used, his expression grim.

“They don’t appreciate my kindness!” he said with a cold snort.

“We will arrive at Gold Sun Island soon,” Xing Yuyuan reminded him.

“When the time comes, I will not be polite!” Xing Yumiao exclaimed with determination.

“Big brother… I have a suggestion.” Xing Yuyuan laughed softly.

“Speak!” Xing Yumiao said impatiently.

“Xiang Xi and the enforcers loyal to him have been in even closer contact with each other lately, meeting every other day for secret discussions,” Xing Yuyuan said. “I’m worried…”

“I already told you! The Xing Family will not be the first to take action!” Xing Yumiao had obviously noticed the shady activity, but in consideration of their old friend, Xiang Xi, he wasn’t willing to act first.

Xing Yumiao was ready to watch things unfold. He wanted to know what Xiang Xi and the others were thinking.

He wanted to know the truth.

Xing Yumiao thought that the realms of his and his brothers were higher than everyone else’s, so even if Xiang Xi had concocted a scheme, it wouldn’t succeed.

He didn’t bother preparing for anything in advance.

“That lying brat is a member of Blood Fiend Sect, big brother. It won’t be good if you… kill him personally.” Xing Yuyuan’s eyes flashed with intelligence. Then he said, “Why don’t you arrange for him to be on Xiang Xi’s Flowing Gold Fire Phoenix? Just say that other people are coming and they’ll have a change in setting. Little sister is a little oblivious when it comes to schemes, so she shouldn’t get suspicious.”

Xing Yumiao’s eyes shone faintly, then laughed aloud.

“In any case, Xiang Xi and the others don’t know that they aren’t who they say they are,” Xing Yuyuan continued. “We’ll just tell them they’re members of the Xing Family, and that he, specifically, is the grandson of seventh grandfather!

“We can use him to test Xiang Xi and the others. If Xiang Xi harbors ill will toward the Xing Family, he definitely won’t be able to ignore that brat. He’ll think of him as a pawn we’re using to investigate them. Even if Xiang Xi wants to kill anyone, he’ll end up being his first target… and he isn’t even an actual Xing Family clansman. We can use this as an opportunity to see what Xiang Xi is really thinking.

“On the other hand, if that imposter really dies by Xiang Xi’s hand, when Blood Fiend Sect comes, we can say that internal strife caused his death and push the blame onto Xiang Xi.

“In addition to that, as long as neither you nor I kill him personally, little sister… she’ll find it easier to come to terms with his death.

“Ha! If Xiang Xi really has betrayed us, little sister will have an outlet to vent her hate on. After killing Xiang Xi, she won’t be too depressed. This way, we can use him to test Xiang Xi, and won’t even have to worry about him being killed. If he really is killed, we can avoid Blood Fiend Sect’s ire and keep Little Sister from being so hurt. Isn’t this actually killing two birds with one stone?”

Xing Yuyuan had always been the brain of Gold Sun Island. In terms of scheming and planning, he was much more skilled than his big brother, Xing Yumiao.

These past few days, the matters regarding Xiang Xi, Blood Fiend Sect, and his little sister had left him frantic, so he decided to connect all of them together.

After a long period of contemplation, he finally thought up a clever plan—

—Use Qin Lie to test Xiang Xi.

In the event that Qin Lie died, Xiang Xi’s intentions would be exposed. After killing Xiang Xi, they would then be able to answer to both Blood Fiend Sect and Xing Shengnan.

Qin Lie wasn’t really a Xing Family clansman. If he died, the Xing Family wouldn’t lose anything. They would even be able to eliminate a source of trouble.

This was a clever plan from every angle. It connected every troublesome matter and took care of them all at once.

“What do you think, big brother?” Xing Yuyuan asked eagerly.

“Let’s do it!” Xing Yumiao nodded.

Xing Yumiao truly wasn’t picky. His brother’s plan was extremely clever, and he had no reason to refuse.

“You will arrange this,” he said.

Xing Yuyuan sighed in relief. “Leave it to me.”

Xing Yumiao nodded. His approval clearly meant that he wasn’t actually clueless about everything that had been going on recently.

From that tiny detail alone, Xing Yuyuan understood that his big brother didn’t completely trust Xiang Xi.

“If we do this, we need to be careful,” Xing Yumiao warned. “The people who came with that brat could also be from Blood Fiend Sect.”

“I know.”


Du Xiangyan finally got what he wanted.

After following Xing Wu’s guidance, he, Luo Chen, and Gao Yu now stood on the deck of the Wavebreaker.

Qin Lie, Song Tingyu, Xie Jingxuan, and Xue Moyan were waiting for them, a small crystalline chariot floating beside them.

Xing Yuyuan greeted them with a warm smile.

“Come here, little brother!” he said. “Let’s move you to a better environment in one of the Flowing Gold Fire Phoenixes.”

“A group of people from Blue Moon Valley will be coming here soon, little brother. Some of my friends are among their number, so I’ve arranged for them to take up residence on the top level of the ship near my rooms,” Xing Shengnan explained, looking at Qin Lie helplessly. “But it is good up there. The accommodations in the Flowing Gold Fire Phoenixes are much better than the ship’s. In fact, since you’re all in the Netherpassage Realm, you’ll be able to experience what it’s like to fly by staying on it!”

“Have a nice trip!” Xing Yao exclaimed coldly.

Qin Lie could tell from Xing Yuyuan’s fake smile, Xing Yao’s coldness, and the reluctance on Xing Shengnan’s face that something was wrong.

He knew that the Xing brothers couldn’t tolerate his presence and that doing this would first hide him from Xing Shengnan.

The eight god corpses hid deep in the sea below the ship. If something happened while they were on the ship, he’d be able to summon the god corpses and have them attack at any time.

The three Flowing Gold Fire Phoenixes, however, were constantly moving all over the place. If the Xing brothers attacked them while they were in one, he wouldn’t be able to summon the god corpses and immediately fight back.

This made him hesitate.

He hesitated because, if he were to act now and summon the god corpses to solve the problem, he’d expose his identity.

He would then have to kill many Xing Family clansmen to keep it a secret.

Qin Lie glanced at Xing Shengnan. Hearing her words of concern, he couldn’t bear to suddenly kill everyone. He sighed on the inside and helplessly walked toward Xing Yuyuan.

“Come on up! Quickly, come!” Xing Yuyuan breathed rapidly, a broad smile on his face.

Qin Lie and his six companions climbed aboard the small crystalline chariot.

At Xing Yuyuan’s command, the chariot flew into the sky and headed for one of the Flowing Gold Fire Phoenixes.

Seeing the direction they were headed, Qin Lie frowned and said, “That isn’t the fire phoenix you use...”

“The fire phoenix that my brother and I reside in has already been filled. I’ve arranged for you and your people to board chief enforcer’s fire phoenix. They have many empty residences over there, and I’ve picked a few of them that I guarantee will satisfy you,” Xing Yuyuan said, patting his chest. Then, afraid that people wouldn’t hear him, he spoke in a loud voice. “You are a member of the main Xing Family! You deserve the best!”

Before long, the crystalline chariot landed on the Flowing Gold Fire Phoenix that Xiang Xi and Bo Boze stood on top of. When Xing Yuyuan told them why he had come with Qin Lie, the ugliest expressions possible appeared on their faces.

Both of them exchanged looks and knew exactly what the other was thinking. They thought that Xing Yumiao had noticed their activities and arranged for trusted people to watch them.

On the surface, they had to follow the orders of the two island masters. In addition to that, they actually did have empty accommodations in the fire phoenix, so they didn’t have a reason to refuse.

They had to let them come aboard.

“Haha, then I’ll have to trouble you two enforcers and help pick some good accommodations for little brother!” Xing Yuyuan laughed as he led Qin Lie’s group to the rows of exquisite wooden buildings on the Flowing Gold Fire Phoenix.

Xiang Xi and Bo Boze stared at the backs of Xing Yuyuan and Qin Lie as though they wanted to devour them.

“Control yourself. Just a few more days until… they… arrive,” Bo Boze hurriedly said, trying to calm Xiang Xi. “Then we’ll show the Xing Family…”

Xiang Xi took a deep breath. He wore a vicious expression as his eyes flashed.

“Let them be proud for a few more days!” he growled.

“This one… and this one. These are vacant,” Xing Yuyuan said, smiling as he pointed two buildings out to Qin Lie.

Xiang Xi and Bo Boze watched them from a distance, their expressions becoming uglier and the looks in their eyes becoming harsher..

The two vacant buildings that Xing Yuyuan had pointed out sat right next to Xiang Xi’s and Bo Boze’s residences.

This clearly meant that they had brought people to watch them.


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