Chapter 574: Actually Doing It

Chapter 574: Actually Doing It

Exhilaration rushed through Qin Lie as if he were traveling through an endless wilderness on horseback.

Waves of ecstasy washed over his senses over and over, sheer pleasure seeping into his flesh and soul, into every power and every cell in his body. He had never experienced such a wonderful feeling until now.

He felt like a man that had starved for countless years and was now devouring a table full of delicious delicacies.

He also felt like a man on the verge of freezing to death that had been lowered into a hot spring.

He felt indescribably good.

Song Tingyu lay beneath him, her firm, bountiful breasts pressing into different shapes. She unconsciously spread her long, intoxicatingly beautiful legs so that he could ease his way into her.

Upon looking down, Qin Lie discovered that the dazed, yet impossibly beautiful woman below him wore a shockingly seductive expression on her face, one capable of crushing the mental defenses of any man.

It made him go crazy for her.

“Creak… mmn… creak… aah.... creak… mmph...”    

The wooden bed creaked under the pressure of their intimacy, the noise mixing with Song Tingyu’s soft, erotic moans. The sounds reduced him to a wild animal that had lost every shred of rationality.

Qin Lie let out a low, bestial growl as he desperately sought to sate the needs of his mind and body, forcefully ravishing Song Tingyu as if he were never going to stop.

In the bedroom next door, Xue Moyan and Xie Jingxuan looked at each other. They had removed their masks, revealing exquisite, flushed faces.

The two women stared blankly at the wall separating the two rooms, helpless looks in their eyes. Considerable shock had overwhelmed their delicate hearts.

It took a long time for Xue Moyan to get a hold of herself.

“Th-th… th-they… they can’t actually be doing it, can they?” she exclaimed softly, covering her mouth in shock.

By this point, Xie Jingxuan’s blushing had spread from her face to her neck. In fact, it was gradually making its way throughout her entire body.

“I… I can’t… I can’t believe…” she whispered under her breath, unable to actually find the words to describe how she felt.

On opposite end of that bedroom, ear pressed against the other side of the wall, Xing Yao was listening closely.

It didn’t take long for an astonishing wave of redness to take over her cheeks. Embarrassment shone from her eyes as she gritted her teeth and muttered, “How utterly shameless!”

When Xing Yao realized that Qin Lie and Song Tingyu were engaging in a certain unspeakable act, she felt the urge to go into her own cultivation room and block out all the sounds. However, she couldn’t stop herself from listening in a little longer.

She didn’t move from where she was, nor did she pull her ear from the wall, struggling with indecision.

As she continued to eavesdrop while hesitating, her face completely red, she didn’t forget to curse every so often. Exasperation and confusion tinged her voice.

“How shameless. And lewd. What a vulgar couple…”

In the hallway of the ship’s third level, Xing Shengnan’s footsteps came to a halt. She was in the Fragmentation Realm, and Qin Lie and Song Tingyu’s bedroom wasn’t a cultivation room. It hadn’t been soundproofed.

As a result, she heard every bit of Qin Lie and Song Tingyu’s intimate sounds and the creaking of the wooden bed.

A satisfied smile leaped to Xing Shengnan’s plump face. She nodded and said, “That girl is pretty bold. She’s a good kid… little brother sure is lucky to have married her.”

Song Tingyu impressed her more and more..

Under the secret scrutiny of at least three parties, Qin Lie had cracked under Song Tingyu’s constant teasing, throwing all caution to the wind and taking her on the spot.

Inside the relatively small room, two bodies pressed tightly against one another atop a wooden bed, wrestling each other as if lives were on the line.

“Husband, please come back soon. I will always be waiting for you…”

Qin Lie heard Song Tingyu’s devoted pleading and felt as if he had stepped into memories of the past—

—as if he had loved her for two lifetimes.

During his first lifetime, he was a warrior heading off to battle and Song Tingyu was his bride. Before he departed, she lovingly urged him to take care of himself and come home safely.

During his second lifetime, he was a scholar who placed at the top rank of the imperial exam. Song Tingyu was the wife who awaited his return every single day.

Qin Lie was well aware of the fact that these were memories that Song Tingyu’s charm concept had given him when he first met her.

Back then, both he and Song Tingyu had been struck those memories and overwhelmed with how real they seemed.

He had resisted the dream in the end, and Song Tingyu had almost succumbed to it instead.

Today, he and Song Tingyu had become one. They pleasured each other, enjoying wondrous sensations like never before.

As they did, the memories of those two lifetimes resurfaced and replayed in his mind once again.


A long, long time later, the physical back-and-forth between the Qin Lie and Song Tingyu, the twisting of their bodies against one another atop the bed, gradually subsided.

Now Qin Lie lay on the bed facing upward, and Song Tingyu lay on top of him, her body spread out in a lazy manner. The pleasures of the flesh had yet to fade from her face, making her exude an astonishing amount of sex appeal.

Qin Lie’s hands caressed Song Tingyu’s supple body, sliding down it as if it were silk. They moved from her back, down to her slender waist, her plump, shapely rear, then finally her between her legs and into her depths...

Soon enough, Qin Lie withdrew one of his hands from between her legs and glanced at the blood on his fingertips. Before he knew it, a cheerful smile spread across his face.

“Are you satisfied now?” Song Tingyu asked tenderly, rolling her eyes at him. Her jade-white finger softly brushed across his chest, tracing circles around his nipples. She also wore a bright smile on her face.

“This is such a wonderful feeling! I’ve never felt anything like it. I can’t believe how… how heavenly and…” Qin Lie narrowed his eyes for a moment, thinking to himself, then said, “It’s literally indescribable.”

Seeing Qin Lie’s astonishment, Song Tingyu’s face blossomed with bliss. Her hands made their way down Qin Lie’s body until they reached his most sensitive part, gripping it gently.

“Would you leave me in the future?” she whispered into his ear.

“Not even when I’m dead,” Qin Lie exclaimed softly, pleasure tinging his voice.

“At least you know how to give the right answer.” Song Tingyu cast a satisfied glance at Qin Lie, then proudly declared, “No matter what happens in the future, I’m the one that got to you before anyone else!”

Qin Lie’s inexperienced movements and the general awkwardness of his postures made it clear that this was also his first time.

When she thought about this, understanding that she had beaten Ling Yushi, she felt a sense of triumph..

This made her unbelievably happy.

“What are you thinking? Wh… why aren’t you moving your hands?” Qin Lie grew dissatisfied.

Song Tingyu rolled her eyes at him once more and began moving her fingers skillfully. “You bastard…”

Qin Lie immediately closed his eyes, pleasure overtaking his face. He sighed on the inside, thinking one thing—

—My life has been a complete waste until today.

From that night onward, Qin Lie and Song Tingyu no longer spent their time just cultivating like usual.

The two of them emerged from their bedroom and secretly slipped into the cultivation room. Since that room was soundproof, they let go of all their inhibitions and immersed themselves in each other. Their first taste of sex had left them drunk with pleasure, so they could hardly control themselves as they grappled with one another over and over again.

Since Xue Moyan and Xie Jingxuan stayed in the same set of rooms as Qin Lie and Song Tingyu, neither could calm down nor cultivate properly for the entire night..

Although the cultivation room preventing sound from traveling in or out, both knew exactly what Qin Lie and Song Tingyu were doing inside of it. They couldn’t help but subconsciously think about them. Whenever they thought about a certain couple doing shameless things inside the cultivation room, they became irritated and frustrated no matter how hard they tried to push it from their minds.

Xing Yao was also someone who lost sleep that night.

The thought of Qin Lie and Song Tingyu left only one other person satisfied and happy: Xing Shengnan.

The next day, Song Tingyu snuck out of the cultivation room to the washroom so she could wash up.

When she finished bathing and changing into a new set of clothes, just as she was about to exit the washroom, she ran into Xue Moyan and Xie Jingxuan who were just about to enter.

When their gazes met, the atmosphere suddenly became unfathomably awkward.

Xue Moyan and Xie Jingxuan were the first to lose the battle of nerves, their faces suddenly flushing bright red. Both of them thought the same confused thoughts.

“They did that for a whole night, so why is she bursting with energy? Not only does she not look tired at all, her beauty seems to have climbed to an entirely new level!”

What they didn’t was, the knot that had been holding back Song Tingyu’s charm concept had finally unwound after her night of passion with Qin Lie.

In the past, her attempt to seduce Qin Lie with her charm concept had backfired. She consequently removed its influence, and although she thought she had completely dispelled its effect, she hadn’t actually gotten rid of all of it.

When the two of them faced each other in naked honesty, wrestling in the bed with all their might, they entered the illusion from that time once more.

Since both of them truly loved each other this time, Song Tingyu freed herself from the previous influence of her charm concept, allowing it to break through its limits and grow stronger. Only she knew about this. Not even Qin Lie was aware of her breakthrough.

Thanks to her breakthrough with her charm concept, she was on the verge of entering the Fulfillment Realm and reaching a whole new level as well. This was why she looked to be in high spirits, her visage incredibly radiant.

Neither Xue Moyan nor Xie Jingxuan knew about this.

Song Tingyu felt happy as she smiled at the two women.

Then she suddenly feigned surprise, exclaiming, “Hm, both of you don’t look too energetic today. Why do you have dark circles around your eyes? Could it be that you couldn’t sleep last night, sisters?”

After of a moment of shock, Xue Moyan and Xie Jingxuan subconsciously looked at each other. They quickly discovered that Song Tingyu wasn’t just messing with them.

On one hand, Song Tingyu looked absolutely radiant and energetic after an entire night of passionate love-making. On the other hand, both of them looked exhausted and had dark circles around their eyes. In fact, they looked like the ones whose minds and bodies had been completely ravished.

Both of them cursed inwardly, shooting fierce glares at Song Tingyu, thinking, “Aren’t you the cause of this?”

“Sister Tingyu,” Xie Jingxuan said. “From now on, I will share a room with Sister Xue and vacate the other one so you and Qin Lie can… use it...”

Xie Jingxuan’s elegant face blushed intensely. She couldn’t force out the last few words not matter how much she tried.

“So you can work on your baby-making.” Xue Moyan gritted her teeth, finishing Xie Jingxuan’s sentence.

Even Song Tingyu, as natural and unrestrained as she was, couldn’t help but blush at Xue Moyan’s bluntness. She coughed softly, then exited the washroom without replying.

She inwardly recognized that Xue Moyan wasn’t a pushover.

At that same time, Qin Lie took stock of the time and figured that Song Tingyu would more or less be done washing up. Wanting to take a bath himself, he walked out of the cultivation room only wearing a pair of short pants.

Three pairs of eyes met once more.

Xie Jingxuan and Xue Moyan could clearly see the extremely obvious bite marks on Qin Lie’s robust body and imagine exactly how fierce last night’s “battle” had been.

Both of their faces had barely recovered from their encounter with Song Tingyu, and now they became painted in red once more. They cursed out loud before quickly jumping into the washroom.

This meeting also left Qin Lie slightly embarrassed.

He let out an awkward laugh and said, “I see that everyone woke up quite early today.”

Unbeknownst to him, Xie Jingxuan and Xue Moyan hadn’t woken up early.

The simply couldn’t sleep for the entire night.

So he naturally had no idea that both women were inwardly cursing up a storm.


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