Chapter 565: Flustered

Chapter 565: Flustered

Xing Wu looked at them from a distance, his head shaking with inadvertent laughter.

“Come on up, you three,” he said with a nod.

He didn’t envy Qin Lie at all.

Despite the fact that these women belonged to Qin Lie, Xing Wu just found his taste, for lack of a better word, underwhelming.

In order to avoid attracting trouble, Song Tingyu, Xie Jingxuan, and Xue Moyan had willingly concealed their beauty and made themselves look extremely ordinary. They couldn’t even be considered pretty.

Beauties were a common sight to Xing Wu, so he considered average women without even a hint of beauty completely unattractive.

He was simply amused.

The three women couldn’t care less about what he thought. They had grown tired of the bottom level of the ship a long time ago, and the moment they heard Xing Wu’s words, they rushed to leave.

Unfortunately for Du Xiangyang and Luo Chen, all they could do was send them away from this hell with their eyes.

Gao Yu, on the other hand, showed no interest at all.

“That ungrateful Qin Lie!” Di Xiangyang swore.

Luo Chen gritted his teeth in frustration.

Qin Lie had clearly abandoned them and didn’t plan to take them with him.

Xing Wu personally led the three women up from the bottom level of the ship. He wore a mocking smile as he casually asked, “Are all of you truly Xing Lie’s women?”

“Of course.” Song Tingyu pursed her lips into a faint smile, her eyes sparkling brightly.

All of a sudden, Xing Wu felt somewhat confused.

If he disregarded Song Tingyu’s face and only took her eyes and seductive figure into account, Xing Wu would think that she was pretty extraordinary.

The light that shone from Song Tingyu’s beautiful eyes when she smiled made him lose himself for a moment. He almost felt as if he were talking with a peerless beauty.

He shook off the ridiculous feeling from his head and asked, “Why did you agree to this? I mean… all three of you serving a single husband?”

Xie Jingxuan’s and Xue Moyan’s eyes went cold at the same time.

If they were to forget about their statuses and only take their realms into account, Xing Wu still wasn’t at their level.

When their eyes went cold, shock filled Xing Wu as he whispered under his breath.

“The peak of the Netherpassage Realm!”

“We’re willing to serve Xing Lie because he has his own unique charm. What is there to be surprised about?” Song Tingyu felt a bit bored, so she laughed and started teasing Xing Wu. “In fact, someone like you… a guy that’s only slightly handsome and has no real skill isn’t even worth our attention, you know?”

Song Tingyu even turned to Xie Jingxuan and Xue Moyan for their approval. “What do you think, ladies?”

Both women shot fierce glares at her. They inwardly cursed her senseless teasing and how she caused a scene out of nowhere.

“Er…” Xing Wu suddenly felt awkward and laughed in embarrassment. He discovered that he was no match for this sharp-tongued woman.

“I believe that a man needs more than good looks. A man also needs charisma and strength that a woman can rely on.” Song Tingyu shook her head and glanced at Xing Wu. She smiled softly and said, “I doubt you possess any of the qualities that Xing Lie does, little brother. You still have quite a ways to go.”

“I-I’m not little anymore.” Xing Wu rubbed his nose.

“Little Wu, have you brought the women?” Xing Yao’s voice rang from the hallway of the ship’s top level.

“We’re here, Sister Yao,” Xing Wu hurriedly answered.

“Will you look at that? She calls you Little Wu, yet you’re telling me you’re not little?” Song Tingyu chuckled softly.

Xing Wu gave her a bitter smile.

As they spoke to each other, the four of them entered the hallway and immediately saw Xing Yao at its far end.

Xing Yao examined the three newcomers from head to toe, then nodded. She wore a strange expression as she muttered, “I thought he might’ve been amazing, but it turns out that the three of his wives put together can’t even compare to my beauty. I knew it! How could a shameless bastard like him possibly find a good wife?”

The second she took in the faces of Song Tingyu, Xie Jingxuan, and Xue Moyan, Xing Yao relaxed.

“Take them to the room beside mine, Xing Wu.” Xing Yao didn’t bother taking a second look at them and instantly withdrew herself into her room, shutting the door tightly.

At the same time, Qin Lie opened the door to his room at the far end of the room. He waved at Song Tingyu and the others, then moved to them with a smile on his face.

The moment he saw Qin Lie arrive, Xing Wu smiled and turned to leave, saying, “I’ll be on my way now.”

Once the Xing Family clansman departed, Qin Lie led his companions down the hallway, straight to the room he was currently residing in.

Only Song Tingyu gazed at Qin Lie with her beautiful eyes, still smiling. Xie Jingxuan and Xue Moyan glared at him, more or less out of anger, rolling their eyes at him the second they entered the room and closed the door.

Qin Lie pointed at the wall that separated him from Xing Yao and shrugged. His eyes told them that it was the best choice he could’ve made.

Song Tingyu walked around the spacious room with a calm expression, quickly memorizing its layout. She then pointed at the cultivation room and made gestures indicating that its insulation diagram would allow them to talk without worry.

“Let me change into a set of dry clothes first,” Xue Moyan said softly.

However, Xie Jingxuan wordlessly took the initiative to enter the washroom first. Her spatial ring flashed, and a set of snow white clothing with a long skirt emerged from it.

She commandeered the washroom before anyone else could.

Xue Moyan glanced at the washroom, a slight frown on her lips. She also slipped into the washroom, taking out a pale green wool dress.

“Leave room for me!” Song Tingyu smiled, rushing to squeeze her way in.

The three women had entered the washroom, all in a hurry to wash themselves and change into dry clothes.

“I’ll use the cultivation room to meditate for a bit.”

Qin Lie coughed softly and walked into the cultivation room while rubbing his nose, intent on ignoring the three women in the washroom.

He didn’t bother to close the door to the cultivation room since the others would come in later.

As a result, he could clearly hear the sounds that echoed from the washroom.

“Splish splash… splash...”

The distinct sound of water splashing against someone continuously rang out.

Even with his eyes closed, Qin Lie could imagine what Song Tingyu, Xie Jingxuan, and Xue Moyan were doing.

They’d been out on the ocean for days while constantly in close proximity with each other. They had even been soaked in seawater earlier. The three women hadn’t been able to find a private place to wash up until now, so they were naturally in a hurry to get clean.

The constant sound of splashing water softly tugged at his heartstrings over and over. It made his mind go wild, causing numerous alluring images to appear in his head from time to time.

Soon enough, his body began to grow hotter and restless.

“Dammit,” he swore in a low voice, attempting to adjust his breathing and not overthink things. “This is killing me.”

Yet the more he tried to control himself, the more his imagination roamed.

The scenes that popped up in his head grew increasingly erotic as he listened to the water splashing. They made his blood boil, and he grew more and more uncomfortable.

As Qin Lie struggled under an abyss of torment, the three women finally finished bathing and changing into their clothes. Since they were now in private, they didn’t bother hiding their beauty and revealed beautiful, elegant, and clean faces to Qin Lie.

Having changed into sets of immaculate, exquisite clothing and revealed their actual appearances, the three of them entered the small cultivation room one after another, wiping their drenched hair with towels.

Song Tingyu finally closed the wooden door that had an insulation diagram inscribed into it. She ran a comb through her cascading hair, smiled, and said, “Do you really think you’d be able to eat up three wives that popped up out of nowhere, you scoundrel?”

“Are you done yet?” Xie Jingxuan and Xue Moyan glared at her together.

“Hahaha!” Song Tingyu laughed, raising her hands in defeat. “Alright, alright… I’ll stop.”

“Have you seen Xing Shengnan? Was she suspicious of your identity?” Xue Moyan asked as she dried her wet hair. “Also, how are you going to treat Gold Sun Island? And where are these ships headed?” Xue Moyan asked while she ran her fingers through her wet hair.

“The god corpses are following below us, right?” Xie Jingxuan asked, checking on the most critical piece of information.

Song Tingyu asked some questions as well, but her concerns obviously differed from those of the two other women.

“Who is that Xing Yao? When she looked at us, disdain and disgust filled her eyes. What did you do to her?”

Qin Lie gazed at the three of them, taking in their pure, elegant, and enchanting faces. The erotic images that his mind had conjured up hadn’t completely subsided.

“We’re asking you questions!” Xie Jingxuan softly reprimanded him.

Xue Moyan also frowned slightly.

Qin Lie coughed for a while, gradually regaining his composure. He inwardly sighed at their amazing charm and the fact that he nearly lost control of himself.

After calming down, Qin Lie launched into an explanation.

“The god corpses will keep following me. That’s one thing we don’t have to worry about. As for Xing Shengnan, not only was she not suspicious of me, she even greatly approved of my identity. However, I still haven’t figured out where they’re headed…” he said quickly. “Judging from what that Xing Yao said, spies from all kinds of forces have apparently been infiltrating Gold Sun Island recently. She’s paying close attention to me because she thinks we’re enemy spies. She may attempt a thorough search of us in the near future, but this shouldn’t be a problem. The fact that we returned from the Graveyard of Gods shouldn’t be exposed.”

“The Xing Family actually had a clansman named Xing Shan?” Xue Moyan exclaimed in surprise. “That’s an amazing coincidence.”

“It is indeed an amazing coincidence. I randomly blurted out a name, and it actually made Xing Shengnan believe me wholeheartedly.” This outcome astonished Qin Lie as well.

“What do you think about the Xing Family and Xing Shengnan?” Xue Moyan asked, a solemn expression on her face.

After a moment of contemplation, Qin Lie said, “Xing Shengnan… that woman is a decent person. As for Xing Yumiao and the other Xing Family clansmen, I haven’t met them yet.”

“Blood Fiend Sect has been trying to recruit the Xing Family as allies for a long time now. If you can find a way to get them to trust us, that would be fantastic. As Blood Fiend Sect is now, the Xing Family and Gold Sun Island would be a great boon,” Xue Moyan said.

She began getting her hopes up.

“I’ll give it a try.” Qin Lie nodded.

“We better figure out the destination of these ships first,” Xie Jingxuan said, reminding everyone.

Qin Lie thought to himself for a second, then said, “You women should rest for a while. That Xing Yao will probably investigate me and try to figure out my real identity. If I can get her to trust me, then we probably won’t be chased off of the ship. If I succeed… at the very least, we won’t have to clash with the Xing Family.”

“Mn.” Xue Moyan voiced her agreement. “It’ll be best for us to quietly make our way to the Heavenly Calamity Continent while hiding amongst Gold Sun Island. Let’s not reveal ourselves if we don’t have to. If news of us got out, reaching our destination could prove to be a difficult task.

“Isn’t wearing a woman down child’s play for you?” Song Tingyu teased Qin Lie, a smile on her face.

“Uh... what do you mean by that?” A strange expression appeared on Qin Lie’s face.

“Earlier, I said that you’re too charismatic and that seducing women is easy for you.” Song Tingyu chuckled and shot him a flirtatious look. “We wouldn’t mind you having four women.”

“Sister Tingyu!” Xie Jingxuan glared at her angrily.

“Miss Song!” Xue Moyan exclaimed, her expression twisting as if she had suddenly developed a headache.

“Are Gao Yu and the others fine down below?” Qin Lie asked nonchalantly.

“None of the martial practitioners down there can match their strength,” Song Tingyu said. “You don’t have to worry about them.”

“Good.” Qin Lie allowed himself to relax, then said, “Let’s stay aboard this ship until we get a good idea of the situation.”



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