Chapter 558: Eaten Alive

Chapter 558: Eaten Alive

One giant god corpse rose from the sea after another with Qin Lie’s laughter resounding in the background.

The ancient copper skin of the god corpses shone golden in the sunlight. All of them resembled copper mountains exuding terrifying auras.

The surprising thing was... the god corpses were no longer headless.

Eight giant heads had been seamlessly sewn to the god corpses.

These heads were the ones from the Land of Buried Gods. They had flown out of the Graveyard of Gods to finally become one with their respective corpses.

Qin Lie sat atop the head of the largest god corpse, laughing as he watched everything from a distance.

The god corpse beneath him was the one that had appeared near Sea Moon Island, the last of the eight to be found… and the one that had the Demon Sealing Tombstone hidden within its navel.

The eight god corpses resembled ancient gods that had emerged from the bottom of the sea and unleashed an absolute aura of domination to intimidate this entire region.

Three of them held a dozen or so Pan Family clansmen in each hand. They brought the pitiful martial practitioners to their mouths, teeth still soaked in blood.

Traces of blood trickled from the mouths of the other god corpses, and they reeked of a thick metallic stench of iron.

“Q-Qin Lie!” Du Xiangyang screamed.

Song Tingyu’s beautiful eyes regained their usual luster. She cried out softly as well, raising a hand to cover her mouth as if she couldn’t believe what she was currently seeing.

Astonishment filled Luo Chen’s face.

No one could’ve predicted that Qin Lie would take control of the eight god corpses and hide himself under the sea.

The god corpses took action at a crucial moment, instantly destroying the two remaining crystalline war chariots of the Pan Family. They devoured the Pan Family clansmen one after another.

The situation had essentially been completely reversed.

“Come up here,” Qin Lie beckoned.

The god corpse closest to Du Xiangyang and the others extended an open hand to them as their shocked expressions intensified.

Their minds went momentarily blank as they stared at Qin Lie. They eventually climbed onto the palm of the god corpse’s open hand.

They noticed that blood and bone fragments still covered the god corpse’s hand.

“This god corpse… can probably understand what we say.” Du Xiangyang released a dry, awkward laugh, his expression a mixture of nervousness and anxiety. He worried that the god corpse would tear him apart and eat him just like it did to the Pan Family clansmen.

Luo Chen’s face was also slightly pale.

Fortunately for them, the god corpse clearly obeyed Qin Lie. It only lifted Du Xiangyang, Song Tingyu, Luo Chen, Xie Jingxuan, and Xue Moyan up to its incredibly wide shoulders.

As soon as they could stand atop of its shoulders on their own, the god corpse began to move through the sea as if it were commanding the waves around it, hunting down the rest of the Pan Family clansmen.

“Help me, big bro!” Pan Tao screamed frantically as he rushed toward the desolate island. “Help!”

The dozen or so Pan Family clansmen that remained were scared out of their wits as well. They fled as fast as they could without a particular destination in mind.

The eight god corpses moved through the sea like bolts of lightning. They walked through the whirlpools toward the Pan Family clansmen that had been behaving so arrogant just moments ago, constantly catching them. The god corpses either crushed or ate the martial practitioners they caught.

“Krak! Krak krak! Krak!”

The god corpses ate the Pan Family clansmen alive, chewing without remorse and covering their mouths with blood.

Pan Tao still swam furiously. He had yet to be caught.

As if noticing this, the god corpse carrying Qin Lie atop its head reached one of its giant, copper hands toward Pan Tao’s fleeing figure in the distance.

A bloodcurdling scream escaped Pan Tao’s mouth as he executed a secret art, paying a heavy price to try and escape. However, just as he formed his spirit energy, an aura capable of extinguishing one’s soul washed over him. His soul immediately became chaotic, and he lost control of his soul energy. This left him incapable of completing his secret art and escaping.

The god corpse had simply breathed in his direction...

The god corpse ultimately caught Pan Tao in its giant hand and lifted him up to Qin Lie.

“W-wait!” Pan Tao screamed, trying to think of something to say in his defense. “I… I…!”

Qin Lie flashed him a broad, toothy smile and shook his head.

“This one should be eaten alive.”

Terror drove Pan Tao insane.

In the next moment, the god corpse put Pan Tao into its mouth. It chomped down on Pan Tao with its razor-sharp teeth, biting him in half with the first bite and then chewing him into a gory mess.

“Qin Lie!” Song Tingyu shouted suddenly. “We need to go back to the island! Gao Yu is still being pursued!”

“Got it!” Qin Lie replied with a nod.

The eight god corpses carried them across the waves, swiftly approaching the desolate island amidst the roar of the sea.

After taking a moment to determine where to go, Qin Lie pointed at a part of the island on the side opposite the beach they originally landed at.

“There!” he cried, and the god corpses changed course.

The god corpses covered a distance of tens of thousands of meters in just a few strides.

All of a sudden, the body of the Evil God came into view. It rushed through the sea in a frenzied manner, clearly still trying to protect Gao Yu.

Pan Tong and the other Pan Family elders, all of whom were Fragmentation Realm experts, flew through the air unleashing dazzling rays of spirit energy. They constantly sent attacks toward the Evil God’s hands, using their spirit artifacts to try and break through its defenses and kill Gao Yu.

Pan Tong, the Pan Family patriarch, stared at the Evil God’s eyes, holding a black jade rune that burned with pitch black flames. He seemed to be looking for an opportunity to incinerate the vile soul hidden within them.

Qin Lie’s group could only see the Evil God’s body and how slowly it moved. They couldn’t see Gao Yu because its hands were shielding him.

“Th-the god corpses?!”

As soon as Qin Lie saw the situation unfolding, Pan Tong and the Pan Family elders noticed the eight god corpses rushing toward them.

Under the scorching sunlight, the eight god corpses brimmed with godly light. With footsteps that could destroy mountains and ruin rivers, they rushed across the waves while radiating a terrifying aura capable of threatening the heavens and the earth.

Pan Tong and the Pan Family elders went pale with shock.

“Kill them!” Qin Lie shouted.

At his command, the six god corpses that weren’t carrying passengers rushed the enemy.

Dazzling godly lights shone from the god corpses. Prismatic rays flew through the sky like starry rivers and slammed into Pan Tong and the elders.

The eyes of Du Xiangyang and the others lit up with anticipation.

Judging by their movements, they could immediately tell that the god corpses were different from the body of the Evil God that Gao Yu controlled.

Gao Yu couldn’t use the full extent of the power that the Evil God’s body held. He could control the body with a vile soul and utilize its physical strength to attack and defend.

However, the god corpses that Qin Lie controlled were different. They could actually unleash the terrifying energy within them!

This terrifying energy had created the dazzling rays of godly light that resembled starry rivers.

As one would expect, the physical capabilities of the Evil God’s body clearly couldn’t compare to the killing potential of the six god corpses.

Under that onslaught of dazzling godly light, the rays of spirit energy that Pan Tong and the other Fragmentation Realm martial practitioners unleashed using their spirit artifacts instantly collapsed.

“Run!” Pan Tong cried.

As soon as he realized the situation had gone awry, Pan Tong fled without hesitation.

The six god corpses resembled ancient gods of the deep sea, walking through enormous waves in their pursuit of Pan Tong and the other elders.


A vile soul emerged from the Evil God’s eyes and vanished into its enormous hands.

The Evil God’s hands then lowered its defenses and opened up to reveal Gao Yu. Blood drenched his mouth and neck, and his face appeared frighteningly pale.

“You… you finally came.”

Gao Yu coughed intensely, bloody bubbles appearing at the corners of his mouth. His eyes were dim.

“Are you alright!?” Qin Lie yelled from atop the largest god corpse’s head.

“I’m fine,” Gao Yu said calmly, shaking his head. “I won’t die.”

“Will Pan Tong be able to escape?” Du Xiangyang frowned.

“No. He won’t,” Qin Lie said, his face grim and cold. “Only a Nirvana Realm expert would be able to escape the combined might of six god corpses! He and those other geezers are as good as dead!”

“Good!” Du Xiangyang snorted.

“Qin Lie… why did you only just arrive?” Song Tingyu asked, almost complaining. “If you had been any later, Gao Yu and the rest of us probably would’ve died.”

“That…” Qin Lie smiled bitterly. “It’ll be difficult to explain that in a short amount of time.”

As they spoke, they watched as the six god corpses chasing after Pan Tong and the Pan Family elders suddenly fired terrifying rays of golden light from their eyes.

The rays of light resembled golden flames that burned like the sun. They overlapped to form a sea of flames that enveloped the water in front of them.

Terrifying waves of heat rolled across the water, evaporating everything. The intensity of the heat forced Qin Lie and the others to activate their shields of light and struggle to endure it.

Bloodcurdling screams rang out from the flames. A moment later, the screams subsided.

—The terrifying flames had clearly burned Pan Tong and the Pan Family elders to dust.

From the moment that the first god hand emerged from the depths of its whirlpool to the moment that the last Pan Family clansman died, only a few minutes had passed.

Having regained their heads, the god corpses were more powerful than ever before. They had cleanly slaughtered the Pan Family and quickly resolved the situation.

Qin Lie smiled.

“From now on, these eight god corpses will be the guardians of our Blood Fiend Sect!”

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