Chapter 555: Evil God

Chapter 555: Evil God

At Gao Yu’s command, the soul inside of Pan Qianqian’s mouth that had been keeping her from speaking suddenly flew out.

This allowed Pan Qianqian, who had been struggling to get a word out all this time, to finally regain her ability to speak.

“I-I never wanted to hurt anyone!” she screamed, fear clear in her voice.

Then she suddenly looked at Pan Tong, crying out anxiously, “Uncle! Save me!”

Pan Tong’s brow furrowed deeply, then he shook his head and sighed.

“Qianqian, obtaining the bodies of ancient elites is an opportunity that only comes around once in a thousand lifetimes. It’s an opportunity… that our Pan Family can’t afford to pass up.”

“Don’t worry, Qianqian!” Pan Tao yelled. “We’ll bury them with you!”

Every Pan Family clansman present expressed regret and helplessness, but not a single one of them moved forward to support Pan Qianqian.

All of them were prepared to sacrifice her.


As Pan Qianqian stared at her so-called family, her eyes lost their last trace of brightness.

Her heart had died.

“Gao Yu!” Du Xiangyang exclaimed softly.

A cold light gushed from Gao Yu’s eyes.

Bizarre spirit art at the ready, he was on the verge of extinguishing Pan Qianqian’s soul.

“No!” Xue Moyan shouted. “Please, just let her live!”

Surprisingly enough, Gao Yu actually nodded and said, “Okay.”

This stunned Xue Moyan. She hadn’t thought that Gao Yu would be so quick to comply.

The Pan Family clansmen were even more astonished by this turn of events.

“Heh!” Pan Tao laughed strangely. “Don’t think we’ll forgive you just because you spared Pan Qianqian!”

“Shut up!” Pan Tong turned to throw a fierce glare at his brother, then faced Qin Lie’s group again, a smile on his face. “As long as Qianqian isn’t harmed, I guarantee that all of you will survive this.”

“Big bro?” Pan Tao exclaimed in shock.

“I told you to shut up!” Pan Tong yelled, a fierce expression taking over his face.

“What are you doing, Gao Yu?” Du Xiangyang asked in surprise.

“I’m going to shackle her soul,” Gao Yu answered indifferently.

Soul fluctuations spread from the two Ogre-faced Rings on Gao Yu’s hands. Gray soul threads emerged from Pan Qianqian’s eyes, silently floating toward the rings as if attracted by some unseen force and were absorbed.


Pan Qianqian’s delicate body fell to the sandy beach with a soft thud, devoid of any trace of her soul. The clusters of vengeful souls and wraiths that had been restraining and holding up her body swiftly condensed into a single form. They merged together and evolved into a larger fiendish, vile soul that roared madly at the Pan Family clansmen.

At almost the exact same time, Gao Yu snorted coldly and cried, “Come forth!”


The hundred-meter-tall body of the Evil God appeared before Gao Yu. This was none other than the body he had collected from the Land of Buried Gods.

Without warning, the vile soul formed from vengeful souls and wraiths twisted through the air and entered the Evil God’s body.

The body of the Evil God, which had lacked a soul, unleashed a tremendous, tyrannical aura the instant that the fiendish vile soul went inside of it. This aura felt strange and unspeakably evil.

As that took place, Gao Yu suddenly flew up to the Evil God’s left shoulder like a wisp of ghastly light and sat down.

He suddenly turned his cold, evil eyes toward the Pan Family clansmen and spoke in a low voice.

“Kill them!”


An unbridled roar tore through the heavens. This hundred-meter-tall Evil God, with curved horns on its head, enormous wings protruding from its back, and hands that resembled hooks, terrified the Pan Family clansmen.

Two hands that resembled pitch black clouds engulfed them from above.

“Krak krak! Bang!”

The Evil God’s gigantic hands squashed six Pan Family clansmen, crushing their bones and even forcing their bodies to explode upon impact.

“W-what kind of monster is this?” Pan Tao screamed in terror. He was so scared that he started escaping as fast as he could.

“It’s the body of an ancient elite! This is the Evil God of the Nether Realm!” Pan Tong shouted in astonishment.

“What are we going to do, big bro?” Pan Tao was pale with fright.

“The brat sitting on the Evil God’s shoulder is the one controlling it. As long as we kill him, the Evil God won’t be able to move!” Pan Tong’s eyes burned with passion. “If we capture the Evil God’s body and sell it to the nether races, our family will definitely obtain an unfathomable amount of resources! Who knows how many Profound Yin Nine Leaf Lotuses we’ll be able to get in exchange!”

Upon hearing this, every member of the Pan Family cried out in excitement.

For a long moment, every Pan Family clansman stared at Gao Yu.

“He’s only in the Netherpassage Realm, it shouldn’t be difficult to kill him,” an elder calmly said. “Spread out, everyone! Don’t let the Evil God touch you!”

The encirclement of over a hundred Pan Family clansmen spread out, staying as far away from the Evil God as possible.

Patriarch Pan Tong and three Pan Family elders suddenly channeled their spirit energy and shot straight into the air.

These four were experts who had reached the Fragmentation Realm!

Their gazes fell upon Gao Yu.

“Where is Qin Lie?” Du Xiangyang asked, looking everywhere with anxiety on his face. “Gao Yu is truly an extraordinary fellow. I can’t believe he can actually control the body of the Evil God! If Qin Lie came and possessed the Blood Progenitor’s body using his True Soul, we may actually be able to resist the Pan Family!”

“Don’t look at me,” Song Tingyu said with a bitter smile. “I don’t know where he is either.”

They, as well as the rest of the group, hadn’t been too afraid of the Pan Family’s impending arrival because they had placed all their hopes on Qin Lie.

Back in the Graveyard of Gods, Qin Lie had displayed an extraordinary amount of power using the body of the Blood Progenitor.

If Qin Lie were here to repeat that extraordinary feat, control the Blood Progenitor’s body and rampage through the Pan Family clansmen, they might have been able to just kill all of them here.

However, at such a crucial moment, the person they pinned all their hopes on… was absent.

“If he were still in this region of the sea, he would have known that the Pan Family arrived,” Luo Chen said, a mixture of emotions showing on his face. “If he wanted to, he would’ve shown up a long time ago.”

Du Xiangyang remained silent, thinking to himself. He shook his head and sighed.

“What… what are you guys talking about?” Song Tingyu frowned.

“They think that Qin Lie may have abandoned us.” Xie Jingxuan wore a calm expression. “They believe that Qin Lie may have found the Demon Sealing Tombstone, collected all the bodies of the ancient elites, and escaped using the Blood Progenitor’s Body.”

“That couldn’t possibly be the case.” Song Tingyu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “If he really wanted to abandon us, he would’ve left us behind in the Land of Buried Gods.”

“Saving us at that time was easy for him.” Luo Chen snorted. “This time, however, the Pan Family has brought the force of their entire family to bear. Even with the Blood Progenitor’s body, he wouldn’t be able to win.”

No one could blame him for thinking this way.

All of them knew that the Pan Family would show up eventually. If Qin Lie wanted to come back, he would’ve shown up long ago.

Now, however, the Pan Family stood before them and Gao Yu used the body of the Evil God to fight them. If Qin Lie were still in the area, he couldn’t possibly miss such a commotion… could he?

All of them had seen how quickly the Blood Progenitor’s body could move. It truly could be compared to a bolt of bloody lightning. If Qin Lie wanted to show up, he’d be here already.

Unfortunately, Qin Lie still had yet to show up.

Luo Chen didn’t know Qin Lie well, and he never felt any good will toward him in the first place. He naturally wouldn’t think highly of him.

“Whatever the reason, if Qin Lie hasn’t shown up by now, he’s probably occupied with something.” Du Xiangyang smiled bitterly, then shook his head and said, “Never mind. Let’s stop depending on him and instead figure out how we’ll survive against the Pan Family.”

“Gao Yu is more reliable than he is.” Luo Chen snorted.

“Mn.” Du Xiangyang agreed, becoming a bit more cheerful. “Gao Yu is currently our only hope. As long as he’s fine and the Evil God’s killing power remains constant, we may yet survive this.”

Everyone subconsciously looked toward Gao Yu.

At this moment, all of the Pan Family clansmen were focused on Gao Yu. No one paid attention to the rest of Qin Lie’s group.

Since Qin Lie’s group didn’t have flying spirit artifacts, spirit birds, or boats, none of the Pan Family were worried about them escaping. Once they took care of the troublesome Gao Yu, killing the rest of them wouldn’t take any effort.


The body of the Evil God roared at the sky as it rampaged across the desolate island, charging wherever Pan Family clansmen were gathered.

Since the Evil God didn’t have a True Soul, the vile soul that currently controlled its body, an amalgamation of vengeful souls and wraiths, couldn’t unleash the evil energy remaining within it.

This meant that Gao Yu could only use the Evil God’s body to physically tear the Pan Family clansmen to pieces.

“Krak! K-krak!”

Any Pan Family clansman that the Evil God’s body slapped with its hands or stomped with its enormous feet would instantly die in a burst of blood and gore.

The Evil God’s hands moved like lightning, continuously attacking the clansmen around it while blocking the attacks of Pan Tong and the three elders.

The waves of energy, dazzling spirit artifacts, and precious swords that Pan Tong and the three elders used to attack the Evil God only generated sparks when they struck its hands. They didn’t even leave any marks on its skin.

The body of the Evil God was even firmer than steel, and the spirit artifacts that Pan Tong and the elders wielded were of insufficient quality. Their realms were also weaker than the Evil God’s, so their attacks, which were unleashed at full power, couldn’t penetrate the Evil God’s defenses.

Gao Yu sat atop the Evil God’s shoulder, grim set face and eyes glittering with evil light, surveying the entire battlefield seemingly under his control.


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