Chapter 548: Escape of the God Corpses

Chapter 548: Escape of the God Corpses

The seven forbidden lands maintained the stability of the Graveyard of Gods. They were also closely connected to the seal that restricted entry..

When the six spirits were sealed away, their respective forbidden lands exploding one after another, the balance of the Graveyard of Gods had finally been broken. This independent space within Spirit Realm began shattering to pieces.

The earth shook, and icy mountains collapsed. Spatial rifts appeared in the sky one after another.

Destruction filled every corner of the Graveyard of Gods for a time.

Even the Demon Sealing Tombstone noticed that the situation couldn’t be reversed and withdrew its restrictive power, no longer protecting the Graveyard of Gods. It instead turned its attention to the immense amounts of energy that remained within the bodies of the ancient elites, collecting them for its own use.


The giant shadow of the blood demon emerged from Jiang Zhuzhe’s body and howled angrily at the sky. It continuously attacked the eight dazzling god heads that resembled suns.

The Voodoo Progenitor’s body, which the Viridian Blood Toad occupied, charged toward the Demon Sealing Tombstone, enveloping it with its dense toxic miasma . However, the dazzling godly light shining from the surface of the tombstone quickly dispelled it.

The ice spirit gathered its power of absolute frost and aimed it at Qin Lie. It froze his skyrocketing blood aura and the thick sea of blood.

“Break!” Qin Lie shouted.

His True Soul sat within the Blood Progenitor’s sea of consciousness, crazily channeling the Blood Spirit Art in order to instantly discharge the potent blood energy stored within the Blood Progenitor’s body.

The sound of ice shattering resonated from the sea of blood beneath the bloody bone dragon. Thin wisps of sanguine smoke began to rise from the frozen sea of blood,

Bloody light sparkled in Qin Lie’s eyes, and he suddenly looked at Song Tingyu’s group off in the distance, pondering for a brief moment. Then he gathered blood energy and formed a bloody shield of light, sending it flying toward Song Tingyu and the others like an enormous bloody sphere.

The fiendish sanguine sphere of blood enveloped Song Tingyu, Luo Chen, Xue Moyan, Du Xiangyang, Xie Jingxuan, and Pan Qianqian, protecting all of them.

“Whoosh whoosh!”

A gigantic spatial rift appeared in the sky and expanded, an intense suction force coming from within it. The countless ruined palaces in the Land of Buried Gods were drawn into it.

More and more spatial rifts opened up, reducing the Graveyard of Gods to a state in which it could collapse at any moment.

At the same time, the Demon Sealing Tombstone noticed that the situation had gone awry. It abruptly sent its godly lights downward, enveloping the bodies of ancient elites that lay scattered throughout the desolate plain beneath it.

A wondrous wave of energy resonated from the Demon Sealing Tombstone as if it were calling out to Qin Lie, who shivered as it passed through him.

Qin Lie understood that the Demon Sealing Tombstone was calling out to him.

He immediately realized that the Graveyard of Gods was on the verge of collapse… and that the Demon Sealing Tombstone sought to take him away from here.

The second this realization occurred to him, Qin Lie gestured toward Song Tingyu and the others, continuously making pulling motions with both hands.

“Come!” he exclaimed.

One sphere sparkling with bloody light suddenly became many, individually enveloping Song Tingyu and the others. They shot toward Qin Lie in the Blood Progenitor’s body, gathering by his side in a flash.

The Demon Sealing Tombstone and the eight god heads instantly formed their own shields of light, wrapping them around Qin Lie and the others.

The Demon Sealing Tombstone lifted Qin Lie’s group into the air as its seven godly lights combined to form a miraculous prismatic tunnel. It threw them into the tunnel, twisting into its depths until they vanished entirely.

After Qin Lie’s group entered the tunnel of light, the few bodies of ancient elites that remained were also drawn into the tunnel. They vanished as well.

As this happened, Jiang Zhuzhe, the Viridian Blood Toad controlling the Voodoo Progenitor’s body, and the ice spirit in Jia Yue’s body furiously assaulted the Demon Sealing Tombstone in an attempt to destroy the tunnel.

However, just as the three had gathered their strength and were about to blast the tunnel with everything they had, the Demon Sealing Tombstone and the god heads disappeared into the tunnel as well.

Before the space that made up the Graveyard of Gods could collapse altogether, Qin Lie’s group, the Demon Sealing Tombstone, and the eight god heads escaped.


At the top of a mountain deep within the seas near the Heavenly Fissure Continent.

Eight headless god corpses, each of which were hundreds of meters tall, were restrained to the top of the top of the mountain, bright silver chains wrapped all around them.

Celestial Artifact Sect and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain martial practitioners were gathered within a crystal palace built into the mountain’s peak.

All of them were there to watch over the god corpses.

This place was extremely close to the island where Qin Lie’s group had entered the Graveyard of Gods.


All of a sudden, the god corpses that seemed inert as if they were hibernating, sprang to life, struggling intensely against their restraints.

The martial practitioners in the crystal palace watched this scene indifferently. They had long since become used to this.

They had been watching over these eight headless god corpses for some time now, and they knew that these god corpses would go crazy from time to time.

Every time they did, however, their frenzy would subside before long.

“The god corpses are struggling a little longer than usual this time.”

“Mn... I believe they should be coming to a stop any time now.”

“That should be the case.”

Everyone watching from inside of the crystal palace chatted amongst each other on and off.

“Almost eight months have passed. The Trial within the Graveyard of Gods is about to conclude. I wonder who has the upper hand right now.”

“Yu Men of our Ten Thousand Beast Mountain definitely does! Who else could it be? It may seem like a lot of people of the nine great Silver rank forces participated in the Trial, but in my opinion, not a single person can go toe to toe with Yu Men!”

“Hmph! If we’re talking about who will get the last laugh, then that person will undoubtedly be our Celestial Artifact Sect’s young sect master! He’s intelligent, wise, and possesses a full collection of spirit artifacts. How would he not be able to survive in the Graveyard of Gods? He’d be like a fish to water!”

“Him? How can a guy who only knows how to rely on external strength possibly be a match for Yu Men?”

Whenever the martial practitioners of Celestial Artifact Sect and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain talked about the situation within the Graveyard of Gods, they would, without exception, argue with each other. It always happened, and whenever it did, neither side would back down even the tiniest bit.


A crisp noise suddenly resounded from the chains wrapped around a god corpse.

“Pak pak pak!”

Even more noise continued to come from the god corpses, and they roared madly, causing the entire mountain to shake.

All of the martial practitioners who were chatting in a relaxed manner suddenly went pale and screamed in terror. They began evacuating the crystal palace, escaping toward the surface of the sea with all of their might.

“The god corpses have escaped their restraints!”

“The god corpses are free!”

Amidst the din of the crystal palaces collapsing atop the mountain at the bottom of the sea, all of the martial practitioners responsible for keeping watch over the god corpses fled. They headed upward to the nearest island, the one that Qin Lie’s group had been on before entering the Graveyard of Gods.

“Elder Bi! Elder Bi!” A soaking wet Celestial Artifact Sect martial practitioner shouted loudly, gasping for breath after rushing to the island. “The god corpses had struggled free from their shackles!”

“Elder Tumou! A huge change has occurred under the sea!” the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain martial practitioners screamed.

Bi You, who had previously appeared at Sea Moon Island, and another elder of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain, were the ones in charge of overseeing this area. News of the enormous change that occurred under the sea greatly shocked them both.

Almost without hesitation, the two informed their respective sect masters as fast as they could.

Two hours later, the sect masters of Celestial Artifact Sect and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain, Feng Yi and Qi Yang, arrived at this island at the same time. They immediately entered the sea upon arrival.

They arrived at the peak of the mountain at the bottom of the sea.

The crystal palace at the top of the mountain had already been reduced to countless crystal fragments, and the eight god corpses were originally chained to the mountain… had mysteriously vanished.

Feng Yi, Qi Yang, and the many elders that came with them sat down, their auras as vast and deep as the sea. They either took out sparkling spirit artifacts or spread their all-encompassing soul consciousness outward.

Using this mountain as a starting point, they searched for the auras of the god corpses.

This group of experts was silent for a time.

A while later, the elders of Celestial Artifact Sect and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain shook their heads, indicating that they had failed to find anything.

Feng Yi and Qi Yang ultimately stood up and looked each other in the eye. Both see graveness in the eyes of the other.

“A shocking change must have occurred in the Graveyard of Gods!” Feng Yi exclaimed with a grim voice. “There’s no other way those eight god corpses could have escaped their restraints!”

Qi Yang nodded, saying, “Should we open the spatial passageway ahead of time?”

“It’s only been eight months!” Feng Yi said, his hesitation obvious. “There’s still some time left before the Trial ends. Furthermore, we don’t have people of the other seven forces to act as witnesses. If we open the spatial passageway now… won’t it be against convention?”

“I’m afraid that, if we wait any longer, we may not see a single person return alive.” Qi Yang had a rough, square face. He looked like an animal clad in human skin, and his eyes shone with an intimidating light. “I heard that everything Celestial Artifact Sect learned about the Graveyard of Gods was given to them by Jiang Zhuzhe, the remnant evil from Blood Fiend Sect! Did you people of Celestial Artifact Sect make a secret deal with him? If there are too many casualties in this Trial… if the elite martial practitioners of each force died due to your selfish motives… be prepared for face the wrath of every force!”

“My son is participating in the Trial as well. He’s inside the Graveyard of Gods too! What selfish motives could I possible harbor?” Feng Yi spoke with a calm expression on his face. After a moment of thought, he nodded and said, “Let’s open the spatial passageway first.”

An elderly man from Celestial Artifact Sect obeyed his command and prepared to open the passageway.

However, when he took out a jade token and prepared to unleash the tremendous amount of spatial energy it contained, the wrinkles on his face pressed together in shock.

“I can’t locate the spatial coordinates!” he yelled.

Panic and confusion filled everyone’s faces the moment he said this.

“Why can’t you find the spatial coordinates, Uncle Luo?” Feng Yi shuddered.

“Spatial coordinates don’t just disappear.” Luo Han, who was well-versed in the secrets of space, enjoyed a prominent status in Celestial Artifact Sect. Even Feng Yi had to treat him with respect. At this moment, he rubbed the jade token and carefully examined it from top to bottom.. “I can’t even sense the Graveyard of Gods…”

“You can’t even sense the Graveyard of Gods? W-what do you mean, Elder Luo?” Bi You asked respectfully.

Luo Han sighed. “The Graveyard of Gods had probably suffered a spatial collapse.”

His words made everyone turn pale with terror.

Everyone knew what a spatial collapse was.

Energy caused by a spatial collapse could make even a Fragmentation Realm or Nirvana Realm martial practitioner’s body to shatter to pieces, extinguishing both their mind and soul, much less juniors in the Netherpassage Realm.

“My son... my son…” Feng Yi muttered to himself. An odd light continuously flashed through his eyes, his expression changing again and again.

After a while, Feng Yi gritted his teeth and yelled, “Send word to the other seven forces and clearly explain what happened the Graveyard of God. Tell them that the god corpses broke free of their restraints and escaped!”

“Brother Feng?” Qi Yang exclaimed in surprise.

“I can’t hide this anymore. The changes in the Graveyard of Gods may lead to an even bigger incident in the future.” Feng Yi took a deep breath. “We must inform all forces to get ready as soon as possible.”

“What in Spirit Realm have you hidden from us?” Qi Yang snorted coldly.

“The Heaven Fighting Race created the Graveyard of Gods.” Bitterness filled Feng Yi’s face. “I’m afraid the the changes that occurred within the Graveyard of Gods may have attracted their attention.”

“The Heaven Fighting Race? The most powerful ancient race that considers themselves gods?!” Qi Yang suddenly went pale.

Feng Yi sighed and nodded helplessly.

“The Graveyard of Gods isn’t a public space used to bury the bodies of ancient elites at all. It is a divine altar that the Heaven Fighting Race uses to trap the remains and soul fragments of ancient beings for the sole purpose of raising their next generation.”

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