Chapter 545: Blood Web!

Chapter 545: Blood Web!

Jiang Zhuzhe once turned all of the Land of Chaos upside down. He and his human-bloodsucking disciples created a bloody typhoon that swept across it, causing chaos among its forces and making them feel helpless.

After more than a thousand years of silence, Jiang Zhuzhe still remained one of the most terrifying people in the Land of Chaos.

Wasn’t it just a fool’s dream for Qin Lie, a martial practitioner who was just in the middle stage of the Netherpassage Realm, to try opposing this lunatic?

“You want to fight me?” Jiang Zhuzhe laughed involuntarily and shook his head. “You’re not even a match for my son.”

He frowned slightly at Jiang Tianxing.

“Do you seriously believe that you will become the future of Blood Fiend Sect?” Jiang Tianxing laughed coldly, his expression dark. “Foolish brat... if you hadn’t been near Sea Moon Island… if you hadn’t snatched the Demon Sealing Tombstone from me... our plan would have been flawless. You and Senior Uncle Xue, the one who taught you the Blood Spirit Art, are simply obstacles in the way of Blood Fiend Sect’s growth!”

“Heavenly Blood Web!”

Bloody threads shot from the tips of Jiang Tianxing’s fingers, forming a web several acres wide. It hurtled toward Qin Lie’s position at the edge of the frozen lake like a large bloody net.

Every single bloody thread contained Jiang Tianxing’s cruel soul energy.

The blood flew over to Qin Lie and was now above his head, radiating strange fluctuations capable of making a person’s blood boil uncontrollably and binding one’s soul.

This was a miraculous spirit art that couldn’t be found in the first half of the Blood Codex.

“Break!” Qin Lie yelled, forming another Blood Weeping Ghost Claw.

It appeared above his head in a flash of demonic, bloody light, resembling a sharp, sanguine hook. It ferociously swiped at the Heavenly Blood Web descending upon him.

Two violent blood spirit energies, both of which originated from the same sect, clashed in midair.

In that instant, Qin Lie’s energy and Jiang Tianxing’s energy erupted at the same time.


The bloody light of the Blood Weeping Ghost Claw was peerlessly sharp. It actually tore the Heavenly Blood Web into pieces.

The fiendish, ghastly claw struck toward Jiang Tianxing’s head. A terrifying, vicious aura surrounded it, one capable of destroying all living things and returning them to deathly silence.

This was an attack that Qin Lie had formed with his own power.

Over by Jiang Zhuzhe, the Blood Progenitor’s body mirrored Qin Lie’s actions and channeled the Blood Spirit Art, creating a Blood Weeping Ghost Claw as well.

An enormous bloody claw thousands of meters long suddenly appeared in the air. It radiated a terrifying, fiendish blood aura that nearly enveloped the entire Land of Buried Gods, one that surprised even Jiang Zhuzhe.

“This truly is the Blood Progenitor’s body…” Jiang Zhuzhe clicked his tongue in wonder. “To think that it still contained such terrifying power despite the fact that he perished so many years ago.”

“Fall!” Qin Lie shouted, swinging his arm downward.

Both Blood Weeping Ghost Claws, one gigantic and one small, followed Qin Lie’s movements and struck toward Jiang Zhuzhe and Jiang Tianxing respectively.

“You’re quite talented and your Blood Spirit Art is quite polished.” Jiang Zhuzhe smiled while shaking his head. “Unfortunately… your realm is too weak.”

As he spoke, the blood demon he had merged with copied Jiang Tianxing’s earlier motions and created another Heavenly Blood Web.

This bloody web blotted out the sky like an act of god.

All of this blood, which the blood demon unleashed, enveloped the Land of Buried Gods. It seemed capable of sealing the heavens themselves.

Sparkling bloody lights so dense that they might as well have been thick rivers of blood flowed through the sky in an eerie fashion. They were unspeakably wondrous and exuded a pungent stench of iron.

Then, all of a sudden, the Heavenly Blood Web constricted!

The web of blood instantly bound both the Blood Progenitor’s and Qin Lie’s Blood Weeping Ghost Claws.

The two ghastly claws resembled a whale and a tiny fish that were caught in a sanguine fisherman’s net, instantly getting immobilized.

“Your realm is weak and your understanding of Blood Fiend Sect’s spirit arts is still lacking.” Jiang Zhuzhe performed a pulling motion with both hands, making the Heavenly Blood Web drag the two ghastly claws to the blood demon’s chest. “Blood Fiend Sect was enormous… but now I’m the only one capable of unleashing the progenitor’s true power.”

His hands abruptly clenched into fists.

“Bang! Bang!”

The Blood Weeping Ghost Claws erupted like tomatoes being crushed, scattering into countless bloody lights.

The blood progenitor stood still as if it weren’t affected at all.

Qin Lie, on the other hand, looked as if he had just taken a heavy blow. He grunted softly, a trace of blood trickling from a corner of his mouth.

“Since you cultivate the Blood Spirit Art and are my senior brother’s only disciple… as long as you sever your mental connection with the progenitor’s body, I’ll spare you,” Jiang Zhuzhe said sternly, a calm expression on his face. “Furthermore, as long as you are willing, I will teach you the secrets of the second half of the Blood Codex… and help you understand the true essence of the Blood Spirit Art.”

“The true essence of the Blood Spirit Art?” Qin Lie said, his face becoming grim. “You’re talking about sucking human blood?”

“You could say that.” Jiang Zhuzhe smiled, not bothering to deny it. “In reality... even the Blood Progenitor consumed human blood to cultivate! The Blood Refinement Art recorded in the second half of the Blood Codex, which I have in my possession, was written by the progenitor himself. The Blood Spirit Art that you consider so evil came from this half of the Blood Codex!”

Jiang Zhuzhe’s words shocked Qin Lie and Xue Moyan to their very cores.

Off in the distance, the expressions of Luo Chen and the others became even more serious. This revelation caused a strange look to appear in their eyes.

The Blood Progenitor sucked human blood to cultivate… and the second half of the Blood Codex actually had this shortcut recorded within it?

“There are only two differences between our respective Blood Spirit Arts. Both have their own advantages and flaws,” Jiang Zhuzhe explained patiently. “Those who cultivate using the blood of spirit beasts and refine them with worldly spirit energy don’t need to worry about repeated attacks from an inner demon, but their cultivation speed is slower. Meanwhile, those who consume human blood to cultivate risk being forced into a state of insanity and gradually losing themselves, but the speed of their cultivation is significantly faster.”

Jiang Zhuzhe paused, smiling softly before continuing.

“After a thousand years of research, I finally found a method to get rid of the flaws in cultivating with human blood. You could even say that consuming human blood to cultivate no longer has any drawbacks,” he proudly declared. “With your talent and skill, your future will be filled with boundless opportunities… so long as you are willing to follow me and cultivate my Blood Spirit Art.”

“How about it?” Jiang Zhuzhe asked. “Would you consider it?”

Like a devil trying to seduce a mortal, Jiang Zhuzhe patiently and systematically tried to tempt Qin Lie into abandoning the original Blood Spirit Art and cultivate his instead.

—He was trying to convince Qin Lie to suck human blood to cultivate.

“Allow me to look at the second half of the Blood Codex first. I would like to confirm if this method is truly recorded within it,” Qin Lie said calmly, his eyes narrowed. He clearly hadn’t fallen for Jiang Zhuzhe’s persuasion. “If it is truly recorded inside of the Blood Codex… I may consider it.”

From beginning to end, this entire story came from Jiang Zhuzhe. The supposed record of the cultivation method in the second half of the Blood Codex, his grudges against Xue Li and the others, and even his intent to revitalize Blood Fiend Sect had come from his mouth alone.

Qin Lie doubted his words. He didn’t believe there was truth to everything Jiang Zhuzhe said.

“You may look at it…” Jiang Zhuzhe spoke deliberately, looking at the rest of Qin Lie’s group in the distance, “as long as you are willing to consume the blood of any of those people and use the Blood Refinement Art. If you do that, I’ll let you see the second half of the Blood Codex. What do you think?”

“I can only make a decision after seeing the Blood Codex,” Qin Lie said indifferently.

Jiang Zhuzhe finally lost his patience. He frowned, the look in his eyes becoming grim and harsh.

“Stupid brat! You’re even more long-winded and blunt than my senior brother!”

The Heavenly Blood Web that covered the sky suddenly descended and began enveloping the Blood Progenitor.

Jiang Zhuzhe ultimately desired the body of the Blood Progenitor, the Bloodthirsty Dragon, and the first half of the Blood Codex.

He wasted so much time talking because he hoped to get Qin Lie to surrender willingly. If he managed to do so, he wouldn’t have had to waste even more time and energy on severing the connection between Qin Lie and the Blood Progenitor.

If Jiang Zhuzhe managed to convince Qin Lie that his path was the right one, he might have even been able to turn him against Xue Li. Such an outcome would have dealt a severe blow to Xue Li’s cause.

Unfortunately, Qin Lie was a lot more difficult to deal with than he had imagined.

Qin Lie had a stronger will than expected and hadn’t fallen for any of his tempting.

He no longer wanted to waste time trying.

“Blood Dragon’s Roar!”

A violent bloody dragon emerged from the forehead of the blood demon with an angry roar. With the Heavenly Blood Web binding the Blood Progenitor’s body, the bloody dragon turned to attack Qin Lie.

Jiang Zhuzhe sought to break the connection between Qin Lie and the Blood Progenitor as soon as possible.

To that end, he needed to hurt both of them at the same time.

At that instant, dazzling godly chains of light emerged from inside the Demon Sealing Tombstone once more.

“Swoosh swoosh swoosh!”

These chains headed toward Jiang Zhuzhe.

The Demon Sealing Tombstone had just been standing by and watching as Qin Lie attacked the Jiang father-son duo. It didn’t do anything because Qin Lie was the attacker.

However, it took action the second Jiang Zhuzhe attacked Qin Lie.

It seemed unwilling to let that happen.

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