Chapter 540: Blood Puppet

Chapter 540: Blood Puppet

“This is…”

Qin Lie’s group stared at the Blood Progenitor’s body in shock. They watched as the body emitted bloody light, the Bloodthirsty Dragon transformed into its armguard, and the first half of the Blood Codex emerged from Qin Lie’s spatial ring as if summoned.

At this moment, it seemed as if the Blood Progenitor, although utterly soulless, was about to awaken.

No one understood what kind of breathtaking turn of events could have occurred.

Everyone simply looked to Qin Lie subconsciously, hoping that he’d be able to provide an explanation and tell them what kind of magic had taken place within the Blood Progenitor’s body.

All because his third eye had devoured the Blood Progenitor’s body and the Bloodthirsty Dragon, and had now spit them back out.

They thought that Qin Lie could explain everything..

However, Qin Lie seemed just as shocked and confused as they were.


Bloody lines writhed across the Blood Progenitor’s body like bolts of lightning. Upon closer inspection, it seemed as if someone were holding a brush and painting something on the body.

Qin Lie’s eyes trembled as he suddenly cried out, surprise and realization covering his face.

He now understood what in Spirit Realm those bloody lines on the Blood Progenitor’s body were!

They were forming a spirit diagram, one of the most ancient, complicated kinds. It was a miraculous spirit diagram that Elder Mo Hai had referred to as an “ancient diagram.”

Complicated spirit diagrams covered the Blood Progenitor’s translucent skin like a densely packed, tightly woven spider web. They stretched across his neck, arms, hands, legs, chest, and abdomen…

Unfathomable spirit diagrams were engraved into every inch of the Blood Progenitor’s flesh.

The bloody lines formed the network of the spirit diagram. There were millions of them, seemingly as numerous as the starry rivers of the galaxy, and just as mysterious and vast.

Qin Lie paid close attention to the spirit diagrams, and he noticed there were dozens of the four basic spirit diagrams: Spirit Storage, Spirit Gathering, Amplification, and Strengthening.

Each of the four basic spirit diagrams was actually incredibly complex and required several thousands of spirit threads to be drawn and portrayed.

Yet now there were actually dozens of these spirit diagrams inscribed into the Blood Progenitor’s body, each having been shrunk to several times smaller than their usual size.

Aside from the four basic spirit diagrams, there were also dozens of other, larger spirit diagrams on his body. They were wondrous spirit diagrams that were at least ten times more complicated than the basic ones.

These spirit diagrams had far exceeded Qin Lie’s comprehension and were way more complex and miraculous than any spirit diagram he had ever seen before. To him, every single one of them resembled a vast, boundless world that contained indescribable wonders and secrets.

Both basic spirit diagrams and extremely complex ancient diagrams had been inlaid to form numerous densely packed compound spirit diagrams. These compound spirit diagrams were branded into the Blood Progenitor’s body like bloody tattoos that contained shocking amounts of wondrous power. They resembled dense spider webs that covered every part of the progenitor’s body.

“Heavens!” Du Xiangyang exclaimed in disbelief. “How did so many spirit diagrams appear on it in such a short time?”

This question was on everyone else’s minds as well.

There hadn’t been a single line of blood on the Blood Progenitor’s body when it and the Bloodthirsty Dragon were absorbed into Qin Lie’s third eye.

How long had it been since then?

The Blood Progenitor’s body had probably only been inside of it for about fifteen minutes.

How could the body change so much in so little time?

What in Spirit Realm did Qin Lie, or rather, his third eye, do?

“I…” A bitter, frustrated look on his face, Qin Lie scratched his head and tried to sort out the thoughts in his mind.

All of a sudden, a brilliant bloody light radiated from the countless bloody lines on the Blood Progenitor’s left arm. It seemed as if many of the miraculous spirit diagrams on it had been activated.

Surprisingly, the Blood Progenitor mirrored Qin Lie’s movements, scratching its head with its eyes closed.

It literally did the same thing as Qin Lie.

This sight stunned everyone.

Unable to control herself, Song Tingyu was the first to react.

“Qin Lie! Try moving in a different way!” she immediately cried out, her eyes overflowing with a shocking intensity.

“Moving in a different way…” Qin Lie frowned and casually shook his head.

The ancient diagram on the blood progenitor’s neck activated at the same time, glowing with dazzling bloody light. The Blood Progenitor’s body followed Qin Lie’s movements and shook its head as well.

It completely mirrored his movements.

At this moment, it was as if the two of them shared one mind. The Blood Progenitor’s body would move as Qin Lie did.

Not even the slightest discrepancy could be seen.

“Try it again!” Du Xiangyang exclaimed excitedly. “Try out a different movement!”

Qin Lie’s eyes lit up.

Under the watchful eye of the rest of the group, he suddenly began moving, waving his arms and swinging his legs forcefully.

The Blood Progenitor’s body moved in perfect sync with him, copying every one of his movements without a single mistake. Furthermore, it even kicked an enormous icy stone the size of a house as it swung its legs, reducing it to smithereens.

“Qin Lie! Try channeling the Blood Spirit Art!” Xue Moyan took a deep breath, her supple breasts jiggling noticeably.

“Quick! Hurry up and try it!” Du Xiangyang urged.

“Alright!” Qin Lie said and began channeling the Blood Spirit Art.


All of the spirit diagrams on the Blood Progenitor’s body began to glow like the stars in the sky, glittering with dazzling bloody light.

The Blood Progenitor’s body unleashed a dense, fiendish aura of blood, making Du Xiangyang and the others feel as if their blood were surging within them. Their faces flushed completely red, and they were terrified that their blood would cause them to explode at any moment.

The last time they felt this way… was when the Bloodthirsty Dragon had charged at them earlier.

“Try executing spirit skills!” Xue Moyan’s eyes glittered with anticipation.

“W-wait a minute! Give us time to move away first!” Du Xiangyang cried loudly.

Qin Lie looked dumbfounded.

“This blood energy is too strong for us,” Song Tingyu said as she moved away, a shocked expression on her face. “You two can endure it because you cultivate the Blood Spirit Art. We don’t, so we feel like every drop of blood inside of our bodies is being triggered. We might explode at any moment.”

Du Xiangyang and the others repeatedly nodded in agreement, quickly departing before Qin Lie and Xue Moyan’s eyes.

“Try it!” Xue Moyan exclaimed.

Qin Lie attempted to channel the Blood Spirit Art and form a Blood Weeping Ghost Claw, a sinister, ghastly claw of blood slowly materializing in front of his left hand.

The Blood Progenitor’s body stood to Qin Lie’s right, whereas Xue Moyan stood in front of him. This was why, before he could see what changes occurred to the Blood Progenitor’s body, he first saw Xue Moyan cover her mouth in complete shock.

Off in the distance, Du Xiangyang yelled, “Holy crap!”

Only then did Qin Lie look to his right.

A sinister claw of blood quietly floated before the Blood Progenitor’s body. It was as large as a mountain, looked as if it belonged to an enormous bloodthirsty demon, and contained a seemingly endless amount of violent, fiendish energy. The terrible power the claw emanated made it feel as if it could envelop the sky and bathe the world in blood.

The Blood Progenitor had mimicked Qin Lie’s movements and unleashed a Blood Weeping Ghost Claw of its own.

This ghastly claw was nearly a thousand times larger than Qin Lie’s, and the destructive aura it radiated was also a thousand times stronger!

This... was the real Blood Weeping Ghost Claw!

“C-can you put it away now!?” Pan Qianqian cried, her lips trembling non-stop.

In the face of that enormous Blood Weeping Ghost Claw, the thumping of her heart resembled an earthquake. Her heart beat so fast that she felt like she would collapse from the pressure.

Even though she was currently sitting on the ground and focusing her thoughts, trying to calm down the her chaotic heart, she couldn’t stop the abnormal flow of her blood.

The pressure of the Blood Weeping Ghost Claw left her on the verge of breaking down.

Luo Chen, Du Xiangyang, Song Tingyu, and Xie Jingxuan’s faces looked flushed as well. All of them struggled to resist the pressure and looked like they might fall over at any moment.

Like Pan Qianqian, they also couldn’t endure the terrifying power of the giant blood claw.

So Qin Lie hurriedly withdrew his strength.

When his Blood Weeping Ghost Claw turned into a ray of bloody light and returned to his body, the gigantic ghastly claw unleashing an endless fiendish aura of blood also vanished into the Blood Progenitor’s body.


The rest of the group let out a long sigh and instantly collapsed to the ground. The ghastly claw had nearly pushed them to their breaking points.

Now all of them understood what had happened.

Qin Lie’s third eye had clearly executed some sort of extraordinary, secret puppet art on the Blood Progenitor’s body. The myriad bloody lines that formed the miraculous spirit diagrams served as the ropes that bound it.

The binding spirit diagrams had clearly transformed the Blood Progenitor’s body into a puppet that Qin Lie could control.

It had been turned into an amazing killing tool that could channel the Blood Spirit Art and even use the Bloodthirsty Dragon to wreak widespread havoc.

What in Spirit Realm was Qin Lie’s third eye? How did it cause such a terrifying change in the Blood Progenitor’s body in just fifteen minutes?

Everyone looked at Qin Lie once more, their gazes falling right on the space between his eyebrows. They looked like they were itching to dig into his head and find out.

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