Chapter 538: Blood Energy That Reached The Sky

Chapter 538: Blood Energy That Reached The Sky

While Gao Yu had been speaking, the demonified Jiang Tianxing began moving toward the nearest body of an ancient elite.

It was the body of a person of the Wood Race.

This person was about two and a half meters tall. This person’s body resembled the trunk of a tree, had skin as brown as wood and as wrinkled as bark. His long, dark green hair looked like the foliage of a willow tree.

This Wood Race clansman had been dead for years. Its body didn’t bear any traces of a soul aura.

It did, however, resemble the branches of an ancient tree that contained abundant life energy.

—An extremely refined life energy, at that!

Up above, at the edge of the frozen lake, Xie Jingxuan and Xue Moyan were watching Jiang Tianxing closely. When they saw him approach that particular body, light flashed through their eyes at the same time.

Both of them were especially interested in the body of this Wood Race clansman. They were both aware of the fact that it held tremendous amounts of life energy, which was extremely beneficial to them.

Xue Jingxuan could use its life energy to enhance her own strength and bring the inheritance she received from the Wood Race to even greater heights.

Xue Moyan, on the other hand, could extract the life energy from this Wood Race clansman’s body and use it to help her mother awaken and recover.

“In order to obtain the remains of these ancient elites, one must first obtain their acknowledgement.” Gao Yu spoke up once more. “You can’t just grab them recklessly.

“Every time an elite perishes, their juniors, relative, and comrades would bring them here. They would then apply a unique mark to these bodies to keep other people from abusing them and prevent any accidents.

“Sen Ye was able to collect the body of the Arrow God and the Sun Killing Bow because he brought an ancient eastern barbarian treasure with him. That scarlet feather arrow was a part of the Sun Killing Bow to begin with, and it contained an aura that the mark on the Arrow God’s body acknowledged. That’s the reason why Sen Ye succeeded.

“As for me, I already obtained the acknowledgement of a soul fragment of the Evil God at the Demon God Mountain Range prior to entering the Graveyard of the Gods.”

Gao Yu looked at Xie Jingxuan, then indifferently said, “Your aura is slightly similar to that of the body of the Wood Race elite down there. You may be able to acquire it.”

He looked at Xue Moyan and shook his head. “You would probably fail.”

“How about him?” Xie Jingxuan and Xue Moyan asked in unison.

They were referring to Jiang Tianxing.

Right now, the demonified Jiang Tianxing had already arrived beside the body of that Wood Race elite. Since blood demons were created from blood, their appearances were normally indistinct and blurry.

This blood demon, however, was different.

It bore a great resemblance to Jiang Tianxing.

It suddenly looked at the body of the Wood Race elite with its bright red eyes.

“Him? He knows more about the Graveyard of Gods than anyone here,” Gao Yu answered.

The blood demon opened its mouth and took a deep, lengthy breath.


As a result of the blood demon’s actions, the rich life energy within the Wood Race clansman’s body transformed into multiple streams of emerald liquid. These streams flew from the body, mixed with blood energy and refined spirit energy, and actually shot right into the demon’s bloody maw.


The body of the Wood Race clansmen, which had been brimming with life energy, rotted as all of its essences were extracted from it.

When a gust of frigid wind blew across it a few moments later, the rotted corpse crumbled to dust and spread into the air.

Without the protection of the refined spirit energy, it turned to dust as if thousands of years had gone by in an instant.

On the other hand, the body of the demonified Jiang Tianxing, which already surged with tremendous blood energy, emanated and even greater life force than before. It seemed as if its strength had skyrocketed, becoming several times stronger.

The residual shock waves of energy created by the clashes between the Demon Sealing Tombstone and the three spirit were no longer able to affect him.

“Isn’t that Jiang Tianxing a member of your Celestial Artifact Sect?” Yu Men yelled in a grave tone.

He and Feng Yiyou currently stood at the edge of the frozen lake. They were looking down at the Land of Buried Gods, which looked so vast that it resembled an abyss.

The expression on Feng Yiyou’s face became increasingly grim as he stared at every single one of Jiang Tianxing’s movements.

“Don’t you know that he and Jiang Zhuzhe are evil remnants of Blood Fiend Sect?” Yu Men asked, snorting coldly.

Feng Yiyou wore a dark expression, a complicated look in his eyes. He had yet to answer Yu Men’s questions.

“Celestial Artifact Sect exposed the secrets behind the Graveyard of Gods, the eight god corpses, and the spatial passageway we used to enter this place.” Yu Men’s brow was deeply furrowed. “So why does Jiang Tianxing know even more than you do?”

Helpless in the face of Yu Men’s interrogation, Feng Yiyou finally told him the truth.

“The information on the Graveyard of Gods that Ten Thousand Beast Mountain received did, indeed, originate from Celestial Artifact Sect. However, we got that information… from Jiang Zhuzhe and his son, Jiang Tianxing,” he explained. “The two of them came to Celestial Artifact Sect a hundred years ago, claiming that they knew of a great secret that would influence the future of the Land of Chaos. Jiang Zhuzhe wanted to borrow our strength to force the god corpses to emerge from the bottom of the sea and find the spatial passageway into the Graveyard of Gods…”

“Everything that Celestial Artifact Sect knew about the Graveyard of Gods… you learned it from Jiang Zhuzhe?” Yu Men asked in startled disbelief.

“Correct.” Feng Yiyou smiled bitterly.

“Why has Jiang Tianxing colluded with the eastern barbarians?” Yu Men asked.

Feng Yiyou shook his head. “I don’t know.”

At this point, both Yu Men and Feng Yiyou figured out that the Jiang father-son pair had only sought out Celestial Artifact Sect to use them.

The areas in which the first god corpses surfaced were close to Celestial Artifact Sect. With the assistance of the sect’s elders, Jiang Zhuzhe used Celestial Artifact Sect’s strength to extract those first few god corpses from the bottom of the sea.

This also meant that, without Celestial Artifact Sect’s assistance, the god corpses wouldn’t have appeared one after another, and the spatial passageway into the Graveyard of Gods never would’ve been found.

The Jiang father-son pair had used Celestial Artifact Sect to open the entrance to the Graveyard of Gods. They obviously had their own plan.

The fact that they encouraged the eastern barbarians to send the elites of the three great tribes into the Graveyard of the Gods clearly meant that their plan differed from that of the nine great Silver rank forces.

From the moment that Jiang Tianxing transformed into a blood demon and began sucking the refined blood from the bodies of ancient elites, both Feng Yiyou and the eastern barbarians understood that the father-son pair harbored sinister intentions.

At this time, the Demon Sealing Tombstone hovered above the Land of Buried Gods, continuously discharging dazzling godly lights to suppress the ancient giant, ape, and Merfolk woman that the three spirits had possessed.

Both sides were engaged in fierce battle.

The only thing the Demon Sealing Tombstone cared about was sealing the seven spirits. Regardless of how much trouble the demonified Jiang Tianxing caused, it just didn’t see him as a target.

Therefore, as soon as Jiang Tianxing became able to ignore the residual shock waves that swept across the Land of Buried Gods, it meant that he could stay there and suck the blood from the body of one ancient elite after another.

The blood demon would continuing growing more and more terrifying.

“Someone needs to stop the Jiang Tianxing in his blood demon form!” Du Xiangyang exclaimed. “Otherwise, the remains of those ancient elites will be destroyed and he will just get stronger and stronger. Once that happens, no one will be able to stop him.”

Qin Lie’s group were the only ones who thought this.

Everyone else present, Sen Ye and his eastern barbarians, Feng Yiyou, and Yu Men, had noticed the enormous threat that Jiang Tianxing posed.

Feng Yiyou and Yu Men wanted to attack him, but they didn’t dare to venture into the Land of Buried Gods. Therefore, they could only watch from the periphery.

Sen Ye was hesitating.

After obtaining the Sun Killing Bow, he now had the ability to kill Jiang Tianxing from a distance. However, the eastern barbarians had an agreement with the Jiang father-son pair. The elders of the three great tribes trusted Jiang Zhuzhe trusted and planned to use him to raze the Land of Chaos.

Jiang Tianxing’s attention was currently focused on the remains of the ancient elites, not the eastern barbarians. This was why Sen Ye couldn’t come to a decision.

“If we don’t kill Jiang Tianxing now, all of us will soon die!” Harsh light shone from Luo Chen’s eyes.

He was the first to take action.

“Seven Moon Slash!”

Seven sword beams shaped like crescent moons suddenly shot into the air high above the Land of Buried Gods.

Each crescent sword beam radiated a harsh, sharp aura. They shot toward Jiang Tianxing at the bottom of the frozen lake, each prismatic sword beam growing even more dazzling than before.

At a glance, the seven crescent shaped sword beams actually made it seem as if the a cold midnight moon had come crashing toward the ground.

This was one of Luo Chen’s greatest sword arts.


The blood demon roared at the sky, terrifying bloody light erupting from its eyes. Bloody screens of light appeared as it charged toward the incoming attack.

Bloody screens flooded over the seven cold crescents made of bright light, corrupting them with the thick fiendish aura of blood.

The sword beams went dim, their light instantly disappearing.


Luo Chen spat out a mouthful of blood as the harshness in his eyes suddenly softened.

This signified that his sword will had dissipated.

“Jiang Tianxing’s blood aura is too powerful. I can’t kill him, and he’ll only grow stronger with each passing second!”

After making this declaration, Luo Chen sat down and focused on treating his injuries.

Qin Lie and the others weren’t the only ones that had been watching Luo Chen attack. The eastern barbarians, Yu men, and Feng Yiyou had been watching as well.

They had seen everything and noticed, immediately after he attacked Jiang Tianxing, Luo Chen spat out a mouthful of blood and sat down.

Although he had initially been hesitant about what to do, an expression of wariness appeared on Sen Ye’s face.

At the same time, shock filled Feng Yiyou’s and Yu Men’s faces.

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