Chapter 536: Wave of Destruction!

Chapter 536: Wave of Destruction!

The earth, metal, and water spirits, which had taken over Di Fei’s, Ka Deng’s, and A’Yue’s bodies, now possessed the corpses of ancient elites and made them stand once more.

The ancient giant, giant golden ape, and Merfolk woman radiated potent auras of earth, metal, and water. They glared at the blue sky above them and opened their mouths, soundlessly roaring.

“Boom boom boom...!”

The Land of Buried Gods resonated with a series of tremors. Fissures opened up in the ground as numerous rundown palaces collapsed or burst apart.

Sharp golden beams emanated from the giant ape’s body, shooting into the sky like a fiery beacon. These beams resembled giant golden swords that pierced into and nearly shattered the mystical fabric that made up the Graveyard of Gods, creating an enormous hole.

The sound of flowing water echoed from inside the body of the graceful Merfolk woman as she suddenly began to chant in a soft tone.

Extremely far from the Forbidden Land of Ice, countless streams of water shot from the sea of the Forbidden Land of Water several hundred kilometers into the air.

The earth, metal, and water spirits unleashed all of their amazing powers, seeking to turn the Land of Buried Gods upside down and tear the Graveyard of Gods apart.

Only the ice spirit possessing Jia Yue had yet to take action. No one knew where it was hiding.

This shocking commotion made the eastern barbarians, who had arrived beside the body of the Arrow God, and Gao Yu, who had arrived next to the Evil God’s body, stop what they were doing.

Off in the periphery of the desolate plain, Feng Yiyou, Yu Men, and Su Yan calmly watched the situation unfold.

All of them were looking at the Demon Sealing Tombstone.

“Swoosh swoosh swoosh…!”

Godly chains of light spread from the surface of the Demon Sealing Tombstone, stretching across tens of thousands of meters like strings of glittering crystals. They resembled a rainbow that connected the heavens to the earth.

The seven divine lights of the Demon Sealing Tombstone swept down from the heavens like a whip in the hands of an ancient god. They collectively released a shrill whistling noise and struck the ancient giant, giant ape, and the Merfolk woman.

“Prak prak prak!”

Sparks appeared on the bodies of the ancient elites possessed by the earth, metal, and water spirits. The overwhelming auras of the three bodies became significantly weaker upon being struck by the godly whip.

Everyone fearfully watched the situation develop. The destructive auras of the Demon Sealing Tombstone and the three ancient elites intimidated them, so no one dared to act recklessly.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh…!”

A wave of light rippled outward like a tide in the ocean as the Demon Sealing Tombstone fought the three spirits.

These were terrifying waves of tremendous, refined energy!

“Defend against it with everything you have!” Sen Ye roared.

Every eastern barbarian summoned their spirit energies at the same time. The shields of light that protected each of them instantly lit up, dazzling the battlefield.

All of them were able to live up to this point because their realms were strong and their spirit energies were refined.

When the shields of light brightly came to life, the eastern barbarians prepared to defend themselves with all of their might, their teeth clenched. It seemed as if they had transformed into a thick wall of light.

Their plan was to work together and create a single shield of light, one they would use to resist the residual shock wave hurtling toward them.

However, their resistance was like a praying mantis attempting to stop a wooden cart.

It couldn’t even withstand a single blow.

“Krak krak krak! Bang!”

The instant the shock wave of energy struck the eastern barbarians, one prismatic shield of light shattered after another. They were as fragile as chicken eggs.

Shields of light exploded, and the eastern barbarians hiding inside each of them broke like the yolk of an egg.

They were instantly reduced to pulp.

Aside from Sen Ye, Yan Min, Jiang Tianxing, and a few others who cultivated bizarre spirit arts or possessed extremely sturdy bodies, all of the other eastern barbarians died in droves.


Clusters of ghosts surrounded Gao Yu as the residual shock wave struck him. He seemed like a god commanding the vile souls of the underworld.

He unleashed dark, shrill howls, making the vile souls and ghosts around him go into a frenzy. The instant the energy waves struck him, he released an astounding amount of evil energy that pushed against them and nullified their terrifying force.

Gao Yu panted heavily, his face a pale white. He could be considered to have barely escaped death.

On the outer edge of the desolate plain, the ring-shaped shockwave spread outward to strike Su Yan, Feng Yiyou, and Yu Men.

Five out of the ten spatial rings that Celestial Artifact Sect’s Feng Yiyou wore on his fingers sparkled with strange lights. A spirit artifact flew out of each one: a shield of flame, a precious set of black-scaled armor, an icy blue flag with a phoenix embroidered into it, a thick signboard, and a cold emerald.

These five spirit artifacts were defensive in nature, moving to form a line in front of Feng Yiyou. They exploded one after another, ultimately preserving his life.

At the same time, Ten Thousand Beast Mountain’s Yu Men instantly took on the form of a beast. The necklace of teeth around his neck released a cold white bony light and condensed into a firm barrier. In this way, he also avoided danger.

The Su Family’s Su Yan, however, wasn’t as lucky as they were. She didn’t have as many spirit artifacts as Feng Yiyou, nor did she have a tough body like Yu Men.

Once the three Profound Grade spirit artifacts she did have exploded, her shield of light subsequently shattered like glass.

And her body followed suit, breaking apart as well.

The terrifying energy shock wave caused by the clash between the Demon Sealing Tombstone and the three spirits spread in every direction and slaughtered more than half of the people that had rushed into the Land of Buried Gods.

Qin Lie’s group looked down at the desolate plain once more and discovered that only a dozen or so people remained.

Most of the eastern barbarians had instantly shattered to pieces in the face of the shock wave.

The wave of energy that rampaged through the Land of Buried Gods killed swathes of eastern barbarians, as well as Su Yan, and passed over the countless remains of ancient elites.

However, no new marks could be seen on the remains of those elites. The shock wave hadn’t even so much as moved them.

“They truly are the bodies of ancient elites!” Du Xiangyang cried out in praise. “Even after being dead for tens of thousands of years, enduring the ravages of time, they still weren’t affected by the residual shock wave caused by the clash between the Demon Sealing Tombstone and the three spirits!”

He and the rest of Qin Lie’s group still stood at the edge of the frozen lake. They hadn’t dared to recklessly enter the Land of Buried Gods, which was why the shock wave that swept through the desolate plain below hadn’t affected them at all.

“I think it would be better for us to keep watching,” Song Tingyu said bitterly.

The shocking turn of events down in the Land of Buried Gods made them even less likely to be rash.

“Sen Ye and Gao Yu are trying to take the bodies of the Arrow God and the Evil God!” Xie Jingxuan exclaimed softly.

The energy shock wave had just rampaged across the desolate plain of the Land of Buried Gods. The Demon Sealing Tombstone and the three spirits had yet to create another shock wave with a new round of combat.

This was the best and probably only opportunity for those who had survived the shock wave.

No one dared to hesitate.

Sen Ye was the first to act!

The black barbarian climbed up to the ruined palace where the Arrow God’s body was, arriving alone at the round altar where the body sat. He fell to his knees and shuffled over to the altar. Then he kowtowed with incredible devotion, using his soul to unleash his reverence and respect.

He even muttered words under his breath.

“Eastern Barbarian Disciple Sen Ye hereby kowtows and invites our progenitor to return to his homeland!”

Sen Ye held an enormous arrow with scarlet feather fletching in his arms, kowtowing every time he moved forward with his knees. Mysterious patterns shaped like a golden three-legged bird were engraved into that arrow. It radiated fiery light and exuded an ancient, mysterious feeling.

As he held the scarlet feather arrow and moved forward on his knees, Sen Ye kept a close eye on the bow that lay on the round altar. Every time he kowtowed then got back up, he stared at it.

The bow that lay there was the Sun Killing Bow!

Sen Ye expressed his devotion by kowtowing, worshipping with his very soul. Using the scarlet feather arrow, an ancient eastern barbarian treasure, as a medium for his reverence, he slowly made his way to the Arrow God.


All of a sudden, the Sun Killing Bow sensed the aura of the scarlet feather arrow, slowly floating into the air and arriving before Sen Ye like a spirit bird.

Sen Ye was overcome with joy. Eyes aglow with the light of passion, he hastily bit his finger and dripped blood onto the Sun Killing Bow.


The moment his blood splashed against the Sun Killing Bow, it burst into scarlet flames.

A wondrous ripple of energy connected Sen Ye to the Sun Killing Bow and the Arrow God’s body. An instant later, both the bow and the body flew into the fiery ring on Sen Ye’s finger at the same time.

Frenzied glee gushed from Sen Ye’s eyes. He immediately leaped from the round altar and yelled, “We will retreat from the Land of Buried Gods for now!”

He had already achieved his goal.

In the meantime, Gao Yu also took action.

Clusters of souls floated around him, his ring radiating eerie, evil energy as he walked toward the Evil God’s giant body.

When he arrived at the Evil God’s body, a myriad of ancient Nether Realm runes flew from Gao Yu’s eyes amidst noises that resembled the cries of wronged souls. The runes transformed into sinister, ghastly faces and streamed into the Evil God’s chest where its heart would be.


Shockingly enough, a powerful heartbeat resounded from the Evil God’s heart.


A pitch black ray of light shot from the ebon heart of the Evil God, descending upon Gao Yu’s head.

Then the hundred-meter-tall body of the Evil God actually travelled along that ray of light, gradually shrinking as it moved toward Gao Yu.

A dozen or so seconds later, the Evil God had entirely vanished into Gao Yu’s body.

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