Chapter 532: The Remains of the Blood Progenitor

Chapter 532: The Remains of the Blood Progenitor

“Is it finally over?”

Down in the valley between two mountains, the eastern barbarians finally stopped panicking. Shocked expressions covered their faces as they realized how peaceful the world had become.

They had lost more than a hundred people in a short time.

Over half of their original force of over two hundred eastern barbarians had died to the ice storm of the Forbidden Land of Ice. The survivors surveyed the area, corpses of their fallen comrades littering the ground around them.

“What happened?” someone asked.

“Ice came from the frozen lake in the distance, smashed into an icy mountain, and caused an avalanche of boulders… we got caught in it.”

“Blood Fiend Sect’s ultimate treasure, the Bloodthirsty Dragon, charged into the frozen lake. The Demon Sealing Tombstone is floating above it right now!” Jiang Tianxing’s eyes flashed with excitement. “The lake is about to shatter, and the Land of Buried Gods will appear very soon! Get ready to move, everyone! Try to get inside of the frozen lake!”

He didn’t care about the lives of the eastern barbarians at all.

“Let’s go!” Jia Yue shouted. “To the frozen lake!”

She could feel a voice coming from the depths of the frozen lake, urging her to move as quickly as possible.

A strangely enchanting voice seemed to be communicating with her through her True Soul.

“Now is not the time to argue!” Sen Ye ordered in response. “The Land of Buried Gods has always been our true goal in the Graveyard of Gods! No matter how heavy our losses are, we must complete our mission!”


The eastern barbarians ignored the corpses of their tribesmen and moved forward.

“Look! Above the frozen lake! What is that?”

“The Demon Sealing Tombstone! That’s the Demon Sealing Tombstone!”

After a difficult journey, Ye Yihao, Huang Zhuli, Su Yan, Yu Men, and Feng Yiyou finally reached the top of another mountain.

They had arrived at a good time.

At this point in time, the ice spirit had just finished its frenzy and the Forbidden Land of Ice had finally become calm.

The five of them stared down at the frozen lake from the top of the mountain. Seeing the Demon Sealing Tombstone hovering high above the lake, they were all but certain about the location of the Land of Buried Gods and the ice spirit.

“This is it!” Ye Yihao became excited. “We’re finally headed in the right direction!”

“The frozen lake looks like it’s about to shatter.” Feng Yiyou’s gaze grew intense. “The Land of Buried Gods is probably going to be exposed soon!”

“Let’s get to the Land of Buried Gods at the fastest speed possible!” Yu Men shouted.

All five of them were in agreement. Keeping their shields of light up, they swallowed medicinal pills first so that they could get back into fighting condition.

At almost the same time, Qin Lie and the others charged down the peak toward the frozen lake, hoping to be the first to see the Land of Buried Gods.

“Crack crack crack!”

The thick layer of ice that made up the surface of the vast frozen lake continued to fracture and break apart.

Underneath the frozen lake, bloody lights attacked the ice from below, charging about like countless swords made of blood.

The Demon Sealing Tombstone floated high in the sky and continued to use its seven prismatic lights to assault the surface of the lake that protected the ice spirit.

It was trying to seal the ice spirit as fast as possible!

The ice spirit was hiding in the depths of the frozen lake. It was strong, intelligent, and already aware of the situation. It controlled the Forbidden Land of Ice and fought back desperately.


A grief laden howl echoed from deep within the frozen lake. The bloody bone dragon flew out from the gap in the surface of the lake and shot into the sky alongside bloody lights.

Having grown to nearly two times its original massive size, the bloody bone dragon writhed in the air, howling unhappily.

The small figure of a person seemed to be sitting atop its head.

Although the more specific features of that person’s appearance were indistinct, their body looked as if it were made of bloody jade. It shone with blinding bloody light like a sanguine jewel shaped like a person.

They didn’t give off any soul fluctuations, but their body emanated a dense aura of blood.

“The remains of the Blood Progenitor! The Bloodthirsty Dragon charged into the frozen lake to retrieve him!” Jiang Tianxing was the first to shout. “The Land of Buried Gods is definitely at the bottom of the frozen lake! There’s no doubt about it!””

“The remains of the Blood Progenitor!” Xue Moyan also shouted in shock. “Those are definitely his remains!”

Everyone could feel the bloody bone dragon’s intense sorrow. This Heaven Grade spirit artifact seemed to possess simple intelligence. Upon finding out that its creator, its first owner, had died long ago... it couldn’t help but grieve and howl angrily.

“Look!” Ye Yihao shouted. “That’s Blood Fiend Sect’s ultimate treasure! The Heaven Grade artifact, the Bloodthirsty Dragon!”

“Aaouuuuu!” The Bloodthirsty Dragon howled toward the horizon.

The bloody lights that surrounded it formed ancient glyphs that resembled dragons. Hundreds of thousands of those glyphs hurtled down toward the frozen lake.

“Boom boom boom!”

Earth-shaking explosions rang out from the ice below. The assault of the dragon-shaped glyphs completely shattered the thick layer of ice making up the frozen lake’s surface.

The moment the frozen lake shattered, the seven divine lights of the Demon Sealing Tombstone reached down like the hand of a giant.

The gazes of everyone remotely nearby focused on the frozen lake.


The frozen lake shattered, and ice accompanied by streaming lights shot outward, carried toward the eastern barbarians like an astonishingly frigid wind.

The eastern barbarians cursed, wailing like ghouls as they scattered in every direction.

However, before many of them had the chance to flee, their blood stopped flowing. Under the influence of the extreme cold, they froze to death.

Eastern barbarians of all three tribes fled in three directions.

Thousands of icy lights headed directly for Jia Yue. The dozens of white barbarians by her side couldn’t do a thing before they were frozen into statues.

Even Gao Yu was no exception.

Once the frigid winds swept over them, Gao Yu became a crystalline stature like the white barbarians.

Yet his eyes still shone with a dark, evil light.

Deep within his eyes, countless ghosts floated around to form a strange glyph. That glyph seemed like the unyielding will of the Evil God, but also radiated an evil power like the remnant soul of an Evil God.

The ghostly glyph in his eyes slowed the formation of the ice around his body.

Gao Yu was still stuck inside of the ice, but he retained his consciousness and could look around.

He saw thousands of icy lights enter Jia Yue’s body, streaming into her like water flowing into the sea.

Jia Yue immediately froze as well. However, this type of freeze differed from the one that killed everyone else. She became a person of ice, but the blood that flowed inside of her didn’t freeze. Instead, an unfathomable aura appeared within her. She suddenly gave off the feeling that she had become one with the Forbidden Land of Ice and was able to control this section of the world.

Her eyes became as white as snow… and devoid of emotion.

“Something’s wrong!” Gao Yu thought, a chill washing over his heart. He immediately realized that the ice spirit had taken over Jia Yue.

The Jia Yue of this moment was nothing like the Jia Yue of the past.

—She was no longer the white barbarian girl he was familiar with, but the ice spirit, the ruler of the Forbidden Land of Ice!


The Demon Sealing Tombstone arrived, having followed the tens of thousands of icy lights through the sky.

It hovered above Jia Yue’s and Gao Yu’s heads, its dazzling godly lights writhing through the air like the tentacles of an octopus as if they were trying to decide which one of them was the ice spirit.

The prismatic lights roamed back and forth above their heads, yet they didn’t attack Jia Yue. It seemed as if they were blind.

“Crack crack!”

All of a sudden, the frigid gusts of wind froze Di Fei, who had been fleeing in another direction.

Di Fei howled as an extremely cold power of frost entered his mind and reached his Soul Lake where his True Soul was.

Di Fei’s Soul Lake immediately froze. The power of frost sealed his True Soul, seemingly cutting off his connection to the earth spirit.

In that instant, the aura of the earth spirit radiated from Di Fei’s body, peerlessly pure and bright.

The frigid winds caught a black barbarian woman with a gentle appearance, ice encroaching on her just like Di Fei.

Her eyes shook with fear and she cried, “Don’t hurt us!”

Only a faint soul shadow could be seen in her.

The calm, pure power of water emanated from her body, making her stand out as well.

“A’Yue!” Sen Ye shouted in shock and confusion. “What’s happening to you?”

“S-she’s been possessed by the water spirit!” a black barbarian shouted in realization.

Then Di Fei noticed someone at the peak of a nearby mountain. A scarlet barbarian stood there, completely encased in ice, but his body radiated the power of metal.

“You… didn’t you die long ago?” Di Fei shouted. “Ka Deng!”

This barbarian called “Ka Deng” had been killed by Black Voodoo Cult martial practitioners in the Forbidden Land of Metal. Di Fei had been the one to bury him.

Yet that Ka Deng now appeared once again, showing up in the Forbidden Land of Ice.

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