Chapter 531: The Rampaging Bloodthirsty Dragon!

Chapter 531: The Rampaging Bloodthirsty Dragon!

As a Heaven Grade spirit artifact, the Bloodthirsty Dragon required an enormous amount of blood energy to release its terrifying power.

When Xue Moyan used it earlier, she killed ten or so late stage Netherpassage Realm scarlet barbarians with ease, displaying the incredible killing power of the Bloodthirsty Dragon while making Jiang Tianxing and Di Fei flee like the wind.

Since no one else in the group had a plan to deal with the incredibly massive spears of ice that were currently flying toward them, they could only put their hopes on Qin Lie and the Bloodthirsty Dragon.

“Let me try,” Qin Lie said.

Suddenly materializing above Xue Moyan’s snow-white arm, the Bloodthirsty Dragon’s enormous ancient bones floated in front of everyone and roared.

“Qin Lie, drip some of your blood on it so that it can familiarize itself with your blood energy!” Xue Moyan said.

“Okay!” Qin Lie took a deep breath.

A drop of scarlet blood emerged from the tip of one of his fingers like a scarlet pearl and flew over to the great mystical spirit artifact.


The instant the drop of blood landed on the Bloodthirsty Dragon’s sanguine skull, the entirety of the dragon skeleton erupted in brilliant bloody flames.

“Plip… plip… plip…!”

Blood continued to emerge from Qin Lie’s finger and fly toward the bloody bone dragon, drop after drop. The intensity of the fierce bloody flames grew with each drop that splashed against the spirit artifact.

Like a sponge soaking up water, the bloody bone dragon absorbed every drop of blood, gradually releasing apocalyptic waves of fiendish blood energy.

“Circulate the Blood Spirit Art and try to connect with all of the blood within the Bloodthirsty Dragon,” Xue Moyan said. “Try to feel the energy of the spirit artifact and control it with your own blood energy!”

Qin Lie trembled.

Prior to Xue Moyan’s instructions, Qin Lie already felt the horror lurking within this Heaven Grade spirit artifact. He could sense the potent energy disappear from his blood as soon as it touched the Bloodthirsty Dragon’s sanguine skeleton!

Then, at this very instant, a mixture of emotions overwhelmed his senses. Violence, madness, bloodlust, and the desire to destroy appeared within him, threatening to drown him.

Then, Qin Lie’s eyes became a shocking scarlet.

He seemed to have changed into a bloodthirsty beast that, after being imprisoned for hundreds of millions of years, had finally regained its freedom.

Fiendish blood energy erupted from Qin Lie and the Bloodthirsty Dragon at the same time, shooting toward the heavens and gathering into one mass that resembled a thick river of blood.

A deafening roar resounded from the Bloodthirsty Dragon’s maw, booming forth without end. Seemingly boundless amounts of blood energy formed a sanguine stream of blood and shot forward.

A demented will, one that sought to end the world and extinguish all life, existed within that blood energy!


The river of blood rushed into the cluster of ice spears in the air. The resulting explosions created a fantastical sight.

The dozens of ice spears that had been flying toward Qin Lie’s group, each of which resembled ice dragons that were several hundred meters long, originally looked extremely majestic.

Their majesty had been otherworldly!

However, the moment the river of blood shot into the midst of the ice spears, all of them exploded.

The dozens of ice spears simultaneously burst apart.

Tens of thousands of smaller ice spears hurtled down through the freezing sky like rain.

It was as if swords of ice were stabbing into the earth.


The Bloodthirsty Dragon soared into the sky with a roar, a terrifying aura of destruction and slaughter radiating from its enormous body.

Under the entire group’s gaze, the bloody bone dragon flew out like a bloody bolt of wild lightning, piercing through the sky and tearing its way to the frozen lake in an instant..


The jaws of Luo Chen, Song Tingyu, Du Xiangyang, and Pan Qianqian dropped as they watched the scene above the frozen lake unfold.

Qin Lie and Xue Moyan were also stunned.

At this moment, the bloody bone dragon hovered over the frozen lake alongside the Demon Sealing Tombstone. As the Demon Sealing Tombstone continued to release its seven godly lights and bombard the lake’s thick, frozen surface, it released another bloody streak of light that contained an intense, fiendish bloody energy. This bloody light shot toward the bone dragon’s sanguine skull.

The Demon Sealing Tombstone started transferring fiendish blood energy to the Bloodthirsty Dragon!

This infusion of intense, fiendish bloody light made the bloody bone dragon’s body expand as if it were being filled with air.

In mere seconds, the Bloodthirsty Dragon actually doubled in size. The sanguine bones that made up its body began to glitter with brilliant bloody light.

It looked extremely radiant.


The bloody bone dragon unleashed another heaven-shaking roar, exuding an incomparably terrifying aura as it charged headfirst into the surface of the frozen lake.

“Krik krik kra-krak!”

The surface of the lake, which resembled a huge mirror, fractured. Cracks quickly spread across the ice, sometimes stuttering in places but continuous in others.

The ice continued to fracture under everyone’s shocked gazes, fissures spreading across the frozen lake until, several seconds later, a section of it collapsed inward.

The Demon Sealing Tombstone followed the bloody bone dragon closely, the bloody fiendish light it released resembling a long sanguine rope that tethered them to each other.

This rope continuously fed potent energy to the Bloodthirsty Dragon.

Breaking through the layer of ice, the bloody bone dragon roared once more and charged into the empty cavern below.

Immediately after the dragon skeleton entered the empty depths of the frozen lake, the Demon Sealing Tombstone remained suspended in the sky, the bloody light linking the two together.

In the next moment, the constant barrage of ice spears and continuous shaking of the mountains and glaciers in the area… all came to a stop at the same time.

With the destruction of the frozen lake’s surface and the bloody bone dragon having entered its depths, a strange calm came over the originally violent, chaotic Forbidden Land of Ice.

This sudden turn of events was a godsend to the screaming eastern barbarians. Since the ice spirit had stopped attacking them, the tragic barbarians lucky enough to survive finally got some room to breathe.

Just like the surviving barbarians, Qin Lie’s group fell into state of confusion and lethargy.


No one had expected that such a heaven-defying change would occur when Blood Fiend Sect’s terrifying tool of slaughter was given to Qin Lie..

Upon receiving Qin Lie’s blood, the Bloodthirsty Dragon destroyed dozens of ice spears using the stream of blood energy that came from its body. It hadn’t even needed to move...

Qin Lie’s group thought that their deadly crisis had been resolved a bit too easily.

Without waiting for anyone to recover their wits, the Bloodthirsty Dragon roared, charged out, and formed a mysterious link with the Demon Sealing Tombstone. Then, borrowing the tombstone’s fiendish blood energy, it destroyed the thick layer of ice that made up the frozen lake’s surface and forcefully charged into its empty depths.

The ice spirit’s control over the Forbidden Land of Ice had been broken in an instant!

“How could it be like this?” Pan Qianqian quietly asked, closing her gaping mouth. The look on her face expressed her amazement well enough without it. “B-Big Brother Qin, your control over the power of the Bloodthirsty Dragon is actually so much better than Sister Xue’s! That was incredible!”

Everyone else silently thought the same thing.

From their point of view, it seemed as if… Qin Lie were the true owner of the Bloodthirsty Dragon. Only after coming into Qin Lie’s possession did this terrifying killing tool of Blood Fiend Sect truly demonstrate its incredible power.

Xue Moyan, in comparison, seemed as if she had just been holding on to the spirit artifact. She had never been able to put on such a violent display.

“It seems like it… takes to you quite well…” Xue Moyan sputtered, her face bitter.

Qin Lie remained silent.

He had been in a state of total shock this entire time.

He believed that Blood Fiend Sect’s terrifying killing tool could only display such frightening might under his control because he was the owner of the Demon Sealing Tombstone.

After all, ever since he got his blood on the tombstone, he had been able to use his blood to connect with the Demon Sealing Tombstone and the fiendish blood energy inside of it.

Qin Lie had similarly gotten his blood on the Bloodthirsty Dragon. Upon doing so, an unexpected yet miraculous change occurred between him, the Demon Sealing Tombstone, and the Bloodthirsty Dragon.

The Bloodthirsty Dragon and Demon Sealing Tombstone had mysteriously resonated with each other through his blood!

He never expected such a development to occur.

The Bloodthirsty Dragon required an enormous amount of blood energy to show its might, one which Qin Lie could not afford to give. This meant that it was impossible for him to fuel the Bloodthirsty Dragon and allow it to display the terrifying power of a Heaven Grade spirit artifact.

The most power he could unleash by himself was probably around the same amount that Xue Moyan could.

Neither he nor Xue Moyan could fully display the Bloodthirsty Dragon’s power.

But the Demon Sealing Tombstone could.

After all, the Demon Sealing Tombstone contained an endless amount of fiendish blood energy!

This fiendish blood energy seemed to miraculously connect with the Bloodthirsty Dragon. The Bloodthirsty Dragon had somehow reached a tacit understanding with the Demon Sealing Tombstone through Qin Lie’s blood. It then received the tombstone’s blood energy, enough to finally display its incredible power!

“I think I finally understand who the fiendish blood energy within the Demon Sealing Tombstone came from,” Xue Moyan said all of a sudden.

Everyone looked at her simultaneously.

“Who?” Qin Lie asked.

“The Blood Progenitor!” Xue Moyan took a deep breath, an incredibly serious expression on her face. “The Bloodthirsty Dragon felt the aura of the progenitor’s energy within the Demon Sealing Tombstone, and by absorbing some of that energy, it could display its true might!”

This revelation shocked Qin Lie.

After a bit of thought, he nodded in agreement, saying, “You’re probably right! The master of the Graveyard of Gods must have extracted the Blood Progenitor’s fiendish blood energy from his remains and sealed it into the Demon Sealing Tombstone as its first kind of energy! The blood energy I absorbed and converted into my own blood energy must have been the Blood Progenitor’s!”

Only the fiendish blood energy of the Bloodthirsty Dragon’s creator could truly rouse it.

A blood energy which currently existed in Qin Lie’s body.

A portion Qin Lie’s blood energy and the power within his blood came from the Blood Progenitor. Therefore, after Qin Lie received it and gave it his blood, the Bloodthirsty Dragon displayed miraculous power, much more than when Xue Moyan had been controlling it.

“Crack crack crack!”

A gargantuan fissure appeared in the remaining ice of the frozen lake’s surface. Streaks of bloody light burst through that fissure from within the vast space that made up the frozen lake, releasing terrifying waves of energy.

Since the frozen lake had fractured and collapsed, the ice spirit’s control over the Forbidden Land of Ice had accordingly reached its lowest point.

“The Bloodthirsty Dragon is causing wanton destruction throughout the depths of the frozen lake and destroying the ice spirit’s icy barrier. Based on the current situation, the barrier that makes up the surface of the lake should completely break soon enough,” Du Xiangyang exclaimed, excitement growing on his face. “The Land of Buried Gods should lie directly below this frozen lake. Once the barrier has been broken, it should appear immediately.”

His words caused everyone to become excited as well, their eyes bright.

“We should rush to the frozen lake since our crisis has been temporarily resolved!” Luo Chen shouted, eyes aglow.

“Go!” everyone cried in unison.

Qin Lie and the others were currently in high spirits because the eastern barbarians had suffered heavy losses and Qin Lie had managed to rouse the Bloodthirsty Dragon and cause terrifying amounts of destruction.

They no longer considered the eastern barbarians a threat.

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