Chapter 526: Intense Battle!

Chapter 526: Intense Battle!

The moment he saw the Bloodthirsty Dragon fly back to Xue Moyan, Jiang Tianxing immediately charged at her. His eyes were bloodshot and his body shimmered with bloody light. It seemed as if he had been injected with chicken blood.

“You are not worthy of wielding the Bloodthirsty Dragon!” he cried.

An illusory dragon made of bloody light flew out of Jiang Tianxing’s forehead. This dragon contained Jiang Tianxing’s soul consciousness and wrapped around the Bloodthirsty Dragon in an attempt to rob Blood Fiend Sect of its ultimate treasure, turning it into a powerful tool for him and his father.

A Heaven Grade spirit artifact was one of the most valuable objects in the Land of Chaos. Every single one of them held infinite might and could unleash earth-shattering power.

Not all of the nine great Silver rank forces’ elite martial practitioners wielded a Heaven Grade spirit artifact of their own.

For a Blood Fiend Sect disciple who cultivated the Blood Spirit Art and possessed a tremendous amount of blood energy within their blood, the Bloodthirsty Dragon was literally the ultimate treasure. When activating it with the Blood Spirit Art, this spirit artifact was truly capable of turning the sky upside down.

Jiang Tianxing stared at the Bloodthirsty Dragon with bloodshot eyes, his face filled with extreme desire.

“Back off!”

A thunderous rumbling rang out, and ten bolts of dark blue lightning struck toward Jiang Tianxing like ten brilliant chains.

Upon being struck by the lightning bolts, the illusory dragon that emerged from Jiang Tianxing’s forehead instantly became listless, its bloody luster growing dim.

Jiang Tianxing came to an abrupt halt, his expression twisting in anger.

“Qin Lie!” he roared.

“Scram!” Qin Lie yelled, his hand forming a grasping motion and thrusting in Jiang Tianxing’s direction. A ball of thick, bloody light instantly gushed from his palm.

“Blood Dragon’s Roar!”

Another bloody dragon rammed into Jiang Tianxing’s chest. The terrifying, fiendish energy struck Jiang Tianxing like a tidal wave, the power of thunder and lightning coursing through it as well.

This single strike sent Jiang Tianxing flying.

“Boom!” Jiang Tianxing hurtled to the ground, falling amidst the scarlet barbarians. His face flushed red as a series of cracks echoed from his chest.

“Blood Dragon’s Roar! You cultivate the Blood Spirit Art too!?” he screamed, his eyes shining with a shockingly harsh light. He was clearly bewildered by the constantly turning events. “Just who are you? Who ordered you to snatch the Demon Sealing Tombstone from my grasp?”

Only a Blood Fiend Sect disciple could cultivate the Blood Spirit Art and learn how to execute Blood Dragon’s Roar.

From Jiang Tianxing’s perspective, Qin Lie unleashing Blood Dragon’s Roar clearly meant that he was a disciple of a certain Blood Fiend Sect elder’s descendant. He took that thought a step further and assumed that Qin Lie had planned to steal the Demon Sealing Tombstone from him all along. He surmised that him and his father working with the scarlet barbarians had long since been discovered by the enemy.

“My father taught Qin Lie the Blood Spirit Art!” Xue Moyan exclaimed softly.

It was at this moment that the rampaging Bloodthirsty Dragon turned back into a ray of bloody light and miraculously withdrew into Xue Moyan’s snow-white arm.

A small tattoo of a bloody dragon materialized on her arm for a moment, then faded until it disappeared.

Qin Lie had ruined Jiang Tianxing’s plan to seize the Bloodthirsty Dragon from Xue Moyan. Unless Jiang Tianxing killed Xue Moyan and tore off her arm, there was an extremely small possibility that the Bloodthirsty Dragon would be summoned once more.

“That’s impossible!” Jiang Tianxing cried out. “My father trapped him at the Heavenly Fissure Continent and refined him alive, completely destroying his soul!”

Xue Moyan’s eyes became a deep red once again. However, it didn’t go red because she circulated the Blood Spirit Art, but because Jiang Tianxing brought up Xue Li’s terrible experience.

“Only half of Senior Xue Li’s soul was refined at that time. The other half of his soul still lives on! Not only is he alive and well even now, he has even reunited with his wife!” Qin Lie said in a calm, serious tone. “When I leave the Graveyard of Gods, he’ll be able to reform his body and recover from the severe damage to his soul. It won’t take long for him to regain his strength, lead Blood Fiend Sect, and reestablish it in the Land of Chaos!”

“What nonsense!” Jiang Tanxing laughed, his frustration reaching its peak. “Xue Li, Xue Moyan, and Mo Lingye who is on her deathbed will only meet one another on the way to the Yellow Springs! Hahaha!”

“Kill them!” Di Fei ordered. “Kill them all!”

At this moment, about thirty scarlet barbarians were gathered around Di Fei. At his command, they fired the arrows that they had nocked.

These arrows shot toward Qin Lie and the others at the entrance to the valley, resembling a meteor shower as different colors of light trailed behind each one. Every arrow carried a terrifying amount of energy within.

“Kill them!”

Qin Lie and the others reacted to Di Fei’s commands and took out their respective spirit artifacts, immediately charging out of the valley and toward the scarlet barbarians while enduring the rain of arrows.

A sharp, crescent-bladed scythe flew out of Xie Jingxuan’s hands. Numerous infernal purple flowers made of flames blossomed on the scythe and floated toward the scarlet barbarians like harmless bubbles.

Motes of green starlight rich with refreshing, natural life energy radiated from the flower-shaped flames.


The purple flowers erupted, and the green starlight dots that accompanied them suddenly transformed into tendrils of tenacious vines that swiftly stretched toward two scarlet barbarians at the front of Di Fei’s group.

Tiny thorns adorned the entire length of every vine. Each of them possessed shocking strength and agility. Like strange snakes, they instantly wrapped around a barbarian’s neck.


The vines constricted, breaking that barbarian’s neck. His eyes bulged, and he died without even being able to scream.

Luo Chen snorted coldly as he unleashed a harsh sword beam into the sky. It shot through the rain of arrows falling toward him, cutting all of them to pieces..

He fired multiple beams of crescent-shaped rainbow sword light at the scarlet barbarians, causing all sorts of strange, pain-filled cries to ring through the air.

Du Xiangyang chuckled as two scarlet flames burned in each of his hands. He ran straight for the scarlet barbarians, glowing as brightly as a blazing sun.

Everyone in Qin Lie’s group attacked in unison!

Most of the scarlet barbarians present were at the middle stage of the Netherpassage Realm. Some of them were in the late stage of the Netherpassage Realm. Overall, they numbered around thirty or so people.

However, their fatigue immediately began to show as Qin Lie and the other surprised them by charging into their midst and starting a slaughter.


Like a ray of bloody light weaving through the scarlet barbarians, Qin Lie endured the cold winds of the Forbidden Land of Ice while constantly condensing thunder and lightning energy.

The Astral Thunder Hammer in his hands enhanced his violent thunder and lightning energy, turning it into dazzling dots of blue light that flew straight into scarlet barbarians.

Although all of them maintained shields of light of varying colors, the scarlet barbarians immediately discovered that the astral lights would blast straight through their shields, shattering them like egg shells.

The second their shields of light exploded and their bodies were exposed to the harsh, cold winds, the barbarians immediately began to shiver uncontrollably.

As soon as the scarlet barbarians lost the protection of their shields of light, the attacks of Luo Chen, Du Xiangyang, and Xie Jingxuan shot from behind Qin Lie and assaulted them.

Many of them immediately suffered severe injuries or died on the spot. Screams constantly echoed from among them.

“Young master!”

“Save us, young master!”

“We can’t handle them!”

The scarlet barbarians subconsciously retreated as they screamed. The second that Qin Lie’s group charged them, their formation began to crumble.

Di Fei, the renowned “Son of Earth,” had joined forces with the earth spirit earlier and created walls of icy stone to block the Bloodthirsty Dragon. This resulted in him expending too much spirit energy and suffering a blow to his psyche.

His strength had fallen significantly, and he couldn’t do anything about his tribesmen being at a disadvantage.

The Bloodthirsty Dragon was a Heaven Grade spirit artifact and Blood Fiend Sect’s ultimate treasure. Xue Moyan had spent tremendous amounts of spirit energy and blood energy to control it, using its terrifying might to kill over a dozen scarlet barbarian elites in an instant.

If Di Fei hadn’t borrowed the earth spirit’s strength, there wouldn’t have been any way for him to oppose the Bloodthirsty Dragon.

Now, just like Xue Moyan, he had exhausted too much strength during the first intense clash. He couldn’t gather any strength to launch a new wave of attacks.

Seeing that his tribesmen were at a disadvantage and that Jiang Tianxing couldn’t do anything with Qin Lie keeping him busy, Di Fei finally grew nervous.

“Contact Sen Ye and Jia Yue!” Di Fei suddenly yelled.

Understanding showed on the face of a scarlet barbarian who had retreated to the rear of the group, temporarily taking refuge from the danger. He pulled out a horn and used his soul consciousness to send a message, accurately transmitting their location.

The white barbarians and black barbarians who were searching for the ice spirit nearby would immediately rush over once they received this message.

The eastern barbarians were united when facing a common enemy. They prioritized the slaughter of all Land of Chaos martial practitioners above everything else.

“Sen Ye replied! He said that he’s only ten kilometers away from here. He should arrive immediately!”

“Jia Yue also replied! She said that she’ll be here soon!”

The barbarian holding the horn had a sinister look in his eyes as he laughed harshly.

This news lifted the spirit of every scarlet barbarian within earshot. Their morale visibly went up a notch.

“Hold on just a bit longer!” Di Fei exclaimed. “Once Sen Ye arrives, none of our enemies will be left alive!”

Word spread among the scarlet barbarians that Sen Ye and Jia Yue were coming, and every barbarian that was about to retreat immediately regained their wits. They readjusted their formation and began carrying out plans to deal with and delay Qin Lie’s group.

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