Chapter 525: Bloodthirsty Dragon!

Chapter 525: Bloodthirsty Dragon!

Dense, bloody light gushed from the palm of Xue Moyan’s left hand with an angry, earthshaking roar.

A bone dragon dripping with blood winked into existence, its entire body sparkling with translucent, bloody light. Every single one of its bones exuded waves of blood energy.

Qin Lie’s eyes suddenly lit up in realization.

Although this dragon reminded him of Blood Dragon’s Roar, a spirit art executed with the power of blood, it was actually a genuine dragon’s skeleton.

With its sanguine skeleton as the frame and Xue Moyan’s blood spirit energy as its flesh, the bloody bone dragon looked as large as the entrance to a mine around twenty meters wide. Its eyes shone with intimidating bloody light.


The bloody bone dragon roared, the sanguine flames covering its body erupting skyward. It seemed as if the dragon’s burning, earthshaking might had surged into existence amidst a sea of blood.

Qin Lie raised his head to watch as the bloody bone dragon soared above him, charging straight for the group of scarlet barbarians wielding giant bows. An angry roar tore through the air as the dragon’s bloody tail swept across three of the barbarians, flinging them to the other end of the snowy valley with a bone-shattering crunch.


As if they had been pierced with sharp weapons, broken bones protruded from the stomachs of two of the barbarians.

The third one hadn’t even hit the ground before unleashing a bloodcurdling scream. He immediately died a terrible death as all of the blood in his blood vessels exploded.

“You have the Bloodthirsty Dragon!?” Jiang Tianxing screamed.


The bloody bone dragon turned its bloody gaze to Jiang Tianxing, locking onto him with a roar. Its sanguine bones twisted and convulsed before it rushed toward him, a sinister expression on its bloody face.

An expression of horror came over Jiang Tianxing, and he instinctively turned to flee.

He was well aware of the terror that was the “Bloodthirsty Dragon,” Blood Fiend Sect’s greatest spirit artifact. Back when Blood Fiend Sect fell to ruin, Mo Lingye and the Bloodthirsty Dragon had mysteriously disappeared. Jiang Tianxing and his father, Jiang Zhuzhe, had expended enormous amounts of effort searching for it.

According to the rumors, the Blood Progenitor once killed a huge dragon. Using his own blood and several hundred rare spirit materials to temper the dragon’s corpse, he created the Bloodthirsty Dragon. It then went on to become Blood Fiend Sect’s most famous spirit artifact.

As a Heaven Grade spirit artifact, the Bloodthirsty Dragon had always been the ultimate treasure that represented and protected Blood Fiend Sect. Only disciples of the sect who cultivated the Blood Spirit Art could control this powerful spirit artifact.

The Bloodthirsty Dragon had originally been in Xue Li’s possession. However, after Jiang Zhuzhe set him up and imprisoned him within the twelve spirit pattern pillars… it mysteriously disappeared.

This was the reason why Jiang Zhuzhe hadn’t killed Xue Li, instead deciding to torture, interrogate, and search him again and again. He sought to obtain the Bloodthirsty Dragon, a Heaven Grade spirit artifact.

Yet, after so many years, Jiang Zhuzhe hadn’t been able to discover its whereabouts. He eventually gave up on it.

No one could have foreseen the event that, after coming to an agreement with Xue Li, Blood Fiend Sect’s former sect master, Mo Yunwu, would personally pass the Bloodthirsty Dragon down to his daughter instead of the current sect master.

After Blood Fiend Sect fell, Mo Lingye took the Bloodthirsty Dragon and fled far from the Heavenly Calamity Continent. Then she passed it down to Xue Moyan.

No one realized that Xue Moyan, who had always fought others using Illusory Demon Sect’s spirit arts and spirit artifacts, possessed the Bloodthirsty Dragon. She never dared to use it because doing so would expose it, and by extension, her own identity.

However, Jiang Tianxing’s taunts had truly infuriated her. Unable to suppress her anger, she actually summoned the Bloodthirsty Dragon.

The Bloodthirsty Dragon, which was made using a dragon’s corpse, nurtured with the blood of the Blood Progenitor, and tempered with several hundred rare spirit materials, now displayed its terrifying might.

Upon focusing on and examining the Bloodthirsty Dragon, Qin Lie noticed that Blood Fiend Sect’s spirit art, “Blood Dragon’s Roar,” had been created using the Heaven Grade spirit artifact as a basis.

At Xue Moyan’s command, this unusually large, dragon-shaped spirit artifact roared and rushed at Jiang Tianxing.

All of the scarlet barbarians below the bloody bone dragon were in the late stage of the Netherpassage Realm. They had formidable realms and abundant energy.

However, when the Bloodthirsty Dragon flew overhead, the extraordinary patterns on its bones blossomed with terrifying blood energy..

“Bang bang bang!”

—And the scarlet barbarians beneath it suddenly exploded, their blood having boiled up and expanded beyond what their bodies could contain.

The scarlet barbarian martial practitioners outside the valley burst into showers of blood one after another.

“Swoosh swoosh swoosh!”

Bloody lights shot from the remains of everyone who died such horrible deaths, flying into the sky and streaming into the Bloodthirsty Dragon.

The dragon roared angrily as it absorbed all of the light into its body of blood and bone. The bloody light in its pupils grew increasingly terrifying.

“Di Fei! Help me!” Jiang Tianxing screamed over and over.

He fled into the distance like a ray of sanguine light, using everything he had in an attempt to reach Di Fei. He hoped that the scarlet barbarian leader would be able to assist him.

Having rushed from the toppled mountain, Di Fei was in the process of leading his men toward the entrance to the valley when the hysteric Jiang Tianxing came into view.

Relentlessly chasing him from behind was the bloody bone dragon. It burned with sanguine flames and radiated a fiendish aura of blood that reached the sky.

This sight left Di Fei, who moved with anger and extraordinary might, speechless. He hadn’t even made it to the valley yet.

“Stop!” Di Fei commanded his tribesmen, hastily raising a hand. His expression changed from anger to disbelief as he yelled, “Jiang Tianxing! What is that thing behind you?”

“It’s Blood Fiend Sect’s ultimate treasure, the Bloodthirsty Dragon!” Jiang Tianxing screamed in horror. “Di Fei! Command the earth spirit to create a wall of earth and block it! Xue Moyan is controlling the Bloodthirsty Dragon, but her life force is weak! She definitely won’t be able to keep it up for long!”

“Alright!” Di Fei shouted. He furrowed his brow in concentration as a new pair of eyes appeared on his face once more.

“Seismic Mountain Uprising!” he yelled, injecting an immense amount of earth power into the ground.

The earth behind Jiang Tianxing released a terrifying rumble as the ground split, barriers of ice and stone jutting into the air.


The Bloodthirsty Dragon rammed into one of the walls, shattering the barrier that resembled a small hill. It continued to charge forward, scattering shards and boulders of ice and stone everywhere.

Thick barriers burst into pieces one after another.

The Bloodthirsty Dragon roared angrily as it continued its violent pursuit of Jiang Tianxing.

“Again! Again!” Jiang Tiangxing yelled in fear.

Seeing that the situation was just as bad as before, Di Fei had no choice but to concentrate and join forces with the earth spirit once more, building new earthen barriers to block the dragon’s path.

Back in the valley, Xue Moyan’s beautiful, blood-soaked figure flew past Qin Lie into the distance. She followed the Bloodthirsty Dragon closely, directing it to attack Jiang Tianxing.

Her entire body brimmed with killing intent!

“S-sister Xue…” Pan Qianqian said in a soft voice. “She looks so fearless.”

The sight stunned everyone in Qin Lie’s group.

“She’s killed more than a dozen scarlet barbarians using just the power of blood and that spirit artifact, the Bloodthirsty Dragon. She has yet to call upon even an ounce of the illusory power of Illusory Demon Sect,” Du Xiangyang said, his lips forming a bitter smile as he shook his head. “All of her enemies are in the late stage of the Netherpassage Realm too!”

“A thousand years ago... if internal strife hadn’t erupted within Blood Fiend Sect... if the three great families hadn’t betrayed them... if the nine great Silver rank forces hadn’t come together and attacked them…” A sense of respect welled up inside of Luo Chen. “If none of these things had come to pass, Blood Fiend Sect probably would’ve continued to be the most terrifying force in the Land of Chaos!”

As a newly ascended Silver rank force, Heavenly Sword Mountain was young like Luo Chen. They didn’t have much admiration for Blood Fiend Sect, a force that once dominated the Land of Chaos.

Although it was once powerful, Blood Fiend Sect hadn’t left much of an impression on Luo Chen because it ultimately fell to ruin.

He had always thought that stories of Blood Fiend Sect’s might were just rumors. He believed that, if such a sect truly was strong, it wouldn’t have been eliminated..

Yet at this moment, after Xue Moyan summoned the Bloodthirsty Dragon and instantly killed a dozen or so scarlet barbarians in the same realm as her, he finally understood just how terrifying Blood Fiend Sect had been. He truly acknowledged the powerful force that once dominated the Land of Chaos.

“She won’t be able to sustain it,” Xie Jingxuan suddenly said. “This terrifying Heaven Grade spirit artifact needs incredible amounts of blood and energy to sustain it. Xue Moyan may possess a considerable amount of both, but she doesn’t have enough. She definitely won’t hold on much longer.”

Xie Jingxuan could keenly sense life force. She noticed Xue Moyan’s plight a long time ago and knew there was no way she’d be able to control the Bloodthirsty Dragon much longer.

A Heaven Grade spirit artifact like the Bloodthirsty Dragon was suitable for Nirvana Realm and Imperishable Realm martial practitioners. Only elites in these realms could skillfully wield such a spirit artifact.

Xue Moyan was only at the peak of the Netherpassage Realm. The fact that she could summon the Bloodthirsty Dragon and unleash a small fraction of its might was already a feat to be proud of.

She clearly couldn’t keep this up for long.

“This spirit artifact’s terrifying power is the only reason she could instantly kill around a dozen barbarians in the same realm as her,” Xie Jingxuan said, calmly revealing the truth. “She wouldn’t have such an overwhelming advantage on her own.”

“Does that mean she’ll have to withdraw the Bloodthirsty Dragon if Di Fei is able to fend it off for a little while longer?” Qin Lie asked with a frown.

“Not only would she have to withdraw it, she’d even grow weak from using up too much of her blood and energy,” Xie Jingxuan explained. “We shouldn’t just watch from the sidelines. We need to stay by her side and wait for the moment that she exhausts all of her strength. We need to protect her when that happens. We’ll need to keep the scarlet barbarians from injuring or killing her.”

A grim expression covered Qin Lie’s face. Without another word, he rushed from the valley in Xue Moyan’s direction.


Another wall of icy stone rose from the ground, and the Bloodthirsty Dragon burst straight through it. It roared madly and was about to reach Di Fei and Jiang Tianxing.


A mouthful of blood erupted from Di Fei’s mouth. His eyes grew dim as he ignored Jiang Tianxing’s cries and yelled, “Retreat! Retreat from this place! Now!”

Di Fei was actually the first to give in.

“The bloody bone dragon has been withdrawn!” a scarlet barbarian cried out in surprise.

Xue Moyan’s face was pale, the glittering bloody light in her eyes gradually dimming as well.

Di Fei, who had been ready to turn tail and run, regained his composure upon hearing the cry of his tribesman, a pleased expression returning to his face.

“Someone who’s about to die doesn’t deserve Blood Fiend Sect’s ultimate treasure!” Jiang Tianxing yelled, insane with excitement. He shot toward Xue Moyan, almost dancing with joy.

He was about to seize the Bloodthirsty Dragon from Xue Moyan and fulfill one of his father’s dreams.

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