Chapter 510: Merge!

Chapter 510: Merge!

The nine blood essences floating in front of Qin Lie had been created using the Blood Refinement Art. Each had been refined from the essences of the fire spirit, the wood spirit, and the thunder spirit, then merged into his own blood.

The gem-like drops of blood gently radiated rings of bright, beautiful light.

Every blood essence shared a miraculous connection with Qin Lie. When he examined them with his mind consciousness, he could even tell that they possessed basic intelligence.

It was as if they were completely new forms of life that had just been brought into existence. Simply sensing them gave him an indescribable feeling.

“These nine blood essences came from the fire spirit, wood spirit, and thunder spirit. The Demon Sealing Tombstone gave them to me after refining the essence of each spirit.”

Qin Lie didn’t bother hiding the truth as he examined the blood essences with glee. Each one looked like a gemstone.

“Blood? Every single one of them… are blood essences?!” Pan Qianqian cried out in surprise.

To Pan Qianqian, these blood essences were clearly dazzling gemstones that contained sparks of beauty.

“The energy within them is incredibly powerful and refined,” Du Xiangyang said. He was incredibly envious of Qin Lie.

Luo Chen sighed and shook his head slightly, eyes filled with regret.

“What miraculous lifeblood essences... One has to temper them by nurturing them with their own blood? I wonder how many other mysteries lay hidden within them…” Xue Moyan exclaimed in wonder.

All of a sudden, the Soul Suppressing Orb concealed inside of Qin Lie’s forehead appeared once more.

An extremely strong force of attraction emanated from the orb in waves, forming an intense suction effect.

The nine gem-like blood essences turned into rays of light, instantly flying into the Soul Suppressing Orb.

Then, as quickly as it had appeared, the Soul Suppressing Orb vanished back into Qin Lie’s flesh. However, the powerful suction never stopped.

Qin Lie’s expression twisted in amazement as he realized that the blood in his veins frantically surged toward his head.

Like a powerful vacuum, the Soul Suppressing Orb in his forehead swiftly drained his blood.

When Qin Lie tried to form his soul consciousness, he discovered that the soul energy of his True Soul seemed to be fading rapidly. The Soul Suppressing Orb seemed to be draining it as well.

“This is bad!”

Scared out of his wits, Qin Lie immediately focused all of his mind consciousness and examined the Soul Suppressing Orb.

He saw that wisps of his blood were vanishing inside of it, heading toward an unknown area he still couldn’t reach.

Suddenly, exhaustion bore down on Qin Lie, a sign that his soul energy was swiftly depleting.

All of this happened in the blink of an eye.

Song Tingyu, Xie Jingxuan, Du Xiangyang, Luo Chen, Xue Moyan, and Pan Qianqian were frozen, watching the scene unfolding before them. They stared in shock as a strange third eye appeared on Qin Lie’s forehead, protruding from his flesh then opening. Sucking in and devouring the nine blood essences, that eye resembled a black hole capable of consuming everything in existence.

At the same time, they could see the terror in Qin Lie’s face.

This meant that all of this had caught Qin Lie unaware. He couldn’t control what was happening to him!

It was only then that everyone truly believed Qin Lie’s explanation from earlier. He really did want to share the Pure Soul Springs with them, but he couldn’t control the changes within his own body.

The extraordinary changes occurring inside of Qin Lie shocked everyone. They had no idea how they could help him.

“H-his face is getting paler and paler!” Song Tingyu cried anxiously.

“He’s running out of blood!” Since she cultivated the Blood Spirit Art, Xue Moyan could immediately tell what was wrong with Qin Lie after quickly examining him. “He’s lost at least a fifth of all the blood in his body, and it’s still being sucked out of him!”

“All of his blood is flowing to his forehead! Xie Jingxuan exclaimed softly.

“His soul energy is also being drained, look at his eyes!” Du Xiangyang shouted.

Everyone looked and Qin Lie’s fear-filled eyes. They were clearly dimmer than before.

This meant that Qin Lie’s soul energy had been greatly depleted in this short amount of time.

“He needs to replenish his blood and his soul energy as quickly as possible!” Xue Moyan cried.

Without hesitation, she took out several dozen high quality soul crystals from her spatial ring and poured them onto the snow-covered ground at Qin Lie’s feet.

“Qin Lie!” she yelled. “Extract the soul energy from the soul crystals as quickly as possible! You need to replenish your own!”

A moment later, Song Tingyu also sprang into action, taking out high quality soul crystals of her own and putting them next to Qin Lie.

“His blood!” She rushed to his side frantically, attempting to bolster Qin Lie’s life force with her own spirit energy. “How are we going to replenish the blood in his body?”

“It’s no use,” Xue Moyan said, shaking her head. “None of our blood is compatible with his.”

“Then what should we do?!” Song Tingyu shouted.

Xue Moyan didn’t answer her. She didn’t know what to do either.

In this frigid, snowy land, Qin Lie sat in an upright position, a thick layer of ice forming on his body.

It was as if he had transformed into an ice sculpture.

His face grew increasingly pale, his eyes becoming dimmer and dimmer. He seemed to be slowly dying.

Song Tingyu and the others surrounded him, anxious and concerned, but they didn’t know how to help him.

Some time later, Xie Jingxuan’s eyes lit up. “H-his blood and his soul energy seem to have stopped depleting.”

After taking a few seconds to sense Qin Lie’s condition, Xue Moyan regained her calm. “He’s lost a lot of blood, but it seems as though that draining effect has truly stopped. He isn’t getting any worse.”

This information allowed the group to relax a bit.

Everyone continued to huddle around Qin Lie, frowns covering their faces. They refused to let down their guard in case another disaster struck.

Inside of the Soul Suppressing Orb, Qin Lie’s wisp of soul shadow ventured into its depths. As usual, he could only see the spirit diagrams. However, in addition to that, he could see a steady stream of his blood and his soul energy flowing toward the space beyond them.

There seemed to be a door behind the spirit diagrams. It was sealed, preventing him from sensing the mysteries it kept within.

Yet it didn’t affect the flow of blood or soul energy.

Qin Lie was well aware of the fact that the six Pure Soul Springs, the nine blood essences, his blood, and his soul energy had been absorbed into the space behind that door.

He didn’t know what was going on behind that door, but he had the strangest feeling. It felt as if all of these elements were being gathered in one place and… were merging together.

What on earth would happen after the Pure Soul Springs, the nine blood essences, his blood, and his soul energy merged together?

Qin Lie didn’t know the answer to that question.

After examining the Soul Suppressing Orb’s interior for a bit longer, Qin Lie gradually withdrew his mind consciousness.

Then he opened his eyes.

“I’m fine,” Qin Lie said to Song Tingyu and the others. “I just lost a lot of blood… and a portion of my soul energy. I’ll probably need some time to recover.”

“Th-those changes… what in Spirit Realm just happened?” Song Tingyu asked, fraught with worry.

Qin Lie shook his head, a bitter smile on his face, then said, “I can’t explain it, nor do I actually understand it, but I think I’ll find out after some time.”

He decided to wait for everything in the Soul Suppressing Orb to merge together.

He wanted to see the end result.


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