Chapter 51: Practice (Teaser)

Chapter 51: Practice

Icestone City, Nebula Pavilion.

Ling Feng and Liu Yan stood before Elder Han Qingrui with slightly restrained expressions.

Following the Ling Family Patriarch’s orders, Ling Feng had come to Nebula Pavilion to help Qin Lie obtain “spirit tablets” in order to practice inscribing spirit diagrams.. Because he was unfamiliar with Nebula Pavilion, he first sought out Liu Yan and asked him to be his guide.

At Celestial Wolf Mountain, Liu Yan had become very close to the Ling Family and had also expressed his sincerest gratitude towards them, telling them that if they required any assistance at Nebula Pavilion, they should seek him out.

Ling Feng’s arrival caused Liu Yan to be elated. He happily guided Ling Feng to find Han Qingrui and had Ling Feng explain the situation.

“Qin Lie and Ling Lie are are one and the same, and he possesses three thousand contribution points. The 'spirit tablets' that Nebula Pavilion uses to inscribe spirit diagrams are worth five contribution points each. How many do you want to buy on Qin Lie’s behalf?” asked Han Qingrui. He thought,smiled slightly, then inquired “That Qin Lie, is he also an artificer? Spirit tablets can only be...

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