Chapter 505: Seal Broken!

Chapter 505: Seal Broken!

The Thunder Crystal Beast was the thunder spirit of the Forbidden Land of Thunder.

As the eye of the Forbidden Land of Thunder’s formation, even if the Thunder Crystal Beast wasn’t able to slaughter the eastern barbarians because of the electrical dampening field, it could still greatly empower Qin Lie.

Qin Lie could sense the Thunder Crystal Beast’s aura and understand the expectations it had for him from the electric flames and dazzling lightning bolts.

All of the thunder and lightning in the Forbidden Land of Thunder now resonated with Qin Lie in a strange way. He could sense with his True Soul that all of the electrical energy seemed to have become tame.

It seemed that Qin Lie was able to control the Forbidden Land of Thunder in the thunder spirit’s place...

“Flame Arrow of Seven Dragons!”

The giant curved bow in Sen Ye’s hands burned with ferocious scarlet fire. An arrow of flame the size of an arm swiftly formed inside the bow like a scorching pillar of heat.

If one were to pay close attention to the flame arrow, they would discover that seven writhing miniature dragons intertwined to form it.

Eerie howls continuously echoed from the dragons as the flame arrow burned.


Sen Ye launched the flame arrow, and its seven writhing dragons locked onto Qin Lie’s aura, rushing toward him with a roar.

A terrifyingly intense heat that threatened to burn the world gushed from the draconic arrow. It seemed as if it would overwhelm Qin Lie like a sea of fire.

Qin Lie grinned as flames approached him, their shine reflecting in his eyes. He prepared to activate the Frost Art and circulate the refined frost energy in his three frost natal palaces.

However, when the flame arrow came within thirty meters of Qin Lie, his expression twisted in shock.

An unspeakably strange energy entered his dantian’s spirit sea like a formless and shadowless wave. In an instant, all of the spirit energy in his dantian’s spirit sea became chaotic. The thunder, earth, and frost energy in all nine of his natal palaces twisted up into a useless ball.

Qin Lie actually lost control of his dantian’s spirit sea for a moment, rendering him incapable of summoning a shred of energy to defend himself against the flames that were about to flood over him.

This was the same bizarre method that Yan Min used!

When Yan Min and the martial practitioners of the three forces were clashing against each other earlier, anyone who got within ten meters of him would lose control of their spirit energy. Regardless of how refined or powerful their spirit art was, that person’s spirit sea would fall victim to an abnormal effect and they wouldn’t be able to unleash their power.

Even powerful spirit artifacts would be reduced to common steel, losing all spirit energies upon entering that giant’s vicinity.

Qin Lie originally thought this was caused by a unique talent that Yan Min possessed, and that he was the only eastern barbarian capable of nullifying spirit energy.

He hadn’t thought that Sen Ye would be capable of the same thing.

In fact, Sen Ye was even more terrifying than Yan Min!

The Flame Arrow of Seven Dragons he fired would disrupt the spirit energy of its targets right before it overwhelmed them!

Such a turn of events would surprise even the calmest person, causing them to panic and be flooded by flames.

Anyone who fell victim to this would be burned to dust.

This method was even more cruel and wicked than Yan Min’s!

Having shot a Flame Arrow of Seven Dragons at Qin Lie, Sen Ye no longer paid attention to him. Instead he turned and shot another one at the Thunder Crystal Beast.

He had given up on capturing the Thunder Crystal Beast alive. Now he just wanted to quickly take care of everything inside the thunder lagoon.

Sen Ye was very confident that he would succeed.

He was certain that Qin Lie and the Thunder Crystal Beast would die horrible deaths after firing both flame arrows .

These two divine arrows would put a nail in both their coffins.

“Save me!’

Every electric flame transmitted the soul cries of the Thunder Crystal Beast.

It could sense terrible danger from that arrow.

At the same time, since his dantian’s spirit sea was in disarray, Qin Lie couldn’t use the frost energy in three of his natal palaces.

And the seven draconic flames soaring through the air were about to reach him.

How could Qin Lie split his concentration and try to protect the Thunder Crystal Beast when he couldn’t even protect himself?

“Ma Tuo! That person cultivates a thunder spirit art. His body will be useful if we preserve it. Remember not to cut his head off; I want his corpse intact!”

Sen Ye stared at the Thunder Crystal Beast in the depths of the thunder lagoon and snorted coldly, his back to Ma To.


The buzz of an electric current radiated from the giant silver web, attracting the attention of the eastern barbarians.

They suddenly realized that Qin Lie had struck the web, his body shrouded in flames.

The moment the flame arrow came into contact with his body, the seven dragons that formed the arrow had slipped into his body like seven fiery lights.

Flames had covered Qin Lie’s body, and the seven tiny dragons had charged inside of him. He had lost all of his energy and fell toward the bottom of the lagoon.

But instead of falling to the lagoon’s muddy floor, he had fallen onto the giant silver web. Electricity soaked into his body as he fell through gaps in the web, crashing against thread after thread of metal and descending toward the Thunder Crystal Beast like a fiery meteor.

At the bottom of the lagoon, the Thunder Crystal Beast continuously moved around like a bolt of lightning, not daring to stop for even a moment.

The other flame arrow chased it like a ray of burning light. It had locked onto the Thunder Crystal Beast’s aura, relentlessly pursuing the thunder spirit as if it had a mind of its own.

The Flame Arrow of Seven Dragons was extraordinarily vicious. As soon as Sen Ye locked onto his prey with his mind consciousness, that poor soul wouldn’t be able to avoid it in any way. No matter how much his target ran, if they couldn’t forcefully destroy the arrow, they would be pursued until they were struck.

Simply dodging it wouldn’t put and end to their crisis.

“Boom boom!”

Qin Lie’s flame-covered body slammed into the floor of the lagoon, shattering numerous soul crystals.

“Dammit! He shattered a lot of soul crystals! What a waste!” the eastern barbarians swore.

“Are we almost done?” someone asked Sen Ye.

“The Thunder Crystal Beast hasn’t collapsed yet. Just wait. Keep waiting!” Sen Ye smiled savagely. “Heh, this is good. As long as the Thunder Crystal Beast doesn’t stop, neither will my Flame Arrow of Seven Dragons . Once I’ve exhausted all of its strength, I will be able to capture it alive and unharmed. That is the best case scenario!

“We eastern barbarians have finally turned the situation around with this trip. We’ll kill all the elites of the Land of Chaos and seize all the precious treasures in the Graveyard of Gods! Hehe! Next time we invade the Land of Chaos, we will achieve a historic victory!

“For too long have we waited for this day! The Land of Chaos will soon be ours! Those nine great Silver rank forces, whatever they’re called, should’ve been slaughtered down to the last man a long time ago!”

All of the eastern barbarians above the thunder lagoon laughed wickedly from behind the giant web of silver metal.

They treated the situation as if everything had been settled, like they’d gained complete control of the Forbidden Land of Thunder. It was clear that they no longer considered Qin Lie and Thunder Crystal Beast threats.

“Eh?! Something’s wrong!” Ma To screamed.

The eastern barbarians, all of which were imagining a bright future, looked at him with skeptical eyes.

“That guy! The flames on that guy’s body have gone out!” Ma To pointed at Qin Lie.

Every eastern barbarian’s gaze turned to the bottom of the lagoon.

The flames that had been burning Qin Lie’s body, which currently lay at the bottom of the soul crystal covered lagoon, actually seemed to miraculously seep into his flesh bit by bit.

It was as if he had absorbed the tiny, fiery dragons.

Then, although he should’ve drawn his last breath and been scorched to ash, Qin Lie sat straight up.

He raised his head and grinned at the eastern barbarians, eyes full of bone-chilling cold.

“Whoosh whoosh!”

Two translucent blood drops of blood emerged from the palm of his left hand, floating into the air and expanding continuously. Matching their increase in size, they burst into flames and grew hotter and hotter.

They slowly took on the shape of two ferocious Fire Qilins!

Under the utterly shocked gazes of the eastern barbarians, the two Fire Qilins turned into wisps of fiery light and shot forward, enveloping the Flame Arrow of Seven Dragons that was chasing the Thunder Crystal Beast. Like a giant whale sucking tons of water into its mouth, the Fire Qilins absorbed the intense flames emanating from the seven intertwining dragons that made up the arrow.

“Fire Qilins! Those are the essences of the Fire Qilin, the first spirit of the Forbidden Land of Flame!” Ma Tuo went pale with fright. “He captured the Fire Qilin in the Forbidden Land of Flames! God dammit!”

Sen Ye’s face was grim. His earlier confidence instantly disappeared from his face.

In addition to that, the fire spirit energy that had been gushing from his body became weaker after Qin Lie absorbed the flames of both flame arrows.

“Shoot him! Shoot him now!” Sen Ye roared angrily.

As he did, the third blood essence finished absorbing the flames on Qin Lie’s body.

Then Qin Lie coincidentally walked next to one of the logs of Thunderblitz wood.

“This piece of Thunderblitz wood is the key of the electricity dampening field… heh.” Qin Lie smiled, then reached out and touched the giant log of wood.

Thunderblitz Trees were extraordinary trees that could absorb thunder and lightning.

As a result of this unique characteristic, the Thunder Crystal Beast couldn’t do anything. Even though it knew that the electricity dampening field could be destroyed as long as it the Thunderblitz wood formation was disrupted, there was nothing it could do.

The Thunder Crystal Beast was made up of thunder and lightning energy. The only spirit energy it could use was thunder and lightning energy.

That was its only attribute.

Whether it was the thunder and lightning that circulated inside of its body or the thunder and lightning it controlled separately, the logs of Thunderblitz wood were capable of indiscriminately absorbing all of the thunder spirit’s energy.

For someone else, moving the wood of a Thunderblitz Tree wasn’t hard..

For the Thunder Crystal Beast, however, such a thing was harder than reaching the highest point in the sky.

This was why it hadn’t dared to touch any of the eight logs of wood this entire time.

Not only did it not dare to touch them, it basically couldn’t touch them because it only had one type of power.

Qin Lie, on the other hand, was different.

“Shoot him! Quickly! Shoot him to death!” Sen Ye roared madly.

Every eastern barbarian present gathered their strength and attempted to overwhelm Qin Lie with waves of fire arrows of all kinds of colors.

Unfortunately, arrows formed through the condensation of one’s spirit energy weren’t easy to fire. One needed to spend a decent amount of time to fill the arrows with power.

Before any of the barbarians could loose their arrows, both of Qin Lie’s hands already pressed against the log of Thunderblitz wood he was next to.


Bright yellow haloes filled with the immense power of earth erupted from Qin Lie’s body.


Qin Lie forcefully lifted the dark gray log of wood with both of his hands. As his body slowly leaned backward, so too did the wood of the Thunderblitz Tree.

Eventually, the log of Thunderblitz wood at the center of the formation toppled over, and the giant silver web of metallic threads was instantly torn to pieces.


Countless sparks of electricity and dull explosions flashed across the giant metallic web.

Amidst the explosions, the strange energy of the electricity dampening field swiftly fell apart. The lockdown on the thunder lagoon quickly vanished.

At the other end of the lagoon, the Flame Arrow of Seven Dragons that had been chasing the Thunder Crystal Beast lost its power as the two Fire Qilin flames absorbed it.

The Thunder Crystal Beast had finally been saved from disaster.

It came to a sudden stop, raised its head, and stared at the giant silver web responsible for locking down its small world up to this point. As the log of Thunderblitz wood fell and crumbled to pieces, the thunder spirit’s shiny, crystalline eyes shone with a cold light.

“Boom boom! Prak!”

The dull rumbling of thunder resounded from every direction in the Forbidden Land of Thunder. Rainbows of lightning that resembled giant dragons gathered in the thunder lagoon like shooting stars.

It seemed as if the god of the Forbidden Land of Thunder had become furious and was now intent on cleansing this tainted, filthy world with a baptism of thunder and lightning and eliminating all beings who dared to challenge its might.

“Retreat! We’re leaving this place!” Sen Ye looked into the sky and swore angrily. Yet his eyes still held a look of calm.

Sen Ye knew that the Thunder Crystal Beast had regained control of the Forbidden Land of Thunder, and that the broken metal threads he had brought could no longer be used to form a new electricity dampening field.

This meant he could no longer seal the Thunder Crystal Beast’s power.

Regardless of how reluctant he was or how angry he felt, he couldn’t do anything but escape.


A horn suddenly resounded, its harsh tone echoing throughout the area. Every barbarian, from the ones inside the thunder lagoon to the ones outside clashing with the three forces, turned pale with fright as soon as they heard the sound.

And they all retreated toward the Forbidden Land of Ice.

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