Chapter 502: Colorful Arrow Rain

Chapter 502: Colorful Arrow Rain

“Kill them all, Yan Min!” numerous eastern barbarians cried out.

All of them wore looks of excitement as they watched their giant ally, eyes glittering with violence.


The eastern barbarian giant called “Yan Min” ran toward another martial practitioner, one belonging to the Xiahou Family.

He rammed into that martial practitioner like a giant beast made of iron and stone.

That martial practitioner took his last breath midair, and his life energy dissipated before he even hit the ground.

At the same time, the tens of thousands of mud arrows formed by Yan Min fell upon the center of the Black Voodoo Cult martial practitioners like a swampy rain.

This assault prevented Black Voodoo Cult, Celestial Artifact Sect, and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain from immediately unleashing a frenzied counterattack.


Energy stretched from Luo Chen’s sword, extending the length of its blade by several meters. It surged into the fray, slicing through the waists of three eastern barbarians.

The sword seemed to cut through space, as if the three barbarians were just an afterthought.

The energy-tipped sword continued to spin through the air above the eastern barbarians, harvesting lives left and right.

At the same time, Chu Li enveloped numerous eastern barbarians with his golden sandstorm.

Blood dyed the golden storm with a hint of scarlet amidst the screams of its victims.

Blood would shoot from the storm every so often, drenching the ground around it. The sight was incredibly shocking.

Chu Li was clearly on a killing spree!

“This is…”

Ye Yihao had initially looked into the sky with apprehension, worried that the attacks of Chu Li and Luo Chen would target them as well.

Yet he was surprised to discover that Luo Chen’s sword, Chu Li in his golden sandstorm, and even Xue Moyan’s Illusory Demon Orb had flown right over them and gone straight for the eastern barbarians.

After a brief moment of hesitation, Ye Yihao came to his senses and sinisterly said, “Kill the eastern barbarians first!”

“Kill the eastern barbarians first!” Feng Yiyou and Yu Men also shouted.

“Moon Blade Barricade!” Feng Yiyou tossed a spatial ring into the air, a grim look on his face.

A multitude of bright silver crescent blades instantly came into existence, covering the sky above Celestial Artifact Sect like a divine umbrella.

Feng Yiyou’s eyes shone with silver light as he used his mind consciousness and spirit energy to control the spirit artifact.

The Moon Blade Barricade possessed both offensive and defensive capabilities. In being summoned for the current situation, its crescent blades of light worked in tandem to create a literal meat grinder that whistled toward the eastern barbarians.

Any eastern barbarian that failed to get out of the way in time were cut to pieces by those silver blades. Blood curdling screams could be heard as arms and legs were lost.

A couple of them were instantly decapitated.

“Release the voodoo insects! Let’s see if these eastern barbarians have the ability to rule the entire Graveyard of Gods!” Huang Zhuli laughed coldly.

The Black Crystal Sky Scorpion and the Eight-winged Centipede Queen emerged from her and Ye Yihao’s bodies and released shrill whistling sounds. Black smoke trailed behind them as they flew toward the eastern barbarians.

Yu Men whirled around and charged toward the barbarians with a low howl. “Kill them!”

And just like that, a bloody battle commenced.

Every person on the side of the eastern barbarians paused for a brief moment, gathering their strength to draw their bows.

Their eyes exuded bloodlust, and their bows and arrows surged with a terrifying aura of spirit energy.

Every single eastern barbarian was able to perfectly channel the spirit art they cultivated into their bow and arrow. Some arrows resembled sharp icicles and others burned with colorful, blistering flames. Some even glowed with dazzling, metallic light sharp enough to pierce the heavens.


Triggered by that explosive yell, arrows of all types shot into the air.

These new arrows, imbued with the refined spirit energy from the eastern barbarians, were several times stronger than the previous arrows had been.

Even from his position atop the desolate hill, Qin Lie could sense just how terrifying the spirit energy of those arrows was.

Fully saturated in spirit energy, those arrows were no longer normal. The energy inside of them was enough to blast a Netherpassage Realm martial practitioner to gory pieces.

In the face of this onslaught, the martial practitioners of Black Voodoo Cult, Celestial Artifact Sect, and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain cried out. Every single one of them summoned their respective shields of light, all of which were also enhanced with various defensive effects.

A Black Voodoo Cult martial practitioner formed a greenish gray shield of light around his body, but an arrow radiating bright metallic light shattered it.. The metallic arrow pierced his heart, killing him instantly.

However, just as the eastern barbarians began killing martial practitioners with their arrows, Feng Yiyou’s Moon Blade Barricade and the voodoo insects of Black Voodoo Cult reached the eastern barbarians.

These, along with Chu Li’s golden storm and Luo Chen’s energy tipped sword, ensured that eastern barbarians were constantly dying as well.

Both sides had indisputably engaged each other in pitched battle.


Yan Min, the eastern barbarian giant, led the charge into the center of the Land of Chaos martial practitioners like an enormous boulder.

Martial practitioners from the three great families surrounded the giant, attacking him continuously, but anyone who came within ten meters of him immediately went pale and became unable to do anything. Any martial practitioner unlucky enough to be caught in that radius failed to respond to the sudden change and was crushed by Yan Min’s rock-like body.

Just like that, he rammed five people to death one after another

“Let me at him!” Xiahou Yuan roared angrily, moving toward the giant.

However, he too went pale as soon as he got close.

“Something’s wrong!” Xiahou Yuan cried out. Since he had known that something strange was happening from the very beginning, he retreated from Yan Min’s ten meter radius as soon as he began to feel affected. “H-he can mess with a person’s dantian and prevent spirit energy from circulating!"

Everyone around him instantly realized what was going on.

“Attack him with spirit artifacts!” Huang Zhuli ordered.

A dark green serpent spear emerged from a Black Voodoo Cult martial practitioner’s sleeve, glowing with emerald light.

The spear rose into the air and flickered, bringing three strange snakes into existence. These snakes were representations of pure, condensed spirit energy, and were capable of greatly enhancing the spear’s power.

The spear shot toward Yan Min, but just as it was about to strike him, the emerald spirit energy snakes burst into scattered bits of light and vanished.

The eastern barbarian giant seized the spear from the air with a nasty grin, snapping it in half. He then proceeded to charge the Black Voodoo Cult martial practitioner that had sent it to attack him.

That martial practitioner had been deeply shocked by the serpent spear’s sudden destruction and failed to avoid Yan Min’s charge in time. Once the giant closed in on him, the spirit sea of the martial practitioner’s dantian fell into disorder, and he lost the ability to escape.

That left him with no other fate but death by mutilation.

“You will lose control of your spirit energies as soon as you approach me! All spirit artifacts powered by spirit energy also cannot harm me!” Yan Min bellowed then grinned wickedly. He charged down martial practitioners left and right, eventually resulting in no man’s land forming around him.

“Kill them all, Yan Min!” the eastern barbarians roared.

“Leave it to me! I can kill them all by myself! I won’t even need your help!” Yan Min howled strangely.

“This is one difficult opponent. Who would’ve thought that he’d be able to disrupt the spirit energy around him? He can mess with the dantians of his enemies and render spirit artifacts that use spirit energy harmless. He won’t be easy to deal with,” Du Xiangyang said, surprise filling his face.

Aside from Luo Chen, Chu Li, and Xue Moyan, everyone else in Qin Lie’s group currently stood on the sidelines, calmly observing the battle.

From their point of view, the three forces were not actually at a disadvantage against the eastern barbarians.

The only headache of Black Voodoo Cult, Celestial Artifact Sect, and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain was that giant. They didn’t have a good method of dealing with him at the moment.

“When that person disrupts the spirit sea of his opponents, he does the same to his own spirit energy.” Xie Jingxuan spoke up suddenly, looking at the people beside her. “He is only able to kill people using his explosive physical power, relying on a different kind of hard, fierce energy. Anybody who possesses a tough body and extraordinary combat potential that doesn’t rely on their dantian’s spirit sea can definitely go toe to toe with him.

She eyed Qin Lie, Xue Moyan, and Du Xiangyang.

“Jingxuan, are you saying that these three... are all qualified to fight against that guy?” Song Tingyu’s eyes twirled.

“They’re strong enough to fight him for a while.” Xie Jingxuan calmly paused to look at Xue Moyan, then turned to Du Xiangyang before saying, “Qin Lie, you definitely aren’t any weaker than that eastern barbarian without your dantian’s spirit sea. You can match him with just your physical combat power alone!”

“Heh... I guess I underestimated you guys.” Song Tingyu pursed her lips into a smile.

“Miss Xie, I am undeserving of such high praise. I certainly don’t possess such strength, haha.” Du Xiangyang rubbed his nose and laughed dryly.

He still wanted to conceal his true strength.

Song Tingyu then looked at Xue Moyan.

“Miss Xue, y-you can fight that guy too?” Pan Qianqian asked in surprise.

“I might not be able to kill him, but I can probably stop him from continuing his rampage. I suppose I’ll…” Xue Moyan frowned slightly.

“No.” Xie Jingxuan shook her head. “You don’t need to go down there. He should be able to handle that eastern barbarian without using his dantian’s spirit sea.”

She pointed at someone.

The group identified that person then softly exclaimed, “Yu Men?”

“Yes, him. He hasn’t joined the fray yet because that giant’s only been terrorizing Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families,” Xie Jingxuan said blankly, instantly exposing Yu Men’s treacherous plot.


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