Chapter 5: Soul Suppressing Orb

Chapter 5: Soul Suppressing Orb


Ling Yushi let out a heavy sigh as she tiredly placed Qin Lie on the bed; suspicions and doubts filled her youthful bright eyes.

This was the stone house which Qin Lie stayed in all year round. It had a total of three rooms, one of the empty rooms formerly belonged to Qin Shan, while the other was a bathing room.

In Ling Town, such stone houses were very common, and most martial practitioners of Ling Town live in similar homes.

This stone house that belonged to Qin Lie only had a stone table, two stone stools, and an additional wooden bed. Other than these, there wasn’t any other furniture.

“Big sis, just what was going on with that Du Heng earlier? I heard that bastard has been running off to Icestone City recently. Could his body have been hollowed out by wine and women? How was he unable to even lift this idiot?” Ling Xuanxuan doubtfully asked.

After placing down Qin Lie, Ling Yushi first inspected carefully for a moment. In front of her eyes, the green-colored palm mark on Qin Lie’s chest was gradually disappearing. She positioned her finger below his nose for a little while. Only after realizing that his breathing was uniform and strong, was Ling Yushi then able to calm down, and said. “He shouldn’t have any major problems. The injuries on his chest should be fine in two days, let us return for now.”

Ling Xuanxuan didn’t even want to stay here for another second. The instant she heard Ling Yushi, she immediately stood up, and Ling Yushi followed right after. Right as she was about to leave the stone house, she once again turned her head around and deeply looked at Qin Lie, whose eyes were tightly closed.


A long while later, Qin Lie suddenly sat up from the bed. After closing all the doors and windows tightly shut, he once again returned to the bed.

Within the dark room, Qin Lie’s eyes brightly gleamed. Looking carefully, it looked as though one electrical current after another was coursing through his irises, appearing extremely strange and bizarre.

“Bzzt, bzzt!”

The sounds of electrical currents running, gradually came from within his body. At this moment, a frightening aura seemed to be leaking out from his body.

When this aura accumulated to its peak, a point of dim light flashed at the center of his forehead, and a pitch-black orb the size of a broad bean floated out from the middle of his forehead.

The ever pitch-black bead glowed with a dim light. At first glance, it looked as though he gained an additional eye at the center of his forehead.

Concentrating his spirit and willpower, Qin Lie roared out explosively in his heart. With a ferocious expression, he assaulted the seal within the orb.


His mind consciousness poured into the seal, as though they were heavily striking an invisible barrier. His brain suddenly felt an incomparably piercing pain, and his mental strength weakened at that moment.

The aura which he had bitterly accumulated vanished right after. He tiredly leaned against the corner of the wall, and sighed. “It’s still impossible.”

Two years ago, when he was awakened by Qin Shan, he had tried to assault the memory seal within the Soul Suppressing Orb as well. In the end, he experienced the same failure as today.

After two years, he felt that his strength had greatly improved. He initially believed that there was hope in breaking the seal, but unfortunately, it didn’t go as he had wished, as he once again faced defeat.

Within the five years of “Heavenly Thunder Eradication” cultivation, he had long tempered a tenacious willpower, so he wasn’t overly depressed. Very quickly, he began to carefully ponder over the matters of that day.

“Who exactly wanted to make a move against me? Grandpa’s enemy?”

Because ten years of his memories were sealed, added with the fact that Qin Shan had never spoken to him much about his identity and background, he was unable to come up with an answer.

“No matter who it is, it seems like I cannot continue maintaining the cultivation state of Thoughtless Tranquility for the time being. Otherwise, if that person were to once again make a move, there’s a huge possibility that he would deal a fatal blow.”


“Is Qin Lie alright?” In the Ling Family Hall, the Patriarch of Ling Family questioned his two daughters. Ling Chengzhi was present at the side as well.

“Today, that white-clothed man did not land a killing blow. The spirit energy that was inserted into Qin Lie’s chest has already dispersed to a certain extent as well, so he should be able to recover in two days.” Ling Yushi replied, and then asked. “Daddy, did you exchange blows with that white-clothed man? Were you able to identify his identity and background?”

Ling Chengye shook his head. “I did not catch up to him. His level of strength shouldn’t be inferior to mine. I find it strange as well, as I’m unclear of why he would make a move against Qin Lie.”

“Daddy, today, when I carried Qin Lie back, I realized… that he’s very very heavy.” Ling Yushi finally revealed the doubts in her heart.

“Very heavy? Much heavier than regular people?” Ling Chengye’s expression changed, evidently, he was taking this seriously.

“He’s heavier than regular people by five times, or more!” Ling Yushi exclaimed tenderly.

“He must have some sort of heavy object on his body.” Ling Xuanxuan curled her lips.

“He might really have some sort of heavy object on his body, but there are boundaries a man and woman shouldn’t step across, so it wasn’t good for me to carefully inspect his body. Of course, there’s also another possibility… But speaking of it will be too unthinkable, that even I don’t even dare to believe it’s actually so.” With clear eyes, Ling Yushi doubtfully shook her head.

The two brothers, Ling Chengye and Ling Chengzhi, made eye contact, and were both able to see the surprise in each other’s eyes. The two’s thoughts were both concentrated on the second possibility which Ling Yushi had said, and for a moment, they did not give a response.

“Daddy, even if I have to die, I won’t marry that fool! If you truly wish to insist upon it, I will run away from the house sooner or later, and will never ever return to the Ling Family!” At this moment, Ling Xuanxuan’s suppressed fury had finally exploded. Balling up her two fists, she glared at Ling Chengye like a little female tiger.

Waving his hands, Ling Chengye said. “Naturally, I will not truly have you marry Qin Lie. It’s just that our Ling Family has received a favor from Qin Shan, and we have even promised him that we will take care of Qin Lie until he is seventeen years old. Mn, you and Qin Lie will only be engaged, and going through the motions. After two years, we will remove the engagement, so there will not be any implications between the two of you.”

“So that’s the case. It’s just as I have said, how could daddy be so ruthless to sacrifice little sis’s lifetime of happiness.” Ling Yushi smiled as she heaved a sigh of relief. “You should be relieved now, right?”

“Being engaged doesn’t sound good to the ears either!” Ling Xuanxuan pouted with her little face, and snorted. “The moment we’re engaged, I will have to endure the gossips and rumors of everyone else, and I will even have to endure them for exactly two years. I won’t be able to endure it, and I won’t be able to concentrate on my cultivation! If, within the span of two years, my realm of strength still doesn’t make the slightest improvements, then you’d best not blame me for not being able to live up to your expectations!”

After saying these words, Ling Xuanxuan grumpily, and wilfully sprinted off.

When these words fell, the expressions of the brothers Ling Chengye and Ling Chengzhi changed at the same time, as these words had truly struck their weak points.

The two brothers had placed too much hopes on Ling Xuanxuan, both expecting that by relying on Ling Xuanxuan’s incredible cultivation talent, she could help flip Ling Family’s current standings, completing the ideal in their hearts.

Everything, was built on Ling Xuanxuan’s constant breakthroughs. If Ling Xuanxuan was still unable to enter the Natal Opening Realm before the age of twenty, then all their efforts would have been wasted.

The two brothers pulled long faces, and let out their sighs. Their expressions were filled with helplessness and anguish.

Ling Yushi watched everything unfold before her eyes. She silently struggled, as pain constantly poured out from her heart.

After a long, long while, suddenly, she faintly said. “How about allowing me to replace little sis in the engagement with Qin Lie then? My talent cannot be compared to little sis’s, and there shouldn’t be any hopes for me to step into the Natal Opening Realm before the age of twenty. Little sis… will become the hope of our family. As her elder sister, for the family, for little sis, I should take up a few more burdens.”

The two brothers never expected that Ling Yushi would actually take the initiative to shoulder this. Due to the unexpectedness, the two of them revealed sour looks. Their hearts similarly felt uncomfortable, as they did not know what they should say.

Ling Yushi forced out a smile. That smile caused the two brothers to become increasingly disheartened, so much so that they were unable to hide their shame. “Daddy, Third Uncle, there’s no need to be hesitant. After all, I’m a little older than little sis, and I’m able to see things more openly than her. I… can endure it. I know that you both have made many sacrifices for the family, and endured so much pain and bitterness. I’m no longer a child, and it’s about time I shoulder some responsibility.”

“Sigh, we have wronged you.” The corner of the Ling Family Patriarch’s eyes turned moist, as he sighed with his head lowered. “It’s all because this dad of yours is useless.”

“This is unrelated to daddy. I know that dad’s heart is feeling very uncomfortable as well. Daddy, please make the arrangements for everything.” With soft and tender voice, Ling Yushi said consolingly.

The two brothers regretfully sighed. At that moment in the hall, they set the date for Ling Yushi’s and Qin Lie’s engagement, and made a confirmation on this matter.


In another hall in Ling Town.

A beautiful fur spread across the floor. In a room filled with extravagant and luxurious ornaments, Du Jiaolan’s hands held onto wine cup as she lazily leaned against the exquisite deck chair.

Although this woman’s schemes were ruthless and venomous, she had a mature and moving charm, an uncommon beauty. Otherwise, Du Haitian of Nebula Pavilion wouldn’t have been entranced to the point of protecting her with all his might.

“For that fool to be extremely heavy, he must have some sort of heavy object on his body. In these few years, that grandfather-grandson pair have been in the mines, and it’s unknown just what secrets they’re fiddling with. That old bastard Ling Chengye sternly forbade us from heading to the mines in Herb Mountain, so there’s a possibility that he had made some shady deals with that grandfather-grandson pair in the dark. Today, a crowd of old and young from the Ling Family had all gone up the Herb Mountain, and Ling Yushi had even carried Qin Lie back. Something must have happened!”

With a sunken face, in front of his mother, Du Heng explained his deduction with well-chiselled words. “Mother, in the mines of the Herb Mountain, there’s a possibility that some unique spirit stones have been harvested!”

Du Jiaolan’s expression slightly changed. After thinking for a moment, she said. “What you have said is logical, we have indeed ignored those mines. It’s about time we look into it. During the next short period of time, take note of that idiot. Find an opportunity to take a look in the mines, and find out what the hell the people of the Ling Family are doing.”

“This child understands.”

“Heheh. Ling Town will sooner or later become Du Town. If there are really spirit stones in Herb Mountain’s mines, then they should be our Du Family’s as well. We shouldn’t allow them to be sneakily harvested by the Ling Family.” Du Jiaolan pursed her lips, and joyfully said, as though it was a matter of course.

“Heh heh, the two daughters of that old thing, will sooner or later become toys for me and my little brother!” Du Heng grinned disgustingly.


The second day.

Qin Lie got off the bed on time. He did not continue borrowing the Soul Suppressing Orb to enter the Thoughtless Tranquility cultivation state. Before he left the house, he pulled out a copper mirror, and slowly adjusted his expression by looking at the copper mirror.

After a short while, seeing that the him in the copper mirror had adjusted back into his usual empty and hollow pair of eyes, he then left the stone house.

At the precise time, he stepped into Ling Family’s dining hall. As Ling Chengye’s family of young and old saw him arrive on time, all of their eyes evidently revealed astonishment, as they began to size him up with their stares.

Not a single wave surged in his heart, as Qin Lie began to chow without saying a single word. There was hardly any difference from his usual behavior.

He simply wished to calmly lay a firm foundation for “Heavenly Thunder Eradication” in the Ling Family. When he no longer needed to rely on the mines in the Herb Mountain to guide the bolts of lightning to temper his body, there was a possibility that he would choose to leave the Ling Family, and head out to find Qin Shan.

Very quickly, he finished his meal. He stood up blankly, and once again headed in the direction of Herb Mountain.

Within the dining hall, the crowd of Ling Family’s old and young were evidently a little solemn. Du Jiaolan and her two sons began to unusually take note of Qin Lie on this day as well. Only after he left the dining hall, did the mother and two sons retracted their gazes from Qin Lie’s back.

“Big Brother, Nebula Pavilion relayed a message, wanting us to send a batch of herbs in the next few days.” Du Jiaolan elegantly wiped the stains off the corners of her mouth, and casually said.

The Ling Family Patriarch’s heart clenched. Frowning, he said. “There might be a need to delay a little. Recently, due to the alternating seasons of lightning and rain, there has been a slight influence to the harvesting of spirit herbs…”

“Heh heh. I will relay your words to them, hopefully, they will have some patience.” Du Jiaolan was astonished. In these few years, the Ling Family had never postponed their provision of spirit herbs to Nebula Pavilion. Ling Chengye’s ‘delay a little’ somewhat raised her suspicions. After pondering for a moment, with an ice-cold expression, she said. “The Ling Family is attached to Nebula Pavilion, so if it’s just delaying for a few days, there shouldn’t be a problem. But if trouble occurs to the provision of spirit herbs, I’m afraid the matter won’t be that easy to solve. I believe big brother knows this point at heart, right?”

“I know propriety! I don’t need you to teach me!” Ling Chengye’s mood wasn’t good at that moment, as he snorted annoyingly.

“Then that’s good. A widow like me isn’t able to manage that many affairs within the family, so I simply wish to remind big brother, that you’d better not cause a crisis for the Ling Family! Big brother should understand as well. If we lose the protection of the Nebula Pavilion, Ling Town will not be able to continue peaceful days like this!” Du Jiaolan’s expression was cold, as she said with a harsh tone.

“Enough!” Ling Chengyin coldly exclaimed, as he stood up and left the dining hall with an ugly expression.

The crowd of old and young in the Ling Family began to leave one after another as well.

“Some matters seemed to have really happened at the Herb Mountain. Heng’er, you and Du Qishan watch that place closely for the next couple of days. If you have the opportunity, head up the mountain or take a look at the mines in the mountains.” Du Jiaolan’s expression was dimly cold, as though she was a venomous snake which had hibernated for a long time, that was ready to pounce and bite people at any given moment.


Qin Lie walked on the stone path that led to the mountain where the mines were.

Due to the changing of seasons, the weather was irregular, which could lead to intense thunderstorms. Unknowingly, the sky had already turned dark, while the mountain breeze whistled.

“Boom, boom, boom!”

Within the roaring thunders, flashes of lightning could gradually be seen; like serpents traversing the skies they shook their tails.

Within the flashes of lightning and roaring thunders, Qin Lie’s body trembled, as he simply felt joyful from his entire body and heart. That pair of hollow eyes began to sparkle like stars, and within his irises, it was as though they had been branded with electrical snakes and lightning dragons, becoming shockingly bright.

“As expected, this season is the most suitable for the cultivation of my Heavenly Thunder Eradication. My luck today is really good!”

After muttering to himself, Qin Lie headed towards Herb Mountain with big strides. His pace was evidently a lot faster than before.

If there was someone by his side at this moment, they would be able to see that there was a trend of lightning bolts gradually concentrating in the direction above his head, and that person would even be able to faintly hear the constant thunderous sounds coming from his body.

The sky was filled thunder and lightning flashes, as though they had some sort of close and strange connection with him, moving for his sake!

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