Chapter 497: If You Can Do It Yourself, Then Do It!

Chapter 497: If You Can Do It Yourself, Then Do It!

The spirit energy waves from Song Tingyu and the others surged. They prepared to charge toward the thunder lagoon, pulling out sharp swords or gripping an Illusory Demon Orb.

“Stop!” Qin Lie shouted just as they were about to fly out.

Everyone immediately reined themselves in at the command.

Song Tingyu, Du Xiangyang, Xie Jingxuan, Chu Li, Luo Chen, Xue Moyan, and Pan Qianqian looked at him in confusion.

Martial practitioners from Black Voodoo Cult, the three great families, and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain made up the group of people currently charging toward the thunder lagoon, auras flaring up.

Only Feng Yiyou’s Celestial Artifact Sect had yet to move.

Their position made it seem as if they were focused on guarding Feng Yiyou. They definitely weren’t in a hurry to enter the thunder lagoon.

“Feng Yiyou hasn’t moved,” Qin Lie said gravely.

“He linked his mind consciousness to the Consecutive Soul Splitting Formation and ignited the bone ash urns, so there may have been some damage to his mind. The people watching over him should be waiting for him to recover, so they aren’t immediately able to make their move,” Du Xiangyang suggested hesitantly.

Qin Lie shook his head. Eyes narrowed, he calmly said, “The Consecutive Soul Splitting Formation in the thunder barrier has yet to completely detonate. I can sense other profound intricacies built into it that have yet to be revealed…”

Realization dawned on everyone’s faces when they heard this.

“Your soul consciousnesses might not be able to sense your surroundings within the Forbidden Land of Thunder, but mine can.” Qin Lie took in a deep breath. “Feng Yiyou harbors bad intentions. He’s probably scheming against those who enter the thunder lagoon first. Let’s wait and see.”

Qin Lie’s words helped everyone to calm down as well.

“Nobody from Qin Lie’s side moved!” Ye Yihao exclaimed.

Huang Zhuli’s brows furrowed deeply as she glanced at Qin Lie off in the distance. After a few seconds of thought, she yelled, “Have everyone return immediately!”

This seemingly random command stunned Ye Yihao. “Is something amiss?”

“Qin Lie is capable of controlling the thunder and lightning energy in this place, so his soul consciousness probably isn’t inhibited like ours. Not only did he stay where he was, he even prevented his people from moving. He must have discovered something!” Huang Zhuli shouted.

“Celestial Artifact Sect hasn’t moved either!” someone cried out.

Huang Zhuli turned her head to look at Feng Yiyou.

Feng Yiyou wore a grim expression as he watched the martial practitioners charging toward the thunder lagoon from afar. A cold, heartless sheen flashed through his eyes.

Only then did Huang Zhuli realize what was going on. “Feng Yiyou is...!”

At that exact moment, another new round of explosions resounded from within the thunder barrier. The bone ash urns that the souls had exploded in appeared, exuding terrifying, dissonant waves of energy.

The moment immediately after that, the fourteen urns released brilliant silver light that took the shape of silver crescent-shaped fragments of energy.

“Swish swish swish swish!”

The fragments of energy became more distinct, resembling multiple crescent-shaped blades. Like sharp, spinning swords, the silver crescents illuminated the thunder lagoon, forming a wall of light that replaced the thunder barrier.

The spinning crescents pierced five martial practitioners, three from the three great families and two from Ten Thousand Beast Mountain. They immediately died miserable deaths, several fresh, bloody holes in their bodies.

Formed by the silver crescents of light, a new barrier settled over the thunder lagoon, sealing it once more.

“Feng Yiyou!”

“Celestial Artifact Sect!”

“Kill them!”

Sharp howls rang out from numerous people from Black Voodoo Cult, the three great families, and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain. No longer concerned with the thunder lagoon, they surged with killing intent, bent on annihilating Celestial Artifact above all else.

Feng Yiyou stood up with an icy smile as if he had expected this.

“Let’s go!” he roared.

The group of Celestial Artifact Sect martial practitioners rose into the air using wings of light that extended from their backs and descended toward the thunder lagoon.

The silver-crescent barrier covering the thunder lagoon parted, creating an narrow opening that left just enough space for them to enter.

The martial practitioners who were charging at Feng Yiyou suddenly found themselves under attack by silver crescent blades the moment they approached the thunder lagoon. They released strange howls while hastily evading the attacking blades.

Everyone else just watched as Feng Yiyou and his group descended toward the thunder lagoon.

“I spent more than half a month investigating the thunder lagoon. I know more about it than any of you, yet you’re still delusional enough to think of seizing the Pure Soul Springs from me. Hmph! What a foolish dream!”

The moment the Celestial Artifact Sect martial practitioners descended into the thunder lagoon, the hole in the light barrier formed by the silver crescent blades closed, firmly blocking the way once more

Feng Yiyou’s sinister laughter echoed from behind the silver crescent blades.

“This is the Moon Blade Barricade, an Earth Grade spirit artifact listed as third out of the eighteen great Earth Grade spirit artifacts of Celestial Artifact Sect!” Du Xiangyang exclaimed in surprise.

“The Moon Blade Barricade is a large-scale defense-based spirit artifact. It’s Earth Grade Six!” Luo Chen said with a gloomy expression.

“Damn it! Feng Yiyou actually brought this spirit artifact into the Graveyard of Gods! Breaking the Moon Blade Barricade definitely isn’t a simple task. Although it’s possible, it would still take a considerable amount of time.” Chu Li spirits were low as well. “The moment we break through the Moon Blade Barricade, Feng Yiyou will have long since gathered the Pure Soul Springs. He and the others from Celestial Artifact Sect might even flee underwater!”

“W-what should we do?” Pan Qianqian asked anxiously.

On the other side of the Moon Blade Barricade.

“The Moon Blade Barricade? This really is the Moon Blade Barricade! As expected, Feng Yiyou is sinister and cunning. He planned everything long in advance! Damn it!” Ye Yihao gnashed his teeth.

“Breaking through the Moon Blade Barricade will be extremely difficult. It’s highly likely that Feng Yiyou will have already acquired everything by the time we crack it!” Su Yan wore a pitiful expression, as if she had already admitted defeat.

Like everyone else stuck outside of the thunder lagoon, Yu Men of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain was furious. Anger ruled his face as he cursed loudly.

It was clear that Feng Yiyou had planned everything brilliantly. When he established the Consecutive Soul Splitting Formation using the bone ash urns, he quietly set up the Moon Blade Barricade inside of them.

As soon as he destroyed the thunder barrier using the Consecutive Soul Splitting Formation, the Moon Blade Barricade hidden within the bone ash urns would be released.

It would then form a new barrier around the thunder lagoon, denying entry to anyone other than him!

This would give Feng Yiyou enough time to explore the thunder lagoon. He’d then be able to take whatever he wanted, regardless of whether that included the Pure Soul Springs of the soul crystals at the bottom of the lagoon, and still be able to flee underwater.

Afterward, he’d still be able to retrieve the Moon Blade Barricade from afar. The plan was simply flawless.

After cursing for a considerable amount of time, Yu Men glared at Black Voodoo Cult’s martial practitioners and shouted, “Which one of you is capable of destroying this Moon Blade Barricade as quickly as possible?”

Ye Yihao and Huang Zhuli wore grim expressions. Both were deep in thought, obviously trying to think of a plan.

Then Yu Men turned and stabbed his spear in Qin Lie’s direction. “Aren’t you supposed to be arrogant? If you’re really as capable as you’d have us think, regain control over the thunder and lightning and smash that Moon Blade Barricade apart!”

“How about you? If you can do it yourself, then do it,” Qin Lie responded in exasperation.

“If I could, do you think I’d still be wasting my breath on you? F*ck!” Yu Men gnashed his teeth, walking around in circles like an anxious beast in a cage.

“Qin Lie! The Sealing Obelisks! Aren’t your Sealing Obelisks one of the eighteen great Earth Grade spirit artifacts of Celestial Artifact Sect?” Du Xiangyang suddenly cried out, frantically flailing his arms.

“The Sealing Obelisks! That’s right, you have the Sealing Obelisks!” Chu Li came to the same realization.

Startled and confused, Qin Lie said, “I do have the Sealing Obelisks, and they are indeed one of the eighteen great Earth Grade spirit artifacts of Celestial Artifact Sect, but... what does that have to do with the Moon Blade Barricade?”

“The eighteen great Earth Grade spirit artifacts of Celestial Artifact Sect were all forged by the same person. All of them have a profound connection with one another!” Du Xiangyang laughed. “The outstanding artificer who made them reportedly added a profound formation to each of them with the intent of preventing internal conflict.”

“What kind of formation?” Qin Lie grew excited.

“I’m not an artificer, so I wouldn’t know what kind of formation it is.” Du Xiangyang took in a deep breath, then sternly said, “I only know that, should any these eighteen Earth Grade spirit artifacts encounter each other and clash with their spirit energy, they will immediately neutralize each other!”

“What?!” Qin Lie exclaimed in astonishment.

“In other words, if you use the Sealing Obelisks to attack the Moon Blade Barricade, both should stop functioning and only return to normal after separating!” Du Xiangyang shouted.

“The formation that causes this was added to these spirit artifacts specifically to prevent fighting and massacres in Celestial Artifact Sect,” Chu Li explained sternly. “Their creator did this with the hope that sect elites possessing the eighteen great Earth Grade spirit artifacts wouldn’t be able to use them to kill each other, even when it came to conflict of interests or a sect member actually becoming an enemy. This was also done to prevent the spirit artifacts from being destroyed together.”

“Is this really true?” This information stunned Qin Lie.

“Without a doubt!” Du Xiangyang said.

“This is indeed the case!” Chu Li spoke up as well.

The three of them made sure to speak quietly during their conversation so that Black Voodoo Cult and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain wouldn’t be able to hear what they were saying.

Qin Lie thought to himself for a moment, then released his soul consciousness again to take stock of the situation in the thunder lagoon. His expression changed slightly as he sensed movement.

“What is it?” Du Xiangyang asked anxiously.

“At the bottom of the lagoon… Feng Yiyou and his men might not be able to gather the Pure Soul Springs. I sense violent outbursts from the thunder spirit.” Qin Lie frowned. After weighing his thoughts, he suddenly said, “If the Sealing Obelisks actually neutralize the Moon Blade Barricade, we have to act like we’re going to charge in immediately and lure the other two groups to enter before us.”

“You’re saying...?” Du Xiangyang had an inkling of what Qin Lie was planning.

“We’re going to let everyone else enter the lagoon, then move the Sealing Obelisks away from the Moon Blade Barricade so it can continue functioning.” An unspeakably cold, ghastly smile appeared on Qin Lie’s face. “Then we’ll just let them fight each other at the bottom of the lagoon. I can use my soul consciousness to keep track of the activity below, and I’ll be able to use the Sealing Obelisks to neutralize the Moon Blade Barricade whenever necessary. We can charge down there when the time is right.”

The eyes of everyone near Qin Lie shone with anticipation.

“Alright!” Du Xiangyang and the others said softly.

Once everyone came to an understanding, Qin Lie’s group approached the thunder lagoon without saying a word, slightly sneaky expressions on their faces.

As soon as the martial practitioners of Black Voodoo Cult, the three great families, and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain saw Qin Lie’s group move, all of their gazes focused on them.

All of a sudden, one Sealing Obelisk flew into the sky after another, glowing mysteriously. Then they slowly descended onto the Moon Blade Barricade.

“I’ve seen those before! Those are the Sealing Obelisks, one of the Earth Grade spirit artifacts of Celestial Artifact Sect!” a martial practitioner from the three great families cried out.

“The Sealing Obelisks of Celestial Artifact Sect!” Niu Shaojun shouted.

“Qin Lie and his group are about to enter!”

Everyone from Ten Thousand Beast Mountain and Black Voodoo Cult knew about the profound formation inside of the Earth Grade spirit artifacts of Celestial Artifact Sect. Their eyes flashed as they believed that they’d seen through Qin Lie’s scheme.

At this moment, several Sealing Obelisks descended toward the Moon Blade Barricade. The gathering of silver crescent blades no longer flew around or crisscrossed like before.

All of the floating blades of light came to an abrupt halt.

Everyone with Qin Lie roared, flying into the air one after another as if they were going to enter the thunder lagoon.

“Quickly, get inside!”


The martial practitioners from Black Voodoo Cult and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain had been paying attention to the movements of Qin Lie and his group the entire time. The moment they saw this scene occurring, all of them charged over as fast as possible—.

—including Huang Zhuli, Ye Yihao, and Yu Men.

Like fledgling swallows returning to their nest, one figure slipped through the gaps between the crescent blades after another and entered the thunder lagoon.

Du Xiangyang, Luo Chen, and the rest, however, stopped right before entering as if they had been yanked from behind.


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