Chapter 496: Soul Break!

Chapter 496: Soul Break!

Qin Lie directed lightning down from the heavens as he charged into the center of Black Voodoo Cult’s martial practitioners. While he attacked, slaughtering them to his heart’s content, He Wei silently led her pale-faced group away.

They finally realized that trying to snatch the Pure Soul Springs with just their strength alone would be the same as courting death.

—Especially since Chu Li had abandoned them.

Once He Wei and the other three Terminator Sect martial practitioners had left, the various forces around the thunder lagoon immediately set their sights on Qin Lie.

Qin Lie was essentially a brutal electrical field!

Wherever he went, the ground would be assaulted with a barrage of thunder and lightning. The lightning hidden deep within the clouds descended without end, adding to the surging electrical currents of the thunder lagoon and the explosive, thunderous rumbling resounding through the sky.

Lightning as intense as that of a heavenly tribulation swamped the martial practitioners of Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families.

Shrill screams filled the area. Ear-splitting roars echoed one after another, occasionally accompanied by feeble curses.

The formation of Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families had virtually collapsed.

The people of Celestial Artifact Sect and the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain currently wore incredibly grim expressions.

“This person can utilize the lightning that fills the sky of the Forbidden Land of Thunder, attacking in every direction with thunder and lightning energy.” Feng Yiyou had a headache just thinking about it. “He has occupied an unsurmountable position in this place from the very beginning. If we want to snatch the Pure Soul Springs from him, I’m afraid that…”

“If we can’t find a way to restrain him, none of us will be able to acquire a Pure Soul Spring.” Yu Men’s eyes shone with a savage light.

Everyone could see just how much of an advantage Qin Lie had in the Forbidden Land of Thunder.

Here, Qin Lie was like a colossal beast tyrannically occupying this piece of land. Anyone who wanted to seize a Pure Soul Spring would inevitably have to face the otherworldly chasm known as Qin Lie.

How could they cross it?

Every Celestial Artifact Sect and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain martial practitioner had deeply furrowed brows. They couldn’t feel the slightest bit of happiness even though they were watching Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families suffer bombardment after bombardment of lightning.

Only by suppressing Qin Lie’s ferocity, preventing him from acting so brazenly, did they think that everyone would be able to truly focus on the Pure Soul Springs.

Qin Lie had suddenly become a scourge in the hearts of these people, one that they wanted nothing more than to remove as soon as possible.


A furious, earthshaking howl suddenly exploded from the depths of the thunder lagoon.

As if attracted by some new, unknown force, the lightning that crashed down from the heavens and the electrical dragons that soared from inside of the thunder barrier began to rush toward the thunder lagoon.

Qin Lie had been deprived of his control over the thunder and lightning!

The thunder spirit hiding within the thunder lagoon angrily asserted its authority, as if it had finally realized that another entity was challenging its rule.

—As if to say that it was the true master of the Forbidden Land of Thunder!

Deafening, high pitched shrieks echoed from deep within the thunder lagoon as the thunder spirit howled continuously. It seemed as though the Forbidden Land of Thunder were shaking.

Thunder and lightning energy had gathered by Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families. After the thunder spirit’s furious howls, however, they flooded back into the thunder lagoon like rivers flowing to the ocean.

It was then that Qin Lie discovered he had lost his command over the thunder and lightning!

He also realized that the thunder spirit, as the eye of the formation in the Forbidden Land of Thunder, was the true master of this land.

Qin Lie had clearly enraged the thunder spirit with his astonishing display of ability. His actions using Heavenly Thunder Eradication made this highly intelligent creature notice him and interfere with the surges of thunder and lightning.

“The thunder and lightning have disappeared!”

“The thunder spirit is directing all of it back into the lagoon!”

“Qin Lie will have a tough time displaying his strength after this!”

The moment the martial practitioners of Black Voodoo Cult, the three great families, Celestial Artifact Sect, and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain witnessed all of the thunder and lightning flow back into the thunder lagoon, all of them went mad with joy.

All of these people felt extremely relieved, as if a gargantuan boulder that had been pressing on their heads were suddenly removed.

“Without thunder or lightning to control, you’re nothing more than a normal Netherpassage Realm martial practitioner, Qin Lie!” Ye Yihao smiled coldly, a sinister, icy light flashing in his eyes. “Everyone nearby is currently able to slaughter you! Let’s see how you’ll survive now!”

“Kill him!” Su Yan’s fury surged skyhigh.

The martial practitioners of Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families were on the verge of going crazy.

Right at that moment, Qin Lie unleashed a piercing howl, and a wave of blood energy as thick as actual blood poured from his body.

On the other side of the thunder lagoon, Song Tingyu, Du Xiangyang, Xue Moyan, Pan Qianqian, Xie Jingxuan, and Luo Chen leaped into action and charged toward Qin Lie’s position.

Chu Li no longer hesitated and flew over as well, fiercely roaring, “Even if thunder and lightning aren’t present, the Forbidden Land of Thunder still isn’t a place for Black Voodoo Cult to try and lord over!”

Song Tingyu, Xie Jingxuan, Du Xiangyang, Luo Chen, Xue Moyan, Pan Qianqian, and Chu Li quickly arrived behind Qin Lie, assembling into a formidable force.

Strong waves of blood energy radiated from Qin Lie’s body. He grinned as he leisurely glanced at the thunder lagoon behind him. A hint of sharp light flashed in his eyes.

The thunder spirit intervening at a critical point left Qin Lie extremely unhappy. Once Qin Lie broke through the thunder barrier and entered the depths of the thunder lagoon with the Demon Sealing Tombstone, sealing the thunder spirit wouldn’t be a problem.

He already had a plan in mind.

“Crack crack crack!”

Thick tendrils of twisting lightning coiled around the thunder barrier like colossal, winding serpents.

Strange cries abruptly echoed from inside of the thunder barrier, and the clatter of containers being forcefully opened could be heard.

Feng Yiyou’s expression abruptly changed.

Fear appeared in the eyes of every Celestial Artifact Sect martial practitioner as they subconsciously distanced themselves from the thunder lagoon.

“This isn’t good! The Consecutive Soul Splitting Formation is about to explode!” Du Xiangyang cried out.

“Consecutive Soul Splitting Formation? There’s a Consecutive Soul Splitting Formation in the thunder lagoon?” Ye Yihao’s expression quickly changed as well.

The martial practitioners of Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families immediately focused their gazes on the thunder lagoon. Urns could occasionally be seen flashing amidst the writhing lightning.

“It really is the Consecutive Soul Splitting Formation!” Su Yan cried out involuntarily.

The martial practitioners of Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families who were all prepared to engage Qin Lie and his group instantly began to retreat one after another.

“Get away from it!”

“We should take shelter as well!”

Du Xiangyang and Chu Li declared at the same time.

Upon seeing the other forces retreating from the thunder lagoon, Qin Lie and the others did not dare to be careless. They followed Chu Li and Du Xiangyang’s advice and also distanced themselves from the thunder lagoon.

In a matter of moments, all of the forces in the Forbidden Land of Thunder withdrew from every side of the thunder lagoon, taking up different areas several kilometers away.

At this point, only four forces remained. Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families were considered as one force, another was Qin Lie’s group, and the remaining two were Celestial Artifact Sect and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain.

Each force positioned themselves in a different corner of the region with only a distance of three to four kilometers separating them from the others. All of them were observing the thunder barrier in expectation or anxiety.

“Guard me!”

Feng Yiyou sat cross-legged and closed his eyes, using his soul consciousness to sense the Consecutive Soul Splitting Formation. In order for the formation to detonate at peak condition, he got ready to forcibly manipulate it.

Everyone could tell that Feng Yiyou was using a unique method to prepare the Consecutive Soul Splitting Formation and was about to unleash its full potential.

Nobody would dare interrupt Feng Yiyou, because they wanted nothing more than for him to blast the thunder barrier apart with the Consecutive Soul Splitting Formation. Him doing so would allow everyone to enter the depths of the thunder lagoon.

This was why the martial practitioners of the other three forces were secretly observing Feng Yiyou. They were gathering their strength, getting ready to charge into the depths of the thunder lagoon as soon as possible, seize the Pure Soul Springs, and flee.

“A special artifact is needed to contain a Pure Soul Spring. This sheep-fat white jade bottle is similar to a spatial ring and possesses a uniquely cold dimensional space that is capable of housing Pure Soul Springs.” Chu Li pondered for a moment as he retrieved nine white jade bottles from his spatial ring, then placed every single one of them in front of him and said, “I only have this many of them.”

Qin Lie, Song Tingyu, and Xie Jingxuan’s eyes shone.

Everyone else shook their heads slightly, indicating that they didn’t need them.

“All of you have artifacts used for carrying materials like Pure Soul Springs?” Qin Lie was stunned.

Du Xiangyang, Luo Chen, and Xue Moyan nodded.

Even Pan Qianqian responded softly, saying, “I have two of those jade bottles as well.”

This surprised Qin Lie.

“I’ll give you guys six of them then.” Chu Li smiled as he pushed six jade bottles toward Qin Lie.

Qin Lie did not bother to stand on ceremony. He flashed a slight smile, then pulled the six jade bottles over to him, giving four of them to Song Tingyu and Xie Jingxuan. Once they both had two each, he then picked up the remaining two and put them away.

“It seems like you guys have several jade bottles too. Too bad there are only six Pure Soul Springs. Heheh, too many monks but only a few bowls of porridge, huh.” Song Tingyu laughed gently.

“Aside from us, three other forces are still in this fight over the Pure Soul Springs. The instant the thunder barrier is broken, a chaotic battle will erupt,” Du Xiangyang said calmly.

“Qin Lie, are you truly unable to control the power of thunder and lightning?” Xie Jingxuan frowned.

“Who knows?” Qin Lie said with a shrug. “Regardless of whether or not I’m able to borrow the power of thunder and lightning, as we are now, we have no reason to be afraid of any force.”

Everyone nodded silently at these words, excitement on their faces.

Suddenly, several rays of dazzling light shot from Feng Yiyou’s eyes. Resembling bright chains, they struck the thunder barrier, separated, and entered different bone ash urns.

“Soul Break!” Feng Yiyou shouted.

The instant he did, the souls in every bone ash urn flared to life. The violent, crazy waves of each soul resembled dormant volcanoes that were finally about to erupt.

Everyone watched the thunder barrier with bated breath.

They could clearly see clusters of gray soul clouds mingling with the lightning of the thunder barrier. Dark, illusory flames raged around these soul clouds as they became as black as ink at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Then, the potential energy of fourteen souls was unleashed. Like demons and vile ghosts baring their teeth and swiping their claws, the souls twisted madly, releasing even more violent soul waves.

This was the form of chaotic, distorted soul energy!


All fourteen True Souls in the thunder barrier shattered and exploded at the same time!

A terrifying shockwave that seemed capable of obliterating land and fracturing space burst outward from the explosions.

Most of the people observing this instantly lost their sense of hearing and could only see the lightning in the thunder barrier warp and bend. It was almost as if someone were tearing them apart. A moment later, every single arc of lightning was reduced to threads of energy.

Like a giant worm that had been cut to pieces, one small section after another, the threads of lightning scattered throughout the thunder barrier’s interior.

Explosive thunder energy burst from the thunder barrier, making it appear as though bombs had been triggered by the Consecutive Soul Splitting Formation.

Like a door had been thrown open, the gigantic, bowl-like thunder barrier shattered and disintegrated.

“It broke apart!”

“The thunder barrier has disintegrated!”

“We can enter the thunder lagoon now!”

Excited cheers rang out from the various forces while several impatient figures had already taken the lead and charged out.

They headed straight for the thunder lagoon.

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