Chapter 495: He Wei’s Regret

Chapter 495: He Wei’s Regret

Chu Li turned and left.

This turn of events stunned everyone.

He Wei hadn’t expected Chu Li, the person she had always relied on and who catered to her every whim, to burst out in fury at this moment. He had even been resolute in his departure, drawing a clear line between them.

He Wei felt a bit of anxiety in her heart.

She was well aware of Chu Li’s abilities. She knew that, even without Terminator Profound Bombs in his hands, Chu Li’s personal combat power still ranked amongst that of the top geniuses.

The moment they lost Chu Li, they would no longer have any hope of fighting for the Pure Soul Springs.

Chu Li’s departure was the same thing as them giving up on the Pure Soul Springs.

This was something that He Wei desperately did not want to happen.

“Chu Li!” He Wei shouted anxiously.

“Senior Brother!” Ren Peng, Hu Ping, and Wei Liang were also anxious.

Ye Yihao, Feng Yiyou, and Yu Men, on the other hand, were momentarily stunned. Then, immediately afterward, they looked as though a heavy weight had been lifted from their shoulders.

To them, Chu Li was definitely a strong, sturdy opponent. If he were to leave, there would be one less powerful enemy. This was a situation that they were happy to see.

“Big Brother Chu!” Qin Lie suddenly shouted. “You should be aware that you weren’t the reason I refused to let your group join us! Since you and He Wei have now gone separate ways, I officially invite you to join us in fighting for the Pure Soul Springs! I, Qin Lie, swear that, as long as there’s a harvest to be reaped from the thunder lagoon, we definitely won’t forget about Big Brother Chu’s portion!”

Chu Li’s figure stopped retreating into the distance, pausing where it was.

The people watching him felt that something was strange. Every single one of them grew anxious.

Even the expressions of the people from Black Voodoo Cult suddenly turned grim. They clearly found the current situation somewhat troublesome.

Feng Yiyou and Yu Men’s sunken expressions continued to grow more and more depressed.

Xue Moyan and Luo Chen were already on Qin Lie’s side. If Chu Li joined him as well, their force would be enough to contend with Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families!

It would result in the formation of an almighty power with a terrifying ability to dominate!

No one was willing to see such a situation take shape. No one was hoping for Chu Li to actually stay and join Qin Lie’s group.

Chu Li turned around, not even batting an eye at He Wei. He surveyed everyone else, and when he looked at Qin Lie, he sighed helplessly.

“Brother Lie, I have received your good will,” he said, shaking his head. “From the very beginning, I knew that you have never owed us anything. You also never took advantage of us. I… I simply do not wish to think too much. If I stay here, I’ll be at odds with… them... in the fight for the Pure Soul Springs. So, let’s just forget it. My departure would be best.”

The people he spoke of as “them” were naturally He Wei and the three other Terminator Sect martial practitioners. The moment he moved to Qin Lie’s side, he would be opposing He Wei.

Even if Chu Li were in a state of crazed fury, he remained unwilling to truly consider He Wei, Ren Peng, Hu Ping, and Wei Liang enemies.

He couldn’t do it, and he was worried that his inability to do so would influence the choices of Qin Lie’s group if he joined them. That’s why he decided to just give up.

“Is that so?” Qin Lie stroked his chin. After humming for a few seconds, he said, “If you’re not here, they have to either give up and leave immediately… or face certain death! If you join us, however, our group will at least refrain from being too ruthless…”

Chu Li’s expression changed upon hearing this.

And he began to hesitate again.

Of He Wei and her group of four, Hu Ping was injured and probably didn’t have enough strength remaining to fight.

Only Ren Peng, Wei Liang, and He Wei remained. Compared to the crowd of people here in the thunder lagoon, their combined power simply wasn’t worth mentioning.

Without Chu Li, He Wei’s group of four did not have even the slightest chance of victory against any force in the Forbidden Land of Thunder.

A key thing to keep in mind was that Chu Li had an intimate understanding of He Wei’s personality. He was certain that He Wei wouldn’t give up so easily.

He Wei would definitely stay behind to try and snatch the Pure Soul Springs!

Indecision surfaced on Chu Li’s face as he plunged deep into thought. Having to choose between staying or going seemed to be a painful struggle for him.

It was at that instant that Qin Lie continued to provoke Black Voodoo Cult. Although his feet had come to a stop earlier, they once again stepped forward.

Qin Lie approached Huang Zhuli one step at a time. The distance between the two quickly shortened, and it looked as if he were about to charge right into Huang Zhuli’s face!

Every martial practitioner of Black Voodoo Cult surged with killing intent!

This sudden development successfully drew the attention of Feng Yiyou, Yu Men, and their combined force as all of their people turned to look at Qin Lie one after another.

“He said he wanted to step on the corpses of the three great families and allow Blood Fiend Sect to rise once more. His arrogance is too astounding.” Huang Zhuli took two steps back and then asked, “All of you know what to do, right?”

Huang Zhuli couldn’t stand Qin Lie’s arrogant, tyrannical demeanor.

So she commanded Su Yan and the rest of the three great families to attack.

“Do it!” Su Yan shouted coldly.

Six people instantly charged out from amongst the martial practitioners of the three great families. Six cold, sharp swords that glowed with frosty light stabbed toward Qin Lie’s chest.

“Great timing!” Qin Lie exclaimed, letting out a bizarre laugh.

“Crack, crack!”

Streaks of lightning the width of a thumb discharged from every orifice in his body. It looked as though hundreds of electrical ropes wreathed him.

A violent cacophony of thunderous noise exploded outward from Qin Lie’s mind, True Soul, consciousness, and organs.


In the depths of the clouds, the ferocious thunder and lightning that was connected to the thunder lagoon once again soared through the sky like enormous dragons.

Several hundred lightning bolts as thick as trees descended one after another. Booming thunder accompanied each and every one.

This scene embodied the god of thunder’s wrath!

“Booooom! Booooom!”

The entire area surrounding Qin Lie was flooded with an onslaught of flashing, crackling lightning. It was as if Terminator Profound Bombs were endlessly exploding one after another in the vicinity of Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families.

Even the interior of the thunder lagoon was swept up in a hurricane of lightning. Like a giant python that had emerged from an abyss, lightning bolts hurtled toward the people of Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families.

“Papapa! Papapa!”

Dozens of lightning bolts shot toward the six martial practitioners, the ones who had taken the initiative to charge at Qin Lie, intent on slashing him to death. The bolts descended upon them like waterfalls of potent energy, striking them squarely in their heads.

Those six martial practitioners were submerged in lightning. Their sharp, inhuman screams resounded from within its terrifying, electrical glow, making everyone’s hair stand on end.

The people of Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families could only watch as electricity enveloped their six doomed comrades. They had no way to save them.

They couldn’t save them because, at the very same moment, the lightning and thunder energy shot out from deep within the clouds and from the thunder lagoon. This explosive energy flooded forth, quickly approaching the crowd.

The location of Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families suddenly became the forbidden area of a thunder god—a violent meat grinder.

“Sister Xue! Sister Xue!” Pan Qianqian perked up in an instant, inadvertently dancing with joy. “Q-Qin Lie is actually so powerful! Incredible, simply incredible! He actually attacked Black Voodoo Cult and the great families all by himself!”

Her entire body trembled with excitement.

Pan Qianqian had fallen into despair multiple times. When her sisters were killed one by one… when she saw Huang Zhuli hurl a deadly blow at Xue Moyan after acquiring the Spring of Life… when she found out about Huang Zhuli’s strength and understood the reality of their situation...

She had lost hope many times.

She eventually started thinking that, even after using up all their strength, she and Xue Moyan would have no way of avenging their sisters in the Graveyard of Gods.

Pan Qianqian had even become pessimistic enough to think that she and Xue Moyan would die at Huang Zhuli’s hand as well.

She thought that Qin Lie might’ve been able to help them, but she couldn’t have imagined that Qin Lie could control the rain and the clouds with a flip of his hand. She never would’ve foreseen Qin Lie being able to turn this extremely disadvantageous situation around.

She never would’ve dreamed that Qin Lie would dare to single-handedly charge at Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families. She also never would’ve envisioned Qin Lie not being immediately slaughtered… instead, he resembled the son of a thunder god. He walked confidently, commanding lightning bolts that filled the sky to descend and slaughter Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families!

Pan Qianqian could hear the shrieks and howls of the people being slaughtered. She could hear the curses that these people hurled in the face of panic and loss. She could see the numerous charred corpses of people who had died miserable deaths.

It took her a single glance to understand what all of this meant.

—Qin Lie was in control of the situation!

Pan Qianqian’s eyes involuntarily grew misty all of a sudden as she muttered to herself in a low voice. “Little Wan... Little Die... Your deaths won’t have been in vain”

Qin Lie’s figure shone clearly in Xue Moyan’s eyes. Her shoulders trembled slightly, and surprise appeared on her small face.

A surreal feeling, as if she’d fallen into a dream, sprouted inside of her.

At this very moment in the Forbidden Land of Thunder, Qin Lie had charged into the lion’s den. He clearly didn’t possess a high realm, but he twisted and contorted the energy of lightning and thunder, carrying out a slaughter in every direction like a lightning controller.

These events were simply too incredible!

Luo Chen was similarly dumbstruck as well.

It was only at this moment that he finally understood why Qin Lie had wanted to keep Luo Chen from joining them.

Qin Lie didn’t require any assistance at all!

He, alone, was the strongest power within this Forbidden Land of Thunder!

He Wei was just as stunned as Luo Chen.

She, Ren Peng, Hu Ping, and Wei Liang wore deathly gray expressions at this moment. They finally saw the reality of the situation and understood just how ridiculous they were.

The four of them were actually arrogant enough to harbor thoughts of snatching the Pure Soul Springs from Qin Lie?

They were basically courting death!

In the same vein, they finally understood why Celestial Artifact Sect and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain, both of which clearly bore intense hatred for Qin Lie, remained silent after Huang Zhuli’s constant persuasion.

They had been silent because they were afraid!

Everything that had occurred amazed Chu Li.

Chu Li knew that, in the Forbidden Land of Thunder, Qin Lie would be capable of displaying just how profound his thunder spirit art was as much as he wanted. However, he never expected Qin Lie to have actually reached such a level. Qin Lie was capable of going against Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families with just his strength alone!

“He Wei… just give up on this fight for the Pure Soul Springs,” Chu Li said, sighing softly. “Go. Leave right now. You four don’t even have the strength to influence this battle in any way.”

“Senior Brother, w-with you by our side, we’d still have the power to fight!” Ren Peng pleaded bitterly.

“I already told you earlier. It doesn’t matter if we’re in the Graveyard of Gods or even the Land of Chaos. From now on, we walk separate paths!” Chu Li said, emphasizing every single word.

In saying this, he had blotted out their final ray of hope.

“...go. Let’s go.” He Wei’s face was pale. She had been completely struck down.

She hadn’t been struck down by Chu Li, but by Qin Lie’s unparalleled might!

She was acutely aware of the fact that her actions and words up to this point had completely offended Qin Lie already.

She hadn’t been afraid at first. She thought that, with the forces of Black Voodoo Cult, Ten Thousand Beast Mountain, and Celestial Artifact Sect present, Qin Lie would still end up restrained in the end no matter how strong he was.

However, she now realized that she had been wrong.

Furthermore, she had been outrageously wrong!

Within the Forbidden Land of Thunder, Qin Lie was the true master. Not a single force here had any way to oppose Qin Lie!

So how would He Wei’s group of four possibly do so?

Apparently Qin Lie could pinch them to death whenever he wanted!

Even if Chu Li were to join them, nothing would change because Luo Chen and Xue Moyan were still by Qin Lie’s side...

Drained of their willpower, He Wei, Ren Peng, Hu Ping, and Wei Liang hung their heads in dejection. Disheartened, they stiffly retreated, resembling walking corpses.

Only at this moment did they finally begin to regret their actions. They should not have become Qin Lie’s enemies. They should not have sabotaged their relationship with him to this degree.

They regretted it now, but it was far too late for that.


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