Chapter 492: Relationship

Chapter 492: Relationship

Luo Chen’s stubbornness and his cashing in on the favor Qin Lie owed him made it impossible for Qin Lie to refuse. In the end, he could only force himself to let Luo Chen join them.

Luo Chen was a straightforward guy. After forcing his way into Qin Lie’s group, he sat down and ignored Du Xiangyang’s barrage of questions.

On the other side of the thunder lagoon, Chu Li’s group had reached peak melancholy.

They were well aware of how strong Luo Chen was, and they had been hoping that Luo Chen would seek them out, join them, and add to their strength, giving them a better chance at obtaining Pure Soul Springs.

They never imagined that Luo Chen would actually choose to join Qin Lie.

This dealt a considerable blow to their confidence.

As time continued to pass, new meddlers appeared one after another.

Ten Thousand Beast Mountain and Celestial Artifact Sect’s groups almost arrived at the same time, once again showing themselves at the thunder lagoon.

They were on the side of the thunder lagoon that Luo Chen had previously arrived at and departed from. They could see the both Chu Li’s group and Qin Lie’s group.

Feng Yiyou and Yu Men’s faces were grim. They had been on full alert the moment they arrived, worried that Qin Lie would attack them.

“Du Xiangyang, you sent the message? You told us that there are Pure Soul Springs inside of the thunder lagoon?” Feng Yiyou exclaimed, raising his voice.

Du Xiangyang nodded with a gentle smile and answered, “That’s correct. I am indeed the one who sent the message.”

Feng Yiyou stared at Qin Lie, his cold eyes filled with hate. “You killed my men and forced us to leave the thunder lagoon. Why did you send a message practically inviting us back?”

“A while ago, you left a Consecutive Soul Splitting Formation behind in the thunder lagoon. Although such a formation is useful for breaking the thunder barrier apart, I… can’t control it.” Qin Lie was calm and composed, as if he weren’t the one who killed the men of Celestial Artifact Sect and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain. “My soul consciousness is capable of exploring the thunder lagoon, has sensed six Pure Soul Spring floating within it, and has also detected soul crystals covering the bottom of it. In spite of that, I do not dare to enter the lagoon before the thunder barrier has been broken.”

Feng Yiyou erupted in cold, sinister laughter. “You’re afraid that the formation I left behind will explode without warning, aren’t you?”

“The possibility was on my mind.” Qin Lie smiled.

“Hmph! I guess you got lucky, you bastard. Otherwise, you definitely would’ve died if you tried charging through the thunder barrier!” Feng Yiyou cursed.

He thought that he’d figured out why Qin Lie’s group had tempted them to come back.

From the moment he arrived, Yu Men of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain had not spoken. His savage, bloodthirsty eyes were locked on to Qin Lie standing in the distance.

In Yu Men’s perspective, the threat that Qin Lie represented exceeded that of everyone else, making him the most dangerous person.

“I formed the Consecutive Soul Splitting Formation inside the thunder barrier with my own hands. I am the only one who can trigger it,” Feng Yiyou said in a calm voice, raising his head with pride. “I also might be the only one capable of breaking through this thunder barrier! Did you invite us back here so you can beg us to do that?”

Feng Yiyou was trying to think of a way to use this situation to his advantage and get something from Qin Lie.

Unfortunately, Qin Lie next words promptly poured a bucket of cold water over Feng Yiyou’s head.

“You weren’t the only ones we sent messages to. I also had Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families informed as well. As for Illusory Demon Sect… they should arrive soon enough.” Qin Lie shook his head and laughed softly. “Before long, every martial practitioner of the nine great Silver rank forces participating in the Trial, including each force’s children of heaven, will be gathered here at the thunder lagoon. With so many people in one place, I have a feeling that there’ll be a way to break through the thunder barrier.. We might not necessarily need your assistance.”

Feng Yiyou’s face darkened. “You’ve informed even Black Voodoo Cult?”

“Dammit! Are you crazy!?” Yu Men swore.

“Has he gone insane?” He Wei screamed.

Even Luo Chen, seated on the ground, looked at Qin Lie in astonishment.

Everyone present knew exactly how powerful the combined force of Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families was. Ye Yihao’s strength and the supporting martial practitioners from the three great families gave their allied forces full reign to do whatever they wanted in the Graveyard of Gods.

None of the other forces could oppose Black Voodoo Cult unless they worked together.

Since Qin Lie had informed Black Voodoo Cult and currently awaited their arrival, they would become the biggest variable in the thunder lagoon.

Neither Feng Yiyou, Yu Men, nor He Wei were confident that they would be able to seize the advantage against Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families.

“Ye Yihao isn’t Black Voodoo Cult’s strongest martial practitioner.” A calm voice resounded quietly. “Their ace in the hole... is Huang Zhuli.”

The eyes of everyone present inadvertently turned in the direction that the voice came from.

Approaching from the swamplands, Xue Moyan and Pan Qianqian walked side by side. Grim expressions filled their faces.

“Huang Zhuli hid herself under my very nose. She killed numerous sisters of our Illusory Demon Sect. The Spring of Life…” She glanced at Qin Lie before sighing softly. “She stole it. I tried to stop her, and during the fighting that ensued, I noticed the voodoo insect she was nurturing with her flesh and blood. I identified it as the Black Crystal Heavenly Scorpion, a voodoo insect that is in no way inferior to Ye Yihao’s Eight-winged Scorpion Queen. Huang Zhuli’s strength could possibly be more terrifying than Ye Yihao’s!”

The moment she said this, everyone’s faces changed color.

Ye Yihao and the three great families were already extremely terrifying. Their combined force made every other force tread lightly.

If the even stronger Huang Zhuli were to arrive, wouldn’t Black Voodoo Cult dominate the entire Graveyard of Gods?

If Black Voodoo Cult were to arrive, which force would be able to oppose and stop them?

Everyone’s faces turned grim as they glared at Qin Lie hatefully. All of them despised him for recklessly sending out messages and provoking the big, bloody crocodile that was Black Voodoo Cult to head their way.

The strength of Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families, the incredible power of Ye Yihao, and the unforeseen danger that was Huang Zhuli coalesced to form a gigantic mountain that weighed down on the hearts of everyone in the Graveyard of Gods.

As a result, everyone felt as if they couldn’t catch their breath.

“Qin Lie, if Illusory Demon Sect were to join us, we’d be able to stand against Black Voodoo Cult in the Forbidden Land of Thunder!” Song Tingyu said in a low voice.

Du Xiangyang and Luo Chen both looked at her in surprise.

From their perspective, Qin Lie was obviously interested in Xue Moyan. That had to be the reason why he constantly helped Illusory Demon Sect regardless of the cost. He had even begged everyone to give up their portions of the Spring of Life back in the Forbidden Land of Wood.

At the same time… Song Tingyu was obviously Qin Lie’s girlfriend and an extremely intelligent, astute person. Could she really not see the relationship between Qin Lie and Xue Moyan?

Why had she told Qin Lie to ally with Illusory Demon Sect of her own accord? Was she not afraid that Qin Lie and Xue Moyan would have a certain… relationship… to each other?

The more they thought about it, the more confused Du Xiangyang and Luo Chen became.

However, they also understood that Song Tingyu’s suggestion was completely rational. They were familiar with Xue Moyan’s strength, and if they could pull Xue Moyan to their side, they truly wouldn’t have to fear any other force!

Even if they were to go up against Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families, they definitely wouldn’t be at a disadvantage!

“Qin Lie...” Xie Jingxuan exclaimed in a low tone.

She also agreed that Xue Moyan should join them.

Everyone subconsciously looked at Qin Lie.

Qin Lie smiled calmly and said, “She’ll join us.”

Everyone was momentarily startled.

In the next moment, they came to a realization and nodded at nearly the same time.

Did Xue Moyan have a better option?

Terminator Sect, Celestial Artifact Sect, and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain were present. These three forces did not have even a shred of a relationship with Xue Moyan.

On the contrary, He Wei and Ren Peng were extremely against Qin Lie giving the Spring of Life to Xue Moyan. They were so against it that Chu Li’s group even parted ways with Qin Lie’s group later on.

How could Xue Moyan possibly choose Terminator Sect?

On the other hand, from beginning to end, Qin Lie had unconditionally helped Xue Moyan. He had stood by her side the entire time, completely oblivious to gains or losses.

The decision they would make was obvious at first glance.

As expected, Xue Moyan and Pan Qianqian walked straight toward Qin Lie without a trace of hesitation, crossing the distance under everyone’s gazes.

Xue Moyan stared at Qin Lie as they closed the distance, her eyes clear and bright. With an apologetic look on her face, she softly said, “I’ve taken your good will for granted. I trusted Huang Zhuli too much and lost every bit of the Spring of Life.”

“As long as you’re fine, it doesn’t matter.” Qin Lie smiled.

Qin Lie’s words moved Xue Moyan. She bit at her lips, then walked to his side with Pan Qianqian and sat down.

“C-can we...” Pan Qianqian timidly asked, “Can we join you?”

Xue Moyan and Pan Qianqian were the only two surviving martial practitioners of Illusory Demon Sect. Just like Luo Chen, their losses were the worst out of the nine great Silver rank forces.

They lacked manpower and needed to find a firm ally if they were to have any chance at acquiring a Pure Soul Spring from inside of the thunder lagoon.

This side of the thunder lagoon had Luo Chen, Du Xiangyang, and Xie Jingxuan, who had exhibited great power in the Forbidden Land of Wood. In addition to that, there was Song Tingyu at the peak of the Netherpassage Realm and the even more outstanding and capable Qin Lie.

This was clearly an impressive force.

However, Pure Soul Springs were extremely precious and completely surpassed the Spring of Life in terms of rarity. An individual Pure Soul Spring’s worth was literally immeasurable. Taking in another ally meant that they would have to give up another portion of the profits.

Would Qin Lie be willing to do so?

When Pan Qianqian asked this question, Xue Moyan’s beautiful eyes were blinking with uncertainty. She was worried, anxious, and she didn’t dare say that Qin Lie would nod and agree.

Pure Soul Springs were incomparably precious after all. They were unparalleled treasures that every top elite of the Land of Chaos had on their minds. Every individual that controlled the nine great Silver forces hungered for Pure Soul Springs.

Who would possibly be willing to give away such a treasure?

Qin Lie frowned and kept silent.

Song Tingyu, Du Xiangyang, and the others wore looks of surprise. They didn’t understand why Qin Lie had fallen silent. The sight of this brought confusion to their eyes.

“I’m sorry, m-maybe we’re being too rude…”

Xue Moyan pursed her lips and suddenly stood up. Dazed, she tried to leave.

Pan Qianqian also stood up timidly, biting at her lips. She resembled a panicked little bunny.

“You’ve misunderstood.” Qin Lie raised his head and pondered for a moment, then said, “My silence doesn’t mean I’m rejecting you. I was just thinking that… it’s about time to discuss the relationship between us.”

Xue Moyan’s mind went blank.

At that moment, Qin Lie suddenly channeled the Blood Spirit Art. Intense blood energy gushed out of his body, and his eyes became a frightening scarlet.

“The Blood Spirit Art!” Xue Moyan covered her mouth, attempting to stifle her cry. Her eyes shone with astonishing, divine light, shock flooding her face. Her shoulders trembled softly as she exclaimed, “This is the purest form of the Blood Spirit Art! Y-you’re the person I sensed before, aren’t you?”

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