Chapter 490: Summoning the Strong

Chapter 490: Summoning the Strong

Ren Peng was furious.

He Wei, Hu Ping, and Wei Liang’s complexions immediately darkened, their eyes full of anger.

There were Pure Soul Springs and other rare treasures at the depths of the thunder lagoon. Only Qin Lie’s group and Chu Li’s group were here at the moment. Wouldn’t it be best for them to explore it and collect the Pure Soul Springs as soon as possible?

Why had Du Xiangyang sent messages to every other force and basically invited their martial practitioners to the Forbidden Land of Thunder? What on earth was he trying to do?

The moment that Ye Yihao, the three great families were gathered, Luo Chen, and Illusory Demon Sect arrived, Terminator Sect would have more powerful opponents to contend with if they wished to acquire the Pure Soul Springs.

They might not necessarily even be able to get a single Pure Soul Spring in the end!

Why did Du Xiangyang do this?

They just couldn’t understand why. In their eyes, Du Xiangyang was clearly inviting greedy, shameless leopards, wolves, and crocodiles like Ye Yihao to come over.

“When powerful opponents arrive, no one will profit. We’ll also encounter enormous obstacles.” He Wei’s face was riddled with dark clouds.

“We were invited by Qin Lie as well. If he hadn’t told us the location of this place, how long would it have taken us to find the thunder lagoon?” Chu Li suddenly interrupted. “Perhaps Qin Lie discovered that it would be extremely difficult to get through the thunder barrier because of the Consecutive Soul Splitting Formation, which is why he spread the news on his own accord, summoning all the different forces here to think of a way to get in.”

“Regardless of why, when Ye Yihao and everyone else arrive, it’ll be troublesome to get even a single Pure Soul Spring!” He Wei said resentfully.

Chu Li calmly replied, “This is the Forbidden Land of Thunder. You saw how Qin Lie chased after Feng Yiyou and Yu Men’s forces just now. No matter what he plans to do or how dissatisfied you are, what can you do?”

What could they do?

He Wei, Hu Ping, Ren Peng, and Wei Liang froze.

It was true that they couldn’t do anything.

If even the combined forces of Celestial Artifact Sect and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain didn’t dare to face Qin Lie head on, what could they possibly do?

“The thunder and lightning in the Forbidden Land of Thunder will eventually disappear after the thunder spirit is sealed. When that happens, Qin Lie will return to his true form!” Hu Ping said hatefully, gritting his teeth. “When that happens, I’d like to see if he can still be so smug!”

Chu Li’s eyes turned cold, and he simply snorted in response.


Somewhere in the Forbidden Land of Thunder.

Treading through the swamplands alone, Luo Chen resembled a blade that radiated a cold, sharp aura.

He wasn’t heading anywhere in particular. All he wanted was to leave the Forbidden Land of Thunder as soon as possible and find the Land of Buried Gods.

He didn’t even know where he was.


Suddenly, the Heavenly Sword Mountain token at his waist released a shrill whistle.

Luo Chen’s expression changed as he hastily grabbed the token and inspected it for the message that was transmitted to it.

“I am Du Xiangyang. We have found the thunder lagoon. There are six Pure Soul Springs inside of it! Come quickly!”

The eyes of the wandering Luo Chen suddenly burst with astonishing godly light. “Pure Soul Springs! Six Pure Soul Springs!”

He let out a long howl and shot in Du Xiangyang’s direction like a sword beam.


In another area of the Forbidden Land of Thunder.

The two groups of people belonging to Celestial Artifact Sect and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain were adjusting their breathing and gathering their strength at two sides of a short hill.

“When the thunder spirit of the Forbidden Land of Thunder is sealed, the violent thunder will quickly disappear. When that happens, Qin Lie will definitely die!” someone yelled angrily.

“I’m going to kill him!”

“He’s dead for sure!”

The two forces were gritting their teeth.

Before long, however, the tokens they carried with them began to emit harsh whistling sounds.

Everyone hurried to grab the tokens and inspect them.

Several seconds later, crazy cheers of joy broke out from both groups. “Pure Soul Springs! There are actually six Pure Soul Springs!”

“I thought they were soul crystals! I didn’t imagine that there would be Pure Soul Springs!” Feng Yiyou was utterly shocked as he screamed, “Turn back! We’re going to get those Pure Soul Springs even if we have to fight Qin Lie to the death!”

“It doesn’t matter who spread this information. We must go back for the Pure Soul Springs!” Yu Men expressed the same sentiments on the other side of the hill.

Soon enough, the two groups of people began to go back the way they came from. Even the threat of death wasn’t enough to deter them from seeking the Pure Soul Springs.


“It’s been around a dozen days, and we still haven’t found the thunder lagoon. How annoying.”

Xiahou Yuan’s bald, shiny head was currently inspecting the tokens of various forces to search for signs of other martial practitioners. Impatience was plastered across his face.

Ye Yihao and the people of Black Voodoo Cult were huddled together with Huang Zhuli, softly discussing amongst each other.

“In the Graveyard of Gods, the thunder lagoon is second only to the Land of Buried Gods. According to the information we’ve obtained, a large number of soul crystals should be in inside of it,” Ye Yihao declared from a seated position, his legs crossed. His expression was grim. “There’s no doubting the existence of the soul crystals. There are probably other miraculous soul treasures as well. The thunder lagoon is a place where the souls of elites are constantly being refined. We might even be able to find the fragmented inheritances of those elites, so we have to find its location as soon as possible.”

“Have the three great families spread their men out and search the area, keeping a distance of twenty five kilometers between one another to facilitate communication.” Huang Zhuli’s eyes were dark, and her tone was cold.

“Right away.” Ye Yihao nodded.

Huang Zhuli was Ye Yihao’s senior sister. She held an exalted status within Black Voodoo Cult as well as the sect master’s trust.

Her strength, strategic ability, and ruthlessness all struck fear and respect in people’s hearts.

Ye Yihao had worked with Huang Zhuli before. In the past, Black Voodoo Cult had forced both of them into dire situations as a form of practice. He was well aware of how frightening Huang Zhuli could be, which is why he accepted her commands so easily.

Black Voodoo Cult and the three great families had just decided on their plan to search for the thunder lagoon when the Heavenly Sword Mountain token in Xiahou Yuan’s hands suddenly received a message.

When Xiahou Yuan took a brief moment to examine it, he immediately cried out, his voice trembling.

“Someone reported the location of the thunder lagoon and said there are six Pure Soul Springs in it!”

“Six Pure Soul Springs!”

“Are there actually Pure Soul Springs in there!?”

“Oh my god! The elite of the elite consider Pure Soul Springs an ultimate treasure. Even the sect master has been using all sorts of methods to search for one. To think that there would be Pure Soul Springs in the thunder lagoon!”

In that moment, everyone worked themselves into a frenzy, immediately heading to the thunder lagoon like a howling typhoon.


“Sister Xue, will your lifespan continue shrinking without the Spring of Life?” Pan Qianqian timidly asked as she held a translucent, icy shield of light against the heavy rain.

“I’ll be fine,” Xue Moyan said, traces of grief and helplessness on her cold face. A sphere made from glassy haloes surrounded her body. “I need the Spring of Life because of my mother. She… won’t be able to hold on much longer.”

“Curse that Huang Zhuli! I’m going to kill her sooner or later!” Pan Qianqian yelled, clenching her fists.

“You aren’t a match for her.” Xue Moyan shook her head and sighed softly. “Even I’m not confident enough to fight her alone. I’ve gauged her strength and she might be even scarier than Ye Yihao. If my guess is correct, she should be the true leader of Black Voodoo Cult’s Trial participants.””

“Then what should we do?” Pan Qianqian asked in a gloomy voice. “Without the Spring of Life, you and your mother… both of you will...”

“Don’t think about it too much. We can only adapt as the situation changes. As long as we’re alive, there’s hope,” Xue Moyan comforted her.

Pan Qianqian sighed deeply.

After a brief pause, she suddenly spoke up again. “If we could find Qin Lie and the others, we might be able to get the Spring of Life back from Huang Zhuli. That guy… he supports you unconditionally. Although his realm isn’t very high and his true strength can’t be determined, I feel like he’s actually quite capable.”

“Him?” Xue Moyan shook her head slightly. “He’s only in the early stage of the Netherpassage Realm. He has even shattered his True Soul and weakened his realm to cure himself of the voodoo toxin. He’s definitely capable and his heart is as firm as steel… but he won’t necessarily be able to help us.”

Huang Zhuli was at the peak of the Netherpassage Realm, and her strength couldn’t be fathomed. Furthermore, she probably had great treasures of Black Voodoo Cult in her possession.

Not only had Xue Moyan not managed to seize the initiative during her brief clash with Huang Zhuli, she had even let that traitor escape untouched. She knew, then and there, that Huang Zhuli was the true terror of Black Voodoo Cult.

Qin Lie was an incredibly mysterious person in Xue Moyan’s eyes. He had helped her whenever he could and asked for nothing in return. This puzzled her greatly.

However, she didn’t think that Qin Lie could do whatever he wanted in the Graveyard of Gods. In Xue Moyan’s opinion, it wasn’t realistic to think that he could reclaim the Spring of Life from Huang Zhuli.

“Ooooo!” The Black Voodoo Cult token at Pan Qianqian’s waist whistled.

Pan Qianqian picked it up and examined the information inside of it. Then, all of a sudden, she cried out in surprise. “Someone has revealed the thunder lagoon’s location through the token! They even revealed that the thunder lagoon is covered in soul crystals and houses six Pure Soul Springs!”

“Pure Soul Springs? Are there really Pure Soul Springs in the thunder lagoon?” Xue Moyan’s expression was covered in shock.

“That’s what the message says!” Pan Qianqian nodded deeply.

“Pure Soul Springs are exceedingly rare. If we can get our hands on even a single one, I would be able to ask my master to help me exchange it for spring water from the Spring of Life once we exit the Trial!” The prospect came as a pleasant surprise to Xue Moyan. “Master knows someone who has some spring water in their possession, but… that person would only trade it for a Pure Soul Spring. They’re willing to exchange all of the spring water from the Spring of Life in their possession, as well as a lot of other precious spirit materials, for just one Pure Soul Spring! The amount of spring water that person has is far beyond the amount that Huang Zhuli has. It would be enough save both me and my mother!”


At the thunder lagoon.

Qin Lie was sitting with his legs crossed as he stared at the crisscrossing lightning in the sky. The unpredictable bolts bathed his face in numerous flashes of light.

“Du Xiangyang has been gone for several days.” Song Tingyu frowned.

“He’ll be fine. That guy might seem harmless, but in reality, he’s as crafty as a fox,” Xie Jingxuan said calmly.

Qin Lie laughed softly and nodded, saying, “Du Xiangyang isn’t a simple person. I’ve had this feeling that he’s been hiding his true strength all this time. It’s possible that he didn’t even reveal his actual trump card when competing against Luo Chen for the right to lead Heavenly Sword Mountain’s Trial participants.

“Are you saying that he might be even stronger than Luo Chen?” Song Tingyu asked in disbelief.

“It’s possible.” A strange light shone from Xie Jinguan’s bright eyes. “Ever since I was given the Wood Race’s inheritance, I’ve been able to sense biomagnetic fields more keenly. Du Xiangyang’s biomagnetic field feels much stronger those of Feng Yiyou, Chu Li, and Luo Chen.””

“Biomagnetic fields are formed from the combined power of the body’s physical strength and the refined energy of the flesh and blood. You’ve seen everyone in the Graveyard of Gods.” Qin Lie smiled and nonchalantly asked, “According to your senses, who do you think has the strongest biomagnetic field?””

“You do!”

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