Chapter 486: Three Miraculous Uses!

Chapter 486: Three Miraculous Uses!

“Pure Soul Spring?!”

Du Xiangyang and He Wei cried out at the same time, joy and disbelief appearing on their faces. Their eyes glistened with a hint of madness.

At the same time, Ren Peng and the other three Terminator Sect martial practitioners each began trembling. Their eyes glowed with a similarly fervent intensity.

Only Qin Lie’s group that hailed from Scarlet Tide Continent maintained their composure. Surprised and confused, they stared at how He Wei and the others entered a state of rash excitement. Seeing everyone else go mad with joy, they clearly didn’t know just how miraculous a Pure Soul Spring was.

Chu Li sucked in a deep breath to calm his muddled mind, but his voice still trembled a little as he said, “The soul energy isn’t coming from soul crystals. The source of the energy has to be a Pure Soul Spring! My god, there’s actually a Pure Soul Spring in there. I almost don’t dare to believe it!”

“Compared to soul crystals, only god knows how much more valuable a Pure Soul Spring is!” He Wei’s bright eyes shone with extraordinary splendor. Her body trembled slightly. “This is p-practically…”

She couldn’t actually think of a proper adjective for some time.

“Unbelievable. This is literally unbelievable!” Ren Peng muttered to himself.

“Qin Lie! This is probably a Pure Soul Spring!” Du Xiangyang had lost his cool.

Song Tingyu and Xie Jingxuan looked each other in the eye before furrowing their brows. They didn’t know about the origins or secrets of a Pure Soul Spring, but judging from everyone’s reactions, they could guess that its effects were extraordinary.

The two women were already regretting their decision to treat He Wei in an intimate manner earlier. They began to inwardly grumble about the arrival of He Wei and the others even more.

“Qin Lie, if you can get the Pure Soul Spring out of the thunder lagoon in there, I guarantee that the doors of Heavenly Sword Mountain and Terminator Sect will immediately open up for you!” He Wei said excitedly.

“It won’t be just Heavenly Sword Mountain and Terminator Sect. If you possess a Pure Soul Spring, you will be able to join any one of the nine Silver rank forces of the Land of Chaos!” Du Xiangyang exclaimed.

“Big Brother Chu?” Qin Lie smiled calmly. “Tingyu, Jingxuan, and I hail from the Scarlet Tide Continent. We know about soul crystals, but… we have never heard of Pure Soul Springs. Please dispel our confusion first.”

“Alright!” Chu Li nodded deeply before immediately saying, “You know about the difference between soul crystals and spirit stones, right?”

“Spirit stones contain spirit energy, whereas soul crystals contain soul energy, correct?”

“That’s right. The spirit energy inside of a spirit stone can replenish the spirit energy of a dantian’s spirit sea inside the body and replenish the body’s strength. The soul energy of a soul crystal, on the other hand, can replenish one’s soul energy.”

“Big Brother Chu, these are basics,” Qin Lie said.

“A Pure Soul Spring is not a soul crystal. It cannot replenish the soul’s energy, nor is it the crystallization of soul energy. It’s a soul of its own!”

Qin Lie’s expression grew agitated.

Chu Li then excitedly said, “A Pure Soul Spring is the product of refining an elite’s soul hundreds of thousands of times. This process of countless rounds of purification, washing away all residual memories and soul fragments, makes the elite’s soul incomparably clean and pure.

“Not just any soul can be refined into a Pure Soul Spring. Only the most resilient souls can be transformed into Pure Soul Springs after countless rounds of purification!” Du Xiangyang interrupted at an appropriate moment. “For example, we—no, that’s not right—even the souls of elites in the Fulfillment, Fragmentation, and Nirvana Realms may not necessarily be able to withstand being constantly refined by the lightning strikes of the thunder lagoon! Even the soul of a Nirvana Realm elite would completely dissipate under an endless barrage of lightning bolts. It wouldn’t be able to endure at all!”

“The Imperishable Realm! They had to be in the Imperishable Realm at the very least!” Chu Li’s expression was dead serious. “Only a soul of an Imperishable Realm elite could endure ages of lightning fueled refinement, become cleansed of its residual memories, thought fragments, and emotions, and leave behind the purest soul origin!”

“A Pure Soul Spring is the most immaculate soul origin. It has no residual memories or emotions, and no thought fragments. It is just like a newborn baby.” Du Xiangyang’s eyes shone with an odd light.

At this point, Song Tingyu and Xie Jingxuan had also grown excited. Their beautiful eyes shone with a light of astonishment.

“A Pure Soul Spring has three miraculous uses!” Chu Li continued.

“First, a Pure Soul Spring can be refined into an artifact soul. If a spirit artifact has a powerful artifact soul inside of it, its quality will rise by leaps and bounds! According to what I’ve learned, most high rank Heaven Grade spirit artifacts contain artifact souls, whereas Divine Grade spirit artifacts are certain to have one!

“An artifact soul formed using a Pure Soul Spring is the most stable of all artifact souls. There is absolutely no possibility of it rebelling against the master of the spirit artifact. Furthermore, an artifact soul formed using a Pure Soul Spring can grow infinitely. An artifact soul with such growth allows the quality of the spirit artifact to improve over time! It can be said that a Pure Soul Spring can be used to make a top-tier artifact soul!

“Second, a Pure Soul Spring can allow a practitioner with a severely damaged soul to quickly recover. If the soul of a high realm martial practitioner were grievously wounded, they wouldn’t necessarily be able to recover even if several hundred years passed. With a Pure Soul Spring, however, the practitioner would be able to transfer his soul, his life experiences, his emotions, and everything else to it.

“This method is similar to hosting an elite’s soul in a new body after the original body has been destroyed. A Pure Soul Spring can be used as a soul lotus seat. Everything about a martial practitioners, their memories, emotions, and even experiences, serve as a record of their life. The transfer of these things can be considered the transfer of a True Soul.”

A lightbulb flickered to life in Qin Lie’s mind as his eyes suddenly lit up.

The second miraculous use of a Pure Soul Spring was perfect for Xue Li. Half of Xue Li’s soul had been refined by Jiang Zhuzhe, and his soul was severely damaged because of it. It would be impossible for him to recover in a short period of time.

A Pure Soul Spring was the equivalent of an untouched soul. One by one, Xue Li could gather his memories, experiences, and emotions in a Pure Soul Spring.

It was a process similar to that of a soul seizing a new physical body.

By transferring his memories, experiences, and emotions, Xue Li would seize and occupy the pure, clean soul, turning it into his own.

“If someone uses this way to recover their soul, would their soul be weaker than before?” Qin Lie asked as he pondered.

“That depends on the strength of the person’s severely wounded soul, and the strength of the Pure Soul Spring itself. Let’s put it this way: existences that can be refined into a Pure Soul Spring would at least be in the Imperishable Realm!” Chu Li solemnly said. “If a martial practitioner with a realm lower than the Imperishable Realm suffered a grievous wound to their soul and recovered by seizing a Pure Soul Spring and forming a new soul... barring any unforeseen incidents, their soul would be even stronger than before!”

Song Tingyu and Xie Jingxuan’s beautiful eyes lit up.

They both knew about Xue Li and how he was originally in the Nirvana Realm. If Xue Li, whose soul had been grievously injured, could transfer his memories, experiences, and soul imprints into a Pure Soul Spring and form a new soul...

…then his new soul would be even stronger than his previous one.

Both Song Tingyu and Xie Jingxuan had noticed what Qin Lie was thinking.

Qin Lie pondered for a moment as a plan formed in his mind.

“And the third use?” he asked.

“A Pure Soul Spring can be refined into a subsoul!” Chu Li exclaimed.

“Subsoul?” Qin Lie was surprised again.

“A Pure Soul Spring with no memories, thought fragments, or impurities to speak of can gradually be refined by an elite and imprinted with their own experiences and processes. They can transform it into a subsoul that is connected to the main soul!” Chu Li said firmly. “A subsoul has many uses. When an elite is breaking through to a new realm and faces a tribulation, the subsoul can help in enduring said tribulation. A subsoul can even be sacrificed to prevent the main soul from being extinguished!

“In reality, this is a cheat method when facing a tribulation! The subsoul can absorb whatever is assaulting the main soul so that the main soul can remain safe and sound!” Du Xiangyang added.

“Starting at the Fragmentation Realm, every time a martial practitioner ascends and breaks through to a new realm, they face a tribulation. As their main soul fragments, a subsoul can shoulder some of the burden if they have one. It may even nullify some attacks so that the main soul can smoothly break through to a new realm,” Chu Li explained.

“This is somewhat similar to the Profound Yin Nine Leaf Lotus, isn’t it?” Song Tingyu interrupted.

“No, it’s different. It’s even more miraculous than the Profound Yin Nine Leaf Lotus.” Du Xiangyang shook his head with a smile.

“The Profound Yin Nine Leaf Lotus only helps martial practitioners at the peak of the Fragmentation Realm who are aiming to ascend to the Nirvana Realm. Swallowing a Profound Yin Nine Leaf Lotus during ascension would allow the souls of such martial practitioners to be protected by a lotus formed by Profound Yin energy. Furthermore, nine illusory souls would also appear around the lotus to confuse fate itself and endure some of the Nirvana Fire on behalf of the martial practitioner, acting as a buffer for their True Soul.”

Du Xiangyang continued, “However, the martial practitioner ultimately has to face the majority of the Nirvana Fire. The illusory souls formed by Profound Yin Nine Leaf Lotuses enable their True Soul some time to gauge the strength of the Nirvana Fire as it burns the illusory souls. As a result, the martial practitioner would be able to estimate of the Nirvana Fire’s power and have some time to prepare. However, once the illusory souls are extinguished, the True Soul would still have to face the Nirvana Fire.

“In contrast, a subsoul formed by a Pure Soul Spring can completely absorb the Nirvana Fire in place of the True Soul! The subsoul can prevent such a tribulation and subsequent consequences the True Soul would face!”

“In addition to that, a subsoul can also be detonated during critical, dangerous situations . Terrifying power can be unleashed to aid the main soul in escaping from an enemy’s deadly entrapment!” He Wei could not help but interrupt.

“A subsoul also has another miraculous use in that it can be hosted in a new body and be refined as a doppelgänger,” Ren Peng also chimed in.

“To the most powerful elites in the Land of Chaos, a Pure Soul Spring is the most precious of treasures that can only be encountered through good fortune! I heard that Forefather Terminator has been attempting to find a Pure Soul Spring for the longest time and is willing to trade two Copper rank vassal continents for one!” Du Xiangyang said softly.

“Two Copper rank continents?!” Qin Lie was shocked beyond words.

The Scarlet Tide Continent was a Copper rank continent of its own. A Pure Soul Spring could be exchanged for two Scarlet Tide Continents?

This was incredibly hard to believe.

“Our forefather isn’t the only one. Who among the elites that have reached the Nirvana or Imperishable Realms wouldn’t want to refine a subsoul that can protect their lives?” Chu Li countered. Then, in a solemn voice, he said, “In certain situations, having a subsoul is the same as having an additional life! How precious do you think that is?”

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