Chapter 485: Pure Soul Spring

Chapter 485: Pure Soul Spring

“How was it?”

When Chu Li returned, He Wei hurriedly asked, expectantly waiting for his answer.

Ren Peng and the others also grew anxious.

“They are just within fifty kilometers. It will be very easy to find them if we use the Heavenly Sword Mountain and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain tokens.” Chu Li smiled. “Qin Lie is not as petty as you guys think. He agreed, and he welcomes us to seek out the secrets of the thunder lagoon together.”

“He really didn’t turn us down?” He Wei was surprised.

“Why would he turn us down?” Chu Li countered.

“He kept chasing down Feng Yiyou and Yu Men everywhere here in the Forbidden Land of Thunder. This means that Qin Lie did not need any help at all.” He Wei sighed quietly. “Which means he didn’t need our help in the slightest. We… have no value to him whatsoever.”

“That’s definitely true.” Reng Peng also sighed.

“People don’t always build relationships purely on gains and profits,” said Chu Li with a frown.

“Ah, it was our fault last time. Even I feel a bit embarrassed to face them.” He Wei’s eyes were filled with bitterness.

At this point, she finally admitted that they had been too petty back in the Forbidden Land of Wood.

“Relax, Qin Lie doesn’t fuss over small matters. What’s over is over, don’t worry about it anymore. Just act as you normally would,” Chu Li advised.

“I hope so.” He Wei said with a look of helplessness.


At the thunder lagoon.

Song Tingyu occasionally looked into the distance, concern clear on her face. She muttered to herself, “Bastard, charging out all by himself. He’s being too reckless! Even if his strength has greatly increased in the Forbidden Land of Thunder, he couldn’t kill both forces on his own, could he? It’s been some time now. Did something happen to him?”

“Relax, even if he can’t kill Yu Men and Feng Yiyou, he’ll still be able to retreat safely.” Du Xiangyang smiled and continued calmly. “It’s not like you didn’t see how Qin Lie commanded the thunder and lightning in the sky, did you? Hehe, in my opinion, there probably isn’t a single person who can threaten him in the Forbidden Land of Thunder!”

“I think so too,” Xie Jingxuan interrupted softly. “Here, it is much more likely that he will be the one hunting down others, and others will find it very difficult to harm him. Even Ye Yihao and the others are probably at their wit’s end already.”

Xie Jingxuan had previously fought alongside Qin Lie in the stone forest outside Icestone City.

In that battle, the finer points of Qin Lie’s thunder spirit arts left a deep impression on her.

She had never seen a miraculous martial practitioner like Qin Lie who could call thunder and lightning down from the sky with his own thunder and lightning power.

This place, where the power of thunder raged, was called the Forbidden Land of Thunder. As a lightning controller, it was highly unlikely for Qin Lie to be at a disadvantage unless he ran into the so-called thunder spirit.

“See? Hasn’t he returned?” Du Xiangyang smiled.

As Du Xiangyang said this, Qin Lie could already be seen returning in the distance like a thunderous rainbow.

Song Tingyu’s eyes lit up, and a smile appeared at the corner of her lips once more. She immediately relaxed.

Soon enough, Qin Lie landed in front of the trio and bluntly said, “I killed some of them, but Feng Yiyou and Yu Men managed to escape with their people. I happened to run into some familiar faces, so I didn’t continue my pursuit.”

“It isn’t wise to chase after a cornered enemy. You were right to stop.” Du Xiangyang smiled slightly and changed the subject. “Who did you run into?”

“Chu Li and his group.”

“Chu Li?” Du Xaingyang froze, then chuckled. He didn’t say anything further.

“Are He Wei and that Ren Peng still with Chu Li?” Song Tingyu’s eyebrows tightened.

“Of course,” Qin Lie answered.

“What did you tell them?” Xie Jingxuan asked.

“I didn’t say much.” Qin Lie shrugged and explained the whole thing. Then he said, “I think… they’ll probably make their way here using the tokens.”

“I am thoroughly disgusted with He Wei and Ren Peng’s group right now!” Song Tingyu snorted.

“Why did you call them over?” Xie Jingxuan also objected. “With you around, we don’t need to fear anyone in the Forbidden Land of Thunder. You’re also capable of examining and investigating this thunder lagoon by yourself. Their help isn’t the least bit necessary. Do we seriously have to share any rewards we discover once they arrive?”


Qin Lie was dumbstruck.

“Brother Qin.” Du Xiangyang patted his shoulder and lowered his voice, speaking as if he were someone with experience. “Women and men are different. Sometimes women will fuss over things that seem minor and inconsequential to men like us.”

“It’s not like I want to fuss over little things. He Wei was the one who abandoned us and left.” Song Tingyu continued indignantly. “Also, the things they said prior to leaving were quite unpleasant to the ear. They made it sound like we’d end up dying the moment they left us! Now that they realized that you can wield such power however you want and that you’ve discovered the thunder lagoon, they’ve shamelessly decided to cling to us instead. How disgusting.”

“They are too pretentious.” Xie Jingxuan also expressed her opinion.

“Chu Li treated us well,” said Qin Lie with a frown.

“We welcome Chu Li, but no one else,” Song Tingyu exclaimed softly. Then she thought about it for another moment, sighed, and gave in on her own accord. “Never mind. I know you wouldn’t want to lose face. If they want to come, let them. I just hope they won’t be too greedy if we find something inside of the thunder lagoon.”

Qin Lie then turned to Xie Jingxuan.

“If we truly find something in the thunder lagoon, it’ll be because of you alone. If you don’t mind, then I naturally won’t.” At least Xie Jingxuan was still calm.

Qin Lie nodded slightly.

An hour later.

With He Wei and Ren Peng’s group in tow, Chu Li finally made his way to Qin Lie using the tokens.

“Tingyu, Jingxuan, are you guys okay?” The moment He Wei arrived, she immediately put a smile on her face and greeted them intimately. “Last time... I let you girls down because I let my temper get the better of me. I offer you my apologies. Please don’t take it to heart. Let bygones be bygones, okay?”

“You’re too polite, Sister Wei. Qin Lie did go a little overboard last time. We understand.”

Song Tingyu, who had been scolding He Wei’s behavior without any trace of politeness just a moment ago, was now wearing a charming, convincing smile on her beautiful face. Her eyes seemed to be filled with smiles, and she looked like she was perfectly accepting of the matter as she graciously spoke with He Wei. It was as if they were good sisters without the slightest grudge between them.

“Let bygones be bygones.” Xie Jingxuan also expressed her opinion with her usual calm attitude.

It was as if she no longer remembered what had happened in the past.

Yet again, Qin Lie was dumbstruck.

He subconsciously looked at Du Xiangyang and noticed that Du Xiangyang was shrugging. He wore an impossibly strange expression that seemed to say, “You will never understand the world of women.”

Standing opposite to them, Chu Li was just as dumbfounded. He also didn’t quite understand how the three women could stand and talk amongst each other so cheerfully without displaying any ill will.

“This is the place.” Qin Lie shook his head. He no longer wanted to think about the mystery between the three women and instead pointed at the thunder barrier behind him. “This is the thunder lagoon!”

“Qin Lie, I should’ve explained everything about the Graveyard of Gods and the seven spirits earlier.” Chu Li pondered for a moment before growing serious and saying, “I have a bit more information regarding this place. I also know the secrets of the Demon Sealing Tombstone in your possession and how it works.”

“We heard a little from Feng Yiyou,” Du Xiangyang interrupted.

“Oh?” Chu Li’s expression was solemn. “What did he say?”

Du Xiangyang recounted what Feng Yiyou said about the seven spirits, the eight god corpses, and reason why the Graveyard of Gods existed.

“Does this match with what you know?” Du Xiangyang finally asked.

“Well, Feng Yiyou didn’t lie to you guys. The Graveyard of Gods is used as a burial ground for the deceased elites of ancient times. The seven spirits and the eight god corpses are the inner and outer seals of this place.” Chu Li nodded. “Furthermore, the Demon Sealing Tombstone is a spirit treasure specifically forged to seal the seven spirits and prevent them from rebelling. All of this is correct.”

“What about everything else?” Qin Lie interrupted.

“Feng Yiyou did not say much about the thunder lagoon, but I do know something about it.” Chu Li’s expression straightened.

Seeing that they had begun to talk about important matters, Song Tingyu and Xie Jingxuan also paid attention to their discussion and became serious.

“Aside from working in tandem with the six remaining forbidden lands to form the inner seal of the Graveyard of Gods, the thunder lagoon is also used to refine an elite’s soul! In ancient times, the powerful existence that created the Graveyard of Gods harnessed thunder lagoons to refine souls. It was the thunder’s purifying power that allowed that existence to exterminate the soul of an elite!

Along with being used to refine souls, it has also been said that the thunder lagoon was used to seal and imprison the souls of elites. The master of the Graveyard of Gods helped specific people seal the souls of elites and trap them inside the thunder lagoon, preventing them from escaping for all eternity.

“Feng Yiyou referring to the thunder lagoon as only one level lower than the Land of the Buried Gods wasn’t an exaggeration. The thunder lagoon and the Land of the Buried Gods might not operate in the same way, but they both have the same function. They are both places where one would bury the bodies of elites or seal their souls!”

Chu Li divulged these secrets to the group.

“Soul crystals of the highest purity can be found in the thunder lagoon. I felt their pure and flawless auras inside of it!” Qin Lie exclaimed.

The eyes of everyone in the group lit up all at once.

Qin Lie hadn’t managed to inform Song Tingyu’s and the others about the soul crystals earlier. Therefore, they were also very excited by the news.

“The higher and more profound a martial practitioner’s realm is, the more beneficial a soul crystal will be to them. A soul crystal can increase one’s soul energy. Regardless of the continent, a soul crystal is a rare and extraordinary treasure!” He Wei’s eyes were also shining. “We’re currently in the Netherpassage Realm. We will grow stronger and break through to the next realm through the cultivation and enhancement of our True Souls. A soul crystal is a true treasure to us. It can increase the rate of our breakthroughs!”

Everyone’s breathing quickened.

“Soul crystals of the highest purity? Can you explain what you felt, Qin Lie?” Chu Li questioned further carefully.

“The soul energy I sensed had no trace of impurities, residual memories, fragmented thoughts, or emotions. In all likelihood, it was repeatedly tempered and purified by thunder and lightning.” Qin Lie pondered while describing it in a serious manner, “Such soul energy resembled that of the purest crystals—clean, translucent, and without a single blemish.”

Chu Li’s heart beat wildly.

“I think that soul energy might not belong to soul crystals… but a Pure Soul Spring!”

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