Chapter 484: Let Bygones Be Bygones

Chapter 484: Let Bygones Be Bygones

The eyes of He Wei’s group of four were blank. They stood frozen in silence, obviously caught off-guard by the unforeseen event before them.

Just a moment ago, the group of four had been ridiculing Qin Lie’s actions, thinking that it was their presence that had prevented Luo Chen and Yu Men from butting heads with Qin Lie.

The quartet had thought that Qin Lie would suffer a calamity the minute he ran into either Feng Yiyou or Yu Men.

Deep in their hearts, they had not actually acknowledged Qin Lie’s strength. Instead, they assumed that Qin Lie had been able to play a role at some critical moments completely due to good luck.

However, Qin Lie was now brazenly charging forward, seeming to be the master of all thunder and lightning while looking bold and powerful.

In contrast, Feng Yiyou and Yu Men, who they had thought were arrogant sons of heaven, were now leading their subordinates away in a desperate retreat, fully terrified of Qin Lie catching up to them.

This scene was like a merciless slap in the face to He Wei, Ren Peng, and the others.

Under Chu Li’s gaze, the quartet felt their faces burning so hot that it was quite uncomfortable.

They had really made a fool out of themselves back then.

“Qin Lie may be weaker in terms of cultivation compared to Feng Yiyou and Yu Men, but surviving in the Graveyard of Gods is definitely not as hard on him as you imagined.” Chu Li did not continue to ridicule them and instead narrowed his eyes while saying in a serious manner, “People like him who can treat themselves with extreme cruelty will have a life force that’s far more tenacious than you all can possibly imagine!”

The quartet was no longer able to disagree.

The truth was right in front of them, after all.

Right now, Qin Lie was like a violent dragon that wielded thunder and lightning. Wherever he went, thunder roared, and lightning weaved. He was laughing at the sky while wantonly displaying his domineering and vicious side.

Meanwhile, Feng Yiyou and Yu Men were fleeing.

What could be more convincing than reality itself?

“Qin Lie!”

It was at this moment that Chu Li grinned and exclaimed, “Brother Chu!”.

Qin Lie, who was closely chasing after the martial practitioners of Heavenly Artifact Sect and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain, paused and looked joyously to where the voice had come from.

He hadn’t thought that he would run into Chu Li’s group of five at the Forbidden Land of Thunder so soon.

In reality, he felt a bit guilty when it came to Chu Li and He Wei. The Spring of Life did not belong to Xue Moyan in the first place, and it was only because of his request and Chu Li’s mediation that He Wei and the others had forfeited their chance to obtain it.

He Wei and the others had all been poisoned by the voodoo toxin before and needed the Spring of Life to replenish the life force that had been consumed by the wood spirit.

In the end, the others from the group left in anger, causing Chu Li to have no choice but to part ways with them.

“What are you doing, kid? Harassing Feng Yiyou and Yu Men?” Chu Li laughed strangely.

“Heh!” Qin Lie let out a dry laugh and watched as Feng Yiyou and Yu Men escaped further and further away. It was not like he had to relentlessly pursue them, so he promptly stopped doing so.

Feng Yiyou and Yu Men were both at the peak of the Netherpassage Realm. Their true strength was comparable to a Fulfillment Realm elite, so if they were driven to the brink of despair, they would probably erupt with terrifying resistance.

If the two put down their prejudices and joined hands to fight against Qin Lie, it was unlikely that he would be able to maintain such an advantageous position.

Therefore, he rationally decided against chasing them any further.

“Feng Yiyou found the location of the thunder spirit. Acting as an ally, he has repeatedly lured people over as sacrifices to break down the thunder barrier…” Qin Lie smiled and explained.

He continued, “If I hadn’t realized Feng Yiyou’s dirty scheme, I might have suffered by his hand as well. At first, we were going to clash against Feng Yiyou, but Ten Thousand Beast Mountain’s Yu Men suddenly showed up. These two forces had extremely deep grudges with each other, and they actually disregarded us and were going to fight right then and there. Hah, I pretended to retreat before charging right into the middle of them and summoning a whole sky of thunder and lightning to fall down, blasting them until they fled ignominiously.” Qin Lie erupted into laughter.

“You summoned the thunder and lightning of the Forbidden Land of Thunder?” Wei Liang was caught by surprise as he wore a look of astonishment. “How did you do it?”

Hu Ping was also shocked.

Both of them were well-versed in thunder spirit arts and had been taught by the forefather of Terminator Sect himself. They thought themselves to have a much better understanding of thunder and lightning than most thunder spirit art cultivators.

However, only after breaking through to the middle stage of the Netherpassage Realm could they borrow thunder to cultivate. And even then, they could only passively receive lightning strikes.

It was practically a pipe dream to use their own thunder and lightning power to actively call lightning down from the sky with their body.

He Wei was also extremely shocked.

She had grown up in Terminator Sect as a child, and her father was also an elite in Terminator Sect who cultivated the thunder spirit arts.

He Wei also had deep knowledge of thunder and lightning spirit arts. Just the same, she did not think that Qin Lie could use the thunder spirit art he cultivated to attract lightning strikes from the clouds directly while he was just at the Netherpassage Realm.

This was obviously illogical.

“The forefather is the only one who could temper his soul with thunder to the point where his soul and even his consciousness became imprinted with the power of thunder. Only then was he able to trigger the thunderous energy in the clouds.” Hu Ping’s eyes were extremely odd as she thought inwardly, “Could it be that he, Qin Lie, could eventually match the forefather’s level?”

“Is it really that hard to attract thunder and lightning?” Qin Lie smiled softly.

A long time ago, when he was still at the second stage of Heavenly Thunder Eradication, Thunder of the Ninth Heaven, he had connected heaven and earth with his body and summoned thunder and lightning to fall with thunderous rumbles to enter his pores and temper his body.

Now, he was at the third stage, Thunder Lightning Soul Refinement, his perception of thunder and lightning grew more and more acute. His connection with them was growing closer as well.

It was getting easier for him to trigger a lightning strike. In fact, it wasn’t difficult in the least.

This was the Forbidden Land of Thunder. It was because of this place that he was able to have thunder and lightning to strike wherever he wanted. That was why he had such absolute confidence.

That was why he dared to attack both Heavenly Artifact Sect and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain at the same time!

“Hehe, it might not be difficult for you, but for some other people… it is as hard as climbing the heavens!” Chu Li smiled and continued, “After the trial of the Graveyard of Gods has completed, why don’t you and I take a trip to the Heavenly Silence Continent and have a walk around our Terminator Sect?”

Qin Lie smiled calmly. “No problem.”

“I told you that I want to recommend you to the forefather. I believe he will be very interested in you,” Chu Li said seriously.

Hu Ping, Wei Liang, and the others were taken by surprise. Their expressions were full of shock. They were unable to comprehend why Chu Li regarded Qin Lie so highly.

“Du Xiangyang is still at the thunder lagoon. I can’t go too far, so I’ll be going over first.” Qin Lie’s expression moved, and he suddenly said, “There are probably many people who have entered the Forbidden Land of Thunder. If I’m not around and Ye Yihao comes over as well, it will be very troublesome.” He was in a hurry to leave.

“Alright, you go over first.” Chu Li smiled.

He Wei, Ren Peng, and the others immediately felt incredibly awkward.

From Chu Li, they already learned that the thunder lagoon was rather miraculous. It was a mysterious and wonderful place that was only second to the Land of Buried Gods in the Graveyard of Gods. They knew that that there might be precious treasures inside it.

The reason they entered the Forbidden Land of Thunder was because Hu Ping and Wei Liang were well versed in thunder spirit arts. They wanted to look around the thunder lagoon and see if they could stumble upon some good fortune.

They had been looking around for a while now, but they had yet to acquire any clues. They were not even able to pinpoint an accurate direction.

On the other hand, Qin Lie had come from the thunder lagoon...

They strongly desired to find the thunder lagoon’s location through Qin Lie. They were even thinking of borrowing Qin Lie’s power to probe the secrets of the thunder lagoon and grabbing a portion of the reward.

However, it was as if Qin Lie could not see through their intentions at all.

Qin Lie bid Chu Li farewell and immediately left like a lightning rainbow after letting out a soft laugh. He did not go out of his way to invite them.

He Wei stomped her foot and said angrily, “That damnable bastard!”

“Could he not see through our intentions?” Ren Peng’s face darkened.

“It’s not that he didn’t know our thoughts. He obviously did not want us to know the location of the thunder lagoon. He did not want us to join in on the rewards!” Wei Liang laughed coldly.

“It’s not like the thunder lagoon is his!” Hu Ping had also gotten angry.

A bunch of accusations later, the quartet focused their sights on Chu Li one after another with He Wei taking the lead and asking, “Hey you, Chu! Whose side are you on?”

Chu Li spread out his arms with a look of helplessness and grievance, “Back then, it was you guys who complained about splitting ways with Qin Lie. Naturally, I listened to you all and parted ways with Qin Lie. Qin Lie probably assumed that we are on different paths now, and knew that you guys still held a grudge in your hearts. That was why he was embarrassed to offer an invitation. Well… this is the result. Even if he was willing, he had no choice but to leave quietly.”

“In my opinion, he did this on purpose!” Ren Peng snorted.

“You shut up!” He Wei glared at him fiercely once and scolded, “It was because of you from the beginning! If you hadn’t instigated things, how would I have parted ways with Qin Lie? In reality, I thought that Qin Lie was still okay! It was all because of you!”

Ren Peng’s mind went blank, and he let out an expression that was even uglier than a cry, saying drily, “I-I…”

“Ren Peng, you are at fault here,” Hu Ping interrupted.

“You shut up too!” He Wei glared at him before pointing at Hu Ping and Wei Liang. “You two are bad apples as well! It’s perfectly normal for a woman to be petty, but you two big men are just as petty as I am! How can you call yourselves men?”

All kinds of colors appeared on Hu Ping and Wei Liang’s faces. They were both flabbergasted as well.

Chu Li was amused. He laughed non-stop, feeling that the scene was incredibly hilarious.

“You are a bad apple as well!” He Wei rolled her eyes again and pointed her barb at Chu Li, “Chu Li! If you can’t settle things with Qin Lie, I’m going to show you a bad time!”

“Tell me then, what do you want to do?” Chu Li said offhandedly.

“I-I…” Despite putting on an impressive show just now, He Wei’s face ultimately wasn’t that thick. Red, she said embarrassedly, “Actually, I didn’t think that we may necessarily be at a loss if we follow Qin Lie. I think, I think we should stay together as a group…”

Nearing the end of her words, He Wei snorted coldly again and exclaimed, “Anyway, settle things with him, okay!?”

“Alright, how would I dare to object to your instructions, Weiwei,” Chu Li bowed his head and promised honestly.

While He Wei was dazed by his reaction, Chu Li extended his spirit armor that was full of stars and broke through the sky.

He charged straight in Qin Lie’s direction.

A few minutes later, at a field of ponds, Qin Lie raised his head to look at the suddenly appearing Chu Li and smiled calmly.

“He Wei told me to come look for you no matter what. She insisted that she wants to join your group,” said Chu Li helplessly after he flew down and shrugged.

“Hehe, just use the Heavenly Sword Mountain or Ten Thousand Beast Mountain’s tokens.” Qin Lie laughed loudly. “The thunder lagoon is within a fifty kilometers.”

“Qin Lie.” Chu Li was dumbfounded for a moment, and then said somewhat embarrassedly, “Thanks.”

“Women are women, and we are we. Heh heh, you and I do not need to thank each other,” Qin Lie said coolly.

Chu Li nodded heavily in response.

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