Chapter 483: One Against Many!

Chapter 483: One Against Many!

In the outskirts of the Forbidden Land of Thunder.

Amidst a vast body of swamplands, a group of five people holding shields of light that varied in color walked under the dark gray sky where a violent thunderstorm brewed.

“I wonder how Qin Lie is doing?” Chu Li looked at the sky and sighed. “I wonder if he’s found a way to enter the Forbidden Land of Thunder yet. This place will be very suitable for his cultivation. If he manages to come here, he’ll be very comfortable, and his strength will soar.”

“Chu Li! Why do you keep bringing him up?!” He Wei exclaimed with a frown. She let out a hmph and sneered, “What’s so interesting about a person like him?”

“Senior Brother, that Qin Lie really is a terrible person. He actually asked all of us to pass on the Spring of Life just because he wanted to curry favor with a woman.” Ren Peng laughed coldly. “Hmph! I refuse to believe that he can be so relaxed and carefree in the Graveyard of Gods without us by his side!”

“Senior brother, it was only thanks to you that he was able to obtain the blood of the voodoo insect! You worked with Luo Chen to throw and ignite all of the Terminator Profound Bombs, helping him deal with Ye Yihao.” Hu Ping smirked and laughed coldly. “Qin Lie wouldn’t have been able to take the voodoo insect blood on his own!”

“They’ll discover that they can barely take a single step throughout the Graveyard of Gods without our help!” Wei Liang added.

When it came to this group of Hu Ping, Wei Liang, and the other two from Terminator Sect, all of them cultivated a thunder spirit art.

From the moment they arrived in the Forbidden Land of Thunder, they found that this land was beneficial to their cultivation of thunder spirit arts. They also discovered that the thunder and lightning in the sky above had very minimal effect on them.

The reason they summoned their shields of light wasn’t to protect themselves from the lightning, but to block the erosion of the heavy rain.

The rain in this place was incredibly corrosive, and when raindrops splattered against the skin, there was a painful, burning sensation. This was exactly why they had summoned shields of light.

In the Forbidden Land of Thunder, both Hu Ping and Wei Liang felt a boost of confidence. They felt that they could unleash greater strength than usual, so they spoke with prideful words.

“Do you really think that Qin Lie joined us for our support, and that he relied us to safely avoid the dangers of the Graveyard of Gods?” Chu Li was surprised.

He didn’t expect Ren Peng’s group of three to have actually thought this way.

“Of course that’s the case.” Ren Peng nodded first. “If it weren’t for us, how could Qin Lie have possibly escaped with a woman infected by the voodoo toxin while under the assault of Luo Chen and his men?

“There was also that time with Ten Thousand Beast Mountain’s Yu Men. Yu Men only had to give up because we were there.” Hu Ping also interrupted and laughed coldly. “If Qin Lie hadn’t tagged along with us, he would’ve already been killed twice! Our Terminator Sect doesn’t actually owe him anything! He is the one who owes us!”

“That ungrateful bastard!” Wei Liang snorted coldly. “How dare he try to dip his fingers into our Spring of Life to curry favor with a woman of Illusory Demon Sect. I think his carefree days are about to end!”

“Without us, Qin Lie definitely won’t be able to survive for long in the Graveyard of Gods! Yu Men, Feng Yiyou, and even Luo Chen are devils and monsters! He would get killed the moment he ran into any one of them!” Ren Peng said disdainfully.

Chu Li frowned deeply.

He had fought alongside Qin Lie before, and he knew Qin Lie better than Ren Peng or anyone else did. He knew very well how terrifying Qin Lie was.

During the two battles against Ye Yihao, Qin Lie had played a critical role and been more important than anyone else in the fray. Chu Li wasn’t stupid. Nothing had escaped his eyes.

In the first battle, Qin Lie had used the Fire Qilin flames to terminate Ye Yihao’s control over the infected people, thus foiling his trap.

In the second battle, Qin Lie had cured Xie Jingxuan’s voodoo toxin and sealed the wood spirit away with the Demon Sealing Tombstone, enabling the others to turn the situation around.

Perhaps Qin Lie was a little weaker than Luo Chen and Xue Moyan when it came to fighting, but the impact he had on the end result of the battle was obviously larger than that of the other two.

“He Wei, what do you think? Do you also believe that Qin Lie won’t be able to survive in the Graveyard of Gods now that he has left us?” Ultimately, Chu Li looked at He Wei.

“Be it by luck or coincidence, Qin Lie did play a role at critical moments. I don’t deny that.”

He Wei frowned and continued, “However, what Ren Peng and the others said also makes sense. We did help him out twice. There’s no doubt that we were the reason why neither Luo Chen nor Yu Men acted against him at those times. Qin Lie himself was at the early stage of the Netherpassage Realm, but his soul had been shattered and his power had fallen to the Manifestation Realm. His true strength was actually quite limited, and now that he’s left us, he will naturally face many obstacles in the Graveyard of Gods.”

“I can’t believe that you think so as well.” Chu Li was at a loss for words.

“Do you really think that Qin Lie is stronger than Luo Chen, Yu Men, or Feng Yiyou? Do you really think that he can cause havoc in the Graveyard of Gods while in the early stage Netherpassage Realm?” He Wei smirked.

“Qin Lie, Song Tingyu, and Xie Jingxuan are just martial practitioners of Heavenly Sword Mountain’s vassal forces. In reality, they just can’t be compared to Du Xiangyang. They just got lucky, that’s all.” Hu Ping’s expression was full of disdain.

“Even if some guy from a vassal force got lucky, there’s no way he would be complacent for long.” Wei Liang agreed.

In reality, these people looked down on any martial practitioner of a vassal force with all their hearts. They just couldn’t help but feel that those people were beneath them.

Qin Lie, Xie Jingxuan, and Song Tingyu hailed from the Scarlet Tide Continent, while Profound Heaven Alliance was a vassal force of Heavenly Sword Mountain.

Based on this alone, they felt that they were above them, subconsciously looking down on Qin Lie and the others.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

Suddenly, the sound of clothes flapping wildly in the wind resounded from afar.

“Check the tokens!” Chu Li ordered.

Ren Peng and the others hurriedly took their tokens from their waists and inspected them with their minds.

Two tokens immediately burst forth with intense activity.

“They’re from Ten Thousand Beast Mountain and Celestial Artifact Sect!” Hu Ping scowled.

“Everyone be careful!” He Wei’s expression changed as she exclaimed, “They may be Feng Yiyou and Yu Men. Those two are extremely hard to deal with, so we may not necessarily be able to gain the upper hand. We must handle this with caution!”

“Mn!” Ren Peng and the others nodded repeatedly, taking out their spirit artifacts.

They wore serious expressions on their faces as they awaited the enemy.

Back in the Land of Chaos, both Yu Men of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain and Feng Yiyou of Celestial Artifact Sect had been difficult characters to fight. They were renowned, young leaders.

They were well aware of how scary those two were, so they didn’t dare to relax in the least and immediately prepared to fight.

A dozen or so minutes later.

The two groups of men led by Feng Yiyou and Yu Men were running through the heavy rain like two streams of water.

The two groups consciously kept close to each other, and they seemed intent on joining forces were they unable to escape their enemy.

These two groups of people numbered only about a dozen people in total.

This force was not the least bit inferior to Ye Yihao’s alliance with the three great families, but at this moment, it was as if they were fleeing from some fearsome beast, running like headless chickens.

“Wh-what’s going on? What are they fleeing from?” Ren Peng wore a look of incredulity.

“Something’s wrong!” Wei Liang wore a grave expression. “These two forces combined definitely don’t need to fear any other force in the Graveyard of Gods! Even if Ye Yihao’s group came by, they would still be evenly matched! What on earth are they running away from?”

“This makes no sense!” Hu Ping was also puzzled.

“I don’t think they’re escaping from someone, but rather from something!” He Wei thought that she understood the crux of the matter. “It must be the thunder spirit of the Forbidden Land of Thunder! It must be!”

Ren Peng’s expression shook. He also believed that Feng Yiyou and Yu Men’s groups had been utterly defeated and were now being pursued by the thunder spirit.

That sentiment lasted until they saw a familiar character...

“Q-Qin Lie!” Chu Li suddenly let out a strange cry.

Qin Lie followed right behind Yu Men and Feng Yiyou’s groups, summoning thunder clouds and crisscrossing lightning above his head.

Lightning bolts the size of enormous dragons would occasionally strike down from the thunder clouds, blasting huge, deep pits into the ground upon impact.

It rivaled the explosive might of a Terminator Profound Bomb!

Qin Lie was wrapped in thunder and lightning as he laughed madly, chasing the people before him. With a wave of his arms, he seemed to be in control of many terrifying electrical dragons that struck at Feng Yiyou and Yu Men as if the gods of the Forbidden Land of Thunder had been enraged.

A Celestial Artifact Sect martial practitioner who lagged behind the group was struck in midair by an explosive lightning strike, convulsing intensely.

Three massive lightning bolts directly bit onto that person like electric dragons that had charged out of the abyss.

The person struggled mournfully, but it was all in vain as he was flooded by lightning and was scorched black in an instant. He plummeted from the air.

This made the people in the rear of Feng Yiyou and Yu Men’s groups look as if they’d seen a ghost, and they became even more terrified as they rushed to escape.

At the same time, Qin Lie continued to laugh strangely, chasing down and attacking the two groups.

“You guys just said that, without our help, Qin Lie wouldn’t be able to take a single step in the Graveyard of Gods? That he’d be killed if he ran into either Feng Yiyou or Yu Men?” Chu Li turned around to look at He Wei and Ren Peng’s group of four.

The faces of those four went pale.


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