Chapter 481: I, Qin Lie, Am The True Master Of This Place!

Chapter 481: I, Qin Lie, Am The True Master Of This Place!

Qin Lie felt that the situation had become more interesting all of a sudden.

Feng Yiyou of Celestial Artifact Sect evidently did not have a good relationship with Yu Men of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain, because the moment the two of them met, one pulled out his sword while the other drew his bow. Like roosters, they could start fighting at any moment.

However, these two having an antagonistic relationship was unsurprising to Qin Lie. The two of them belonged to different forces after all, both of which even resided in the Heavenly Fissure Continent.

The relationship that Qin Lie was actually curious about was the one between Feng Yiyou and Situ Tong.

Situ Tong also belonged to Celestial Artifact Sect, and like Feng Yiyou, he had entered the Graveyard of Gods as a trial participant. However, Situ Tong had previously journeyed with Niu Shaojun. He was actually quite close to Ten Thousand Beast Mountain.

Yet Ten Thousand Beast Mountain was Feng Yiyou’s enemy, the thorn in his side.

Qin Lie realized that Zhang Sheng had been telling the truth about one thing—Situ Tong really wasn’t on their side.

As expected.

Along with three other Celestial Artifact Sect martial practitioners, Situ Tong actually rushed over in just fifteen minutes.

They were clearly still in cahoots with Ten Thousand Beast Mountain!

“Situ Tong! You actually dare to conspire with the people of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain!” Feng Yiyou’s expression turned intensely cold, killing intent overflowing from his eyes. “I always knew that allowing you to enter the Trial was only asking for trouble!”

“Hello, Young Sect Master.” When Situ Tong arrived, his expression was similarly ice-cold as well. “Before we entered the Trial, the injury you gave me during the inner sect competition was carved into my heart. I think about it all the time!”

“Heh!” Du Xiangyang secretly laughed.

He could see that the relationship between Situ Tong and Feng Yiyou was probably even worse than the relationship between him and Luo Chen.

Just like Heavenly Sword Mountain, Celestial Artifact Sect had held an internal competition to determine the selection of Trial participants.

Situ Tong had apparently lost.

Feng Yiyou didn’t have a good relationship with Yu Men, and he also bore hatred for Situ Tong. This led to Situ Tong conspiring with Yu Men upon entering the Graveyard of Gods.

“It seems like we’ll be able to stay out of this matter.” Du Xiangyang laughed.

Qin Lie’s demeanor was relaxed as well. He sized up the martial practitioners of Celestial Artifact Sect and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain, touchng his temple as he pondered. Then he suddenly smiled and said, “Young Sect Master Feng, we don’t wish to intrude upon this matter or continue investigating the thunder barrier. We just want to leave now, what do you say?”

Before Ten Thousand Beast Mountain arrived, Qin Lie and Feng Yiyou’s groups were about to engage in a bloody, slaughter-filled battle.

Feng Yiyou had just ordered Zhang Sheng and the other five Celestial Artifact Sect martial practitioners to capture Song Tingyu and Xie Jingxuan, kill Du Xiangyang, and seize Qin Lie’s memories.

But now, when Qin Lie said that they wanted to leave, a carefree look surfaced on Feng Yiyou’s face. He even smiled and said, “Earlier was just a misunderstanding. We only had good intentions in mind, hoping that we could investigate the mysteries of the thunder barrier together. However, all of you seem to not be interested. We won’t keep you here any longer. Please, go ahead.”

Feng Yiyou took the initiative to back off.

Zhang Sheng and his men were well aware that Ten Thousand Beast Mountain was currently their true enemy. The moment they saw Feng Yiyou let them go, each of them dryly laughed one after another.

“Earlier was just a misunderstanding, that’s all it was. Please be magnanimous and forgiving...” Zhang Sheng cupped his hands and bowed, nodding toward Qin Lie and the others.

“We truly had good intentions in the beginning,” another person hurriedly said as well.

Song Tingyu and Xie Jingxuan were all smiles.

“What do you guys say?” Qin Lie looked at Niu Shaojun and his gang.

“Just leave! We’re not going to send you off!” Niu Shaojun snorted coldly.

“You better run far!” Yu Men growled, staring at Feng Yiyou intensely.

“You had best be more polite with your words!” Xie Jingxuan’s face was ice-cold.

“Just forget it. Let’s go.” Qin Lie smiled softly as he waved his hand to stop Xie Jingxuan, saying, “We can’t afford to offend either side, so let us be off. We’ll give this place to them to roll around in.”

Xie Jingxuan looked at him strangely.

She had always known that, although Qin Lie looked gentle, deep in his bones, he was incomparably violent. Like a volcano, just a tiny little spark could burst into a surging ball of flames.

Yu Men wanted them to flee far into the distance, and his tone wasn’t the least bit courteous. With Qin Lie’s personality, he would definitely want to start a wild brawl. However, this time he took the initiative to retreat, which was something that Xie Jingxuan found baffling.

“Time to go, time to go!” Qin Lie took the lead and moved to leave, a slight smile on his face.

As he said he was leaving, he actually walked toward the middle of the two opposing sides, aiming to walk between them.

Du Xiangyang, Song Tingyu, and Xie Jingxuan suddenly tensed up.

At this moment, tensions between Celestial Artifact Sect and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain were especially high, and the situation could explode into a bloody war at any moment. .

If Qin Lie actually wanted to retreat, there were many other routes he could have taken. Instead, however, he chose to walk the path in the middle of Feng Yiyou and Yu Men.

This decision made the hearts of Song Tingyu, Xie Jingxuan, and Du Xiangyang hang in suspense.

The three of them, having initially moved to follow Qin Lie, stopped short. Their hearts were tense and uneasy. They sensed that something was amiss.

The people of Celestial Artifact Sect and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain sank into silence.

They also hadn’t expected Qin Lie, the one who wanted to leave this place, to actually choose the narrow path between them.

What was the meaning of this?

This was clearly a provocation!

Xie Jingxuan, Song Tingyu, and Du Xiangyang didn’t dare to move rashly or go deeper between Celestial Artifact Sect and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain, fearing a pincer attack from both sides.

They stood at their original positions, their fingers instinctively pressing down on their spatial rings, prepared to retrieve their spirit artifacts and battle at any moment.

They looked at Qin Lie with grim expressions.

Feng Yiyou, Yu Men, Zhang Sheng, and the rest also wore dark expressions. They stopped facing each other and looked at Qin Lie as well.

Under numerous frigid gazes, Qin Lie looked as though he were confidently strolling through his own yard, leisurely walking to the middle of the crowd made up of Feng Yiyou’s group and Yu Men’s group.

Under the predatory gazes of the Celestial Artifact Sect and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain martial practitioners, not only did Qin Lie pass through both sides comfortably, he even came to a sudden stop in the middle of them—

—right between Yu Men and Feng Yiyou.

Song Tingyu, Du Xiangyang, and Xie Jingxuan’s hearts constricted and their expressions took a grave turn. They secretly began to gather spirit energy in preparation for any abrupt change in the situation.

Although they didn’t understand Qin Lie’s motives, they knew that the tolerance of Feng Yiyou and Yu Men was limited.

“Earlier, you said wanted to us to run far away?” Qin Lie twisted his head, glancing at Yu Men of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain. With a frown, he asked, “Care to repeat that?”

Upon hearing these words, every person on Celestial Artifact Sect’s side began to gloat, eyes shining with glee.

In the meantime, the worsening situation made Qin Lie’s group sigh.

“Damn it!” Xie Jingxuan cursed in a low voice. “And here I thought that he had changed for the better. I didn’t think he’d be as crazy as ever!”

“This bastard!” Even Song Tingyu stomped her feet as well.

The three of them didn’t expect Qin Lie to take the initiative and provoke Yu Men.

He clearly could have retreated from this incident, and then, after Celestial Artifact Sect and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain waged a blood-soaked war, decided whether or not to stab them in the back.

They would’ve definitely been able to profit as fishermen if they chose to do that!

Why did he have to offend Yu Men and provoke both sides?

Song Tingyu and the others had no idea.

“Fine!” Yu Men grinned and let out a ferocious laugh. “If you don’t run as far as you can, I’ll just kill you along with them! Heh, you think you’re Luo Chen or Chu Li? Or maybe even Ye Yihao? How about Xue Moyan? Even if you help Feng Yiyou fight me, how much use will just the four of you be?”

Yu Men basically didn’t hold Qin Lie in any regard at all.

He had made the necessary preparations to deal with Qin Lie’s group at the same time. Aside from the people of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain, Yu Men still had Situ Tong.

He believed that his group’s strength was enough take on both Qin Lie’s group and Celestial Artifact Sect.

“You seemed to be interested in the two women with me earlier, right?” Unexpectedly enough, Qin Lie didn’t respond to Yu Men, but instead turned around to look at Feng Yiyou and Zhang Sheng. A broad toothy smile on his face, he said. “One of the women that you, Zhang Sheng, are so interested in is my…”

These words utterly baffled the people of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain.

Song Tingyu, Xie Jingxuan, and Du Xiangyang inwardly lamented their despair.

Not only did this bastard provoke Ten Thousand Beast Mountain, he even offended Celestial Artifact Sect. Just what in the world was he planning?

“You motherfucker, what are your intentions?” Zhang Sheng roared furiously.

“What in the world are you trying to do?” Feng Yiyou became impatient as well.

“This place is the Forbidden Land of Thunder. In this place, you…” He pointed at Feng Yiyou, and then he pointed at Yu Men. “And you. Neither of you have the qualifications to control it. I, Qin Lie, am the true master of this place!”

Immediately after declaring this, Qin Lie raised his head, looked toward the sky, and roared, “Thunder!”

When his voice rang out, explosive thunder resonated from deep in the clouds, sounding as if it were capable of destroying the world.

Writhing from the thunder barrier off to the side, streaks of lightning as thick as pails mixed with the violent, thunderous rumbling and rushed out like ferocious dragons.

The twisted, chaotic thunder fluctuations instantly became several times more savage. The violent lightning from the sky and the thunder lagoon drew closer as if being guided, approaching as if the apocalypse were nigh.

Their target was Qin Lie!

At this moment, Qin Lie stood at the center of the crowd of martial practitioners belonging to Celestial Artifact Sect and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain.

He was guiding lightning down from the heavens with Heavenly Thunder Eradication.

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