Chapter 473: Hidden Pawn!

Chapter 473: Hidden Pawn!

The Blood Codex was a blood red bone piece of jade. It was as big as a person’s palm and as translucent as a bloodstone. Bloody light circulated within it.

The moment Huang Zhuli received the Blood Codex, she could not suppress the joy that leaped to her eyes. Her lips also curled into a satisfied smile.

No one knew that she secretly belonged to Black Voodoo Cult. No one was aware that she had been keeping in touch with Ye Yihao either. She was the reason why Illusory Demon Sect’s Little Wan and Little Die had been bitten and controlled by voodoo insects.

She was also the first one to blame Qin Lie for that.

“This half of the Blood Codex was personally given to me by your father. It is the foundation of Blood Fiend Sect,” Qin Lie said solemnly.

“Very good! You’ve done very well!” Huang Zhuli could not contain her joy.

Not only did she manage to steal a bucketful of water from the Spring of Life from Xue Moyan, she now obtained the Blood Codex from Qin Lie’s very hands.

She felt that her good luck was currently overflowing.

She no longer needed any rewards from the Graveyard of Gods. As long as she leave the Trial alive and give the first half of the Blood Codex to Black Voodoo Cult, she would immediately get everything she ever wanted!

She was drawing up beautiful delusions in her mind.

It was at this moment that a scarlet, bloody light erupted from the first half of the Blood Codex, blinding Qin Lie and Huang Zhuli!


As if a flash flood were occurring on a mountain or a bloody dragon were breaking free from the shackles that imprisoned it, a powerful shockwave erupted.

Rays of scarlet light and the stench of blood spewed from Huang Zhuli’s hand.


Huang Zhuli’s hands echoed with the sound of bones breaking.

When Qin Lie turned his attention to the sound, he was surprised to discover that the bones of one of “Xue Moyan’s” hands had exploded. The first half of Blood Codex, in the shape of a bone fragment, shot back to Qin Lie’s side like a beam of bloody light.

“Zzzt zzt zzzt!”

Rays of bloody light remained on “Xue Moyan’s” body, continuously attacking it and damaging an illusory power on it that was maintaining her appearance.

Amidst a spray of bloody light, “Xue Moyan’s” translucent skin cracked and shattered apart like an egg shell breaking to pieces, slowly revealing a different face.

“You’re not Xue Moyan! You’re the girl that was by her side!” Qin Lie’s face turned cold.

When Xue Li passed the Blood Codex on to him, he said that the Blood Progenitor had left behind an imprint inside of it. The imprint could detect and confirm the aura of those who cultivated the Blood Spirit Art.

Only those who cultivated the Blood Spirit Art and exuded a stench of blood could hold the Blood Codex.

As the all-important heir of Blood Fiend Sect, the real Xue Moyan would definitely cultivate the orthodox version of the Blood Spirit Art. This fact was indisputable!

No matter how good Huang Zhuli’s disguise was, she had never cultivated the Blood Spirit Art. Qin Lie hadn’t been able to tell, but the Blood Codex had discovered the truth.

As a result, the Blood Codex had directly broken Huang Zhuli’s Illusory Demon Sect illusory art.

When she saw Qin Lie’s face darken, she immediately flashed him a soft smile and said to Qin Lie in a gentle voice, “I’m Huang Zhuli. I was just kidding with you, so don’t be mad.”

She said this because she was hoping to find another chance to seize the Blood Codex.

“Just a joke, huh?” Qin Lie’s eyes glowed with a bloody light. “Have fun with this, then!”


The scarlet red beams formed a bloody dragon that roared and moved to bite Huang Zhuli.

“Blood Dragon’s Roar!”

Qin Lie gave a sinister grin as bloody light shot from two of his fingers and compressed to form Blood Weeping Ghost Claws.

Alongside the blood dragon, two bloody claws that resembled steel anchors swiped at Huang Zhuli.

A bloody energy immediately enveloped the space where Huang Zhuli was standing, making her feel as if she were sinking deep into a pool of blood.

“Why are you acting like this?” Huang Zhuli coquettishly protested, gritting her teeth and refusing to give up. “Sister Xue told me to come find you. She wanted to leave with your group. I thought you were pretty interesting and just played with you a little. Don’t you think you’re being a little too sensitive?”

“Then I’ll restrain you and wait for Xue Moyan to arrive. She can explain things to me personally!” Qin Lie snorted coldly.

This girl had taken on Xue Moyan’s appearance and pointed out that he cultivated the Blood Spirit Art to get close to him.

She even knew about Xue Moyan’s true identity!

This was obviously too strange. Qin Lie had seen the fear in her eyes when the Blood Codex broke her illusory art.

He immediately guessed that something about her wasn’t right.

The bloody dragon, seemingly made of blood, angrily roared and tore toward Huang Zhuli, a visage of terror and evil.

It attempted to tear Huang Zhuli to pieces.

At almost the same time, Du Xiangyang and Song Tingyu cried out as they swiftly approached Qin Lie and Huang Zhuli from a distance.

Huang Zhuli instantly realized that she was in trouble.

The bitter smile on her face quickly disappeared, and her eyes gradually became cold. Even her heartbeat took an extremely bizarre turn.

A terrifying voodoo insect openly appeared on her snow white neck. It was a black scorpion with a hook-like tail that was cold and sharp.

The voodoo insect seemed to have been hiding in her body this entire time, feeding on her blood to survive.

At this moment, the pitch black scorpion flew out of her flesh and suddenly emitted a sharp whistling sound.

An evil soul-twisting aura spread from the scorpion’s body and spread in every direction like a wave.

“Pak pak pak!”

The blood dragon formed from Qin Lie’s blood spirit energy exploded in midair and shattered into numerous rays of bloody light, fading from existence.

The immense, evil energy even brushed the Blood Weeping Ghost Claws aside.

“Black Voodoo Cult!” Qin Lie yelled.

Accompanied by thunderous rumbling, the Astral Thunder Hammer flew out and gathered thick bolts of lightning, falling toward Huang Zhuli.

“Split the earth!”

Qin Lie summoned the power of the earth and caused an earthquake in front of him, constantly rocking Huang Zhuli.

In addition to that, the three blood essences that resembled bloodstones shot out, attempting to kill the voodoo insect

“Qin Lie!”

As they got closer, Du Xiangyang and Song Tingyu’s voices urgently rang out.

“Consider yourself lucky this time!” Huang Zhuli snorted with a cold expression.

Carrying the scorpion in her mouth, she turned around and left.

With a shake of her body, a black light blossomed from her back. Like a scorpion manipulating its tail, the light enabled her to escape like a flash of pitch black lightning. She vanished in the blink of an eye.

However, just from the vigor she displayed in that instant, she probably wasn’t any weaker than Ye Yihao!

It was clear that she was a hidden pawn of Black Voodoo Cult!”

Du Xiangyang and Song Tingyu rushed to Qin Lie’s side. Upon arrival, they discovered that Qin Lie was the only one around.

“What happened?” Song Tingyu asked anxiously.

“It was a girl from Illusory Demon Sect called Huang Zhuli or something. She almost fooled me.” Qin Lie chose not to pursue Huang Zhuli. Instead, he frowned and said, “She’s probably from Black Voodoo Cult. She has a voodoo insect in her, and judging from the rank of that voodoo insect, it might not be any weaker than Ye Yihao’s Eight-winged Centipede Queen.”

“She’s been hiding in Illusory Demon Sect all this time?” Du Xiangyang’s expression changed as he yelled, “This is bad! She’s probably harmed Xue Moyan and the other girls by the village!”

Qin Lie’s heart sank.

As of this moment, Huang Zhuli had obviously parted ways with Illusory Demon Sect. There could only be two explanations for this: either her identity was exposed or she had killed Xue Moyan and everyone else.

“She probably exposed her identity for the Spring of Life!” Song Tingyu said.

“That’s probably the case!” Du Xiangyang was thinking the same thing.

“No one is with Xie Jingxuan!” Qin Lie frowned and immediately ran in the direction she was in.

Du Xiangyang and Song Tingyu rushed to follow him.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

The earsplitting sound of spirit energy being discharged erupted from where Xie Jingxuan was.

Qin Lie’s group grew more and more anxious. They rushed toward Xie Jingxuan at top speed.

“Dammit! This is another tough nut to crack. She’s even harder to deal with than Xue Moyan’s group!” Huang Zhuli’s curse echoed from afar.

When Qin Lie arrived, he discovered that Huang Zhuli was trying to escape by walking in a strange manner that resembled a scorpion’s movements.

No one knew when Xie Jingxuan had woken up.

Her eyes glowed with a strange, emerald light. The spirit energy that formed around her was as flexible as vines and spirit snakes, extending and probing in every direction.

Every ribbon of green spirit light was filled with shocking amounts of energy!

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

Like an ancient tree, the green vines around Xie Jingxuan’s body twisted, causing a crackling sound to spread through the air.

It seemed as though Huang Zhuli hadn’t been able to find any chances to attack Xie Jingxuan and, consequently did not manage to get anything from her. Seeing that Qin Lie and the others had rushed over, she had no choice but to back off.

Once Huang Zhuli escaped, the green halo in Xie Jingxuan’s eyes gradually subsided. The green ribbons of light extending from her body withdrew into her body one after another.

She seemed to have really awakened.

“The person that this wooden sculpture belonged to was called Ya Ji. He had used a gap in space to enter the Graveyard of Gods outside. He came here to search for something, and after he had arrived in the Forbidden Land of Wood, the wood spirit found him, captured him, and refined him.” Xie Jingxuan stared at Qin Lie calmly and said, “Those two wooden sculptures were made using an ancient wood like that of the wood spirit.”

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