Chapter 472: Hallucination

Chapter 472: Hallucination

The three drops of emerald liquid had been created after the Demon Sealing Tombstone refined the wood spirit.

These droplets melted into Qin Lie’s blood, causing a strong, seemingly infinite amount of vitality to awaken inside of his flesh and blood, making his entire body feel extremely relaxed.

He immediately tried to refine it with the Blood Refinement Art.

The Blood Refinement Art recorded in the Blood Codex allowed one to increase the purity of their blood, turning it into magical, everlasting blood essence.

This process could, to an extent, purify blood that lacked residual will. By gradually immersing the blood in one’s body with their own soul consciousness, one would be able to imprint their own will upon the purified blood and form blood essence.

The three drops of refined Fire Qilin blood had been slowly refined and transformed in this way.

Not only would the three drops of refined Fire Qilin blood be considered his own purified blood essences, they also contained his soul imprints

That was the only reason why he could communicate with and control them with his mind.

Qin Lie was now beginning that process once more.

Since the emerald drops of liquid did not contain impurities, residual souls, or memory fragments after being refined by the Demon Sealing Tombstone, they could already be considered pure lifeblood essences that were extremely suitable for refinement.

As Qin Lie thought about this, the thick, viscous blood in his veins and arteries moved according to the Blood Spirit Art and quietly converged on the center of his palm.

His palm slowly turned a strange sanguine color as blood vessel after blood vessel became visible, faintly revealing the feverish red blood within.

Thin currents of blood gathered at Qin Lie’s palm. At the same time, he focused his mind and began to meditate, dividing all of the memories and thoughts in his Soul Lake into separate wisps.

These soul wisps resembled invisible spirit lines as they dissolved into the thin currents of his blood and marked them with his soul energy and soul imprints.

“Glug glug!”

As the strange sound of boiling blood emanated out from within Qin Lie’s blood red palm, it seemed to become a roiling spring of blood.

Like blindingly bright stars, three emerald dots of light flashed inside of his palm.

Those lights were the drops of the wood spirit’s lifeblood essence that had emerged from the Demon Sealing Tombstone!

“With my blood as the fire and my soul as the guide, Blood Refinement Art!”

A crimson glow suddenly shone in Qin Lie’s eyes as a streak of bloody light shot out from the crown of his head like a bloody rainbow piercing through the sky.

Wave after wave of fierce blood energy fluctuations continuously surged outward from his body, saturating the area around him with a wild, violent energy.

Blood red smoke began to escape from Qin Lie’s palm as his blood frenziedly burned and boiled.

Within his blistering blood, wisp after wisp of his unique soul imprints slowly penetrated the three emerald drops of liquid, like faint smoke infusing into three immature, delicate seedlings.

Time swiftly passed.

Within the silent forest, Qin Lie refined the blood essences using the Blood Refinement Art. In the distance, Xie Jingxuan was in the process of receiving an ancient inheritance, while Du Xiangyang and Song Tingyu were recovering spirit energy and guarding her at the same time.

Six more hours passed by quickly.

Du Xiangyang was the first to finish recovering. He glanced at Xie Jingxuan beside him, then looked up and observed Song Tingyu who was still recovering. He eventually stood up quietly.

“What is it?” Song Tingyu opened her eyes.

“It’s been quite a while since there was any movement in the area that brat Qin Lie is in. I’m going to go take a look,” Du Xiangyang said, clearly confused.

Although Qin Lie had left by himself to cultivate with the assistance of the Demon Sealing Tombstone, Du Xiangyang had long since detected the intense waves of blood energy created by Qin Lie’s usage of the Blood Refinement Art to refine the lifeblood essences.

In spite of this, Du Xiangyang had spent all this time enduring, refraining from asking questions or going over to pry.

He knew that everyone had secrets. For Qin Lie to deliberately move so far away, it was clear that this secret was something he didn’t want anyone to know about.

Du Xiangyang was very disciplined. He had not gone and troubled Qin Lie, nor had he tried to get to the bottom of this.

But now, six hours later, the intense waves of blood energy coming from the direction that Qin Lie was in had not shown any signs of stopping and had instead grown even more turbulent. This shocked Du Xiangyang quite a bit.

“I’m afraid that fellow may have encountered some trouble,” Du Xiangyang said, his heart filled with concern.

Song Tingyu’s brows furrowed.

Since Xie Jingxuan was still undergoing her inheritance transformation and temporarily couldn’t be disturbed, it would be best for them to stay by her side and guard her.

Song Tingyu was completely aware of the Blood Spirit Art that Qin Lie cultivated, and had also felt the intense waves of blood energy emanating from his direction. She had originally planned to leave guarding Xie Jingxuan to Du Xiangyang while she went to check on Qin Lie’s condition.

After a moment of deep thought, however, she realized that she didn’t actually understand Du Xiangyang that well. In fact, she was not familiar with him at all.

She couldn’t trust him.

“Qin Lie shouldn’t be having any problems. You don’t need to worry about him. He… probably doesn’t want anyone to disturb him,” Song Tingyu eventually said.

Du Xiangyang went blank for a moment, then nodded.

“Alright then,” he said as he sat down again.

Under an ancient tree.

On top of the Demon Sealing Tombstone that stood behind Qin Lie, seven rays of divine light mingled together to form a flickering, blinding radiance. Because of this, the Demon Sealing Tombstone, which wasn’t that tall, radiated an incomparably mysterious feeling that permeated the forest.

Completely focused on refining the three drops of lifeblood essence in his palm, Qin Lie continuously consumed ray after ray of bloody light that floated above him. He didn’t dare to relax for even a moment.

He was currently on the verge of succeeding.

Suddenly, an elegant shadow approached the area. The figure seemed to have wanted to pass by quickly, but it came to an abrupt stop after inadvertently glancing around and seeing Qin Lie, who was clearly in a critical situation, under the Demon Sealing Tombstone.


Huang Zhuli stopped in her tracks, not daring to get too close to Qin Lie as she quickly hid herself behind a tree and secretly observed the scene before her.

She stood there and observed Qin Lie’s every move.

After quietly snooping around for a while, her eyes shone with a cold luster as she came to a few realizations. “Such an intense, fiendish blood energy! This Qin Lie clearly cultivates the evil arts of Blood Fiend Sect—he must be a remnant of that sect! No wonder he risked his life to protect Xue Moyan. So it was actually like this…”

After observing for a while, Huang Zhuli silently sneered. The corners of her mouth dripped with murderous intent as she silently began to circulate the spirit arts of Illusory Demon Sect.

Streaks of flowing light gathered on her face as if drawn on by a mysterious divine brush. A moment later, her appearance had become that of Xue Moyan.

Her cold, frosty eyes transformed into a pair that were bright and clear. In an instant, even her grace and aura had transformed to be similar to Xue Moyan’s.

Taking out a crystal mirror, Huang Zhuli made several more modifications to her appearance until even she couldn’t even see any flaws. Then, she quietly approached Qin Lie.

Within the Graveyard of Gods, the air was completely devoid of spirit energy. This resulted in the spirit sense of practitioners being greatly stifled.

In this place, there were times where one’s own eyes were even more useful than one’s spirit sense.

Therefore, Qin Lie only sensed Huang Zhuli’s subtle movements when she was ten meters away from him. He immediately opened his eyes.

“Xue Moyan!” Qin Lie was surprised at first, then immediately regained his calm as he casually chuckled and asked, “Do you finally understand?”

Since Qin Lie was still in the process of refining the lifeblood essence using the Blood Refinement Art, he assumed that Xue Moyan had, like last time, been drawn by the intense blood energy fluctuations.

“I understand. So you’re a part of my Blood Fiend Sect.” Huang Zhuli gently nodded, then asked, “What I’m curious about is, how did you obtain the Blood Spirit Art that I cultivate, and how do you know that I’m from Blood Fiend Sect?”

“Haha, the ties between us are much deeper than you think. I’m not helping you simply because I cultivate the same Blood Spirit Art,” Qin Lie frankly said, believing the person before him to be Xue Moyan. “I’m helping you because of your father! Before I entered the Graveyard of Gods, your father begged me to do everything I could to help you. Your father… he is still alive.”

A strange shine suddenly emerged from Huang Zhuli’s eyes.

Blood Fiend Sect’s former sect leader, Xue Li, who had turned the heavens and the earth upside down a thousand years ago was still alive?

Her mind was filled with shock.

“Do you not believe my words?” Qin Lie grinned, then nodded. “Frankly speaking, it is certainly quite hard to believe, but don’t worry. I have something that can prove my words!”

As he spoke, he took the first half of the Blood Codex out of his spatial ring.

“This is Blood Fiend Sect’s founding scripture, the basis for all of its spirit arts—the Blood Codex!” Qin Lie exclaimed.

Huang Zhuli’s eyes took on a bright glow as she asked, “Can I look at it for a moment?”

“Of course.” Qin Lie handed the half of the Blood Codex over without thinking twice.

From his point of view, he was facing Xue Moyan, the true heir of Blood Fiend Sect and Xue Li’s biological daughter.

She was definitely the most qualified person to hold the Blood Codex.

Qin Lie didn’t have any doubts whatsoever as he handed the first half of the Blood Codex over to Huang Zhuli.

The glow in Huang Zhuli’s eyes became even brighter as she received the Blood Codex, her hands trembling.

As the founding scripture of Blood Fiend Sect, the Blood Codex was a treasure that Black Voodoo Cult had been secretly searching for all this time!

Very few people were aware of this, but Blood Fiend Sect and Black Voodoo cult were the two oldest forces to exist in all of the Land of Chaos.

Blood Fiend Sect was founded by the Blood Progenitor, whereas Black Voodoo Cult was founded by the Voodoo Progenitor. Even in ancient times, the two forces had been enemies. That competitive relationship still continued today.

The eradication of Blood Fiend Sect could be blamed on Jiang Zhuzhe, the Su Family, the Lin Family, and the Xiahou Family, but Black Voodoo Cult was the true culprit. They had been secretly pulling the strings the entire time.

“What luck! I’ve actually managed to get my hands on the Blood Codex!” Huang Zhuli celebrated inwardly.

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