Chapter 470: Beauty Over Friendship?

Chapter 470: Beauty Over Friendship?

Aside from those who knew the truth, other people thought that Qin Lie said to give the water from the Spring of Life to Xue Moyan to gain her favor.

This made Ren Peng and the others to feel scorn toward him.

Qin Lie’s decision would damage their benefits. If all of the spring water were given to Xue Moyan, it would take a long time to recover the life energy they lost.

As a result, their bodies would not be in peak condition that entire time.

Xue Moyan and the other women of Illusory Demon Sect didn’t know the truth. They didn’t know that Qin Lie was just doing this for Xue Li and helping Xue Moyan whenever he could.

“Sister Xue, this Qin Lie... is most likely pursuing you,” Huang Zhuli said in a small voice.

Her voice was quiet, but in the abrupt silence, many people still heard what she said.

Pan Qianqian and another of the Illusory Demon Sect women agreed, nodding as though it were true.

They didn’t think that Qin Lie was deeply in love. Instead, they actually thought that Qin Lie was shameless... because Song Tingyu was right next to him!

“I misjudged him...” Pan Qianqian thought.

Previously, in order to help the poisoned Song Tingyu, Qin Lie fearlessly charged into the area shrouded in voodoo toxin to fight the voodoo insect. He had had refined the voodoo insect to cut off its eight wings and get the blood drop antidote.

At that time, the Illusory Demon Sect women felt moved.

They had thought that Qin Lie was a faithful lover and felt that, even if Song Tingyu died, it would be worth it to have such a man willing to risk his life for her.

Qin Lie’s previous actions had won all of them over.

Now, however...

Pan Qianqian shook her head. When she looked at Qin Lie again, she felt an unspeakable disgust.

“Tingyu! You should control him!” He Wei shouted. “No men are good. I finally understand that now!”

She hatefully glared at Chu Li.

Chu Li innocently spread his hands with a wry grimace.

“I’m on his side.” Song Tingyu covered her mouth and laughed freely as though she didn’t care. She embraced Qin Lie’s arm, appearing docile and seductive. “Even if he wants three wives and four concubines, I will accept it.”

The men were dumbstruck.

“Qin Lie, I really, truly respect you!” Du Xiangyan gave a thumbs up and said, “You are great!”

The women of Illusory Demon Sect were all astonished by Song Tingyu’s response.

He Wei’s face twisted. She stomped her foot and scolded, “Tingyu, are you stupid as well?”

“Regardless of what he does, it is always right in my eyes,” Song Tingyu said with a smile.

Qin Lie felt completely at ease.

Song Tingyu knew Xue Moyan’s identity and that she needed the Spring of Life more than any other person. However... she had been poisoned too and lost a portion of her life energy as well.

She didn’t have any connection to Xue Moyan.

Yet, at this moment, she could ignore her own needs and stand by his side without hesitation.

She knew that Xue Moyan’s origin as someone of Blood Fiend Sect was sensitive, so she helped hide it. She pretended to be the stupidest woman who unconditionally trusted him...

“Big Brother Chu, can you give me some face?” Qin Lie asked seriously.

“Chu Li!” He Wei screamed.

“Senior Brother!” Ren Peng shouted.

The Terminator Sect martial practitioners were alarmed.

Chu Li thought that Xue Moyan was Qin Lie’s fiancée. He had learned early on through Xue Moyan and Ye Yihao’s exchange that the holy medicine she had worked so hard to find was the Spring of Life.

He also guessed that Xue Moyan had a reason for needing to obtain the Spring of Life.

“Loss of life energy cannot be recovered in moments—it requires time.” Chu Li paused and looked at He Wei, Ren Peng, and the others as he said seriously, “But at least one can recover! If you are infected by the voodoo toxin, your death is certain! Ren Peng, He Wei, both of you were poisoned. The reason you are alive is because Qin Lie risked his life to go into the area shrouded in voodoo toxin and get the blood of the voodoo insect for you!”

Chu Li inhaled deeply, snorted, and said, “All of you owe Qin Lie your lives!”

When those words were said, He Wei, Ren Peng, and the other two Terminator Sect martial practitioners immediately went silent, their expressions full of guilt.

“Think of it as paying Qin Lie what you owe him!”  Chu Li shouted.

He Wei and the others were reluctant, but after Chu Li expressed his opinion, they could only keep silent.

This could be considered agreeing with this.

Qin Lie looked at Du Xiangyang. “I will give you ten Heavenly Flame Crystals!”

Du Xiangyang naturally understood the meaning of Qin Lie’s words. Du Xiangyang nodded with a grin and said, “I love helping others! Using all of the Spring of Life to win a woman’s favor… haha, Qin Lie, you’re amazing! I bow to you, I really bow! Your woman didn’t even say a thing, so what can I say?”

Qin Lie also nodded.

Without another word, Qin Lie took ten Heavenly Flame Crystals out of his spatial ring and tossed them to Du Xiangyang.

After receiving them, Du Xiangyang’s smile became even happier. “Haha, I respect you even more.”

Finally, Qin Lie looked at Luo Chen.

Luo Chen smiled coldly. “I’m not so easy to appease!”

“I’ll owe you a favor!” Qin Lie said with a frown.

“A favor isn’t enough!” Luo Chen said with a cold snort. “I don’t believe that you are asking everyone to give up the Spring of Life just to gain her favor. A reason! I need an actual reason!”

Xue Moyan, standing at the other side of the village, looked at him as she spoke. “I also need a reason. I don’t want to owe you, and I don’t believe that I am worthy of you doing so much for me...”

She thinking the same thing as Luo Chen. She also didn’t believe that Qin Lie was asking everyone to give up the Spring of Life and help her just because of her beauty.

The time that she and Qin Lie had known each other was very short.

However, she was almost certain that a person who could be extremely cruel and insane to themselves would not be so amazing as to do everything to help a stranger just for her beauty.

That was not realistic.

“What do you want?” She asked again.

She thought that, in doing this, Qin Lie had something to ask of her or Illusory Demon Sect.

What do you want?

Many other people, such as He Wei, Du Xiangyang, and Luo Chen, were thinking this as well. They all looked at Qin Lie.

“You will know why in the future,” Qin Lie said calmly.

“Our cooperation ends now!” Luo Chen looked over coldly. Seeing that Qin Lie did not intend to explain, he nodded and turned to leave.

He naturally would not guide them any longer.

“Let’s go, Chu Li.” He Wei snorted.

“Go? Go where? Wait for Qin Lie!” Chu Li said in bewilderment.

He had not detected He Wei’s anger.

“If you don’t go, we’ll go!” He Wei glared at him. “The wood spirit is sealed and Ye Yihao is no longer a threat. What are you doing with this fellow that puts beauty above friendship? Chu Li, decide for yourself. Are you going to be with him or me?”

After making this declaration, He Wei turned and walked out of the village without looking back.

“Senior Brother!” Ren Peng and the others also started to urge him.

Just as they saw that they could use the Spring of Life to replenish their life energy, Qin Lie interfered. As a result, they had to completely give up on the Spring of Life.

After this, they bore ill will toward Qin Lie. It was difficult to pretend that nothing had happened, and it was hard to continue traveling together.

Chu Li also saw the division between them and Qin Lie. He knew that He Wei was still unhappy with what Qin Lie did and didn’t want to stay with Qin Lie.

“Brother, this...” He looked at Qin Lie with a conflicted expression.

“Big Brother Chu, go. I understand. This matter is my problem, I apologize.” Qin Lie grimaced.

“Let’s split up for now and wait for He Wei’s anger subside before meeting up again.” Chu Li scratched his head, was slightly embarrassed. “Women have to be talked to. Give me some time.”

“Go.” Qin Lie smiled honestly.

So Chu Li led Ren Peng and the two other Terminator Sect martial practitioners to split from Qin Lie and hurried to find He Wei.

He was worried that He Wei would be in danger on her own.

“How about you, Brother Du?” Qin Lie asked.

“Ha! If you don’t mind, how about I come with you?” Du Xiangyang smiled.

“My pleasure!” Qin Lie nodded joyfully.

Song Tingyu stood by Qin Lie’s side with a determined smile.

Xie Jingxuan’s eyes were still closed as she focused on thinking back to her previous experiences. She hadn’t paid any attention to what had just occurred.

Xue Moyan stood by the mouth of the well. Before she moved to take the spring water from the Spring of Life, she asked again, “Many people have left. Now can you tell me the reason why?”

“You will know in the future.” Qin Lie smiled, waved his hand, then left.

He was afraid that Xue Moyan would keep asking and he would still be unable to answer. He was afraid that he would expose Xue Moyan’s identity as a survivor of Blood Fiend Sect.

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