Chapter 469: Difference in Opinion

Chapter 469: Difference in Opinion

The best news for Qin Lie was Xie Jingxuan’s awakening.

“Where did your wooden sculpture come from?” Qin Lie urgently asked as he walked over, his eyes shining.

The main reason he said yes to Li Mu and came to the Graveyard of Gods was the wooden sculpture.

He wanted to use the wooden sculpture to find news of his grandfather and learn more about his past.

“Wooden sculpture...”

Xie Jingxuan’s brow furrowed. She thought long and hard, then pointed at the desiccated body of a Wood Race clansman next to the stone well.

“Him?” Qin Lie’s gaze flashed.

Chu Li and the others also looked at the corpse of the Wood Race clansman.

This was a thin Wood Race clansman. His grayish brown skin was like the trunk of a rotten tree that had no light or signs of life.

It was clear that the wood spirit had sucked the blood and life energy from this Wood Race clansman and refined it into the Spring of Life.

He had been dead for many years.

After drinking from the unpurified Spring of Life and being controlled by the soul fragments of the Wood Race clansmen, Xie Jingxuan had taken the wooden sculpture from the Wood Race clansman’s body.

“What do you remember?” Qin Lie’s expression was serious.

“Let me think.” Xie Jingxuan rubbed her head and painfully tried to remember.

“Give her a bit of time,” Song Tingyu said in a soft, comforting voice.

Qin Lie nodded. He looked at Xie Jingxuan deeply and didn’t continue to press her.

At this time, everyone’s gazes gathered on the stone well and the Spring of Life within it.

The spring water of the Spring of Life gradually stopped boiling and bubbling. No more grass green smoke came out of it.

When the wood spirit was sealed by the Demon Sealing Tombstone, all the lingering souls of the Wood Race clansmen seemed to have been put to rest, gradually dissipating.

Within the stone well, the Spring of Life was no longer black and white. It seemed as though it had truly been purified.

Qin Lie looked down into the well.

Having been completely purified, more than half of the Spring of Life had disappeared.

The stone well was not deep.

Since the Spring of Life had been purified, the well water was clear, and Qin Lie could see to the bottom of it.

The stone well was actually very shallow. From the mouth of the well to its bottom, it was probably a little over a meter in distance. Rather than call it a well, it might have been more accurate to call it a large stone basin.

The purified Spring of Life was a clear dark green. There was only about a bucket of water at the bottom of the well.

This was significantly less than everyone had expected.

“The Spring of Life can replenish life energy. Not only does it aid cultivation and the refinement of the body, it can also bring someone back to life.” Chu Li’s eyes lit up.

“Just one bucketful of spring water from the Spring of Life.” Luo Chen’s eyes narrowed. He looked down and then suddenly said, “Heavenly Sword Mountain, Terminator Sect, and Illusory Demon Sect. The three of us have people here, so how are we to share it?”

“Sister Xue, is this the holy medicine you wanted to find?” Pan Qianqian asked. “Is it enough?”

Without a word, Xue Moyan’s calm eyes focused on the Spring of Life within the well.

“One kind of Spring of life is obtained from the sap of the Ancient Life Tree. That kind of Spring of Life is pure and contains great life energy.” Qin Lie suddenly interjected. “The other kind is a Spring of Life obtained by refining the blood essence of Wood Race clansmen. Even after being purified, the life energy contained this Spring of Life is not as dense and pure as the kind from the Ancient Life Tree.”

He looked at Xue Moyan.

Xue Moyan sighed.

This bucketful of spring water did not come from the Ancient Life Tree, and the amount of life energy it contained was limited. Even if all of it were given to her, it would only solve the problem for her and her mother.

The life force of her mother, Mo Lingye, was about to run out, and just like Xue Moyan, she needed enormous amounts of life energy to replenish it.

Since Xue Moyan had stayed inside of her mother’s body for too long, half of her lifespan had been prematurely used up and resulted in it being limited from birth.

She also needed a great amount of life energy in order to survive.

Yet this Spring of Life did not belong to her alone. Luo Chen, Chu Li, Du Xiangyang, He Wei, and the others knew just how rare and precious the Spring of Life was. Who would be willing to step aside and let her have it?

If everyone split it equally, each receiving a small portion of the Spring of Life, Xue Moyan would not have enough to save herself, much less her mother.

Just as everyone was heatedly discussing how to divvy up the Spring of Life, Xue Moyan gritted her teeth and said in a small voice, “I-I need the spring water of the Spring of Life to save my life. Can this spring water... be given to me?”

She wore a conflicted expression.

She knew that her request was outrageous, and according to fairness, she definitely could not have the spring water of this Spring of Life to herself.

The Spring of Life belonged to everyone here.

“Give all of it to you?”

Ren Peng of Terminator Sect had a part of his life force sucked away because of the voodoo toxin and had yet to recover.

He earnestly wanted to use the Spring of Life to replenish that life force and return to peak condition in preparation for future battles.

He Wei, Song Tingyu, the two martial practitioners of Terminator Sect, and even Pan Qianqian had been infected with the voodoo toxin.

Everyone that had been poisoned would have had their life energy sucked away by the Eight-winged Centipede Queen. It would be impossible to quickly replenish that energy.

Such a thing required a long period of time.

Spring water from the Spring of Life could shorten this recovery period and directly help them replenish the energy that was lost.

“We admit that you, Xue Moyan, also participated, and it is reasonable for you to take a portion of the spring water,” Another Terminator Sect martial practitioner said coldly. “Yet you want all of the spring water? All of it! You’re being too unreasonable!”

“For those of us that were afflicted with the voodoo toxin, the Spring of Life can quickly aid us in replenishing life energy. Life energy is not spirit power; it isn’t something we can recover using spirit stones. It’s the energy of the body—energy that takes a long time to recover!” Ren Peng snorted coldly. “You think you can just take all of it for yourself?”

“Let’s split the spring water based on the number of people,” He Wei suggested. “Wouldn’t that be reasonable?”

At this time, Terminator Sect had Chu Li, He Wei, and three other martial practitioners, making up five people in total.

They were the largest group. Luo Chen was only one person, and so was Du Xiangyang. If this were split based on number of people, it would undoubtedly benefit Terminator Sect the most.

As for Xue Moyan’s group, they had four people left including her. If this were split evenly between each person, they would not lose much.

Qin Lie had Song Tingyu and Xie Jingxuan. They were also three people and would not lose too much.

The true loser would be Luo Chen.

He Wei was protecting the gains of Terminator Sect, Qin Lie, and Xue Moyan. Her method of dividing the spring water based on the number of people was relatively fair.

She had also been infected with the voodoo toxin. She needed to get spring water from the Spring of Life for her, Song Tingyu, Ren Peng, and the others in order to recover.

“What do you say, Luo Chen?” Chu Li shouted.

“I want two extra shares of the spring water. Two of my people died here, but they also contributed!” Luo Chen snorted and said coldly, “I alone should count as three people. Otherwise, I will not lead you out of this forest!”

Everyone’s expressions darkened.

“Du Xiangyang!” Chu Li prompted.

Du Xiangyang casually shrugged. “I don’t have any objections. One part is fine, I wasn’t poisoned with the voodoo toxin and none of my friends were either.”

“How about you, Qin Lie?” Chu Li asked about Qin Lie’s opinion.

At this moment, after defeating the threat of Ye Yihao, Terminator Sect was the strongest group.

In Chu Li’s mind, he grouped Qin Lie, Song Tingyu, and Xie Jingxuan on his side. If their opinions were the same, he could ignore Luo Chen and Xue Moyan.

As a result, the opinion that he valued the most was Qin Lie’s.

In this period of time, Qin Lie’s actions had won Chu Li’s respect. Chu Li was a person that valued friendship and virtue, and he treated Qin Lie as a brother.

“I...” Qin Lie took a deep breath.

“Brother, why are you hesitating? What can we not say between us?” Chu Li was shocked.

Luo Chen, Du Xiangyang, and Xue Moyan’s groups all focused on Qin Lie.

They knew that, once Qin Lie and Chu Li expressed the same opinion, the division of the spring water from the Spring of Life would most likely be settled.

Terminator Sect had five people, Qin Lie had three, and Du Xiangyang was also on good terms with Qin Lie and He Wei, so he was definitely on their side.

Their forces were enough to fight against Luo Chen and the four people from Illusory Demon Sect.

“Big Brother Chu, I-I feel it would be best to give the spring water to Xue Moyan,” Qin Lie said.

As soon as these words were said, everyone was shocked. Ren Peng and the other people from Terminator Sect immediately exploded and shouted.

“Why? Illusory Demon Sect did contribute, and it isn’t wrong to give them a share of the Spring of Life, but it definitely cannot be all of it!”

“We also had the voodoo toxin. We need the Spring of Life to replenish our life energy! Why should we give all of it to them?”

“Qin Lie, is something wrong with your head?” He Wei also shouted.

Terminator Sect’s people weren’t the only ones who were astonished.

The people of Illusory Demon Sect were even more shocked. Xue Moyan covered her mouth with her hand as she looked at Qin Lie in disbelief.

She never imagined that Qin Lie would say such a thing. Was Qin Lie actually in favor of giving all of the Spring of Life to her?

Even she thought that she heard wrong.

Before all of this, she hadn’t known Qin Lie at all. Before entering the Graveyard of Gods, she had studied every force and their participants. As far as she could remember, Qin Lie hadn’t been one of them.

The first time she encountered Qin Lie was when two of her Illusory Demon Sect sisters had been controlled by the voodoo insects and Qin Lie had burned them to death. She had wrongly assumed that Qin Lie was a monster and took Pan Qianqian along to pursue and kill him.

Considering that debacle, it was already good enough news that Qin Lie hadn’t teamed up with Chu Li to take the share of the Spring of Life that belonged to Illusory Demon Sect.

She never would have dreamed that Qin Lie wouldn’t be against them, but he even favored giving the Spring of Life to them!

Xue Moyan couldn’t believe that what she heard was true.

“Brother Qin, I know that Miss Xue is very beautiful, but isn’t it outrageous for you to hold beauty above friendship and disregard our troubles just to win her favor?” Terminator Sect’s Ren Peng mockingly asked.

He only thought that Qin Lie was trying to garner her favor because she was beautiful. He couldn’t think of any other reason why Qin Lie would help Xue Moyan.

The moment he said this, the expressions of Terminator Sect’s people, and those of Luo Chen, Du Xiangyang, He Wei, and the people of Illusory Demon Sect grew strange

They examined Qin Lie and Xue Moyan with peculiar gazes.

People even thought, “Isn’t Song Tingyu clearly right next to them?”

Then all of them felt scorn.

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