Chapter 468: Seal!

Chapter 468: Seal!

Xie Jingxuan’s previous attack had instantly shattered the wood spirit’s wall and dealt a terrible blow to both Ye Yihao and the wood spirit.

This was an attack Chu Li and the others wouldn’t have been able to accomplish.

Regardless of whether Xie Jingxuan had been corrupted by the soul fragments of the Wood Race clansmen or not, at least her current targets were Ye Yihao and the wood spirit—she could really wound them!

The only thing keeping her from doing that was the voodoo toxin that had seeped into her True Soul!

The moment the voodoo toxin was cured, Xie Jingxuan would be able to torment Ye Yihao and the wood spirit!

Qin Lie quickly understood Chu Li’s idea of using Xie Jingxuan to deal with Ye Yihao.

This idea would definitely work!


A thin, tender branch that forked from the Tree God’s larger branches pierced Zhang Chendong’s chest like a jade green sword.

The chest of Zhang Chendong, who had been fighting alongside Luo Chen, was completely pierced by the thin branch. Like a water pump, it sucked the blood and essence inside his internal organs out of his body and sent them gushing into the Tree God.

At this moment, Luo Chen’s last comrade was mercilessly killed.

“The direction you were escaping in was perfectly fine. If you hadn’t entered this village or stopped to rest, maybe you would have actually been able to leave the Forbidden Land of Wood.” Ye Yihao laughed coldly and shook his head. “How unfortunate. It’s regrettable that you failed to suppress your curiosity and instead entered this place.

“Strangle them to death!”

All of the trees in the area twisted toward Qin Lie and the others; as far as the eye could see, branches of all shapes and lengths shot at them from every direction, resembling strange snakes seeking to wrap around them and kill them.

These tree branches seemed to possess basic intelligence, specifically avoiding the people of the three great families and Black Voodoo Cult and only attacking the martial practitioners of Illusory Demon Sect and Terminator Sect.

“Qin Lie!” Chu Li exclaimed abruptly.

Qin Lie, who was guarding the stone well behind him, finally reacted to Chu Li’s voice and bolted toward Xie Jingxuan like lightning.

His spatial ring flashed, and the jade bottle that contained a drop of voodoo insect blood appeared in his hand.


The jade bottle rolled through the air and headed toward Xie Jingxuan like a falling star.

“That’s a drop of voodoo insect blood!” Qin Lie exclaimed softly.

At the same time, three drops of blood resembling bloodstones flew out of his palm and transformed into three burning Fire Qilins.

The three Fire Qilins roared as their intense flames formed a raging inferno barrier that defended Xie Jingxuan.

“Put the drop of blood in your forehead!” Song Tingyu instructed loudly.

“The blood can cure the voodoo toxin!” He Wei shouted.

Xie Jingxuan had drunk the spring water of the Spring of Life and used the life energy in it to maintain her life force. However, she was corrupted by the unbending, fragmented will of the Wood Race clansmen inside the Spring of Life and left in a state of unconsciousness.

They were worried that Xie Jingxuan was unable to think and didn’t know how to use the voodoo insect blood, so they pointed out how it worked.

“Boom boom boom!”

Thunder surged through Qin Lie’s body as he swung the Astral Thunder Hammer and spread intense lightning everywhere to shatter the branches that were heading in his direction.

On top of that, he was also doing his best to protect Xie Jingxuan.

The black and white dots deep inside of Xie Jingxuan’s eyes suddenly flickered with an unusual light.

Her face surged with immense life force, and her lifeless expression changed.

Xie Jingxuan gripped the wooden sculpture and used it to accurately strike the jade bottle that was falling toward her head. The jade bottle shattered as a drop of blood appeared in the air.

Xie Jingxuan reached out with her free hand and made a pulling motion.

A beam of light that was a grassy green emerged from her hand and wrapped around the drop of blood like soft green ribbons.

The voodoo insect blood flowed downward and came to rest on her forehead like a tiny cinnabar mole.

Wisps of black and brown smoke rapidly escaped from her eyes. They stuck to the voodoo insect blood as if magnetically attracted.

The drop of blood turned black after absorbing the voodoo insect toxin, becoming viscous and then solid. An evil, intimidating aura gushed from it.


The now solid drop of blood fell from Xie Jingxuan’s forehead, her cries of pain having stopped long ago.

Her eyes that had been covered in black and white spots regained their intimidating, evil light, and dark green haloes rippled from her body like those of the deep sea.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

Xie Jingxuan opened her mouth, pointed in the direction of the stone well, and inhaled.

All of the thin green mist above the well, still mixed with chaotic energy and the soul fragments of the Wood Race clansmen, rushed into Xie Jingxuan’s mouth.

Xie Jingxuan’s eyes shone with unnatural green light.

Gripping a wooden sculpture in her other hand, she floated in midair like a green ghost. Then, resembling a demon, she flew through tiny gaps in the attacking branches and instantly arrived next to Ye Yihao

The two wooden sculptures she held unleashed a terrifying light and resembled two immeasurably sharp, unbreakable godly swords.

“Crack! Crack!”

As if wielding two swords, Xie Jingxuan continuously slashed at the wood around Ye Yihao’s body, chopping through and breaking numerous jade green branches.

“Bite her to death! Bite her to death now!” Ye Yihao screamed.

The Eight-winged Centipede Queen burst through his skin and flew out of his chest yet again.

The voodoo insect howled as it flew toward Xie Jingxuan to bite her. Its eight wings glowed with a cold black light, making them look like eight sharp blades.

“Burn it! Burn it with fire!” Xue Moyan yelled.

Qin Lie and Du Xiangyang acted in unison.

The fire sword in Du Xiangyang’s hand suddenly burned significantly hotter as it transformed into a fire dragon and rushed at the voodoo insect.

At the same time, Qin Lie ordered the three lifeblood essences.

The three drops of blood transformed into Fire Qilins that were several meters tall and surged with towering flames, shooting toward the voodoo insect as well.

Xie Jingxuan’s white clothes were completely stained in soil and dust, her white skin was just as filthy, and she hadn’t bathed in half a month. She had already lost her simple elegance, and instead she had grown more and more ruthless

Her combat power, however, had risen by several levels!

Even the two wooden sculptures she held exuded a terrifying might.

It was as if she knew how to manipulate their power!

Dazzling green divine light shot out of the two wooden sculptures like the blades of heavenly gods.

The light cut outward, seeming to actually contain a spatial energy that was capable of slashing through everything in this world.

Upon being cut apart by the dazzling green light, the wood spirit’s branches that were tightly wrapped around Ye Yihao broke like ropes.

Soon enough, Xie Jingxuan sheared away every tree branch that connected the wood spirit and Ye Yihao.

“Their souls have been separated! Qin Lie, get the Demon Sealing Tombstone out now!” Chu Li roared explosively. “The wood spirit’s soul is no longer connected to Ye Yihao’s, so it will not be able to resist the sealing powers of the Demon Sealing Tombstone!”

“Sha sha sha!”

All of the tree branches on the Tree God’s body twisted madly and resembled tens of thousands of strange snakes. Every single one of them wanted to reconnect with Ye Yihao’s body.

They wanted to rebuild the soul connection with Ye Yihao.

It was at this moment that, following Chu Li’s words, Qin Lie summoned the tombstone.

The tombstone floated into the sky the moment it appeared, the seven divine lights on its surface growing impossibly bright. Like seven rigid chains, they extended from the tombstone’s surface.

The seven divine lights were as long as a heavenly river and resembled chains that connected heaven and earth. They anchored themselves to the wood spirit’s huge body.

The wood spirit was nearly a hundred meters tall and several acres wide. It shrouded the sky and covered the land.

On the other hand, the seven divine lights were like the divine river deep within the blue dome of heaven. They stretched out and forcefully shackled the huge body of the wood spirit.

“Creek crack!”

The dazzling divine light and terrifying power radiating from these seven long chains made everyone tremble in shock.

“No!” Ye Yihao cried out in pain.

Although its roots were embedded deep underground, the wood spirit that resembled a ten thousand year old tree demon was shackled by the seven divine lights and uprooted.

It was being pulled toward the tombstone bit by bit!

The tombstone wasn’t large. In fact, from its position suspended above the giant tree, it looked like a tiny cloud in the sky.

Yet at this moment, the godly might and massive, unrivaled strength that it unleashed would inspire awe in anyone.

Just like how it had absorbed the body of the Fire Qilin, the seven divine lights that shot out of the Demon Sealing Tombstone wrapped around the wood spirit and slowly absorbed it into its surface.

Everyone raised their heads and looked toward the heavens. They were all watching the wood spirit slowly shrink until it completely disappeared within the Demon Sealing Tombstone.

The wood spirit of the Forbidden Land of Wood was sealed by the Demon Sealing Tombstone, just like what had happened to the fire spirit of the Land of Fire.

The branches that were heading over from every direction suddenly stopped moving after the wood spirit had been sealed.

It was as if they had just returned to normal.

“Follow me!” Ye Yihao’s cold voice rang out.

Thick clouds of voodoo toxin appeared where he stood, and the poisonous clouds swiftly spread to the surroundings.

Luo Chen, Chu Li, Xue Moyan, and everyone else that had gathered in the area hastily avoided the clouds in shock and fear.

On the other hand, Lin Dongxing, Su Yan, Xiahou Yan, and their men hastily entered the area shrouded in voodoo toxin, afraid that they would become targets of the people outside.

“I shall wait for you at the Land of Buried Gods!” Ye Yihao’s voice echoed from within the voodoo toxin.

The black voodoo toxin smoke that enveloped Ye Yihao and his people shifted under everyone’s gaze and swiftly retreated from the village.

Chu Li, Xue Moyan, and Luo Chen were unable to do anything and could only watch Ye Yihao leave.

They all knew how terrifying the voodoo toxin was, and no one dared to go into the voodoo toxin and fight Ye Yihao in it.

Although Qin Lie wasn’t afraid of the voodoo toxin, he wasn’t arrogant enough to think that he could fight Ye Yihao and the elites of the three great families alone. Therefore, he also couldn’t do anything but watch them leave.

The seven divine lights returned to the tombstone and went quiet, and the blank tombstone suspended above Qin Lie’s head returned to its tranquil state once more.

Xie Jingxuan, eyes covered in black and white dots, watched the tombstone and how it sealed the wood spirit inside itself once more. It felt as if the soul fragments within her were finally able to rest in peace.

Traces of thin, grassy green smoke emerged from Xie Jingxuan’s eyes, nose, and ears before gradually vanishing into the world.

Her long lost soul seemed to have pushed away the clouds and finally seen the light of day again.

The black and white spots in her eyes slowly disappeared, and her gray dark eyes eventually regained their light.

“Jingxuan!” Song Tingyu softly cried out, hoping to awaken Xie Jingxuan and that she would regain her true self.

After a long moment, Xie Jinxuan suddenly exclaimed, “Sister Tingyu!”

She was surprised, as if she had just woken up from a deep, nightmare-plagued slumber.


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