Chapter 466: Wood Spirit

Chapter 466: Wood Spirit

There was only a single stone well at the center of the numerous Wood Race corpses that were as dry as rotten wood. The dark green water in the well was currently boiling up and bubbling.

Every time a bubble burst, wisps of grass green smoke seeped out and filled the air with the refreshing scent of plants and life.

Everyone was gathered around the stone well.

Qin Lie looked down and noticed that the dark green water inside the well was filled with black-and-white spots.

They were exactly the same as the spots that appeared deep inside Xie Jingxuan’s pupils.

This caused Qin Lie to experience a strong feeling of oddness—did these black-and-white spots appear because Xie Jingxuan drank from the well?

What did these black-and-white spots mean?

He realized that he had far too many questions during his journey in the Graveyard of Gods. He, Luo Chen, He Wei and Du Xiangyang obviously lacked basic understanding about the Graveyard of Gods.

“Pak pak pak!”

The sounds of destroyed wooden houses gradually came from afar. The people beside the stone well were all paying attention to their surroundings.

“There are a lot of trees that are moving towards this village.”

Du Xiangyang stood on the rooftop of a wooden house and was looking into the distance. His face was riddled with surprise.

The group jumped atop taller houses one after another and looked into the distance with narrowed eyes.

Many black and densely packed trees slowly filled up the village. It was as if the forest itself was slowly shifting towards them.

Among them, the biggest ancient tree was over a hundred meters tall. It had lush leaves and branches, and it was moving across the ground like a little hill.

It was coming at them at top speed!

“That’s the wood spirit!” Xue Moyan sucked in a deep breath, “Ye Yihao probably communicated with the ancient trees of this forest through the wood spirit. If the wood spirit is here, so is Ye Yihao!”

“Wood spirit?” Qin Lie’s eyes were filled with confusion.

“It is an ancient tree that was worshipped and gifted faith by the Wood Race for over ten thousand years as their god. Gradually, the ancient tree gained intelligence and a blurry consciousness of its own. It evolved to have a wood spirit body and was called a wood spirit from that point onward.” While composing her words, Xue Moyan explained slowly, “The Fire Qilin you saw at the Land of Fire is the fire spirit.”

“I still don’t really understand.” Qin Lie shook his head.

“It’s hard to explain in such a short time.” Xue Moyan was also helpless, “Let’s wait until we’ve dealt with Ye Yihao.”

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

Many big, ancient trees swiftly approached the crowd’s location as tree leaves were scattered everywhere.

Ye Yihao appeared on top of the tallest ancient tree. His body has been pierced with countless tree branches that were so green they looked like they would ooze color. A small tree’s imprint flashed on top of his forehead, and his eyes shone with a strange green luster.

The refreshing scent of plants emerged from the ancient trees from every direction and spread throughout the entire village.

“Glug glug! Glug glug!”

The water in the stone well behind Qin Lie boiled even stronger and bubbled non-stop.

“We meet again.” Ye Yihao let out an odd grin and laughed.

Lin Dongxing, Xiahou Yuan, Su Yan and the martial practitioners of the three great families appeared one after another from behind the ancient trees. They all looked spirited and recovered.

“How many of you were killed by the Tree God?” Ye Yihao laughed brashly.

Luo Chen and Xue Moyan’s faces turned green.

“You think that you can dominate the Graveyard of Gods just because you formed a contract with the wood spirit and controlled this forest?” Xue Moyan bit her teeth and fished out the Illusory Demon Orb.

“Maybe I can’t dominate the Graveyard of Gods, but at the very least I can fully unleash my powers inside this forest!” Ye Yihao said confidently.

He tore off the shirt on his chest and revealed the Eight-winged Centipede Queen nested around his heart. Beneath his translucent skin, the Eight-winged Centipede Queen’s eight wings had reconnected with its main body and made the creature appear as if it had never taken any damage.

“Bzz zzz zzz!”

The voodoo insect within Ye Yihao’s skin and flesh whistled shrilly, seemingly howling and explaining something madly to Ye Yihao.

Ye Yihao listened closely to its words.

At the same time, the ancient tree imprint before his forehead twisted fiercely as if it was issuing orders to its subordinates.

Ye Yihao’s eyes focused onto Qin Lie, and his face was riddled with shock, “The one who broke my queen’s wings is you. The one who holds the Demon Sealing Tombstone is also you!”

Through the voodoo insect and wood spirit, Ye Yihao seemed to know everything.

“Just who is this guy?” Xiahou Yuan’s bald head was shiny, “He was the one who caused the massive change in the lava pond at the Land of Fire. He used the Demon Sealing Tombstone to forcefully pull out the Fire Qilin’s body from the depths of the lava pond!”

“Who knows!?” Lin Dongxing snorted.

“Qin Lie, if you see Ye Yihao weakening and find an opening, remember to release the Demon Sealing Tombstone and seal the wood spirit!” Chu Li suddenly messaged Qin Lie, “Just like how you sealed the fire spirit earlier and sucked the Fire Qilin into the Demon Sealing Tombstone!”

Sealing the fire spirit? Sealing the wood spirit? The Demon Sealing Tombstone?

Qin Lie slowly figured out the key points from these bits of words. He understood that the Demon Sealing Tombstone he owned existed to seal the strange spirit bodies inside the Graveyard of Gods.

The Fire Qilin was the fire spirit, and this ancient tree that could control trees was the wood spirit.

Were there other spirit bodies then?

As if noticing the doubt in his mind, Chu Li explained again, “If my information is correct, there are seven such spirit bodies in the Graveyard of Gods…”

Seven spirit bodies?

Was this what the seven divine rainbow lights inside the Demon Sealing Tombstone meant?

“It is incredible that you guys managed to find the Spring of Life’s location, but unfortunately you are unable to drink it the way it is right now.”

Ye Yihao looked at Xue Moyan, clicked his tongue, and said, “Xue Moyan, the holy medicine you sought inside the Graveyard of Gods was probably the Spring of Life, wasn’t it? Heh, if you can drink a pure portion of the spring of life then maybe you’d really be able to live longer. But now…”

Ye Yihao shook his head and laughed derisively, “You are just wasting your time.”

“Sister Xue, wh-what did he just say?” Pan Qianqian exclaimed in surprise.

Another Illusory Demon Sect girl also turned pale with surprise as she exclaimed, “Sister Xue, what’s the relationship between the Spring of Life and your life?”

Huang Zhuli was the only one who did not seem surprised. She seemed to know about the inner details.

Luo Chen, Chu Li, and the others also wore confused looks on their faces.

But Qin Lie understood his meaning.

The problem that confounded Xue Moyan was her lifespan. She had expended too much of it inside her mother’s womb, which led to her being born with a life force that was almost depleted.

The Spring of Life could replenish one’s life force. As long as she drank even a portion of it, she would be able to extend her life and truly live.

This was the reason she entered the Graveyard of Gods.

“Before I die, I will take revenge for Little Wan and the others. I will do my best to kill as many Black Voodoo Cult people as possible, and you.”

“You stand no chance,” Ye Yihao said arrogantly.

“I don’t understand what you guys are talking about, and I’m not interested in listening further!” Luo Chen had gotten impatient.

A cold and bright crescent moon formed from a sword beam suddenly fell from the sky like a dazzling disc.

Luo Chen’s back straightened, and like a sword that had exited its sheath, his body immediately overflowed with sword will.

Then, a wisp of silvery sword light rose right into the air with amazing force like a fire beacon.

The sword ray transformed in midair and formed crescent moons one after another.

“Seven Moon Slash!”

Seven cold crescent moons crashed down upon Ye Yihao like countless shiny wheels that were emanating with deadly sword intent that could cut the sky and shatter the earth itself.

Thousands of silver sword beams fell like rain from the sky onto the ancient trees that were everywhere.

“Crack crack!”

Many ancient trees were broken and blasted away by the sword rain’s rainbow ray impact.

“Heh, as expected of Luo Chen. You truly are impressive.” Ye Yihao praised him before censuring him, “However, this is my domain!”

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

At the ancient tree he was on, the thin, long tree branches that were as green as jade were glowing with the luster of gemstones.

Wisps of visible green energy flowed through every tree branch and looked astonishingly like the spirit energy in a human’s body.

A great and invincible dark green energy instantly enveloped the surrounding area like a dome of light screen.

The sword rain fell on the dark green light screen and exploded into many dazzling explosions, but they were unable to break through the green light screen.

“Break the walls!” Chu Li yelled.

Xue Moyan, Du Xiangyang, He Wei, and the others all unleashed their spirit weapons and attempted to destroy the green wall formed by the ancient tree and damage Ye Yihao himself.

However, there was one person who was faster than all of them!

A white light streaked by, and a person appeared out of nowhere and stabbed fiercely at the green wall while using a wooden sculpture as a spear.

It was Xie Jingxuan yet again!

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