Chapter 463: Collision!

Chapter 463: Collision!

“Luo Chen, Chu Li, Xue Moyan!”

Yu Men of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain raised his head and saw the procession coming out of the area that was exploding. His craggy face was filled with a strange smile.

Niu Shaojun and the other Ten Thousand Beast Mountain martial practitioners were sitting in lotus position behind him.

There were a dozen old trees that were torn apart around them. Clearly, before Qin Lie and the others had arrived, they had also been attacked by Ye Yihao and had fought a hard battle.

At this time, for Qin Lie, Luo Chen, and the others, or for Yu Men of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain, it was not a good time to fight.

That would just benefit Ye Yihao.

However, for some, when they were angry, they would not care about the circumstances, or about what they should or should not do.

Luo Chen was also a person like that.

“Cold Moon Wheel!”

The silver sword beam of Luo Chen’s sword turned into a cold moon that was as large as a wagon wheel. It spun in the dark sky and then flew towards Niu Shaojun.

It seemed like a cold moon shooting at him.

“Niu Shaojun, in the eyes of I, Luo Chen, you are a small person not worthy of mention!” Luo Chen mocked cuttingly. “No matter if I am wounded or not, a small fry is a small fry. If I want to beat a dog like you, I won’t even care who your owner is!”

A few days ago, Luo Chen and Chu Li had endured a hard battle. Both had expended much energy and were heavily wounded.

At that time, Niu Shaojun and Situ Tong had tried to kill him and Chu Li for the fresh blood of the voodoo insect.

They had also said some words that Luo Chen had remembered hatefully.

Days later, Luo Chen had recovered. His pride had come back, and naturally, he wouldn’t be polite when he saw Niu Shaojun again.

The Cold Moon Wheel was like the moon falling. As it spun, rays of cold light were like swords that fell towards the people of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain.

Niu Shaojun’s face immediately darkened. He raised his head to look at the disk that was about to come down, but didn’t dare to move.

Because Yu Men had not said anything yet.

“Don’t even care who the owner is? Hmph!” Yu Men suddenly twisted his mouth.

His book-sized left hand was wrapped in a glove in the shape of a vicious beast head. It appeared as though a vicious beast was eating his left hand.

Just as the Cold Moon Wheel fell down, Yu Men’s left hand punched into the air.


That vicious beast head glove gave a furious howl. Circles of blue-purple light formed along with his punch above people’s heads.

The layers of blue-purple light rippled and spread into the surroundings.

They were like a clear and transparent mirror.

Among the ripples, it was possible to see the miniaturized forms of the remnants of beast souls that looked to be roaring.

Roars also occasionally sounded out.

“Bam bam bam bam!”

The Cold Moon Wheel that was formed from a sword beam continued to shoot at the purple lights. They created a spray of sparks that released rainbow lights.

Under the multiple layers of light, all the martial practitioners of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain remained unharmed.

“Beast Manifestation!” Yu Men shouted in a hoarse voice.

The blue-purple light suddenly changed.

All of the ripples of light coalesced into a dozens of meters long vicious beast with the body of a lion and the head of a snake.

The vicious beast’s feet were covered in bloody clouds. It roared furiously as it charged at Luo Chen.

At the same time, Yu Men’s entire skeleton started to pop and snake. His broad and powerful body that was almost two meters tall actually grew even taller.

Yu Men was like a human-shaped monster. He started to exude a vicious and savage aura, while his eyes filled with a bestial gleam.


Yu Men’s body changed into mostly that of a beast. At that moment, he seemed to posses the power of hundreds of beasts, and his aura was terrifying.

Even Qin Lie, who was on the side watching, changed expression and showed seriousness.

Out of everyone present, he was probably the only one that would dare to fight this Yu Men in melee combat just using physical power.

Yu Men’s sudden eruption of power definitely came from his body, and a mutation of flesh!

Qin Lie who had once used beast blood in the blood pool to cultivate could smell the scent of a vicious beast from Yu Men’s body. This meant that both Yu Men’s blood and flesh had changed due to some terrifying spirit art.

“Seven Moon Slash!”

Seven new moons appeared and spun above Luo Chen’s head with a cool and sharp aura.

They seemed to have formed a complete circle.

As Yu Men roared and shouted, about to charge, the moons created for the sword beast suddenly fell down towards him.

The moonlight filled the sky and attracted everyone’s eyes!

“Ye Yihao is hurrying over… ”

Just as the two were about to start viciously fighting, the cool and pleasing voice of Xue Moyan of Illusory Demon Sect suddenly came over.

A slender and soft figure floated into the air between the two. Numerous blue, white, green, and indigo lights flew from her sleeves.

A strange field that was like quicksilver suddenly formed in the area between Luo Chen and Yu Men. A restraining power that blocked spirit power also appeared.

Both Luo Chen’s Seven Moon Slash and Yu Men, who was in his beast form, immediately felt it was difficult to advance when they touched the barrier.

“The Graveyard of the Gods Trial is still far from over. There will be many chances to battle in the future, there is no need to fight now,” Xue Moyan said in a cool voice between the two.

“Too many people have been entrapped by Ye Yihao in this forest. Why don’t we all rest first, and then eliminate him?” He Wei also came in. “At the very least, shouldn’t we make some distance to escape Ye Yihao’s perception?”

“Yes! We should rest!” Song Tingyu added.

The females came out to persuade everyone to be patient.

Qin Lie, Chu Li, and Du Xiangyan crossed their arms and were just watching. They didn’t try to act as peacemakers.

They acted as though it had nothing to do with them.

“Hm! You better keep control over your dog!” Luo Chen glared at Niu Shaojun and put away his sword art.

“We will have a fight sooner or later,” Yu Men gave a strange laugh.

His strong bestial aura gradually faded. It seemed that he also knew this was not a good time to have a fight to the death with Luo Chen. In addition to that, Xue Moyan had personally come out to act as a peacemaker, so he stopped fighting.

The two geniuses that had just engaged in a fight retreated back to their original positions.

“Let’s go.” Yu Men waved his hand and moved forward first.

The group of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain martial practitioners closely followed him.

“Yu Men shouldn’t be offended. This guy is the same as Chu Li, he loves to cause trouble and doesn’t submit to anyone.” He Wei grimaced as she shook her head.

“Who likes to cause trouble? If you want to curse Yu Men, do it, but why drag me into it?” Chu Li rolled his eyes.

“Within the Land of Chaos, who has caused the most trouble among the contenders from the Silver factions?” He Wei glared at him fearlessly. “There was a period of time when even the forefather couldn’t stand you and imprisoned you. It was only then that you became docile. Otherwise, just the love debts you caused are irritating enough for Terminator Sect!”

When she mentioned love debts, Chu Li immediately became docile. He smiled uncertainly, rubbed his nose, and said, “There aren’t any…  you are the only one in my heart, don’t you know that?”

He Wei snorted and ignored him.

“Qin Lie, that Yu Men…  his body is very strong. He might be a great enemy for you.” On the other side, Song Tingyu reminded him in a low voice.

Qin Lie nodded inside.

Of the geniuses from the forces that had attended, other than seeing Feng Yiyou of Heavenly Artifact Sect, he had came into contact with the other eight.

Of these eight, Lin Dongxing, Su Yan, and Xiaohou Yuan of the three families were clearly a bit weaker. The three great families clearly did not have enough of a foundation which caused Su Yan, Lin Dongxing, and Xiahou Yuan to be slightly weaker.

The five, Luo Chen, Chu Li, Ye Yihao, Xue Moyan, and Yu Men who had just appeared were all extremely powerful.

After secretly observing, Qin Lie felt that these five had power that was not weaker than a martial practitioner in the early stages of the Fulfillment Realm, and might even be a bit stronger.

Of the five, Luo Chen, Chu Li, Ye Yihao, and Xue Moyan did not focus on the cultivation of their bodies. Their great battle abilities came from spirit artifacts or special spirit arts.

Yu Men was the only exception.

Just now, he had closely observed Yu Men’s fighting style. He found that this person, when he attacked, would always charge towards his enemy.

It was clear that he was very skilled in close combat. His powerful body and his animalistic intuition caused him to have an advantage in close combat.

This was someone that had a battle style similar to his.

“Yu Men cultivates the Hundred Beast Art of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain. From childhood, he lived and ate together with all kinds of vicious beasts, absorbed the savage energy of hundreds of beasts, fought against them, and tempered his body.” Du Xiangyan suddenly started to explain, “This guy might be the most accomplished in this generation of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain! He was born with the skill to speak to beasts, and can converse with them just through his gaze. He also understands the personalities of the beasts. Fortunately, this is the Graveyard of Gods and there are no places where beasts gather. Otherwise, it is likely no one could beat Yu Men.”

“How do you know that the Graveyard of Gods doesn’t have any places where beasts gather?” He Wei glared at him. “It is just that you did not see it! If it was as your inauspicious mouth said, and Yu Men found a place like that, he probably would be scarier than Ye Yihao!”

When she said this, everyone became shocked.

Just a sheer thought of a possibility made people feel anxious.

“You say that Ye Yihao is about to come? How do you know when he is arriving?” Luo Chen asked at the front.

“I don’t know when he will come.” Xue Moyan shook her head. “I only know that he is definitely heading towards our position!”

“I suggest for everyone to leave this forest as soon as possible!” Du Xiangyan shouted.

“I think the same!” He Wei expressed her opinion.

“Luo Chen, continue leading the way.”

“Yes, lead the way!”


In a patch of forest hundreds of miles away from the group.

There was an enormous and ancient tree with a great canopy that was moving rapidly through the forest. It appeared to be floating in an ocean and it flashed by along with the ripples of the ground.

On the branches of the ancient tree, Ye Yihao’s expression was dark. There were tree branches inserted into his body, and a little mark of a tree that flashed on his brow.

He was communicating with the spirit tree.

“What? They are about to get out of the forest? How could they recognize the way out?” Ye Yihao suddenly became restless.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!” The leaves of the ancient tree shook as though it was objecting.

“Quick! Faster! Use your power to move the nearby trees and stop them!” Ye Yihao shouted.

“Crack! Crack!”

Branches of the ancient tree suddenly snapped. The emerald green branches suddenly flew into the distance.

As the branches passed, the trees along the way started to move.

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