Chapter 462: Difficult to Avoid One’s Enemies

Chapter 462: Difficult to Avoid One’s Enemies

Everyone quickly found a common goal—leave this forest first.

Luo Chen was responsible for leading the way.

Every tree in the vast forest was more than a dozen meters tall. The trees covered the sky. When people walked through the forest, they felt only darkness and cold.

Especially when people realized that each of the ancient trees was a potential threat.

Luo Chen walked in the front of the group silently. Zhao Yuan, Zhang Chendong, and a martial practitioner from Heavenly Sword Mountain were following at a measured pace behind him.

Behind the Zhao Yuan and others were Xue Moyan and the females from Illusory Demon Sect.

These five young females were of few words. Their expressions were alert, paying attention to the ancient trees around them.

Qin Lie, Chu Li, Du Xiangyang, and their group were in the back, maintaining a distance from Xue Moyan up ahead.

“I feel that these trees have eyes. I feel like Ye Yihao can find our positions through them.” He Wei had been feeling discomfort along the way. Beneath the trees, she felt uncomfortable all over.

“Hss, hss, hss!”

As she spoke, she heard the sound of the leaves moving in the wind. The noise caused her to become nervous.

“Maybe I am just paranoid.” He Wei smiled in self-scorn.

“I hope it is so,” Du Xiangyang added with a helpless grimace. “This forest is full of trees everywhere. I cannot burn all the trees wherever I go. Hah, I am just a Netherpassage Realm martial practitioner. I do not have the ability to burn the entire forest using my fire spirit art. Also, flora here clearly has simple intelligence, so I would need to constantly add fire power.”

“We also do not have the time to wait for you to do that.” Chu Li’s brow creased and he snorted. He said, “Ye Yihao could only try to mount a sneak attack on us through these trees when we were unguarded. Now that we are on our guard, it will not be so easy if he wants to kill us.”

“I agree.” Du Xiangyang smiled.

Qin Lie and Song Tingyu walked side by side at the back.

“How are you?” Song Tingyu’s eyes were bright as she asked in a quiet voice.

“What?” Qin Lie was stunned.

“How has the formation of your True Soul been?”

“Almost done, I hope that we can reach the area covered by lightning and thunder as soon as possible. I have a feeling that the third stage of my Heavenly Thunder Eradication, and the progression of my realm will possibly be realized there.” Qin Lie’s eyes were filled with ambition.

“If you can enter the intermediate stage of the Netherpassage Realm, you will truly have the power to protect yourself in the Graveyard of Gods!” Song Tingyu said excitedly.

“Mn, only then might I be able to match those geniuses.” Qin Lie glanced at Luo Chen at the front of the group.

He had a general guess of Luo Chen’s true power.

Many days ago when Luo Cheng had fought against Lin Dongxing and Xiahou Yuan, he had focused and observed from the side.

Even exhausted and heavily injured, the power of Luo Chen’s sword strike was enough to create a deep mark on the hard ground. Qin Lie still clearly remembered that terrifying and sharp presence.

Luo Chen’s “Half Moon Slash” was like a crescent moon falling down. It was eye-catching and peerless in power. The power it contained surpassed even the strength of average Fulfillment Realm martial practitioners.

This was a move that could allow Luo Chen to fight above his level and kill early stage Fulfillment Realm martial practitioners. It was a terrifying sword art that would allow him to show his true power.

Qin Lie concluded that it wasn’t very likely for him to stop Luo Chen at full power in his current state.

Chu Li had killed two Su Family martial practitioners under the attack of five.

Then, he had showed his dominance among the barrage from five martial practitioners that were poisoned with the voodoo toxin.

After these two hard battles, he still showed himself when he entered into the battle against Ye Yihao.

Chu Li was also astounding in his battle capabilities.

He had not seen Xue Moyan fight at her true power, but he knew that Xue Moyan was still skilled in all the secret arts of Blood Fiend Sect that she had not used yet.

He believed that Xue Moyan was also terrifying.

Other than these three, Yu Men of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain and Feng Yiyou of Heavenly Artifact Sect were famous in the Land of Chaos. They were the winners of the explorations they had experienced within their own factions and were the best of their area.

They also could not be underestimated!

There was also a Ye Yihao that was recovering…

Qin Lie realized that there were many vicious beasts hidden around him. He needed to do everything possible to strengthen himself in order to live to the end of this bloody banquet.

Each step in this land was filled with danger.

There were some enemies that he had yet to encounter. He wasn’t sure if there were other beings in this secret realm called the “Graveyard of Gods.”

If he was so unfortunate to encounter them, how could he survive without sufficient power?

Without realizing it, they came to a place filled with trees and strange vines.

“Be careful, this place doesn’t feel right,” Du Xiangyang reminded everyone. He channelled his spirit art. Circles of orange-red flames suddenly sprouted from his body.

A clear orange-red shield of light wrapped around his body like a goose shell.

“Everyone, take care,” Xue Moyan called out as well.

The clothing of the Illusory Demon Sect members suddenly glowed. They seemed to be woven from rainbow light as they became a thin shield that protected their entire bodies.

He Wei and the people of Terminator Sect copied them and used spirit power to form a protective shield.

The group seemed to have become lanterns, each of them having bright glowing shields of light as they used spirit power to protect their bodies.

Only Luo Chen, Chu Li, and Xue Moyan, people that were absolutely confident in themselves were not so cautious. They did not act.

However, sharp sword intent came from Luo Chen’s body.

The spirit armor that Chu Li wore seemed to glitter with light and he was wary inside.


A terrified shout came from the mouth of the Heavenly Sword Mountain martial practitioner at the front. The silver shield he had suddenly cracked like an egg.

The strange vines closest to him immediately turned into a demon. Countless vines wrapped around him.

At the same time, the nearby shrubbery became sharp saws that cut at him.

This person immediately was covered in wounds and blood.

Everyone looked at him. They all started to panic and shout in shock.

Subsequently, all of the strange vines and shrubs seemed to become bloodthirsty and furiously attacked them.

A strange atmosphere formed here and caused them to feel terror.

“Little Ye!” Pan Qianqian cried in pain.

This was a female from Illusory Demon Sect that was about twenty. She was tiny, adorable, and had a middle Netherpassage Realm cultivation.

She had been completely swallowed by a banana-like shrub. The enormous shrub seemed to chew, and Pan Qianqian, being close, could hear the sound of her bones cracking.


At the front, the chest of Zhao Yuan, who came from Scarlet Tide Continent’s Joyful Union Sect, was penetrated by a vine. Blood spilled rapidly from the wound.

The light in his eyes quickly faded.

“Careful! Protect those around you!” Chu Li shouted furiously as he pulled He Wei next to him. His expression was savage. “Bomb the surroundings!”

Qin Lie hurriedly looked at Song Tingyu.

The strange vines were like tentacles as they moved and stabbed at Song Tingyu.

“Tingyu!” Qin Lie shouted.

“Don’t worry, I am not as weak as you think.” Song Tingyu smiled.

She could see the deep worry that Qin Lie felt for her from his face. This made her heart feel sweet.

“Rainbow Circle!”

A bright circle surrounded by clouds suddenly shot out of the rainbow cloud. The circle suddenly grew big and viciously hit the vines coming at her.

“Pa pa pa!”

Sparks flew on the vines and they exploded. Fragments of wood landed on the ground.

Song Tingyu pointed with a finger. The rainbow cloud circle radiated layers of light. The sound of explosions came from wherever the light passed.

The vines that came from nearby shrubs were minced into fine powder.

“Qin Lie! Come over here!” Chu Li shouted.

“Alright!” Qin Lin dashed like lightning next to Song Tingyu, grabbing her and quickly coming next to Chu Li.

“Bomb this!” Chu Li ordered.

Ren Peng and the other two martial practitioners from Terminator Sect took out the Terminator Profound Bombs from their spatial rings.

When the dozens of Terminator Profound Bombs came out, the females of Illusory Demon Sect screamed and hurriedly ran to hide in Luo Chen’s direction.

They knew the power of the Terminator Profound Bombs well.

“Boom! Boom boom boom!”

The dozen Terminator Profound Bombs furiously exploded around Qin Lie and the others.

The nearby vines and shrubs were turned to powder in this terrifying explosion.

Enormous, deep holes that covered dozens of square meters appeared.

“All of you, come here!” Chu Li beckoned at Luo Chen and Xue Moyan in the distance. He said, “My people will use the Terminator Profound Bombs to blast a way out of here!”

Even a person as proud as Luo Chen knew, that he could not match the Terminator Profound Bomb after seeing its power and came docilely from the front.

Xue Moyan sighed. She forced back the sorrow she felt and nodded minutely. She said, “Regroup with Chu Li first.”

They had lost another sister.

“Ren Peng! Use the Terminator Profound Bombs to make a path. I don’t believe Ye Yihao is undefeatable!” Chu Li cursed.


“Boom! Boom boom!”

The Terminator Profound Bombs exploded in front of them. All of the shrubs and vines were blasted into powder in this kind of explosive barrage.

They moved forward relying on this method.

After six hours and thirty five Terminator Profound Bombs, they finally managed to struggle out of that patch of vines and shrubs.


All of them had the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain tokens hanging from their waists. When they charged out of the dangerous patch, howls came.

A group of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain martial practitioners was among a dozen broken trees. Their expressions were grave as they sat on the ground and panted.

Niu Shaojun was among them.

Qin Lie and the others that had just made it out raised their heads and saw the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain martial practitioners in the distance.

Yu Men naturally saw them as well.

Their gazes met in the air.

“It’s them!” Niu Shaojun shouted.

“Niu Shaojun!” Luo Chen smiled coldly.

It truly was difficult to avoid one’s enemies.


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