Chapter 461: The Forest of Death

Chapter 461: The Forest of Death

A dozen gray-brown tree branches as thick a fingers and long as a dozen meters gradually descended from the tree.

It looked as though this ancient tree was reaching out with long tentacles to grab something below.

But there was only Qin Lie under the tree.

At this moment, Qin Lie was still immersed in his own world. He was focusing his mind consciousness to reform his True Soul.

The third stage of the Heavenly Thunder Eradication was using thunder and lightning energy to temper the True Soul. It would cause the True Soul to contain the power of thunder and lightning and not have the weakness of being weak to attacks of lightning.

His cultivation was in a good state. If he continued like that, he would be able to finish this stage of the Heavenly Thunder Eradication in Netherpassage Realm.

When this stage of the Heavenly Thunder Eradication was completed, every thread of his mind consciousness would contain the power of thunder and lightning!

In the future when he fought other people, he could use his mind consciousness to permeate another’s mind and use thunder and lightning to destroy their True Soul!

Mind consciousness that contained the power of thunder and lightning would reach a faster speed by moving through the air. It would directly increase the offensive abilities of his True Soul.

The tree branches were like sharp swords. After a period of slow descent, just as they were about to come close to his head, they suddenly sped up!

Like arrows leaving bows, the dozen tree branches stabbed towards Qin Lie’s head, neck, organs, and other vital spots.

“Pop! Pop! Pop!”

Qin Lie’s body gave off a burst of popping as though he was attacked powerfully.

Bleeding wounds appeared at his head, neck and chest. Blood shot out.


Qin Lie suddenly howled at the sky. His bones cracked and popped. A great power of blood suddenly erupted from his body.

The bright yellow power of the earth which carried intimidating frost energy erupted from every one of his pores. It formed a furious wave that cut off the dozen tree branches.

Qin Lie’s eyes suddenly became cold. He raised his head to look at the tree. “They say that all things are alive, today, I’ve finally confirmed that!”

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

Tens of thousands of tree branches filled the sky, falling like a rain of arrows.

All of them aimed at Qin Lie.

“No matter whether you are truly alive or being manipulated by Ye Yihao’s soul, I will destroy you completely!” Qin Lie snorted coldly, “Burn for me!”

Three drops of scarlet blood flew out of his hands. They turned into a great fire that filled the sky and lit up this ancient tree.

At the same time, blood flowed through Qin Lie’s blood vessels and like a streak of blood, he moved out from under the tree.

The rain of branches shot towards where he had originally been standing and completely covered this area with arrow like tree branches.

“Crack crack!”

After attacking with all of its might, the ancient tree was drowned in the sea of fire. All of the greenery, all of its vitality was burned away by the great fire.

At the same moment.

Yu Men and the martial practitioners of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain were moving in the woods and heading in the direction where Qin Lie and the others were gathering.

When they came to a dense patch of trees, the leaves that swayed in the wind and the branches suddenly came alive.

Those tree branches also turned into sharp arrows that shot madly at Yu Men, Niu Shaojun, and the others.

Caught off guard, two Ten Thousand Beast Mountain martial practitioners were unable to use their spirit power to protect their body in time. Their bodies were also not as strong as Qin Lie’s.

They were immediately poked full of holes by the tree branches.

“Damn it!” Niu Shaojun’s face darkened. He hurriedly avoided the wave of attacks and shouted angrily, “It definitely is Ye Yihao’s doing!”

“He cultivates a wood spirit art and does have the skill to manipulate ancient trees. This guy found the forest and hasn’t left because he wants to use the land here to eliminate all others.” Yu Men snorted. “He’d better not meet me!”

On the other side.

Chu Li, Du Xiangyan, Song Tingyu, and their group were also attacked by the ancient trees in another grove.

Fortunately, there was Du Xiangyan. He cultivated a flame spirit art and it was the perfect bane of the ancient trees in the forest. They had coincidentally been gathered together in a discussion so they had managed to avoid the attack in time.

Subsequently,  Du Xiangyan attacked the nearest ancient trees with fire and burned all of them to black ash before he relaxed.

In a corner of the forest.

Ye Yihao sat under the ancient tree filled with vitality. Branches coiled around his body. There was a little ancient tree mark at the center of his forehead. It blinked as though it was communicating with him.

The martial practitioners of Black Voodoo Cult, Lin Dongxing, Xiahou Yuan, Su Yan and the others were also gathered around him.

They all looked at him with both awe and fear.

A long time later, Ye Yihao opened his eyes. His eyes were an eerie oily green as though tender tree seedlings were growing in his eyes. “I killed a few people but did not kill anyone important. It seems that we need to act ourselves.”

Xiahou Yuan and the others bowed slightly but did not speak.

“You should have recovered almost completely?” Ye Yihao asked.

Everyone nodded.

“Good, then follow behind the Tree God and search with me to find the nearest person to attack,” Ye Yihao shouted.

The branches coiled around him suddenly became as soft as cotton and pulled him up into the leaves.

The complex root network of this tree brimming with vitality started to slowly move.

The ancient tree was moving!

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

Beside a burning ancient tree, Qin Lie suddenly appeared. With a glance, he saw Song Tingyu and others’ expressions of lingering fear.

“Were you also attacked by the ancient trees?” Qin Lie shouted.

“You too?” Song Tingyu was surprised.

“Mn.” Qin Lie’s expression was serious as he said, “Ye Yihao should have recovered. He cultivates a wood spirit art, an ancient voodoo spell of the Black Voodoo Cult, it is very eerie. Here, he seems able to control the ancient trees. We need to be careful from now on, and be wary of the flora around us!”

“It seems that it will not be so easy to walk out of this forest.” He Wei felt a headache coming on.

“Xue Moyan will come soon.” Du Xiangyan held a sword seal. After probing for a while, he said, “Luo Chen is also nearby.”

Everyone was surprised.

“We will discuss after they’ve come,” Qin Lie said.


An hour later.

Xue Moyan of Illusory Demon Sect walked over with four young females. They all wore dim expressions and were in low moods.

“Have you also encountered trouble?” Du Xiangyan called out.

“One of our sisters is dead, we have not found the culprit yet, she was shot to death by tree branches,” Pan Qianqian said serenely.

“The culprit is Ye Yihao, there’s no need to search. You were not the only ones, we were also attacked.“ Du Xiangyan pointed at the burning trees. “They were the ones who attacked.” He then explained in detail.

After listening to Du Xiangyan’s explanation, the five women from Illusory Demon Sect gradually came to an understanding.

“Ye Yihao! Him again!” Xue Moyan gritted her teeth and her eyes were cold as she shouted.

“Luo Chen has also come!” He Wei said in a small voice.

Everyone turned their heads to look in the other way.

Luo Chen appeared in the distance with three other people. Other than Zhao Yuan and Zhang Chendong, there was another Heavenly Sword Mountain martial practitioner that he had found.

“We were also attacked, by trees!” Luo Chen said coldly.

Everyone nodded in understanding. They did not say anything more.

“We must stay here together or think of a way to leave this forest.” Song Tingyu stood next to Qin Lie. Her beautiful eyes gazed at the group and she suddenly said, “How did everyone get in? Do you know how to get out?”

“Are we lost?” Du Xiangyan grimaced.

He was like Qin Lie and had come from the Land of Fire. Not long after entering this vast endless forest, he had lost his direction.

He could not find the way back.

Song Tingyu looked at the others. He found that Xue Moyan, Chu Li, and the others were all shaking their heads as though they did not know the way out.

But Luo Chen who was standing the furtherest away from the group frowned. He suddenly said, “I know how to get out of this forest.”

When these words were spoken, everyone looked at him in joyful surprise.

“You do?” He Wei said in shock.

“I came from a place filled with thunder and lightning. Heavenly lightning would come down occasionally. Even I felt a headache there. When I found that the forest was peaceful, I naturally came in. I had not expected …” Luo Chen shook his head and said with a frown, “that this isn’t a good place either.”

“You know the way out?” Du XIangyan said in surprise.

“I know the general direction,” Luo Chen said proudly.

“What does everyone think?” Du Xiangyan looked at the group. “It is not wise to stay and fight against Ye Yihao here. Why don’t we first leave and then think it out?”

“Our Illusory Demon Sect is prepared to leave,” Xue Moyan expressed.

“I was dropped here from the beginning. I also want to visit other parts of the Graveyard of Gods.” Chu Li nodded.

“Qin Lie, you?” Du Xiangyang asked.

“Hah, of course I’m going with you,” Qin Lie said with a smile.

His eyes were bright. “A place full of thunder and lightning?”

Right now, his third stage of Heavenly Thunder Eradication, Thunder Lightning Soul Refinement, was at a crucial stage.

At this time, if he could find a place filled with thunder and lightning, and used this outside thunder and lightning to help him refine his soul, it would greatly increase his cultivation speed!

This Graveyard of Gods was clearly divided into different areas. Each area was filled with all kinds of wonders.

In the Land of Fire, there were meteors that rained down. He had also found the corpse of a Fire Qilin through the blank tombstone.

This dense forest seemed to hide evil tree spirits. The wonder of this place could be seen from how the ancient trees knew to attack them.

Would there also be other beings related to thunder and lightning in that area of thunder and lightning?

If there were, would they be of great benefit to him, someone that cultivated a thunder spirit art and needed thunder and lightning to refine his soul?

At the very least, in the area of thunder and lightning, he would have an absolute advantage like Ye Yihao in this forest.

At the very least, he was not afraid of being attacked by thunder and lightning!

“He would beg for a place of thunder and lightning!” Chu Li chuckled.

Coming from Terminator Sect, he knew the thunder and lightning spirit art that Qin Lie cultivated was extremely wondrous. He also knew that Qin Lie was refining his soul using thunder and lightning. He knew that Qin Lie would be like a fish in the water in the area of thunder and lightning.

In that place, even Ye Yihao would not be able to easily match Qin Lie!

“Luo Chen, lead the way for us!” loudly said Du Xiangyan as he saw that they reached a consensus.

Luo Chen nodded.


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