Chapter 460: Flesh Sacrifice

Chapter 460: Flesh Sacrifice

Song Tingyu’s judgment was correct.

A fifty kilometers away, after Niu Shaojun locked onto Qin Lie’s position using a Ten Thousand Beasts Mountain token, he turned his head and said to someone beside him, “I found them!”

The person he was talking to was a tall, dark-skinned young man.

He was almost two meters tall, clad in beast skin, and was as stalwart as a mountain. Every muscle on his body was bulging, and he had a head of long hair resting carelessly on his shoulders.

His entire being gave off an extremely wild, brutal, and savage feeling that terrorized others.

A few days ago, Niu Shaojun had appeared extremely arrogant and forceful in front of Qin Lie, Chu Li, Luo Chen, and the others. Even when he was before Xue Moyan, he had not an ounce of respect in him at all.

However, when he was looking at this person, Niu Shaojun’s eyes were filled with fearful respect.

He was deeply afraid of this person.

Naturally, this man was none other than Yu Men, leader of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain’s new generation. He was at the peak of the Netherpassage Realm, well versed in all sorts of rare Ten Thousand Beast Mountain spirit arts and could communicate with spirit beasts since young.

It was said that Yu Men was exiled to the land of ferocious beasts when young. He had lived alone like an animal and experienced all kinds of trials.

He had a heart and tenacity that was like a wild animal’s, and even now it was rumored that this man enjoyed eating raw meat and drinking a spirit beast’s blood, living the life of half a man and half a beast.

He struck fear in many of his peers at Ten Thousand Beast Mountain.

Niu Shaojun’s heart might have been sinister and his methods cruel, but he was also afraid of Yu Men.

“Chu Li was the one who killed our men?” Yu Men asked.

“Mm. Chu Li, a person called Qin Lie, Luo Chen, and Du Xiangyang,” Niu Shajun said affirmatively.

“These people had formed an alliance?” Yu Men frowned.

When he frowned, the wrinkles on his forehead actually pressed together to form a natural “王”. It looked just like a king of beast’s symbol.

“It probably isn’t a solid alliance, but a temporary one,” Niu Shaojun answered.

“Both Chu Li and Luo Chen are hurt?”

“Yes, and their injuries aren’t light too!”


Yu Men nodded and said in a raspy voice, “There are no friends in the Graveyard of the Gods. It doesn’t matter if enmity exists between Ten Thousand Beasts Mountain and them. If we have a chance to kill them, we don’t let go of it!”

Niu Shaojun’s expression turned joyful.

“It isn’t just Terminator Sect and Heavenly Sword Mountain.” Yu Men snorted. “This guideline applies to everyone!”

“Understood!” The Ten Thousand Beast Mountain martial practitioners behind them exclaimed in unison.


At a secluded corner of the forest.

An ancient tree that looked like it would wither away was now glowing with new life. Soft shoots were appearing on its bald tree trunk once more.

This ancient tree’s roots were deeply buried underground and looked rather spectacular just like a large human heart. They were emanating a terrific life energy.

Many of the lively trees around it had their energy extracted and refined, swiftly wilting and rotting away.

Meanwhile, the ancient tree grew more and more exuberant.

Ye Yihao was sitting beneath the old tree. Many soft tree branches were entangled onto Ye Yihao’s body like ropes. They were glowing with a dark green luster and were quietly transferring energy into his nerves and blood vessels.

At his heart, the Eight-winged Centipede Queen lay quietly as its body expanded. It looked like it was putting effort into taking a deep breath.

Three larvae crawled into the brains of the three martial practitioners dressed in the clothes of Heavenly Sword Mountain, Heavenly Artifact Sect, and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain. Their eyes were empty and lifeless, and they sat in a triangle beside Ye Yihao.

Tendrils of visible flesh and blood energy were pouring non-stop into Ye Yihao’s chest and entering his heart.

The bodies of these three people swiftly shriveled like meat chunks that had been eroding for many years. There was not a bit of life left in them.

They looked just like salted meat that was being dried at a fast rate.

A few Black Voodoo Cult martial practitioners were standing not far beside Ye Yihao as the dark eyes beneath their black robes stared closely at Ye Yihao’s heart.

They knew very well that what Ye Yihao was unleashing right now was an ancient voodoo art of the Black Voodoo Cult—Flesh Sacrifice.

Through the flesh sacrifice of three offerings, Ye Yihao was healing the Eight-winged Centipede Queen’s wounds while aiding it in summoning its eight broken wings.

“Bzz zzz zzz!”

The Eight-winged Centipede Queen let out an odd whistle that shook the very earth and nearly burst the eardrums of the people around it.

Ye Yihao’s eyes grew brighter and brighter.

The mother insect’s shrill whistle lasted for a whole hour.

“Swoosh swoosh!”

The eight wings that had separated from its body abruptly returned and instantly landed on its body.

The Eight-winged Centipede Queen settled once more.

“Poof poof poof!”

The three martial practitioners who were used as offerings in the flesh sacrifice abruptly exploded and caused blood to be splattered everywhere.

The three larvae flew out from amidst the exploding flesh and flew into Ye Yihao’s chest, returning to their mother’s side.

Tendrils of soft and gentle tree branches abruptly fell down from the ancient tree and lay on top of that splattered blood.

The tree branches were instantly dyed red.

“Glug! Glug!”

The blood droplets swiftly vanished as if they were being sucked in by the tree branches.

Even the scattered meat bits were devoured by the tree branches. The branches lowered by the ancient trees were like straws that were feeding on the blood and flesh bits scattered around the area, devouring the three blown up martial practitioners completely.

A dark green light appeared at the center of Ye Yihao’s forehead. A small, pocket-sized tree imprint appeared from inside the halo.

A strange energy swiftly entered his mind consciousness through the imprint at his forehead, swiftly establishing a connection with Ye Yihao.

“Relax, I’ll bring you out of this place. I will leave the Graveyard of the Gods alive!” Ye Yihao appeared to be talking to himself, “But before this, I want you to help me kill all my enemies inside this forest!”

“Sha sha sha!”

As if responding to Ye Yihao’s words, the ancient tree’s branches began to twist madly.

They appeared incredibly bizarre.


“What? The eight wings of the Eight-winged Centipede Queen actually flew out of Qin Lie’s spatial ring?” He Wei opened her eyes wide with a look of disbelief.

Chu Li, the Terminator Sect martial practitioners, and Du Xiangyang came over when they heard this.

Song Tingyu explained the situation once more.

After they were finished listening, both Chu Li and Du Xiangyang frowned, thinking that Ye Yihao had probably used some secret arts to summon the mother insect’s broken wings back to his side.

“This means that Ye Yihao has probably recovered already.” Chu Li’s expression was severe, “Strange. Technically speaking, he should have been hurt quite badly. How did he recover so quickly?”

“Black Voodoo Cult has a lot of evil arts.” Du Xiangyang sighed.

Everyone turned silent in an instant.

“Where’s Qin Lie?” Chu Li looked behind Song Tingyu.

“He is reforming his True Soul. It will take a few more days,” Song Tingyu answered. After a moment of thought, she said, “Illusory Demon Sect knows the Black Voodoo Cult the best. Du Xiangyang, do you wish to tell them about this news and ask for their opinion?”

“Okay!” Du Xiangyang agreed immediately.

He took out his own sword token and seeped his mind consciousness into it. He immediately detected the two groups’ existence.

One group of people was obviously made up of Luo Chen, Zhao Xuan, and Zhang Chendong. The other group was Illusory Demon Sect under Xue Moyan.

He chose to establish a mind connection with Xue Moyan through the sword token and briefly spoke with her.

The crowd looked at him.

A while later, Du Xiangyang’s expression slowly turned solemn. He withdrew the sword token and exclaimed in a heavy tone, “Xue Moyan said that Ye Yihao has used a Black Voodoo Cult ancient voodoo art and recovered the voodoo insect’s broken wings through a flesh sacrifice. She said that if Ye Yihao could execute a flesh sacrifice, then he must have almost fully recovered already. Moreover, he could also determine our location through the summoned broken wing, so she told us to be careful and keep in contact with her. She said that they will join us soon.”

“Notify Luo Chen too,” He Wei said softly.

Du Xiangyang looked blank for a moment before he chuckled, “Don’t you hate him?”

Du Xiangyang wasn’t the only one who suffered defeat by Luo Chen’s hands during the competition for Heavenly Sword Mountain’s core seed position. He Wei was not an exception.

Moreover, He Wei was even injured during the battle.

Du Xiangyang thought that He Wei would hold a grudge against Luo Chen and wish for his ignorance and subsequently, death.

“Why should I hate him?” He Wei curled her lips and said, “He hurt me in a fair and square fight. I am not so petty, not to mention that we need Luo Chen’s strength right now.”

After a pause, He Wei said again, “Luo Chen may be a disgusting person, but his strength is undeniable.”

“That is true.” Du Xiangyang admitted, “In the Graveyard of the Gods, there aren’t many people who can beat this guy one on one. Even Ye Yihao had next to no chance of killing Luo Chen if he hadn’t borrowed the power of both the forest and numbers!”

They had both dueled Luo Chen before, and if they ignore his temper, then it seemed they did think quite highly of Luo Chen’s strength.


At Xue Moyan’s side.

The six girls were cultivating on their own at different locations within the forest.

Xue Moyan had just ended her conversation with Du Xiangyang when she stood up and cried out loudly, “Everyone come over. There is news. We will be joining Chu Li’s group again.”

Pan Qianqian, Huang Zhuli, and the other two girls quickly came over and asked questions clamorously.

“Where’s Little Yun?” Xue Moyan asked.

“She’s right above that tree at the front,” Pan Qianqian answered.

“Go call her for a moment,” Xue Moyan instructed.

Pan Qianqian laughed softly before chasing forward like a wisp of clear wind, “This girl, she must have fallen asleep during her cultivation, or there’s no way she couldn’t hear sister Xue so close to her.”

Like a floating willow, she streaked up the tree leaves and was about to wake the Illusory Demon Sect girl with a shout.


Suddenly, a terrible cry rang from Pan Qianqian’s mouth.

Standing on top of the tree trunk, Pan Qianqian covered her mouth and stared at Little Yun amidst the tree leaves. She broke out into a cry and said, “Little Yun, what’s happened to you Little Yun? Don’t scare me!”

The four girls’s expressions changed as they hurried to her side.

Xue Moyan was the first to arrive beside Pan Qianqian. When she uncovered the tree leaves and took a look, she took cried out in surprise.

Like a porcupine, the girl amidst the tree leaves was completely punctured by tree branches. She actually died a long time ago.

No one knew when she died.

No one knew how she was killed either. They never even heard the sounds of fighting.

The five girls looked terribly saddened as they stared in shock and fear at the young girl’s corpse. They searched everywhere, hoping to find some kind of clue that could tell what happened.

At the same time.

Qin Lie was cultivating hard beneath an ancient tree with his eyes closed. He was gathering his True Soul back bit by bit.

He did not know that the tree branches above his head had suddenly become sharp blades that inched soundlessly towards him.

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