Chapter 459: Deference

Chapter 459: Deference

“Strange. How did she know that you’re cultivating the Blood Spirit Art from so far away?”

A few minutes after Xue Moyan had left, Song Tingyu came out from inside a clump of tree leaves. A five-colored light ray was rippling magically around her body.

Qin Lie was inside the light ray as well.

When he’d detected Xue Moyan’s approach, he immediately withdrew the blank tombstone and told Song Tingyu to use the spirit artifact and hide their presence. The duo then hid themselves inside it.

The duo had stuck close to each other and placed themselves inside the small light barrier. Through the tree leaves, they watched Xue Moyan searching around with a deeply suspicious look before ultimately leaving with great reluctance.

Since Xue Moyan had left the place already, Song Tingyu slowly withdrew the colorful light barrier.

While sniffing the fragrance from Song Tingyu and pressing close to her shapely and attractive body, Qin Lie couldn’t help but feel a little hot on the inside as he began to think of certain things.

In silence, he continued to stick close to Song Tingyu while his eyes shone with a fiery and passionate light.

“Why are you avoiding her? You should tell her the relationship between you and Xue Li. You should have befriended her as soon as possible; this will be beneficial to our future activities in the Graveyard of the Gods…” Song Tingyu muttered in a small voice.

Qin Lie still didn’t say anything.

Feeling strange on the inside, Song Tingyu turned around to glance at him before she froze suddenly. An intoxicating blush quietly appeared on her beautiful face.

She had noticed the passion in Qin Lie’s eyes in first glance, and knew what Qin Lie was thinking in his mind right now.

“This scoundrel…”

Song Tingyu scolded on the inside, but was smart enough to keep silent at this opportune moment.

When they were hiding inside the bush, Song Tingyu was at the front while Qin Lie was at the back. They were leaning close to each other and could feel each other’s body temperature clearly and even hear the faint but rapid heartbeats.

The atmosphere was incredibly charming and gentle right now.

A dozen or so seconds later, Qin Lie subconsciously hugged Song Tingyu’s sexy body into his arms.

Amidst soft cries, Song Tingyu’s half-lidded eyes watched on as Qin Lie’s face swiftly grew larger in her vision.

In the next moment, Qin Lie suddenly leaned close and kissed her.


She did not put up any resistance at all. Song Tingyu closed her eyes obediently and returned his kiss passionately.

“Sha sha!”

The sounds of leaves and their own bodies rustling against each other resounded from within the tree leaves.


Qin Lie, finding himself unable to move as he wanted inside the tree leaves, suddenly dropped down from the tree while holding Song Tingyu.

While hugging each other, the duo dropped beneath the tree with Song Tingyu’s back pressed against the tree. A pair of big hands explored her shapely body and the seductive valleys and peaks without restraint.

Song Tingyu’s eyes were lost and distant as she panted in a soft tone. The impressive blush that appeared on her neck was literally irresistible.

She had a tall figure and her bosom was round and full. The bounciness of her breasts were equally amazing, and Qin Lie loved it so much that he couldn’t wait to make all kinds of shapes with them.

Another one of Qin Lie’s hands roamed down her back and attacked her secret spot wantonly, invading the private area that belonged to him and him alone.

Song Tingyu did not even put on a token resistance. She was completely lost in both heart and body.

She had already acknowledged Qin Lie fully inside her heart. When she was infected with the voodoo toxin, losing both her life and soul energy little by little while being hunted by Black Voodoo Cult’s martial practitioners relentlessly—

—she had already made up her mind to not hesitate and hide her feelings if she could run into Qin Lie once more.

Just when she thought she was about to die a horrible death and never see Qin Lie again, the gods actually seemed to heed her prayer and presented Qin Lie before her!

Qin Lie had successfully saved her from the claws of the Black Voodoo Cult’s followers.

After that, for a period of time Qin Lie attempted all kinds of methods in order to cure the voodoo poison. When he discovered that nothing was working, he then carried her on his back and set out with the goal of finding Ye Yihao and killing the mother insect so he could save her from the poison.

Even she did not hold any hope at all and thought that Qin Lie would fail in his attempt. She did not think that she would be able to survive.

But Qin Lie ultimately succeeded in acquiring the voodoo insect’s blood!

As a result, she was pulled back from the edges of death through the use of one drop of voodoo insect blood.

Everything Qin Lie did for her sake, she saw. From Du Xiangyang and Chu Li, she even learned that Qin Lie had charged regardless of all perils into an area covered with voodoo toxin and fought the Eight-winged Centipede Queen bravely...

Everything Qin Lie did filled her heart up with his figure until it was full.

She had completely acknowledged Qin Lie in both body and mind.

Therefore, she could not raise even a bit of resistance towards Qin Lie’s needs at all.

Her clothes were pulled open, revealing a huge area of her white breasts. Her white, jade-like skin was glowing with such an attractive luster that it was as if a person’s eyeballs would become sucked to it.

Qin Lie had completely fallen for her charm.

“Tap tap! Tap tap!”

A rapid series of footsteps swiftly returned from afar.

The duo who was about to lose control swiftly broke out of their trance as Song Tingyu hurriedly covered them both with the light shield once more.

The duo’s figure swiftly became invisible.

Xue Moyan’s beautiful figure had appeared into the opening once more. Her suspicious eyes observed her surroundings for a moment before she ultimately left again in dejection.

A long time later.

The light shield beneath the tree was released as the duo’s figure showed up once more. With half a breast exposed and a face filled with embarrassment and a playful pout, she said, “Thank goodness I reacted in time, or, or…”

The fiery passion in Qin Lie’s eyes too faded bit by bit as he grinned, “Or what?”

“Or we would’ve been caught red-handed.” Song Tingyu smiled beautifully and lightly pushed him away, “You scoundrel. It hasn’t been that long since the voodoo toxin on me was cured, but you’re already thinking about bad things. Thank goodness Xue Moyan came back, or I would’ve been preyed on by you already. You pervert!”

She pulled back her disheveled hair flirtatiously without a hint of anger on her face at all. Her cheerful expression obviously showed that she was not angry.

“Right, I never finished my question just now. Why are you avoiding meeting up with her? I believe that you should explain the relationship between the two of you while possible and ally with Illusory Demon Sect sooner.” Song Tingyu brought up business once more.

“I promised Xue Li that I would do my best to help her inside the Graveyard of the Gods if I see her. However, it would seem that I couldn’t help her out much at all, and telling her about my relationship with Xue Li would make it look like I’m requesting something from her through this connection or something. After all, she is stronger than us right now, and she herself is pretty strong-willed person.” Qin Lie touched his own chin.


Song Tingyu began making a fuss, “Since when are you so good at understanding others? Oh, wait a second, you’re good at undressing others as well…” she glanced at her own clothes and said not too subtly.

Qin Lie let out a dry laugh.

“Didn’t you care for her at every turn when we first met her? Don’t tell me it is all because of Xue Li?” Song Tingyu could not quite believe it.

“Xue Moyan may appear to be extremely strong right now, but, sigh, her lifespan is limited. If she does not have a fortuitous encounter in this examination and acquire a precious holy medicine, she…”

Qin Lie shook his head, “This girl is actually pretty pitiful. Adding that to my friendship with Xue Li, I believe that it is best that I aid her from the shadows as much as I can. I do not want to give her too much trouble. As you know, I am a restless person, and my luck has always been kind of rotten. Trouble comes to me very easily. If I told her about our relationship too early, I may cause her to fall into my trouble so soon that she does not have the time to sort out her own things.”

“You do not want to disturb her own pace?” Song Tingyu came to a realization.

Qin Lie nodded slightly.

“Bzz bzz zzz!”

An odd noise abruptly rang from inside his spatial ring. Before he could figure out the cause, the Eight-winged Centipede Queen’s wings abruptly flew out of his spatial ring.

Qin Lie and Song Tingyu’s expressions changed at the same time.

“Swoosh swoosh swoosh!”

The eight wings abruptly flapped towards the distance and vanished in a flash. They looked like arrows that had pierced through the air.

“It must be Ye Yihao’s doing!” Qin Lie snorted.

“What powerful summoning strength. You’ve already put all eight wings inside the spatial ring, but the mother insect was still able to detect them,” Song Tingyu said while feeling shocked on the inside.

“Ye Yihao may be coming up with some new scheme very soon.” Qin Lie smelled something fishy from this.

“Should I notify Chu Li and the others?”


At the same time, the token around his waist let out a melodious ring.

The token belonged to Ten Thousand Beast Mountain. The ringing meant that the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain martial practitioners had also discovered his location.

Qin Lie grabbed the token and probed around for a bit. His expression grew heavier and heavier, “Those guys from Ten Thousand Beast Mountain had come over.”

“If they dare come to us at this kind of time, they must have found some powerful reinforcements.” Song Tingyu thought for a moment before saying with certainty, “They must have met with the core ringer of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain, Yu Men!”

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