Chapter 458: Recovery

Chapter 458: Recovery

The cured Song Tingyu, He Wei, and others had recovered their spirits, and currently only needed a short period of recuperation to nurture their souls and strengthen their physical energy before they could make a full recovery.

Even though Luo Chen’s three-man group and Illusory Demon Sect’s disciples led by Xue Moyan left Qin Lie’s side, they weren’t too far away.

All three sides had a tacit understanding with one another and never stayed more than fifty kilometers away from each other.

They were able to form a connection with each other easily and exchange information through the Heavenly Sword Mountain sword tokens.

This was so that they could deal with Ye Yihao’s counter-attack at any moment.

Three days later.

With an exception of Chu Li, everyone had recovered their spirit energy. Even Qin Lie had almost fully recovered except for his lung injuries.

In combat, this injury would no longer greatly affect him, nor would it decrease his combat strength by too much.

Beneath an ancient tree so big that it would take ten people to hug it.

Qin Lie was seated beneath the tree while tendrils of bright silver lightning entangled his body like thick chains.

“Boom boom boom!”

Many violent and intense thunderous rumbles roared from inside his chest. They were incredibly deafening.

Song Tingyu, dressed in bright colored clothes, was leaning lightly against the thick tree’s trunk with half of her body. Her beautiful eyes gleamed with an attractive luster as she watched Qin Lie with interest.

An hour later.

The violent energy of thunder on Qin Lie’s body gradually faded. He opened his eyes while intimidating tendrils of lightning zipped through them. “After the soul shattering, my True Soul’s endurance towards thunder and lightning has significantly improved.”

“To temper one’s soul with thunder and lightning. Your spirit art is pretty rare, so it must contain some amazing power.” Song Tingyu drew a beautiful curve with the corner of her lips as she asked cheerfully, “Chu Li, Du Xiangyang and He Wei are all people that we can connect with. As for that Heavenly Sword Mountain Luo Chen, his relationship with you is subject to change after this incident… That Xue Moyan is Xue Li’s daughter, right?”

“Mm.” Qin Lie nodded while pondering. Suddenly, he asked, “Why have you brought up so many people all of a sudden?”

“The Graveyard of the Gods’ Trial lasts for a whole year, and no one can predict what will happen in the future. I’m planning ahead for you as fast as I’m able to so that we can avoid some unnecessary risks in the future. I hope that both of our futures will be a little easier if I do this.” Song Tingyu sighed quietly.

Since she was inflicted with the voodoo toxin, Song Tingyu had become depressed for some time. She had fallen into despair and helplessness, thinking that she was dead for sure.

Now that the voodoo toxin was cured, she seemed to have returned to the Song Tingyu from the Scarlet Tide Continent once more. She was once again filled with confidence, intellect and coolness.

“Luo Chen and Xue Moyan had maintained a level of tacit understanding with us because of the threat Ye Yihao represented. However, this tacit understanding is not firm…” Song Tingyu’s expression was solemn as she said seriously, “The moment Ye Yihao dies or becomes severely injured, the moment he is no longer a threat to them, the tacit understanding you share will no longer exist. As for Xue Moyan, whether or not she would believe in the relationship between you and Xue Li, whether or not she would acknowledge and befriend you because of Xue Li is also a predicament. As for Luo Chen, well that’s a moot point. He is huge trouble.”

Qin Lie nodded again and said, “What suggestions do you have?”

“From the moment Ye Yihao and the three great families became united, from the moment Ten Thousand Beast Mountain and Heavenly Artifact Sect joined hands, we could see that the great forces had in fact come to a tacit understanding with each other in secret a long time ago.” Song Tingyu sighed on the inside and said, “Only by uniting as many strengths as possible can we survive in the Graveyard of the Gods till the end.”

“Mm. I understand.” Qin Lie said.

While speaking, he tapped the spatial ring lightly with his finger and with a thought, summoned the blank tombstone from it.

The tombstone stood vertically in front of him while seven rays of magical rainbow light shone vibrantly from the inside.

“I’m going to cultivate for a little longer.” Qin Lie’s finger slowly approached the tombstone.

Song Tingyu looked to the surroundings and listened for a moment. Hearing nothing, she quietly sat down and began nurturing her body and soul with pills and medicine.


When Qin Lie’s finger was about to touch the tombstone, a terrific blood energy suddenly emerged.

The energy flooded through his finger and into his entire circulatory system like a broken dam.

It was far more intense than ever before!

Qin Lie hastily condensed this terrific blood energy with the blood spirit art to hide it within his blood vessels. He also used his mind to probe around.

His eyes exploded with scarlet light that was as red as blood and looked incredibly terrifying. The pores of his body were permeating with a thin red mist and unleashing a powerful stench of blood and bloody energy with him as the center point.

“Blood Weeping Ghost Claw!”

Qin Lie executed the Blood Fiend Sect spirit art and conjured many ghastly Blood Weeping Ghost Claws in midair. They were incredibly terrifying.

A violent and bloodthirsty desire shot up uncontrollably from the bottom of his heart bit by bit. It was as if it would take him to the abyss of evil.

Beside him, Song Tingyu, who was cultivating felt her expression change as she looked somewhat surprisedly at Qin Lie.

Qin Lie reacted and hastily suppressed the powerful blood energy inside his body so that it would not be overly obvious.

Two and a half kilometers away.

Beside a clear, small river winding amidst the forest Xue Moyan was keeping watch on her lonesome. She allowed the five Illusory Demon Sect girls to bath inside the river and wash the dirt off their bodies.

While leaning against a rock by the shoreside, she narrowed her eyes and quietly cultivated a spirit art that required her to show her back to her people.

There was a trace of blood color deep inside her clear eyes. It added a seductive charm to her quiet and exquisite face.

She was secretly cultivating the Blood Spirit Art.

Her mother was Mo Lingye, and her father was Xue Li. Her grandfather was the former sect master of Blood Fiend Sect, and her bloodline belonged to Blood Fiend Sect.

Her attainments in Blood Spirit Art was in fact not too far behind her attainments in Illusory Demon Sect spirit arts. In reality, before she entered Illusory Demon Sect, she had always been cultivating Blood Fiend Sect’s spirit arts and spirit techniques.

It was just that Blood Fiend Sect’s spirit art had now become a taboo.

For her own growth, after she joined Illusory Demon Sect, she had no choice but to spend most of her energy on cultivating Illusory Demon Sect’s spirit arts and spirit techniques.

However, she did not give up cultivating Blood Spirit Art.

She had always thought of herself as a part of Blood Fiend Sect.

Abruptly, shock flashed across Xue Moyan’s eyes.

She abruptly looked towards where Qin Lie was and exclaimed in a low tone, “What a powerful stench of blood! Someone is cultivating the Blood Spirit Art! Who is it?”

The first person she thought of was Jiang Tianxing.

She knew about Jiang Tianxing and Jiang Zhuzhe’s relationship. Jiang Tianxing had represented Heavenly Artifact Sect and participated in this term’s examination in the Graveyard of the Gods. Logically speaking, there was a possibility that she would run into Jiang Tianxing.

However, after sensing seriously for a moment, she immediately rejected the idea, “It’s not him!”

This terrific stench of blood was incredibly pure!

This was the purest form of Blood Spirit Art!

The Blood Spirit Art Jiang Tianxing and Jiang Zhuzhe cultivated had already mutated, so there was no way they could produce such a pure stench of blood. This person was most definitely not Jiang Tianxing.

Who could it be then?

“There’s actually someone who cultivates the same orthodox Blood Spirit Art as I do!” Xue Moyan suddenly grew excited.

For the past year, most of Blood Fiend Sect’s disciples had either died or ran away. The ones who did survive had also chosen to conceal their identity and very seldom walked out in the open.

While she was taking care of a portion of her mother’s Blood Fiend Sect disciples, she was also searching for more in secret wherever she went. She hoped that she could gather everyone of the Blood Fiend Sect once more. However, the actual results were subpar.

“You guys watch over yourselves for a bit. I’m going to take a walk. I’ll be back pretty soon.” Xue Moyan suddenly said to the girls bathing in the river.

Then, she quietly left and swiftly ran towards the rough direction she had sensed the blood stench earlier.

“How strange. It actually comes from the direction of Chu Li’s group. It’s one of them.” The closer Xue Moyan went, the more curious she grew.

Xue Moyan was like a forest spirit, and when her snow white figure ran the forest zipped behind her like an illusion.

Unfortunately, when she was about halfway there, the clear wave of blood energy suddenly vanished completely.

Xue Moyan froze in an instant.

“Why did it suddenly disappear? What’s going on? Why did he stop?”

While holding various doubts in her mind, Xue Moyan slowed down her footsteps but still headed towards the direction where she sensed the blood stench earlier.

Fifteen minutes later.

Xue Moyan finally arrived at that huge ancient tree. She did not see anyone around here, nor did she notice anything amiss.

This caused her to grow more and more confused.

Unwilling to give up, she searched around the area once more and even inspected the gaps between the tree leaves carefully.

But she still didn’t find anything.

Finally, Xue Moyan helplessly gave up and left completely dejected. Along the way, she had been glancing backwards again and again.


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